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  1. I'm thinking Tiong Bahru market, possibly on a saturday.
  2. I saw a Glastonbury bag last november when in Singapore, was it you 😉 ?
  3. There's a nice map with distances doing the rounds on the web btw.
  4. Can outdoorsy knowledge be an acceptable category instead of lower league football?
  5. This Beth Orton set was one of my favourite Crow's nest set AND one of my favourite last year.
  6. No idea but if English Teacher could do one, that would be ideal! Soft play would be fun!
  7. Same as quite a few above, YA/Breeders/English teacher/BLack Pumas (hoping for a Crow's nest set...) and the whole Sunday from 2 to 8. Which probably means whatever happens on Sunday will be epic!
  8. I can but I'm not sure if anything significant changed? Any other point of interests to add? I am glad it was of use for someone 🙂 What I will do though is publish the distances tables, as I see it's being shared around on the internet and it brings a lot of comments which show me that people don't pay attention to the various walking speeds.
  9. moogster

    PJ Harvey

    I would have suggested these last 2 indeed to start with.
  10. moogster

    PJ Harvey

    Checking yesterday's setlist was pretty much the first thing I did this morning after grabbing a coffee 🙂 As said above if she cuts a couple of the slowest ones it should work out well. I'm a PJ Harvey worshipper and have faith she'll deliver. Would have still preferred another spot for her but I'll be there.
  11. It fits the logic I think. Question: the royal link mail I have gives an error, but it does say in the email that the tracking number may not be recognised until the tickets have been attempted to be delivered. Is that the same for anyone here and is it a normal UK mail thing that the tracking works AFTER and not BEFORE something reaches its destination? Luckily I have full trust in my usual postman so as long as he doesn't have a day off I know he'll do the right thing but I wouldn't mind anticipating a bit 🙂
  12. Aaaand... Just got mine ! (not Ireland )
  13. Brilliant news! Hopefully they understood that sending the international ones first may be a good idea... (Haven't received the email yet)
  14. My partner is interested! Is there a webpage/FB group or somewhere else to track info?
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