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  1. Finally got myself a new pair of walking boots. Very good deal on Moabs. Can't wait to go and try them on. The stability seems amazing so I'm quite happy as I am very prone to randomly twisting my ankle.
  2. Took a walk to the shops and was getting annoyed by busts of cold airs coming out of open doors. Until I reached a quite large drugstore, with big heavy doors (As in not even electric ones), nicely closed. Good job drugstore. 30 degrees now, waiting a bit to go for a walk, under the trees by the canal.
  3. Let's say growth without the word economics then 🙂 Like the often used Bhutan "happiness index". Or use "economic redistribution" instead!
  4. Yeah because THE ECONOMY. And GROWTH. I can't hear those two together anymore. Unless you add "sustainable" or "needed" so people have a basic decent life.
  5. Yes but this way if shit hits the fan they'll have a stock of nicely preserved drinking water... If people are that afraid they should buy purifying tablets or filtering tools. As for me I have a groundwater source that technically is not drinkable. On the plus side it's very rich in iron so my doctor would approve.
  6. People scared drinking water will be impacted? In other crazy news, beach bar burned down last night. Firefighters had trouble getting water to deal with the fire (their gear can't deal with seawater...)
  7. I was actually googling for something like "wealth distribution in the UK", and realized how far far far away I am from being rich. I'd say if they'd manage something that's fair 90% of the time it wouldn't be too bad.
  8. There was a big flat "green" field next to my town. They were planning for wind turbines (which I too find pretty). Riot at city hall because it's killing the view of some houses... on a big green field with the motorway at the end. Now they're going to put solar panels there. 😒 I'd want solar panels too but it means reroofing as well, and that would involve convincing our old and broke neighbours so not happening yet unfortunately. I have a lovely view right now on the sedum roof above the kitchen extension. Survives without rain, isolates a bit and I get plenty of buzzies when it flowers.
  9. Quote instead of upvote... Every little bit helps...!
  10. Yes it's like the free bus for retired people or discounts for students. And you can be unemployed but not doing too bad financially... How were those shows/discounts for NHS people handled? Show your NHS idea, get a discount or organised by the NHS itself?
  11. One thing I am seeing in the past days though is that instead of posing pictures of kids playing in fountains and people tanning on the beach, the media seems to finally illustrate their articles about the heat with - unfortunately - pictures of kids playing football on a dried field, and other dried up crops and and burnt trees. Hoping this summer will jolt something. What irks me is the NIMBY attitude of some people. Oh no I am not getting an airco at my house, but how dare you make me work in an office where the temperature is 24 degrees? No but I need to wash my car every two days. I'm a sales rep see. Etc...
  12. Exactly. Maybe there should be a "under 25" price or a "students and unemployed or receiving x help" or something like that? Maybe there's a not too bad way to target people struggling? Probably hell to check/to comply with data privacy and seeing how there's not even ID cards in the UK...
  13. Yes but 1- The electricity company is suing the French government because they're running at a loss. Which is weird because it's mostly owned by the French state 2- Some of the power plants are not running because they can't release cooling water that's too warm in the rivers right now. I believe they are starting to make exceptions though. 3- For the third French update, Macron's been caught on a jet ski during his holiday, some pointed out it may not give the best image, so he took a canoe out the next day. Which was so unsubtle it brought even more backlash. In my country of adoption, the NL, most energy comes from gas. It used to be from the fields in the north of the country, which were until now being closed because it created small earthquakes and houses get damaged. Everyone's thinking that before the end of the year they'll reopen the fields and buy a crapload of houses so that people can relocate. They're pushing nuclear too. This is all so tense... I knew this was coming but it's coming so fast. But yes, some rain coming next week...
  14. Walking Boots 90Fresh and black tent 80 Power Bank 79 (-10)Lenor Bottle 39 Air bed 45She Wee 30 Hats/Hat 82 Pillow 65
  15. That's "good news": I've barely missed a local Dandy Warhols show in... 20 years but missed the show here in June because... Glastonbury! Looks like it wasn't one for the records then.
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