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  1. Any last minute ideas of who Strummerville TBA is?
  2. Cut capers has a certain out of electro swing about them
  3. Wow, that was incredibly lazy of me! Sorry!!!
  4. Do we have any idea what day the Co-Op opens?
  5. In a last minute bid to get to a reasonable level we bought a peloton... Today it was The Beatles day
  6. That's amazing. Rare as rocking horse ... I wonder what your shifts will entail. Anyone on the forum got previous experience?
  7. Having walked up Snowdon on Saturday, the realisation finally hit home that I need to do some work before we hit the field!
  8. I have never been to the cider bus...
  9. I reckon midday today, they would have waiting to see how Oxfam did this morning I think!
  10. Through a friend in the know, Holly Humberstone is on Park on Sunday at around 6pm
  11. Nowhere near as good as Lancaster Gate
  12. I did this back in 2019 sending a lovely memento to my now wife, in September it hadn't come through the postbox so thought it must have been lost in the post. Randomly, one afternoon walking down our street together to get an early evening cider, the missus looked down, saw a Glasto postcard on the pavement, picked it up to give it to whatever house it was supposed to go to, only to find my half cut scrawl on the back!
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