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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I love pear cider which is refreshing when it’s hot, and I love whisky, which is my go to spirit. Seems like an odd combination though? Does it really work together?
  3. 4AssedMonkey

    San Remo

    They'd better have some kick ass tequila in stock to back up all that bollocks. 😉
  4. Wow. Huge memory throwback here. I stumbled across these guys when they were called The Darlingtons (I think?) about 2013/14. Great live, great songs and huge stage presence. Had a drank with them after a Tramlines set in Sheff and they were great guys too. When they went to October Drift the sound changed and I was less keen but glad to hear they're still going and seems be doing well.
  5. Even with McCartney's back catalogue, Helter Skelter would have to be one of the first 5 or 10 on the sheet for a gig surely? Mind you I'd say the same about Jet and that seems to have been dropped this time round. Yet he's persisting with Fuh You and Come On To Me. Mind boggles.
  6. Fallen down a Joy Crookes Spotify sinkhole whilst WFH today. Great stuff. When You Were Mine is probably my fave. Great vocal and a track so slinky it could walk itself down a flight of stairs.
  7. The Carnival/Block9 collaboration sounds brilliant. Can't wait for this.
  8. If MIA performed in my garden, I'd close the blinds.
  9. This is the thing I don't get. It's live music. If you're into it and enjoying it, you should be singing along, dancing, pogoing, surfing, or moving in some form and at least drinking in the moment, in which case no point trying to film it. If you just want to stand still and film it then you're clearly not that into the live experience. And why FFS - if you DO want to film it so you can try and prove to random internet shut-ins that you lead an exciting life - don't you go near the back and zoom in so you don't fuck everyone off like the selfish dickcheese you clearly are. (shouldn't have got into this rant......)
  10. Yep. I was at a small gig recently, fairly close to the stage and some c**t just pushed in front and then held a phone the size of a fucking iPad up right in front of my face, filmed an entire song then fucked off again. Wasn't dancing/singing or even seemingly enjoying it at all. The temptation to kidney punch the fucker was almost overwhelming. Or maybe I'm a grumpy old twat who needs to move with the times or something.
  11. Gutted to hear this. 60 is no age whatsoever. On my shortlist of "must headline at some point" bands. Maybe not now. 😞
  12. Bought some hard/dry ground tent pegs and a new mallet. And I WILL need them. NFR NFC.
  13. This. I got a 20,000 mAh power pack for £22. That will do me and the Mrs all 5 days. I'll be honest, I don't use the phone much other than to stay in touch with the group when we split and a few photos. In fact, the culture of filming everything and sharing on various social media platforms absolutely boils my piss. Ruins it for those around you just trying to take in the moment and enjoy the spectacle IMO. No one lives in the moment anymore, it's all about likes, shares and the attention/appreciation of other self centred w*nkers doing the same but somewhere else. Fuck that.
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