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  1. I’m not sure. I think it would need to be 2016 ground conditions, plus rain over the weekend and really REALLY windy. Gales and storms in a tent are actually terrifying. If just wet/muddy I’d still go, even if it was bad. I’d need my knee support though…..
  2. Easy. No-one has Scooby-f**king-Doo.
  3. Definitely. Jet Stream is f**king with us which makes the models completely unpredictable. If it was stable, then we could place more stock by the longer (5-7 day) forecasting to at least be fairly close, but as it is, I'd even take the forecasts in the next 48 hours with pinch of salt.
  4. As others have said, it might not bring in a tonne of money, but certainly more than the BBC pay for the rights. Again, this is the Eavis' socialist side as I believe they were approached by Sky with a big cheque one year and flatly turned them down? I've no idea what sort of viewing numbers the festival gets on live Beeb and iPlayer, but I doubt it's the sort of numbers any global streaming provider would care about.
  5. I was looking at camping there on the Sunday afternoon to cut down the mileage on my poor aching feet. However I now think it will be rammed to start with, getting daft rammed by the time Bob Vylan come on, so thinking of swerving it.
  6. For "utter insanity" read "excitement and wishful thinking" and you're spot on. 😉
  7. Completely agree. The realities can't be ignored, regardless of how sensitive the issues are. The pool of acts who can afford to and are prepared to make a loss to play G for a pittance and a ticket is shrinking and they need to be alive to that. The charities will get no money if the festival either stops or can't sell out. I think that the only real option they have is to keep upping the ticket price. Let's be honest, cost of living crisis or not, G would sell out at £500+ a pop. It will price some people out, which stinks, but it's true. I think next year, you won't get much change out of £400 a ticket.
  8. Against the spirit of the thread, I know, but I just think the weather this time of year is difficult to predict at the best of times and is just particularly tricksy this year. It's all over the place and many times recently, it's been way off on the actual day. Tuesday this week the forecast in the morning said dry/warm, some cloud. By lunchtime it said chance of rain in the afternoon. What actually happened at 4:00pm was a biblical thunderstorm, the likes of which I've rarely seen, which dropped 30mm of rain in an hour. All over by 6:00pm. Madness.
  9. The National 100 (-10) Justice 180 Fontaines D.C 225
  10. As many have alluded to here, streaming revenue share models are the proximate cause. Spotify et al make ginormous profits and don't give a fair share to artists. Artists therefore make limited revenue from those consuming their recorded media. To make money, artists then need higher touring revenues, which means ticket prices go through the roof, as we've seen. Only a matter of time before this has the knock on effect of artists demanding higher performance fees for festival appearances and Glastonbury will be no exception.
  11. 4AssedMonkey


    Why am I still working this close to Glasto!
  12. 😂😂😂 Seriously? I’ve watched some of her live stuff on YouTube. Dull as IMO.
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