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  1. I’m supposed to be getting married on 13th June and Glasto was our “mini-moon” As of now, wedding is still on but I’m fearing the worst. If that gets cancelled too I’ll be inconsolable. Reading this and trying my damndest to be positive but I’m struggling guys. Really struggling.
  2. I’m a Chartered Insurance Broker. I can’t see how the Chancellor can “make this insured” like he has a magic wand. It doesn’t work like that. I think this is a red herring/popularity soundbite/bullshit.
  3. Gutting as this is it can’t be as bad as 2017. I couldn’t go and almost cried watching the headliners on TV. That’s the only one I’ve missed since 2009.
  4. Feel so flat. I’d ordinarily go to the pub but can’t even fucking do that! 😭
  5. We still have relatively few confirmed cases and even fewer which require hospital care. I think the issue is failure to take preventative measures now will bury the NHS in a month or 2. That said, Wakefield was a ghost town this morning. Seriously weird seeing it so empty on a weekday.
  6. Obviously no expertise here but I always try to avoid tabloid sources and read up. There was a piece in (I think) New Scientist on-line which drew comparisons to other viral epidemics. Symptomatically and in terms of mortality rate, incubation period and virulence it said it was closest to influenza C or D, but seemingly more dangerous for elderly and with a lesser effect on children.
  7. No idea. They’ve sent a reassurance email but the language is very legalese/non-committal. It’s laying heavy on my mind but I guess ultimately out of my control. I looked at insurance for cancellation (I work in the field) in Jan but none of the policies I read would have covered pandemic or government action anyway.
  8. This is my fear. We’ll likely be over the worst of it by May/June, but would the authorities risk a second wave? Very much doubt it. I’m supposed to get Married in June too in the Lakes. If that gets stopped (100+ people) then it’s no Wedding, no Glasto and potentially £15k out of pocket. All over what is basically a bad outbreak of “flu”. Fuck. 😞
  9. They’re bloody brilliantly. ❤️
  10. My plan exactly. Come on Eavii, don’t do this to me. Friday PLEASE.
  11. Dear God. I know I said you don’t exist, but, y’know, bygones. Anyway please please please make sure the Manics play Friday and NOT Saturday. Many thanks, amen and all that. 4AM.
  12. Manics could clash too. God I hope they play Friday. 🙏
  13. Please no. I had cold dread of this clash when I saw they were both playing. It’s like Sophie’s Choice.
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