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  1. Tyler the Creator is a good shout. Could happen
  2. Madness were poor on the Pyramid the other year. 2016? Just felt really flat. I was looking forward to them, but left disappointed.
  3. Yeah, big loss to the festival. Glastonbury needs contemporary pop acts and they don't come much bigger currently than Doja Cat. Would have been a great set, and whoever they get as a replacement won't be as compelling and of the moment. Damn shame.
  4. I'd swap out 'Monkey Business' for 'Pop Kids', 'Wouldn't normally do this kind of thing' for 'You only tell me..' and something, anything instead of 'Dreamland'(but that's not going to happen, and inevitably Olly whathisname will come on for that). But those are minor quibbles and in the half dozen times I've sen them, they've never let me down.
  5. Going to be amazing, only about 3 songs in that whole setlist I'd change. Everything else is nigh on perfect.
  6. I find her music awful, her personality worse, every interview I've seen drives me up the wall. All opinion of course, not attempting to change your mind, but there's something about her that really really riles me up. Can't think of anybody else in contemporary music I find anywhere near as banal while masquerading as deep
  7. To save me typing it every time she's mentioned in any thread, forever more, in any context. Florence can fuck off all the way over there and then fuck off a little bit more. And keep going. No. No.No. Unconscionable. She's got all the self-awareness of Nadine Dorries and the all the unwarranted self-belief of Boris Johnson. And about as in touch with real life as Richi Sunak. In fact, I'll bet good money it was her music playing at all those Downing Street lockdown parties.
  8. This is bad news, I'm pretty disappointed, especially as all the realistic mooted replacements are dodgy burger van at the back of the Other Stage level of ropeyness compared to Doja Cat's Burger Bear greatness.
  9. Ah man, I'm sorry. To be absolutely honest, I saw them on a mixed bill about 10 years ago at the Bloomsbury theatre, when they were just doing 'slam poetry' (dread phrase), with no backing etc and it was absolutely excruciating. I've not been able to face them since. Given the whole thing the widest of berths. Lots of people whose opinion I respect (including you, of course) seem to really rate them, but I just can't bring myself to dip a toe in. I get flashbacks to that awful, horrific 10 minute set a decade ago, and shrivel like a salted slug.
  10. hahaha, thought I was alone in this, but they're properly dreadful, right? "Look at the old man, pain in his eyes Go to Burger King, eat some fries While the government feeds us lies" Awful, awful stuff
  11. yeah, something like the Mavis Staples spot, I reckon
  12. Mardy

    2022 New Music

    hahaha, I was just composing something about this, but your post sums it up perfectly. Can't improve on that
  13. 2010, 2017 and 2019 all ideal. All this talk of ‘too hot’ is fucking cobblers. Have a word. also @The Nalneeds to up his fucking game here if the festival is to stand a chance
  14. Mardy

    Field of Avalon

    This is the Kit were on West Holts up against Kylie. Was lovely and quiet, got some food, found a seat, had a little breather, one of the highlights of the weekend.
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