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  1. Mardy

    They came from a land down under

    Anything on the wonderful popboomerang label. And Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, and anything Adam Gibson does/did especially the first aerial maps and modern giant
  2. Mardy

    Silver Hayes on late...

    Scariest place? Old Strummerville, about 9, 10 in the morning. Some proper heavy, fucked up vibes.
  3. Mardy

    Silver Hayes on late...

    Mainly cos that lovebullets tent put the fear of God in me. Get it away from the heart of the festival. Exile it to the outer reaches. Second scariest place on the site.
  4. Mardy

    Silver Hayes on late...

    Swap the lovebullets and the Krishna tent round, I reckon
  5. Mardy

    Other Stage

    I'\d never rely on anything said by an artist on stage. They're very confused people. It's not your job to be as confused as Nigel Trent Reznor
  6. Mardy

    Silver Hayes on late...

    Yeah, I can't argue with any of that, it's all spot on. I'm intrigied by Glasto Latino, it always seems pretty dead whenever I've been up there late at night. Maybe I'm just there at the wrong times. Or maybe there's not really an audience for it.
  7. Mardy

    Silver Hayes on late...

    Sure but that's not most people is it? from my experience it's just the 'done thing' - Main stages finish, head to the SE corner. I appreciate there's a significant group of aficionados, but I wonder how large that group is, and what iot would take to change the habits of the other, larger section of the crowd.
  8. Mardy

    Silver Hayes on late...

    I guess what I mean is I'm wondering if, like the people who plonk themselves down in front of the Pyramid all day, regardless of who's on, are there a significant number of people who will just automatically go to the SE corner after the headliners?
  9. Mardy

    Silver Hayes on late...

    Do people go to the SE corner specifically for Block 9, or do they just head in that direction anyway, and see what's on when they get there? that's a genuine question, I really don't know.
  10. Mardy

    Silver Hayes on late...

    It doesn't need to stay open any later really, just be enough of a draw to take some of the pressure of the SE corner. What are the peak hours for the SE corner? after the Pyramid headliner till about 3am, I guess. So if they could put something special on, even just 1-2 am, that would make an enormous difference. But it would have to be pretty fucking special to change the habitual mindset of 'watch the headliners on Pyramid/Other, then head straight for the SE corner'
  11. Mardy

    Park Stage 2019

    Margo Price was fantastic, but like I say, she’s a big performer, an entertainer, with a full band, not some diffident mumbling singer-songwriter. Flaming lips are exactly the kind of band that can work the Park Stage. Visually stunning, big show, a real performance. Kurt Vile is fucking amazing, but I believe there’s better stages for him than The Park, where his songs can just sort of drift out over the heads of the audience and up the hill like some kind of mildly hummable fine mist. The Park is for acts who instantly grab the crowd by the Jaffa’s and don’t let go. Not an easy stage for a lot of artists to get a win on. Ryley Walker last time, for example, was better placed on WH, than he would have been on the Park.
  12. Mardy

    Park Stage 2019

    Funny old stage, The Park. I’ve seen some of my favourite ever performances there, but i’ve also seen some of my most beloved acts crash and burn there. It’s a stage that responds to big communal gestures and acts, and a stage where smaller, more intimate performances can really get lost and just float away over the crowd. I think it’s a pretty terrible stage for soppy-arse fey singer songwriters (which is very much brand Mardy)
  13. Mardy

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    They're playing here in a week or two. Half tempted to go and see them
  14. Mardy

    National Album Day

    Album day? what's that then? something for once-a-year c**ts? I'll have no part of it. Anyway, last night, I listened to this Billie Holiday record, while reading the new Rebus novel and eating Wagon Wheels. Life really doesn't get much better
  15. Mardy

    Best Glastonbury book: something to do while it pisses it down

    I'm not going to buy any more Glastonbury books till they bring out a scratch and sniff version, the tang of the longdrops, the frying of falafel, the fertile, slightly acidic smell of the beer tents on Sunday evening, the petrichor after a sudden downpour on the old railway line, the hum of a sock encased in welly all day. Words alone are not enough.