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  1. Mardy

    The Park

    He's added another 2 nights at Brixton Academy and mad demand on the pre-sales this morning. Hot ticket. The Park is going to be heaving. Dangerously so. Possibly even busier than Wet Leg.
  2. Can't decide whether to go for Barry Can't Swim tickets this morning for November at Brixton Academy or give it a swerve. He says he'll be playing new stuff.
  3. Last time I saw her, think I'd just had a hug with you. A blubbering mess after Slow Burn. Loads and loads from Golden Hour last night. Damn, but Butterflies is a tune.
  4. Kacey Musgraves for me last night. A grumpy old f**ker I may be, but man she brings the feels.
  5. Mardy

    PJ Harvey

    Her latest record is pretty much the best thing she's ever done. A stone cold masterpiece. But very much not suited to a festival set, especially not on the Pyramid.
  6. Got a pair of (relatively) cheap Doja Cat tickets from this. Nice little touch
  7. Mardy

    2024 New Music

    Hmmm. not entirely sure about that (and I love Caribou deeply). There's a whiff of 'put a donk on it' about that track
  8. I didn't get a ticket last year, first time since 2007 and it was...fine. Got over the initial disappointment and moved on. Didn't watch it on telly cos I'm never that fussed about watching music on TV, it always fails to capture the essence of it. And I'd never rewatched sets I was at when I got home anyway, so I definitely wasn't going to start watching sets I wasn't at. I'll be honest I can't remember what I did last year over Glastonbury weekend. Just got on with my life I guess. Was surprisingly painless. And decided against trying in the resale this year. Having broken the habit, much easier this year, things can exist without me being there. I'll live, the festival will continue. Current plan is to try on T-day this autumn and if that doesn't work, not bother with the resale.
  9. My cousin shat in a lad's sleeping bag in Kidney Mead in 1995, cos he'd sold us sh*t drugs that didn't work.
  10. Two words, my friends, all run and hide from the sheer self-unaware nepo baby to outdo all other nepo babies that is Baxter Dury. Even on a farm that has cows dropping fresh sloppy cowpats all over the shop for 10 months of the years, he'll still stink the place out.
  11. Mardy

    Taylor swift

    Giving it a spin now, first song she appears to be pastiching LDR. Guess that's Antonoff's touch, but it's not been as explicit as this before, really.
  12. Hehehe, Man alive, Arcade Fire in 2024. Petition to rename Worthy Farm as 'The Elephants' Graveyard'.
  13. Mardy

    2024 New Music

    One for @CaledonianGonzohere. Sure you're all over this already, but this is an absolute cracker of a record. Right up your street, I reckon. https://nyahhrecords.bandcamp.com/album/mohammad-syfkhan-i-am-kurdish
  14. yeah, that line 'Both Del Rey and the festival saw a peak in the mid-2010s' is so far off the mark. NFR, which I'd argue is the start of her Imperial phase, is 2019.
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