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  1. Mardy

    Back-Up Plans

    I’m on it mate, sent a couple of emails yesterday afternoon. Will let you know what comes back
  2. Mardy

    Back-Up Plans

    Yeah, I’m based in Moscow for about 8 months of the year. If you do come over, give me a shout, I’d be happy to meet you for a pint. And in the meantime, if you’ve got any questions about visiting Russia, feel free to PM me.
  3. Mardy

    Back-Up Plans

    Nothing. None of us got anywhere near. Same as you, by the sound of things? Sorry to hear it
  4. Mardy

    Back-Up Plans

    Primavera, Nos Lisbon, Mad Cool all potentially possible for us. Did Primavera in ‘17 as a replacement when we failed on T-day (although eventually we got tickets in the resale). Got EOTR at the end of the summer and a week in Edinburgh during August for the Fringe both booked
  5. Currently undecided. Not sure i’m ready to put my life on hold till next April. Plus, a huge part of my going is that it helps me get through the Moscow winter, with rumours, announcements etc. Without being able to have that, a massive part of the experience is diminished. So, I’m taking a few days to have a ponder. But, at the moment, leaning towards not going for resale.
  6. Mardy

    2020 headliners

    I would say I'm sorry if I thought that it would change your mind
  7. We did it last year, arrived just after midday Wednesday, straight off our coach, straight onto a shuttle bus for 30ish mins, as Hugh Jass says. No queue when we got to Worthy View, rented airbeds from the place in there, found our tent, and were down in the Avalon Inn with friends drinking sweet sweet cool lager by 2.30. Absolutely painless.
  8. Mardy

    Nick Cave

    Giving it a go now. It's alright, yeah. I know I'm an awkward cuss, but this recent trilogy really isn't my favourite. I couldn't get on with 'Push the Sky Away' at all, and found the Skeleton Tree a record I played a couple of times when it was released and never returned to. On first listen, this is better than both of those, but still not for me. My 5 fave NC albums (in no particular order) Boatmans Call Henry's Dream Murder Ballads Nocturama Grinderman
  9. Mardy


    Modern day moral quandary innit? If I get through, I’ve got my top 6, second six, but it’s a tough responsibility. We’re not in pre-determined groups, just a list of numbers. But deep down inside me I know. Friends over family? That annoying cousin over a dear mate I only see once a year? Of course not. Basically, I’m no better than the Nazis
  10. I'm having a fucking nightmare here working out where I'd prepared to go from on a coach, what departure time is the cutoff and how much I'm willing to compromise before giving it up and going for the main sale on Sunday. All of it on the offchance I get though, anyway. Fucking madness, innit?
  11. Yeah, I agree with this. if you get the reg number wrong, how can they lock it? Do they lock the wrong one you entered? Or do they lock another number, and if so, which number? all the numbers that are similar to the wrong one? Ones with the same digits but in a different order? It seems sort of impossible to do.
  12. Those prices for BE with just one album are steep, no question, but on the other hand, Simple Minds have 40 years of records and you couldn't pay me enough to see them. It's not a direct correlation, is it?
  13. Yeah I agree "Please note, your registration numbers will be locked for up to 10 minutes if your details are entered incorrectly, an attempt to book is already held against your registration number, or your 5 minutes on the booking page ends" seems to mean to me that if your number is already in use for a transaction you can't use it, which is the same as it's been up to now pretty much.
  14. Mardy

    Greta Thunberg

    Bang on. The dominant narrative since the second world war is the rise of individualism, in terms of art, music, culture generally, but also in terms of social structures. A decline in organsised religon, trade unionism etc . Everything in modern society is about convincing you that you’re an individual.
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