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  1. It’s a definite yes from me. Golden Hour is a superb album. Would love to see her on the Pyramid
  2. Mardy


    Absolutely outstanding. As good as Glastonbury gets. I loved it, all of it, unreservedly. And, i got to be honest, watching it back on Iplayer has made me a bit wobbly and emotional. So glad i was there.
  3. I’m here to pour oil on troubled waters. Where there is discord I shall bring harmony From reading about it, I’m pretty confident in saying that everyone involved in this situation is somewhere on the line between c**t and bellend. Ain’t no-one coming out of it looking good.
  4. Mardy

    Glastonbury on Sea

    I thought it was great, one of the highlights of my weekend was spending an hour there on Saturday. Really enjoyable and encapsulates everything that’s unique about Glastonbury, the creativity, the imagination, the ambition. Plus they had two of the greatest pinballs of all time in there. Properly brilliant. It’s this kind of thing that means I’ll always try and buy a ticket to Glastonbury
  5. Yeah, I was going to see Snapped Ankles there but WG really was unpleasant, humid and with a terrible stench so I sacked it off and went for s pint next door instead.
  6. This year was the first one when i reconsidered my position. Previously, i’d always been of the opinion that i’d bring spirits but get pints at the bar. However, 6 quid a pint for poor quality lager and shockingly inefficient service, i’m out for next year. I can get 4 pack of neck oil/gamma ray for about 7 quid. Would save me a fortune over 5 days, plus save hours on getting served. Sunday lunchtime (1pm) at the bar opposite the cider bus was ridiculous. 25 mins to get served.
  7. Mardy

    Worthy View 2019 Review

    I’m a bit pissed off about the airbed situation. Paid 30 quid deposit (for 3 airbeds) and then the place was closed when we tried to return them on Monday morning. So we had to leave without getting the money back
  8. We were on the other side and back a bit. Sat down for most of it. They were so good I’m now contemplating Neil Young and Dylan’s croakfest next week. did you go to the efests meet? Was looking for you there, but failed to spot you.
  9. Great, wasn’t it? I’d not noticed them on the lineup, but @The Nal mentioned it and persuaded me. Delighted he did.
  10. 1. Vampire Weekend 2. Stormzy 3. Janelle Monae bubbling under: hot chip, lizzo, almost everyone I saw. Can’t recall any stinkers
  11. The Liquorice stall that’s always been down opposite williams green near the camping shop
  12. B19 for us. Can’t complain. First good result of the festival
  13. Mardy

    Out of office

    I’m done. Not back till 15th September. No office, so no ‘out of office’, but that’s me finished for the next 3 months.
  14. Mardy

    This time next week...

    Hahaha. This. Bewilderment, panic, followed by a surreptitious glance to see if there’s a name-sticker, then untrammelled relief and overuse of that name
  15. Mardy

    "Must don'ts" 2019

    How is it possible to refrain from overdoing it on Weds/Thurs? I’m at my favourite place in the world with friends I love and haven’t seen in some cases since the last Glastonbury two years ago. You have your cup of tea and a sensible early night. Me, i’ll get stupidly overexcited and go hell for leather.
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