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  1. There is no way on this earth that he is hitting those notes.
  2. Caribou/Kelly Lee Owens in Margate 7/10. good gig, very subdued crowd, half full and lethargic. But as it was my first gig back, probably just as well, to calm my anxiety about crowds etc EOTR 10/10 One of the best weekends of my life. A pure fucking blast start to finish. Doesn't get any better Lump at the Scala 5/10. they were OK, but ridiculously overcrowded, way too hot, just fucking hellish. Lump only played for just under an hour, which given the conditions, was a relief. Arab Strap at Electric Ballroom 7/10. Good evening, great to see some friends and get out. Sound wasn't great though, seemed pretty muddy and we moved around a few times. But you know, Arab Strap, what a band.
  3. Woffy, come here and give us a kiss you magnificent bastard. How's tricks? For comedy, i reckon you want a) to be downstairs, dunno why, but it feels important, something about going down the steps b) a low roof, I think the laughs need to be contained and not escape upwards/outwards c) a low stage, 9-12 inches max. d)Stage should be pretty small, one mic, couple of spots. no frills. e)the backstage area shouldn't be literally backstage, the comedian should have to walk through the crowd a bit to get onto the stage. and f) there needs to be no space at the front, no real gap between comedian/crowd. A ramshackle arrangement of chairs, not neccesarily in formal rows
  4. London? Roundhouse is OK for a largish venue, but I love the Lexington. Used to like the Scala but had a bad experience there a few weeks back. Union Chapel also great. Outside London, Ramsgate Music Hall is decent, although the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge probably my favourite. And for comedy, the Stand in Edinburgh is the best venue in the world, bar none.
  5. After Damon Albarn this year, who knows? Maybe Nick could be tempted.I doubt it, but I'd not consider it impossible. '22, seems unlikely though. The headliners are already sorted, or close to signing, I'd guess. Definitely 2/3 of them, anyway (Pixies and Big Thief).
  6. The most controversial opinion in 104 pages on this thread is the idea that at some point in time, Interpol were cool.
  7. Fucking hell. And they're playing the Roundhouse? The gall of these fuckers. The Invisible Band? Never a more apt description of them over the last 20 years. Can we not make them disappear completely?
  8. Hi, I'm horrifically late, but any chance I can crash this party please? Are you taking new members?
  9. "Yeah, I fell on my fucking arse at Glastonbury, but you know why? because I'm a fucking animal" is the best line ever uttered from the Pyramid stage.
  10. yep, completely agree. One of the very few Glastonbury sets I ever watch back again
  11. I like this a lot. Nice theory. Will no doubt pass it off as my own next time we're down the boozer talking about music. Thanks Gnomi.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Saw her at EOTR the other year, and she was great. These dates don't really work with me, but toying with the Berlin gig.
  13. Mardy

    2021 New Music

    I'd definitely recommend watching till the end
  14. Mardy

    2021 New Music

    The video to go with that is, er.. well, quite something. The last minute or so
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