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  1. Had a conversation with my wife about them last week, for supposedly the biggest band on the planet, they've absolutely failed to permeate my consciousness. I know 3 songs by them, Yellow, that one the Pet Shop Boys covered, and 'I will fix you'. Other than that, you could put a gun to my head, and I'd not be able to hum anything else by them. As it goes, I'm firmly in the 'They're shit' camp, (and btw @balti-pieis bossing the last few pages) but I've got no real evidence for that assertion, however, there's no way I'm actually going to listen to an album, or watch them on a livestream, t
  2. I guess that's also going to fit in with Black Deer, which they were due to play last year
  3. Pretty unambiguous stuff there, innit.
  4. Of course it's fucking Coldplay.
  5. Mardy

    2021 New Music

    Yep. Absolutely. Hadn't even heard of it before I popped back on here yesterday, completely missed it. What a superb record. Worth a year's efests Gold subscription just to be turned on to this. Good work, team.
  6. Since @robith pointed me in their direction, I've become mildly obsessed with this band.
  7. Am I allowed to enter? Been away for ages. Dunno if I'm still on the electoral register? 1) Floating Points/Pharoah Sanders 2)Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails 3)Arab Strap
  8. And I've still got to go to a private clinic to get a PCR covid test so I can fly next week. 200 quid I could have spent on records. Bastards.
  9. Mardy

    2020 New Music

    Arab Strap announce a new album, via an interview in the Guardian today. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/sep/03/return-arab-strap-sex-death-eternal-preoccupations-hedonism
  10. Thanks for the response. Pretty central, I guess. Staying down on the harbourside. Don't really know Bristol that well, unfortunately
  11. Hello mate, can I pick your brains, please? I'm going to Bristol to meet some friends this weekend, as a replacement for EOTR What's the score there at the moment, do you need to reserve tables in pubs etc? Or can you just walk in, all spontaneous?
  12. Mardy

    2020 New Music

    yeah, first new music in 15 years from them as a combo. Got to be honest, didn't think it would ever happen again They've had a really good lockdown, loads of stuff on their bandcamp page, live albums, compilations, oddities etc - all of it pay what you want, well worth checking out.
  13. Mardy

    2020 New Music

    Awwwww, thanks mate, that's really lovely of you. I didn't get a ticket last October, so just couldn't face being on here, but you know how it is, what you going to do, eh?
  14. Mardy

    2020 New Music

    New Arab Strap and of course, it's a belter. Nobody writes an opening couplet like these c**ts
  15. For me, It's all tied in with seeing them at Newcastle Poly the week Parklife came out, and they were on absolute fire, urgent and hungry. I was with a really lovely girl I was seeing at the time, who nicked me a (bright orange) t-shirt from the march stall afterwards. Wore that for years. Can't really separate the album from that summer, that gig and then Glastonbury a couple of months later. Not an album I ever revisit now, can't remember the last time I played it, but I'll always have a fondness for it, a Proustian rush of that intro for Girls & Boys kicking in and the whole room g
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