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  1. This is the first ever lineup that my kids have been interested in and are genuinely jealous of me going. Glastonbury must be doing something right.
  2. Saw cat power supporting the National last summer, she was completely mesmerising
  3. suzie sue

    Other Stage

    Maybe snow patrol will open the other on Friday lunchtime
  4. Almost 50% female on the poster which is obviously amazing and a direction that’s flies in the face of other festivals
  5. Saw DD once and the 80s classics were great, the 90s stuff was shite though and they played a fair bit of it. Le Bon is a right idiot as well but I have a lot of time for Rhodes and loved the dandy Warhol’s album he produced
  6. Thats not true, The Cure were almost permanent fixtures in Smash Hits mag and on TOTP in the late 80s.
  7. Extremely sad news, as a teenager in 1990 this band became part of me and felt like a freedom and something beyond music. I was lucky to see them twice, once in a pub in Australia with 30 people in 1993, had a pint with the band at the bar, once at Portsmouth guildhall where at the end they were pulling people onto the stage. I managed to get my friends to push me over the crowd onto the stage and got to dance with Keith and Leroy, those two gigs will never be beaten for me.
  8. suzie sue

    Hot Chip

    Was very strange to see her drumming for Harry styles
  9. Looks like eilish is still in the us in June/July which would be a shame
  10. suzie sue

    2019 Headliners

    Makes sense to me as G usually tries to have a headliner that is not your normal festival headliner, just depends on the £
  11. suzie sue

    2019 Headliners

    I had heard from someone who knows the family that its fleetwood mac and spice girls, at the time I thought thats bollocks, but perhaps looking more likely now that others have been ruled out.
  12. Thought the tropical fuck storm in Europe was happening March 30th?
  13. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again dance while the record spins
  14. suzie sue

    2019 Headliners

    Hopefully Hot Chip will do their usual club tour and can see them in a smaller place
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