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  1. None taken! Given the source, there's no reason for it not to be true. He knows Elt well and worked with him for years. What I don't know, is when these remarks were first aired, I'm hoping a while ago and then his stance has since softened!
  2. Tbh if he's creating a gap for anything, it's more than likely be a few more BST dates.
  3. Headliner or nothing for Madge, surely?
  4. Essence of it is Reg describing the place as a “complete shit hole” and that he hates it with a passion. The one slither of hope is that it’s a conversation that happened years ago, so there’s a chance his position has altered. But it’s not the news we’d hoped for.
  5. He also told me a story about Elton which isn’t ideal for those of us hoping for a final hurrah on The Big One.
  6. Had a reply to this. She’s been asked to play (not sure which stage) but turned it down because of the fee.
  7. Got the confirmation from my wife that she’s back in for 2023 tickets. She returned with a migraine and stomach bug combo which meant she was bed ridden for 4 days post festival, swearing she’d “never be going again”. I didn’t say a word, bided my time and then when she put on iPlayer last night to watch some of the coverage I said….. ”So are you coming next year?” ”Of course” she replied.
  8. nikkic

    2023 Headliners

    Agreed, would suit all parties.
  9. nikkic

    Arctic Monkeys

    Imo we’ve got Arctics, Taylor, Dua and Dave as locks for 23/24/25 (tour cycle dependent).
  10. nikkic

    2023 Headliners

    This looks right to me. Although if Taylor isn't about I can see Dua. 1975 could be Other bound too, but wouldn't be surprised by this at all. Really well balanced.
  11. nikkic

    Sam Fender

    Whatever you do, don’t go to a gig in London.
  12. nikkic


    Was the early one busy?
  13. nikkic

    2023 Headliners

    Can’t see it tbh. Might as well rename them The Going Through The Motion Lads at this point.
  14. Elton arriving a year too soon.
  15. nikkic

    2023 Headliners

    An afternoon away from eFests and potential movement on the Reg front, things we love to see. Coincidentally Rocket Man was on the telebox last night, banger after banger. Revised guess….. Pyramid Dua x Elton x Arctics Other Royal Blood x 1975 x The Prodigy If Taylor is touring then she’s obviously in, let’s say for Dua, with DL waiting until 2024 instead. Would probably go for a hip hop/grime act on Other instead of RB but it’s early and I can’t think.
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