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  1. I don’t make a tracks list, but if I did, none of these would be near it.
  2. Not a single 6 Music DJ going for Punisher?! Shameful.
  3. Not entirely true for everybody. Plenty of females do not want to train outside in the dark for safety reasons. Amongst other things gyms offer a safe space for women to exercise in these dark Winter months. Aside from that there is a lot of research to show that gyms have one of the lowest transmission rates. The pros of gyms being open would far outweigh any potential cons.
  4. No Chris Rea? Macca? Bing Crosby? Wham?!
  5. What’s your fave? Hope Alone for me!
  6. This is EXACTLY how it should be. Fuck you 2020, I’m getting the tinsel out in November.
  7. nikkic

    How do you feel?

    Wasn't really sure where to post this, hope it's OK here...... My best mate sadly passed away on Saturday. We'd been mates getting on for 18 years and had been to Glasto together 7 times, as well as countless other festivals, gigs and nights out. He absolutely loved Glastonbury. The early years were all about partying, but in 2011 he began working as a music agent. Then in 2015 he started getting acts booked at Glasto. Mainly DJs, as was his niche, most recently Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo and 808 State. His crowning glory though, was helping to revive the career of
  8. No albums from The National, Radiohead or Chems so it blows it wide open....
  9. Anybody seen Punisher on red vinyl in stock anywhere? Think I’ve been too slow to order this one.
  10. nikkic

    Arcade Fire

    Top top stuff. Here’s hoping for a new album early 2021, to kick the year off in style.
  11. Yeah I’m thinking the same. Starting to have thoughts that the first half of 2021 may be very similar to 2020. Really hope I’m wrong.
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