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  1. nikkic

    2020 headliners

    Agreed. Elton, Madge and FM probably the only ones left in that tier yet to play. (Cue people reeling off a whole list of people I’ve forgotten).
  2. Thanks for setting this up. Fingers crossed someone on here is lucky x
  3. Original Welsh fun guy
  4. nikkic

    Diana Ross

    Holy shit. The year I don’t get a ticket the Di-Ro train comes in full steam. What a booking. Efforts to gain entry must be doubled.
  5. nikkic

    Since 2015

    Arcadia has changed as of this year. The spider has been replaced by a massive crane. I really liked it, although it’s definitely a work in progress.
  6. nikkic

    Resale club 2020

    Reluctantly checking in for duty. Chin up folks. We got this.
  7. nikkic

    Resale help

    Would love help. Can’t face missing out!
  8. nikkic

    Drop the deposit.

    No business in their right mind is going to take an action that deliberately diminishes desire for their product or service. The festival is in the strongest position it has ever been and isn’t about to start changing the ticketing system to “ease the traffic”. The way we have it is completely fair. (I say this as somebody who missed out today).
  9. Same for me. I got through at 9.10. Honestly though I’d be fine but basically did what you described for 25 mins then it sold out. Gutted.
  10. I got to registration page at 9.10. Added everybody and pressed proceed. Never got any further. It just kept crashing. Really thought I’d cracked it getting in so early. Not to be.
  11. nikkic

    The Zone

    The Life Of Pets on the TV (to distract my 3 year old). Strong coffee brewed and ready to go. Laptop on WiFi and phone on 4G ready to go. One last WhatsApp message to the group. Then it’s fucking go time.
  12. nikkic

    Good Luck ALL !

    Awake. Nervous. This is it team. I really really hope everybody here is lucky. We got this!!!
  13. nikkic

    2020 headliners

    Popping off in here. Always good when T-Day is on the horizon.
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