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  1. One bad showing shouldn’t ruin his career. His West Holts set last year was a lot of fun, so hopefully he has learnt from his horror show and can move on.
  2. Majority female line up? Yes. But let’s mix up styles a bit? Throw in Yeah Yeah Yeahs for a start.
  3. Kendrick Lamar - 60 Lana Del Rey - 66 Fatboy Slim - 55 AJ Tracey - 50 Editors - 45 FKA Twigs - 50 Thom Yorke - 57 Kelis - 60 Manic Street Preachers - 55 Laura Marling - 55 Paul McCartney - 62 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - 38 Dua Lipa - 66 Robyn - 55 Charli XCX - 55 Glass Animals - 55 The Isley Brothers - 58 Thundercat - 50 Caribou - 65 The Avalanches - 70 Taylor Swift - 96 Aerosmith 50 Diana Ross - 70 + 10 Pet Shop Boys - 44 Supergrass - 55 Primal Scream - 50 Kano - 50 TLC - 52 London Grammar - 45 Jarv... is - 30
  4. nikkic

    BBC Glastonbury

    Bang on the Gary’s
  5. nikkic

    The National

    Dates I can do!! Hopefully be able to pick some up somewhere.
  6. Kendrick Lamar - 62 Lana Del Rey - 45 Fatboy Slim - 55 AJ Tracey - 50 Editors - 45 FKA Twigs - 50 Thom Yorke - 52 Kelis - 50 Manic Street Preachers - 55 Laura Marling - 50 Paul McCartney - 57 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - 53 Dua Lipa - 55 Robyn - 55 Charli XCX - 50 Glass Animals - 50 The Isley Brothers - 55 Thundercat - 50 Caribou - 60 The Avalanches - 60 Taylor Swift - 89 Aerosmith - 55 Diana Ross - 55 Pet Shop Boys - 55 Supergrass - 55 Primal Scream - 50 Aitch - 15 - 10 Kano - 50 TLC - 52 London Grammar - 50 Jarv... is - 40
  7. nikkic

    2020 New Music

    Cheers pal. Will give it a whirl.
  8. No way. Jay Z takes that for sure. Might not seem it now because we’ve had various rap and pop stars since, but at the time it was a huge booking that caused uproar.
  9. Caribou - Can’t Do Without You Hot Chip - Boy From School Chems - Saturate Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps TDCC - What You Know Radiohead - Weird Fishes Jamie XX - Loud Places A few off the top of my head from memorable moments on the farm.
  10. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/caribou/swim-36c9b316-803c-44c7-b0fa-221459c7652c/lp-x2 Caribou for £12.99
  11. The fact you think luck is the biggest factor in a business shows just how far apart we are with our ideologies 😂
  12. nikkic

    Claim To Fame

    Did he shit in the woods?
  13. You said that many festivals were on a knife edge in normal times. If a festival is in this position year after year I'd call that a bad business personally. Are you actually saying that a business that continues to make profit isn't viable?! Exactly my point, I'm glad you agree. Cash is oxygen to a business, so those who have accumulated profits and can withstand this, will have a good business model in place wouldn't you think? Or do they stumble on profits and financial security? Or if the business isn't yet financially profitable they will at least have a model that looks good to investors if they need a cash injection. Either way they have the cash they need to survive. There is always cash available from punters, even in shit situations like this. The small businesses still doing well in my local community have a good standing because of good service, having a great product and/or having put their customers and community first. People are going out of their way to support them. This hasn't come about by luck, but years of building a good business model. The same will happen with festivals, those with a good model, something unique and/or a loyal following will survive. The others will die.
  14. It really is like that, as you've alluded to earlier in the thread..... You simply can't operate on a knife-edge year after year in normal times, as many festivals have done. Eventually something will happen to cause the business to fold. The pandemic has simply sped up that process for a lot of bad businesses. The ones who will survive, the good businesses, will be the those who either..... A. Have cash reserves to see them through Or B. Have built up enough of a reputation and/or good will from their punters that they can get some sort of investment to keep them going. Whether that's private investment, tickets rolled over or crowdfunding.
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