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  1. nikkic

    June 2018

    I’ve had a really busy June so not missed it a great deal. I moved house, went to Lisbon for a stag, went to APE for The National and saw England play cricket. Weekend of the festival I did think briefly, “damn it would have been a great year weather wise”, but other than that my mind has been elsewhere. This last week I have actually thought about it a little more, but more in the sense of “who would have played”.
  2. nikkic

    2018 New Music

    Agreed. It’s superb and perfect Summer listening.
  3. nikkic

    Would it have been too hot?

    Anyone that wouldn’t take this weather in a heartbeat shouldn’t be allowed to go to festivals.
  4. nikkic

    2019 Headliners

    Pyramid sub/Other headliner for old LG I’d say. He ain’t headlining the big one without his brother, which will never happen.
  5. nikkic

    This time last year I was....

    Waking up after an amazing night in the SE Corner, when it dawned on me.... Today I finally get to see Radiohead.
  6. I’d say we’re the normal ones. It’s the “others” that I don’t trust.
  7. nikkic

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Nice to get The Chems involved again, 3 times in 10 years wasn’t really enough.
  8. nikkic

    The National

    Yes thanks. Managed to pull myself together after the first few songs and enjoy the rest of set. I had such a good spot to begin with, had to get out of there though!
  9. nikkic

    The National

    A night of highs and lows.... High - They played 3 of my 5 “most wanted” tunes Low - Had a massive panic attack just as they came on and had to head out of the crowd and watch from a safe spot. Bad times.
  10. nikkic

    The National

    Impossible to name a GOAT tune for a band of such pedigree. I can say with confidence though that it isn't Pink Rabbits.
  11. nikkic

    The National

    Granted I’ve only seen them once, at that there Wednesday gig you speak of, but it was utterly incredible. Hoping that they deviate somewhat from the current tour scheduling this Saturday, as it’ll end up being an almost identical set otherwise. Daughters of the Soho Riots, Geese of Beverly Road, About Today, England and Graceless top my wish list for this weekend.
  12. nikkic

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    That whole evening was great. The best night I’ve had on the farm. I actually don’t think I’d see Hot Chip at Glasto again, it couldn’t be any better.
  13. nikkic

    Worst Headliner?

    Nobody mentioning U2?
  14. nikkic

    Worst Headliner?

    West Holts for Justice was the place to be on Sunday.
  15. nikkic

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Just seen they are doing Brixton the week after. Thanks for the heads up.