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  1. nikkic

    2021 New Music

    New Streets out Friday, according to his latest Insta stories.
  2. I’m not usually one for live streams either, but after such a long time without live music and dancing, I needed....... Something. If they beef up the already fantastic visuals they had on display for a live setting, it’ll be amazing. Was great to hear the new album and a few older tracks reworked to suit the live show. If they do play WH on the Friday, I’ll see you down the front.
  3. nikkic

    2022 Headliners

    Wheel ‘em out once a decade. Blur as well.
  4. Did anybody else watch the Bicep livestream? I thought it was fantastic, about as much fun as you could have in your living room during a pandemic! Excited for the live shows they have later in the year (fingers crossed), could deffo see them headlining WH or The Park next time.
  5. 1. Black Country, New Road - For the First Time 2. Slowthai - Tyron 3. SG Lewis - Times This is mine by default. Not given new music any where near enough attention as I should have this month.
  6. Been a bit of a lean month for me, not much has really grabbed me. Django and Slowthai will probably be there, but they won’t be troubling my end of year list.
  7. Utter prick. Everything that’s wrong with the human race.
  8. nikkic

    First gig back

    Field Day 10th July. Flaming Lips 24th July. Pass me the fucking glitter.
  9. So where we all heading then? Now hoping some day festivals will be on such as All Points East. Just tried to book Field Day and it’s sold out!!
  10. Good, there’s not enough Punk at Glasto.
  11. Just signed up to the Manchester marathon. On October 10th, obviously 50/50 as to whether it goes ahead or not, but I need a goal to aim for!
  12. Looking forward to the Bicep live stream next Friday. Would rather be watching a live set in a club or at a festival but here we are. Dancing around the living room it is.
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