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  1. It's a big standard cider. Somewhere between Strongbow and Thatcher's Gold. Equivalent in lager terms would probably be Carling as you said. It can only be found in Tesco's. Worth a try. Every code on the packs gets you an entry into the draw.
  2. Nope 7th June. Not sure how much more of it I can drink though. I have already entered 5 times and won 3 prizes
  3. Congratulations. Good result for the ticket thread.
  4. al_coholic

    Resale Club 2019

    I get these as well. I didn't pay up.
  5. well that's me buggered then. Neil hasn't looked at my profile. and its 2 weeks before the end of the Mallets comp FFS
  6. she needs to enter with your name and hope it works. whichever name enters is not-transferrable so if its her name then its a wasted ticket if she doesn't go
  7. It appears you got my email address wrong 😢
  8. al_coholic


    Maybe they were giving it an airing!
  9. al_coholic

    Resale Club 2019

    Some of the offsite glamping companies are offering hospitality tickets with their accommodation. Have a look at Yurtel, Land & Sky Vista & Fly Glastonbury
  10. Here we go again, another day of hope!!
  11. I know that there are still at least 12 pairs of tickets out there to be won in various comps but I'm feeling quite down about the whole Guardian thing tonight. Bought a lottery ticket as well. If I won a load of cash at least I could pay for glamping.
  12. Efests tomorrow, wateraid 31/05, EE 02/06 & Mallets 07/06. That's all I can find so far
  13. al_coholic

    Resale Club 2019

    It's too early to say that. 12 is a lot of people to contact. But it's not hopeful
  14. al_coholic

    Resale Club 2019

    It was in the T&Cs the Members and Subscribers competition winners were due to be notified on or around the 9th May
  15. al_coholic


    would be hilarious if they didn't meet and they had to do it all over again 😉
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