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  1. People die every day. Rollover of G2020 tickets to G2021 is far more important. Get a grip mate!! 🤔
  2. I think legally no one has actually bought a ticket as yet. You have paid a "deposit" on a ticket for Glastonbury 2020 but not "bought" because the payment window has not opened and the transaction ahs not been completed. As Glastonbury 2020 does not exist anymore they will more than likely have to refund as they have not been able to fulfill the original contract and they would not want to open themselves up to legal challenges. Also how could they keep the deposit money for something purchased in good faith when the contract has been cancelled. What if they keep the deposit of someone who wa
  3. I've been 9 times. 2016 was my last and it broke me. The mud was insane. I loved Coldplay and Adele. But it was exhausting. Didn't try for tickets in 2017 and didn't get them in 2019.
  4. Another vote for the self-indulgent w*nk that was Gorrillaz in 2010. I only went because DA was amazing with Blur the year before. But I didn't hang around long for Gorrillaz.
  5. Totally agree, too risky. So I will enter for me and the mrs, but she cannot enter as well.
  6. I reckon it will be much like a normal competition but if you win you get the chance to buy the tickets at normal price.
  7. I lost out today because one of our group was in 2 groups and we got kicked back to the reg page. He didn't bother to tell anyone he had already got a ticket.
  8. Has anyone got the add registration link?
  9. I have just run windows update on mine to get it out of the way. Also, checking no backups or AV scans are running as well. Closing off any unecessary apps as well
  10. Its 113000 tickets. That is all. We know that there were 29000 coach tickets and 142000 in total. My guess is somewhere around 1m people trying. It's going to be very difficult.
  11. Just bumped into 3 randoms in the pub and they are trying tomorrow. Not the sort I would have thought would go. Also 2 friends that have never shown any bloody interest are trying as well. This is a nightmare I reckon there is going to be at least 1million people trying.
  12. Mine is 8 registered when they first started it. Daughters is 10 registered on Saturday
  13. Is there an error message? Are you using a work computer? Where I work we have McAfee Web Gateways blocking our path to the internet and it blocks Seetickets website because they use an old style security certificate. Its a pain because my work laptop is much higher spec than my home PC.
  14. al_coholic

    2020 tickets

    really important to try and have a chat interface of some kind going if you have got large groups trying at the same time. Something like a FB or WA group where as soon as 1 person gets in and gets tickets they can let everyone know. We also have a spread sheet so regs used can be highlighted. It takes a lot of effort and co-ordination but the more people you have got trying from different locations the better chance you have got.
  15. TDCC were awesome. Really recommend watching that if you like them. Tom Walker was pretty good, but another who suffered from the Kylie/Miley clash. The Cure were excellent on TV as well. The sound for The Cure was the best of the Pyramid all weekend I thought
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