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  1. Think it’ll be….. - 8 cans of Thatchers Haze - 1 litre of dark rum - 2 x 500ml flavoured vodka Currently have a Skittles one, just need to think of the other flavour. Bring less and less each year, prefer getting cold ones from the bar.
  2. Got ours today. * Inserts it’s happening gif *
  3. Honestly….. Overmono Fuck me I can’t get over how good they were! I’m normally wary of bigging things up too much, as I fear the overhype can sometimes lead to altered expectations and I wouldn’t want to do that to you lot, but…… Jesus.
  4. I’ve got a 6-year-old and an 18-month-old. By next Thursday I’ll have been to 2 gigs and festival! Didn’t plan it this way, the 2 gigs have been rearranged twice due to Covid and I won tickets to the festival. Luckily I have a very understanding wife!! All quiet on the gig front until August after that though (except for Glasto).
  5. On my way back from Wide Awake festival so thought I’d post a little review… Doors were at 2pm, but seeing as we won tickets the day before and had some prior work commitments, we couldn’t arrive until later, so were aiming to get there for 5.30 and watch Sofia Kourtesis. My pal and his Uber driver had other ideas. No drama, I was sat in the sun with a pint ready to embark on the first festival of 2022. Eventually get into the festival an hour later than planned and watched 45 mins of Call Super. Great DJ, tune selection was ace and mixing was tight, only downside was a small crowd and fairly low volume. We then went to the main stage for Caribou. Despite being 10 metres inside the sound desk we could barely hear a thing. I know it’s a city centre festival but this was the worst sound I’ve ever experienced at a festival. Stayed for 30 mins then cut our losses, went to grab a drink and a good spot for Overmono (live). This is where it kicked up a notch. Fuck me, these boys at good. Like really really fucking good. I don’t know who is on your Glasto hit list, but Overmono need to go to the top. Do not miss them!! You have been warned. We then went back to the main stage for Bicep. I saw them at Brixton in September and the set is almost identical, albeit with beefed up visuals. Anyone seeing them at Glasto will end the weekend on a high, really joyous set. My only gripe, is that they went off for 5 mins before coming back on for an “encore” of Glue and Apricots. The gap killed the momentum and meant the last 2 tunes fell a little flat. Just don’t think there’s a need for an “encore” in electronic sets like this. But overall was a great day in the sun, with some top electronic music. Hope everybody else who went had fun.
  6. Just waiting for a mate before we head into Wide Awake. He’s late, so we’ll miss Sofia K, which is shit. But we’ll be on time for Call Super, which isn’t shit!! Will report back tomorrow.
  7. Off to a festival today. Sun is shining, cider in hand, Bicep and Caribou, great stuff…
  8. Today’s weather everyday please
  9. nikkic


    Love to hear it. How were the new songs sounding?
  10. Would love to catch Honey Dijon but no doubt she’ll be playing NYC Downlow, no way I’m queueing 3 hours to get in there.
  11. Saw Michael Kiwanuka last night at Ally Pally, it was absolutely incredible.
  12. So the new Spike bar, the lower part that is on the dirt track, what field does that lead in to? I'm losing my bearings.
  13. Just had our email!! Come to Daddy!!
  14. Yeah I did. Get the feeling it didn't shift too well, which is surprising given the line up.
  15. Just won tickets to Wide Awake festival tomorrow. Bicep, Caribou, Sofia K, Overmono, Call Super amongst others. Bit of a result, especially as I'm going with Kung Fu Kenny over Bicep at Glasto.
  16. If it makes you feel better, I still haven't had my email.
  17. nikkic


    So Leeds was 22 tracks in total, 10 of which were from Solar Power. If she plays 2nd or 3rd down on The Pyramid she'll get an hour or so, so would probably cut the set list in half?
  18. Probably yeah. Block 9 the only big one left now, before we get the whole shebang next week.
  19. nikkic

    Vodka Infusion

    Used a muslin cloth in the end. Very quick. Cheers! Hopefully see you on the farm and we can have a shot!
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