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  1. To all those going to see Simz, you’re in for a treat. The stand out performer of APE this year, truly sublime.
  2. RTJ dropped an album of the year contender on Boxing Day (I think) a few years before that.
  3. I have no idea how Wolf Alice didn’t make my top 5. Also don’t remember playing my “top song” a single time! Minutes were a lot lower this year, with no commute and a load more vinyl purchased that was to be expected.
  4. WA is my next gig too, but had completely forgotten it was at The Apollo. Such a great venue.
  5. nikkic

    2022 Headliners

    There’ll be 5 years from when I bought tickets to the actual gig, so it certainly feels like it.
  6. As long as we can get Sweet Chill Sensations all is good.
  7. If Elton isn’t big enough to headline then I guess Foals are out of the running too.
  8. The effect of Rocketman, The John Lewis ad and lots of recent collabs with “relevant” people.
  9. nikkic

    2022 Headliners

    I think it’s fair to say a lot of people aren’t enamoured with her music. But to say they don’t like her is incorrect.
  10. nikkic

    2021 New Music

    I gave this a lot of plays when it came out, probably in my top 10 of the year.
  11. If we’re being realistic, Elton John is only big at the moment because The Courteeners haven’t released anything of note lately. I’d imagine he’s deliberately timed this farewell tour to coincide with this. It’s very clever of him really. Or gracious of The Courteeners.
  12. nikkic


    Swap The Path for Mood Ring and it’s pretty much where I’m at too.
  13. Hasn’t Kele been doing his solo thing for a while? Could be the reason. No idea where they’d place these days but Other opener could be a lot of fun. If not topping or subbing JP?
  14. nikkic

    2021 New Music

    Enjoyed that. Honestly never thought we’d get another Bloc Party album.
  15. All this talk of it being a shit middle class crowd yet we all have a fucking blast every time we go.
  16. There’s a definitely wider conversation to be had. A big part of gigs and festivals costing so much more is the fact music is free these days. Artists have to charge more as they make a pittance through Spotify. Not much the festival can do on that front. I would love to see the festival dish out some cheaper tickets to NHS staff or something like that, not sure it would happen though.
  17. If the amount of people trying for a ticket to the amount sold is to be believed, then they could charge double and still sell out.
  18. My fave on the undercard is Tourist. Melodic electronic vibe a la Four Tet, Caribou etc.
  19. We never do. We make a choice and stick with it. You’re always going to miss stuff, just the way it is.
  20. Great to see him there.
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