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  1. Video is cool (or Fab!). Didn't see long strips of paper? I spotted the left handed walrus, Jeff Lynne, Ringo, Elton John. I'm sure the other cameos were probably famous too
  2. Neville Street

    2020 headliners

    I woz there!! Elvis Costello was amazing, I have a double bootleg cassette of it in a cupboard somewhere!!
  3. Missed out on tickets in 2004 and watched on TV. Live and Let Die was really cool, will watch again later, but my memory is that it had fireworks, which were actually not at all de rigeur back then. I seem to remember commenting to my wife that "wow, they let him have fireworks, they don't really do fireworks". Sounds quaint thinking about the shows we've had in the last few years!!
  4. I love how the festival has evolved, but I do miss those random campfires
  5. And for the properly ancient among us, we can remember pre-wonderwall that you could always find somebody playing Comfortably Numb on repeat around a campfire....
  6. I would say about 2011 is right for it becoming a proper “thing”. A few years ago there was only 1 fire and it was stupidly rammed in the stone circle field. Now there are at least 3, all with their own Phoenix and fireworks.
  7. Be great to see any of Bruce, Hold Steady or Gaslight Anthem next year!
  8. I’ve picked up my kids from my sister or my parents on the road that runs through the East CV fields a few times. Once everyone’s in and set up it’s pretty easy to move around. I popped out to Shepton this year for some bits and pieces on Friday or Saturday morning and had no trouble getting out or back in. The spot where I have met the kids is here Dropped pin Near Pylle Rd, Shepton Mallet https://goo.gl/maps/UPJzAULXq22RUhge8
  9. Once the site is full, nowadays 5pm Wednesday, traffic is fine. I went to Shepton to get patio umbrellas from Argos and supplies from Tesco this year on Friday. Got a Costa (sorry, slight hangover), 1hr15m from Gate C to car, to shops and back to Gate C. Didn’t get a haircut. Left site about 11am, back just after midday. not saying you’re wrong, and I may have been fortunate, but it was a lot easier than I expected. NS
  10. Neville Street

    2020 headliners

    Elbow live on R2, anyone got Zoe Balls mobile number? Get her to ask them the obvious question!
  11. Flaming Lips 2010 Other and 2017 Park. lots of other great times, but funnest, hands down
  12. Neville Street

    Diana Ross

    WOW!!! just WOW!!!!!
  13. I guess they may split the pot into some for us F5 maestro's and xx,000 for ballot. Would move the demographics a little bit, although not sure in what direction!! Remember about a decade or just over ago when ME said "we need young people", I think that's when they started the sale on a Sunday so people wouldn't be at College/Work.
  14. We were really non-plussed by them in 2011, felt Elbow had stolen the evening with the crowd pleasing, pint downing, Guy Garvey show, so were not keen for 2016, but exhausted and our mates wanted to see it. Back of the field, in a bit from the rearmost urinals, in front of the tree. WHAT A SHOW!!! Totally won us over. I get why we all joke, and why we think hes a bit of a knob, but watch the movie A Head Full Of Dreams and you can see that he is all right. Obviously that's the point of the movie, but anyway, we were converted by 2016. I would love them to open the show with a Pyramid set at 11am on Friday and a load of guests
  15. Out of upvotes for today also never camped there, not up my street either!!
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