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  1. I'd go in a flash if it wasn't sold out. We love camping but when we go to normal campsites the other people aren't festival goers so we basically stopped going and either wild camp or go to festivals. This event is not perfect, but it's not totally awful. Will probably attempt something with some people we usually go to festivals with at some point in August
  2. That's literally my annual routine Go through it as a tourist at some point, usually on Sunday late afternoon/evening. Went at night time a couple of time when it was first a thing (2008?2009?) and didn't really enjoy it much. I love all the "film set" feel, and the messages/posters, etc., but never enjoyed that kind of club/music. Do a lap, get out and go to Avalon Inn or Bimble Inn for a 🍻 and leave space for those that like that kind of thing.
  3. Neville Street

    BBC Glastonbury

    A good point!! In terms of the 35 actual festivals flags have probably been a pretty big feature of 50%+, so we have to accept, it is a tradition. But hope that some kind of common sense evolves. We felt like 2009/10/11 were actually "peak flag", with the nadir of i heart sausage in 2009. Perhaps somebody that's good at analysis can give us a definitive answer?
  4. Neville Street

    BBC Glastonbury

    Crowds also looked smaller because nobody had trollies for their kids and endless camping chairs. We sat on the ground, and some people had rugs. Whilst G led the way with Kids entertainment, it was a more adult environment back then.
  5. Neville Street

    BBC Glastonbury

    Some would say Glass Spider. As it was the only time I saw him live, I’m going to agree with you. He was always at the height of his powers 😎
  6. Neville Street

    BBC Glastonbury

    Another story was the stall owners said “somebody stole our sign, it wasn’t us...”. Spent NY and BS watching from what felt like right behind the twat
  7. Neville Street

    BBC Glastonbury

    Do we know if this will go on iPlayer? Can’t watch it all tonight and hoping it’s going to appear post tonight’s showing like the others have
  8. Neville Street


    Full blown cow Kettling going on now 😂😂 🐮🐮
  9. Neville Street


    Who moved the plane? I wonder if we get a new prop for tonight?
  10. Neville Street


    They have definitely been doing something to keep them where they want them. I can see there's extra fencing to keep them "in shot", and they are all nose down munching. #bovineexploitation
  11. Agreed that Glass Spider was not a highlight, but I was 21, just finished at Cardiff, and after two days of Glastonbury was in a good frame of mind. Enjoyed it, and glad I went as I never got to see him again. Our friend stayed at G because he wanted to see Van Morrison. Luckily, he returned in 1989 so I saw him then
  12. 1987, either New Order on Friday or Elvis Costello on Saturday. Went back to Cardiff on Sunday to see David Bowie
  13. Neville Street


    A fraction of the cost of a proper BBC Glasto and it will be high viewer numbers this year, as it is every year.
  14. Neville Street


    Looks interesting......
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