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  1. Neville Street


    Theres a Carlsberg Lorry in the Pyramid field, somebodies still partying!!!!
  2. Neville Street

    Camp Fires

    They’ve flown over at some point many times in the last few years, Mrs NS says every time. This is the first time we’ve seen them put the smoke trails on, looked good, love the pic someone posted from above them.
  3. Neville Street


    Done both, East best for us as PGC is close to Acoustic, T&C, Avalon, WG, Pyramid. West felt like endless trudge through campsites before getting anywhere in terms of venues. It was quite a wet year, 2014, so the trudge was treacherous at times.
  4. Neville Street

    The Killers

  5. Neville Street

    EPO bands

    Wow, that’s an impressive drop. I think there is a link to better management of the gates to reduce non ticket holders getting in, but that’s just my opinion, not sure how it can be proved/disproved, but whatever the reason, it’s great
  6. There are definitely charity collections. I think they stopped making a big thing about it as there are enough tents left anyway. There’s a big sale in Hayle each year of tents collected after Glastonbury. It’s at the rugby club, not sure if the charity is scouts/Hayle RFC/Shelter/Cornwall Air Ambulance, all of the above or none of the above, but the sale happens and the tents come from G. Pre-erected - when WV was launched ME said in an interview he anticipated the majority of accommodation being like this in X years. I can’t remember what X was. However, he did confirm that in the year that corresponds to WV+X it would be “the best Glastonbury ever” 😂😂
  7. BDs in August, similar weather please!!
  8. Neville Street

    EPO bands

    I left the site on Saturday early morning to get a garden parasol from Argos. Picked up a hitcher on the way back from Shelton Mallet. He’d been trying to get in for a couple of days. Was upbeat, but said he would hitch back to Brum if it didn't work this time. His main irritation was that they take you back to Gate A each time and then he had to walk around the outside to find his mate and start the next attempt. He said he’d bring a grappling iron next time. I suggested he just volunteer!
  9. Neville Street

    EPO bands

    I see your point, if my “business” was systematically robbing tents then I need to get in so I can start work and £250 is my entrance investment. Sad state of affairs, hope they catch their balls on a rusty barbed wire fence and suffer a painful infection, in fact I don’t mind if the infection is terminal. i still don’t buy the vibe enhancement claim! Volunteers/workers definitely add to the vibe a considerable amount more than anybody that bunks in.
  10. Neville Street

    EPO bands

    mr funk - he’s trolling, just chill, you did a good and needed job, thank you for your efforts. jim - don’t be such a git. I see your point, but don’t try to tell us you're enhancing anything, you’re not. And I don’t agree re tent thefts, it is not “generally accepted” that they buy tickers, what’s your source?
  11. Saturday was a scorcher for sure, and the lack of showers that day didn’t help. But overall that was a great weather experience, given what we’ve all suffered in the past.
  12. 1. The Killers 2. Lumineers 3. Stormzy
  13. Neville Street

    The Cure

    Why no Love Cats?
  14. Neville Street

    EPO bands

    That actually seems to be roughly how it works. A device that looks like a smartphone zaps and does a quick check. Occasionally it takes an extra second, but it seems to be working that way
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