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  1. Neville Street


    Proclaimers? Just seen the Towersey line up
  2. Neville Street


    Are Travis a possibility? Their own tour to sell, will have a show ready to roll....
  3. Neville Street


    I was hoping for Manics, so that is great. Lots of other good stuff in there. Friday headliner.... Waterboys (too soon), Stereophonics, who knows. I am happy with what we have got so far
  4. Neville Street


    What are the dates next year? Couldn't make it this year and hearing Beautiful Day on Radio6 at 5.15am this morning made me determined to get there next year! Cheers, NS
  5. Neville Street


    Thanks Neil!!!! Chairs are for the tent/van only, but I know what you mean. Recent years have seen me at the Cockmill, Avalon Inn, Bimble Inn at Glastonbury. It's a few years since I went anywhere near the South East corner. Perhaps I will let others tell me how good it is and continue to enjoy less frantic events. Need to try Green Man one year.....
  6. Neville Street


    My daughters have been going for the last 3 years and certainly return very tired, but enthusiastic about how amazing it is. Perhaps we will have to go, but it sort of feels like a younger persons festival. We love Glastonbury, Beautiful Days (missing it right now!!), EoTR, and have been to lots of smaller ones, but it kind of feels like its aimed at a younger crowd.
  7. Neville Street


    Cheers for the tips. Two potential Gumtree sales evaporated once I asked for phone numbers. I guess they may have just sold them already, but both were fairly communicative until the point of setting up a face to face meeting. Anyway, happy ending, she sorted it out herself and for face value
  8. Neville Street


    Thanks, I have an alert set up. I didn't check my email for 25 mins and missed those two. Thanks for the tip off though, I remain reasonably confident.... Cheers, NS
  9. Neville Street


    Any experience using that FB group or groups like it? People appear to be selling but their profile looks basically unused, but set up years ago so maybe they are just not a Facebook person (like me!), but use it when they need to? Or is it yet another way of scamming people? Cheers for tips/guidance, NS
  10. Neville Street


    Thanks I've registered. i nearly got one on Scarlet Mist the other day but the guy wanted £300 for £212 worth of tickets, including fees. I reported him and they banned him. i also had a Gumtree lead that looked good but turned out to be a scam. He wanted to meet at a railway station, then when I asked for a phone number he gave a made up number and marked it as sold so I couldn't contact him. I've reported him to Gumtree. she will get there somehow!
  11. Neville Street

    The Killers Headling 2019

    I got a ticket for my daughter. I was tempted to hang on for extra dates as all the standing ones were gone, but the O2 has an Elvis movie thing on later in the week so there only looks to be space for 1 consecutive date. Anyway, didn't want to gamble Also got pretty much the last seat in Glasgow for my eldest!! Best dad award sorted for 1 day at least.... Cheers, NS
  12. Neville Street

    The Killers Headling 2019

    Thats reassuring, so the presale won't have been all the tickets in each category?
  13. Neville Street

    The Killers Headling 2019

    Im in the presale but standing for O2 Tuesday already all gone?!?! Should i hang in there for some to be released or just grab seated anyway? MISSED OUT From people's experience, wll the inevitable extra dates come out today so presale code still works?
  14. Neville Street


    Thanks Davet84, I'll be extra wary. She's determined, is studying in the States from the following Wednesday for a year and wants to have a birthday weekend with friends before she heads off. Should have been better organised earlier...... but that's the way it goes!!
  15. Neville Street


    Thanks for the suggestion. She's joining some friends that are already going and doesn't want to be the only one working. I'll keep searching, my reputation at stake, I always tell the kids that "sold out is a state of mind", and that there's almost always a way without paying touts

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