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  1. Quark

    2020 headliners

    They can blow very hot and cold live. I've seen both extremes
  2. One of the reasons my visits to the long drops take some time is that I will only wipe my arse with paper that has been exquisitely folded into an origami crane.
  3. Quark


    Random checks appear to be your friend. I just went to Twickets now to see if anything was available and one popped up for Barrowlands. By the time I'd faffed between coming on here to let you guys know it was there or just buying it myself and sorting someone out it had gone! But they are popping up
  4. Quark

    2020 headliners

    Don't get me wrong, I've been a Chilis fan for many years and absolutely some of the stuff is well know by yer average Joe. But the ones that you've pointed out are all exactly the point I was making - three albums from '91, '99 and '02. Snow was a big tune, but it's not one you hear on the mainstream stations any more. I'm not trying to set one against the other per se, but the Foos have been more consistent with their output in recent times. Just don't agree with putting them in the same category on that basis, as Chilis are more notably past their prime than the Foos.
  5. Aye, last night's was great for that. I've stopped running in town or the village as running through streets doesn't really do that for me, but put me up in the hills and it's a different kettle of fish. Love it, proper clears the head. Not often anymore, but it was the thing that got me back into running. They are great, although my local one is 3 laps of the park so it's not exactly full of wonders I tend to go longer distances now, so if I go for PR it needs to be because I'm in the right frame of mind to go for a fast time.
  6. The issue with them. at least for me, is continually dull output. 2 great albums and one OK album, then one good radio single. After that... I have no particular beef with them, and I'll freely admit to liking their early stuff. They were great when I saw them back in 2001 and even better back in '97. But their stuff since then has just been incredibly dull. Not even singles that have stuck in the head or commanded any kind of "album's shit but..." response. Nowt to do with guitar bands for me. If they were still putting out decent tunes I'd be all for it. But they're not. Have you heard their new album? I'd forgotten everything about it apart from one shit lyric involving "bling" about 5 minutes after it finished.
  7. I'm not talking about metrics at the moment. I'm talking about genres that are a safer bet for long term success. Statistically there are more people who've made long careers from producing a safe form of music than those who've done something different. The point is it's a bigger gamble on someone like Eilish than on someone like Bugg, purely because she's different. Missed that one. When did that come to pass then?
  8. You're right. It's a bigger punt on Billie. History's full of blokes with guitars who've stuck to a formula and been successful. Might be dull, might not be imaginative, but it's true. History's also full of people who've gone down a different path, produced something that doesn't sound like anything else and captured the zeitgeist, and then.....
  9. Quark

    2020 headliners

    I'd disagree on that one. Foos have done 9 albums, with normally 3 years between releases right up to 2017. So while you can argue they're meat and potatoes rock, they've been pretty consistent. You can definitely say the anthem quality has gone a bit, but tracks off the recent albums (Rope, Walk, These Days) are still getting radio play and they're still fairly relevant. Chillis on the other hand... 11 albums, but 4 of them came in a 5 year flurry of activity in the early days until BSSM, then started to tail off. Bigger gaps between albums, and aside from Dark Necessities from The Getaway and Dani California from Stadium Arcadium, everything you'll hear on the radio will be from BSSM, Californication or By The Way, 1991-2002. Apart from die hards, no one knows the early stuff pre-BSSM, and no-one cares about the recent stuff. In terms of current musical landscape and consistency, Foos are way ahead. OK they weren't universally popular, but that's why they were still deemed a reasonable Glastonbury headliner a couple of years ago but RHCP are being laughed out of the building.
  10. Quark


    Prestigious if not massive
  11. Quark

    2020 headliners

    I think Emily's comments about two that have never played before have done a decent job of spicing up the conversation. We were stuck on conversations about 1975, Foals and Macca for long enough!
  12. Gotcha. That does have Acoustic written all over it
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