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  1. Quark

    2022 Headliners

    It'd be like Steve Davis at Stonebridge again, except that instead of lads rocking up in tuxes and carrying snooker queues there'll be ghosts waving pieces of toast. I'd definitely watch that.
  2. Ha, listened to that album a lot when it came out! Confusion all round as they launch into Boll Weevil 😂
  3. Tricky one as I really don't tend to give thought to who I'd LIKE to see at the fest. The joy is always seeing who's on the lineup and going from there. But that doesn't really make for a great post. So I'll go with The Connells. First new album in 20 years came out last year and it were good, and over the years I've got past the obvious track everyone knows and into their albums a bit more. Lovely bit of jangly Americana on a sunny afternoon, be perfect up in The Park. Failing that, the traditional request for Andrew WK.
  4. But to the OP question, I have new walking boots and need to road test them this weekend.
  5. Depends. If it's part of a pattern of my employer being shitty about taking holiday and generally being an arse and using rejecting leave requests as a weapon then quite probably. If it's just no, you can't have that week off this year because xyz is happening or a project is at critical point, then absolutely not. Work's a means to an end, but that end also includes paying my mortgage and eating. Wouldn't be chucking my toys out of the pram about that, as annoying as it would be at the time.
  6. Quark

    2022 New Music

    New Bonobo album sounding good
  7. Quark

    2022 Headliners

    I just had to go back and listen to it again. Still puts me in tears.
  8. Top gig for me was Frank Turner in Brighton. First gig back, first time I'd got round to seeing him, and it was absolutely joyous. Snapped Ankles and IDLES bringing up 2nd and 3rd slot. Biggest surprise was a festival set - The Big Moon at Beautiful Days. I knew I liked their album, but blew me away live. 'Your Light' has been living rent-free in my head since August after seeing them.
  9. I definitely read that one in Mark Goodier's voice
  10. Quark

    2022 New Music

    Last one, bit of choppy guitary synthy stuff from Youth Sector
  11. Quark

    2022 New Music

    New from Palace, like this.
  12. Quark

    2022 New Music

    New tune from Yumi Zouma is proper good, album coming in March.
  13. Hey @eFestivals I went to have a browse on eGigs and I'm getting a security error so I can't browse on Chrome. Looks like the security certificate might have expired or something, dunno if it's something you're aware of?
  14. Quark

    2022 Headliners

    *affect #pedantforlife
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