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  1. I really should credit that joke to Robert Rankin
  2. What did St Patrick say when he drove the snakes out of Ireland? "Are you all ok in the back there?"
  3. It's not really controversial, but 99% of the time I have no idea what most people here are on about. I'm nodding and smiling like a 6-year old's aunt trying to play pokemon with them. And yep, making that even worse as I realise that those same aunts would have been the right age to play pokemon themselves the first time around. My pop culture references are bang on point.
  4. Dammit, Staves already sold out in Brighton!
  5. Still acceptable in the context of Adam Levine being Adam Levine though
  6. Purely objectively Queen Bey is very much the odd one out from that pile 😄
  7. Tricky one this month, been some good shizzle. 1. Mogwai - As The Love Continues 2. Django Django - Glowing In The Dark 3. The Staves - Good Woman Honourable mentions to Bored At My Grandma's House for an EP that would be in this list if it were an album, and Claud for a solid debut.
  8. I always said you were a good egg Kali 😄
  9. You've got today to edit your vote if you want to
  10. The Killers - 16 (-10) The Cure - 128 Radiohead - 124 The Rolling Stones - 164 Beyoncé - 57 Stevie Wonder - 189 Blur - 244 R.E.M. - 204 David Bowie - 263 Pulp - 111 Yep, purely because Dibble wants them to survive but led the charge on getting rid of Levellers. Being petty on the internet is fun.
  11. Well yeah, but that's no worse than gigs getting announced and clashing, regardless of reschedules. Worth the punt.
  12. Indoor gigs like that won't be happening until the final restrictions get lifted in June I wouldn't have thought. EDIT: if that's when they get lifted
  13. It's so hard to predict what's going to happen atm, if there's something you want to go to I'd just take the punt and book it. There's no guarantee of when anything's going to land really
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