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  1. I'll see you there for an overpriced shitty pint gents
  2. Quark

    NFR NFC for 2020

    Oh yeah, seeing them isn't a problem! I can still make their Guildford gig as well so that's all good. Just the Dreadzone one that's the problem. They're great live, not the energy of someone like Dub Pistols but they've got more summer vibes than you can shake a stick at. Seen them at fests a couple of times but was looking forward to their own tour set. Ah well them's the breaks! Fingers crossed bud
  3. Quark

    2020 New Music

    Disco punks Bugeye have their new single out today
  4. @Brave Sir Robin Least likely Glastonbury conversation ever... ...fire juggling drag queen on a unicycle goes past... "So tell me again, how did you work out that indemnity clause without sacrificing your contract risk position?"
  5. Quark

    NFR NFC for 2020

    Day off here as well! Bit of time to use up before work annual calendar restarts in April, so a day bumbling about at home with Mrs Q doing approximately bugger all Hope the cabin damage isn't too bad Yog. Got Levs coming up in Guildford in a few weeks, but currently trying to get shot of a Dreadzone ticket for Brighton as I cant make it any more On the plus side they're confirmed for Beautiful Days, and all things being well I should be able to see them there. Happy Friday all!
  6. Quick first look and I thinks you'd be right. Always thought you were a fine judge of character. I'll let the nerdy bit go for now
  7. I knew MacKaye had kind of kick started the straight edge thing, but didn't realise the crosses on the back of the hand came as markers for kids too young to drink in the venues. I love snippets like that.
  8. New stuff. Really worth checking out. I'm not a massive punk fan, and the hardcore stuff doesn't do much for me at all, but I love any decent music documentary and this is a good'un
  9. Quark

    Other Stage 2020

    Of course you can, this whole place is built on opinions! I think you've nailed it with the hype thing though, and not just with the 50th. You'll often see people say that headliners or acts aren't suitable for anniversary/headline/Pyramid Stage/whatever, but when it comes to analysing it a bit it's quite common to see that they don't have an idea of what they actually do want. My tuppence worth is that because Glastonbury has such a back catalogue of legendary performers over the last 50 years, there's a tendency for the view of that to condense into a single clutch of amazing headliners, and a feeling that every year should have at least 3 absolute top drawer sets. In reality if you go back and look at the lineups year on year, it's incredibly rare to have that in any single year.
  10. Do you know how hot the queue was this year?! No one would be allowed in!
  11. Quark

    Other Stage 2020

    It always comes back to some key questions though: How much do bands care about being part of Glastonbury and the 50th and will they take the secondary stage accordingly? Who's available or willing to make themselves available? Will the band play for the fee offered or decide it's not enough for them to get out of bed? That pretty much covers every conversation we have about this kind of thing, in one form or another. No festival can force bands to play, and they won't be making unrefusable offers to get bands to play. Whatever we want it to be and whatever they try to make it, it's not like they have complete unfettered access to an endless catalogue of acts.
  12. Creepy nightmare fuel is definitely the look I was shooting for
  13. Have you seen the Punk documentary series that Iggy Pop did last year? Recorded it off Sky Arts last year, just got round to watching it. Really good I thought, and a lot of focus on the US hardcore scene with Minor Threat, Black Flag, Circle Jerks etc. Well worth a watch. https://www.epix.com/series/punk You talking about Black Flag made me think about it, reckon it'd be right up your street.
  14. Figures that the haunted pencil would share office space with a fucking dementor
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