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  1. Ugh, forgot about the house lights! That was laughably inept. First time I've seen that sort of thing be an issue at the Dome. I'd love to see them on a good day in that case, I really enjoyed it. But maybe the benefit of not having much to compare it to and just letting the noise wash over me!
  2. Slowdive in Brighton on Friday night. I'm not a massive fan (as in I haven't listened to them a huge amount) but saw a bit of them in Woodsies last year so took a punt on a ticket. Glorious stuff.
  3. Quark

    Spare Gig Tickets

    Long shot but just listed a seated ticket for Slowdive at Brighton Dome on Twickets after managing to get a standing one. Accepting offers. Lesson for all concerned: be careful when buying tickets half asleep and in bed πŸ˜‚
  4. I may have seen you professing your admiration on one or two twitter posts, but by and large you've been fairly quiet on the subject 😁
  5. Some things you don't play with...
  6. Should add that Hepworth's book is on the history of Abbey Road Studios rather than the album, but pretty sure there'll be a fair amount of Beatles-related chat in there.
  7. NGL, the 1,001 Songs book is perfect smallest room reading material
  8. We all need to be a little more GP πŸ™‚
  9. What are your feelings on Usher?
  10. What can you do, Andrea? I'll tell you what you can bloody well do!
  11. A Fabulous Creation: How the LP Saved Our Lives by David Hepworth is quite a good read as a year-by-year snapshot of the development of the album as a concept and the combo of industry and social changes around it. It does get a bit old man yells at cloud at times, but if you can get past that it's decent. Got his Abbey Road book to read soon as well. Bob Marley: The Untold Story by Chris Salewicz also good, really enjoyed that one. There And Black Again by Don Letts was pretty good, mixture of autobiography and the development of Punk. I'm a fan of Letts so enjoyed it, but might not be for everyone. The People’s Songs: The Story of Modern Britain in 50 Records by Stuart Maconie was a great read for me personally. Does what it says on the tin, takes 50 songs over 50 years and does a chapter on what's happening in Britain at the time that ties in with it. Also picked up a copy of 1,001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die in a charity shop a while back. Great (if weighty) book if you fancy something to pick up and read a few pages, or get some inspiration on what to listen to. Currently reading Perfect Circle: The Story of REM by Tony Fletcher. 3 chapters in and love it, going right from the initial meetings in Athens through to the time they called it a day.
  12. Saw something on Twitter about this today. Think it was summed up quite well as "we'd all love to see REM reform, but at the same time it would take away a little bit of what we love about them". They've been so adamant about not doing it and being collectively happy with how they signed off that, as much as I'd be in line to see them, I genuinely hope they don't. It'd be nice to see them stick to their guns. Personally I don't think it'll ever happen. You might get a one-off song at some kind of big charity event or something like that, but I don't see them doing any new music or a reunion tour for the dollar. Plus I've just started Tony Fletcher's biography of them that goes right from the beginning to the separation, and I don't want to have to buy an updated edition.
  13. Opted for a year out. Unless the poster drop ticks an unprecedented number of boxes or a reformed REM come straight outta left field, it's a no from me. Still lighter than my rucksack 😁
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