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  1. Quark

    2020 New Music

    New EP from Nature TV came out this week, nice guitar noodling and pretty chilled. No idea who to liken them to, so just give it a listen!
  2. What had you done to your foot in the end a couple of days back? Bruising or more serious?
  3. Right kids, @Superscallyis a few quid off his fundraising target after spending this week running up and down mountains and across the country like a lunatic. Couple of donations will get him over the line. You know you want to. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/summit2summit
  4. We've got a series of games home and away with a local club this and next weekend, but I'm going nowhere near it tbh. As much as I want to play and enjoy everything that goes with it, I cannot believe that the two clubs can look at the incoming return to tighter lockdown measures and an increasing infection rate, and possibly believe it can be a good idea. I think it's madness. And this is a role I'm happy to play
  5. Day off today I think. Might do some yoga-type stuff later as I do need to stretch out more and improve flexibility, but I've definitely cooked my legs over the last week and I want to get a decent distance ride in tomorrow.
  6. Nope. Pretty standard fare. Puns, Simpsons memes, endless debates on Foals vs 1975....these things are the lifeblood of efests. Oh, and Radiohead lists. So many Radiohead lists....
  7. You know you've bumped the 2017 thread right?
  8. Oh hell no. That they should have seen Johnson's ineptitude a mile away. But agreeing on one thing is enough.
  9. Too late. I read it. A pox on you Yeti
  10. Dont make me agree with Toby Young. I beg of you.
  11. Quark


    Thing is, as soon as anyone sticks their head above the parapet the expectation is then there for them to be A1 perfect on every aspect, otherwise they're hypocrites. Protesting for a fairer global economic system? Fuck off, you once bought a Starbucks. Demanding coordinated global action to address climate change? You flew to a conference once, go fuck yourself. Etc etc etc...
  12. Friday night PT session done. Oh burpees how I love you... 🤮
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