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  1. I don't know if there are any from this year that will become all time classics, but there's definitely a load that I'll still be listening to beyond 2020.
  2. Quark

    great cover songs

    I wasnt going to, but given your tone I just might young man! @gigpusher gets it. It's great in a different way. The original is rightly a classic (if massively overplayed) but the RBF version just picks up on what works in it and changes it right up. Not all songs work when you change the genre of it, but the rhythm of Take On Me just fits that ska horn sound so well
  3. We're all starting to question our views on the Thingy
  4. Not according to any of the lists out so far.
  5. I think Sports Team read as his pick
  6. I listened to the list as almost each DJ had a pick for the top 10? So while IDLES was up there across 6Music, no one DJ had it as their single #1 album. Either way some interesting stuff up there. Of the 10 I think Doves is the only one in my longlist at the moment.
  7. Quark

    great cover songs

    Going to get absolutely panned for this but I don't care. I love this. It's just stupid fun.
  8. Quark

    Bad cover versions

    Officially there's no reaction to the post, but that's because I have both up and down voted you at the same time. Nightmare fuel but also a clear winner.
  9. Quark

    Bad cover versions

    Jesus, Joseph and all their carpenter friends. What the holy hellfire have I just heard?
  10. Quark

    Bad cover versions

    I cant find the footage of them doing it at Glastonbury 2016 but found this instead. Now I love Madness. Always have. But this is an abomination. Ruined that 2016 set for me.
  11. Quark

    Bad cover versions

    Agreed. Dreadful noise.
  12. Quark

    Bad cover versions

    I wondered who'd bring this up. It's the air guitar hop that tells you you're in for a treat straight away.
  13. Quark

    2020 New Music

    Colour me interested. My brother got me a copy of Mingus Ah Um when I was a student and loved it, but always the kind of thing I forget I like if that makes sense. Will have a listen
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