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  1. That's what I was doing, collapsible bowl instead though. Soap and a flannel leaves you feeling actually clean. The dry shower gel does a job, but a good scrub was better.
  2. Sorry I didn't make this peeps, was trying (repeatedly and unsuccessfully!) to meet up with my brother in law, finally managed it about 1am! Hope y'all had fun
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  4. Quark

    2023 legend slot

    Oh I'm not saying she couldn't do it. Even with the recent setlist the last 4 songs ago would be, to quote Calgon, taps aff territory. But to make the whole thing be a bona fide classic it would need some tweaks.
  5. Quark

    2023 legend slot

    DiRo does that every time. I was hoping she'd drop it for one of her own, but never mind!
  6. Quark

    2023 legend slot

    Looking at Cher's discography and setlist from 2019 tour, I dunno tbh. There's obvs a couple of big songs in there, but I reckon there would be quite a bit of filler. The shorter 2019 set (closer to what she'd get on sunday teatime) had no Gypsies Tramps & Thieves, Jesse James, Love & Understanding, or One By One. Quite a few ABBA covers. The finishing run of songs would be decent, but I dunno as it would be one for the ages unless she tweaked it slightly.
  7. Quark

    2023 legend slot

    He could feasibly cover legend or the slightly rocky sunday slot. Either way it'd be a blast
  8. Mrs Q wants to do Ibiza next year but the more laid back old town version. Will be looking for tips so this sounds like a decent start!
  9. Other fabric conditioners are available 😄 Just don't do what my mate did. He had a 5l water bottle he was using, but lost the lid. For 3 days that thing was like having an unexploded bomb in the camp.
  10. Managed to get all of my wristbands from every festival off without cutting them so far. They live in a box at the moment, but I'm planning to do a gig / festival collage of some kind to hang over my desk, so I imagine they'll end up in there.
  11. I remember you saying you found it too clean and tidy. Wouldn't say it had no soul, but it's certainly very...nice. But then I quite like that at the tail end of summer. I do think it's time they changed the Sunday night approach, and that's coming from a Levs fan. Let them have the main stage if they want, but give us an alternative.
  12. I'm going again, this is number 3. I really like it, it's a lot smaller than Glastonbury and more chilled. You can walk from one side to the other in about 15 mins I reckon. Think a mixture of Avalon and Park / Holts and you're about there. There's not much in the way of late night stuff so don't go expecting SE Corner shenanigans. Theres a few others going I think, head over to the BDs board. And you'll have to watch Levellers on Sunday night!
  13. Like a Lenor bottle you mean?
  14. Womad is one on my list to give a go one year.
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