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  1. I'm lucky enough to have met Dee, and I can confirm that this pic is accurate.
  2. Quark

    Black Lives Matter

    Recognising it's not the place to have a for/against argument about the police, but in light of what's going on and how it's escalating I do think it's important to have a bit of balance. County Sheriff in Flint, Michigan marching with protesters. Similar sites in New Jersey and others as well. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/31/us/flint-michigan-protest-police-trnd/index.html More than quitting, this is what needs to be done no? Directly addressing the issue, calling for the arrest and prosecution of their own, and working with the protesters.
  3. Some mighty impressive work on this thread as always! It's definitely clicked for me over the last couple of weeks. Been running more again, pace is hovering around 5 min/km but need to get that back down closer to 4:30, at least on the flats. Got out on Friday after work and did 65km on my own on the bike, which was amazing. Normally ride with Mrs Q which is lovely, but spent so long riding on my own before she got into it the chance to go back out and just be solitary on the bike again was a blast. Stuck to a cadence range rather than a speed target and got a few climbs under the belt. Weight has remained nice and static during lockdown which kind of surprises me, but I've not gone nuts with food while I've been at home. The hardest part is loss of muscle mass. Upper body weights aren't a problem as I'm coming back from my gammy shoulders so can't lift much anyway, but missing the heavy lifts on squat & deadlift. Just not much to do about that really. On the plus side with the resistance training the last of the twinges in my right shoulder have now gone (thank you resistance band rehab!), and I'm finally making some headway into improving my chin up capacity (which has always been bloody awful). Hopefully the shoulders mean I can start upping the weights a bit, and depending on when the world stops being insane I reckon it means I've got another season of rugby left in 'em
  4. Quark

    2020 New Music

    Gaga getting the thumbs up chez Quark.
  5. Following from Mr Jass... Kendrick Lamar - 65 Lana Del Rey - 66 Fatboy Slim - 55 AJ Tracey - 50 Editors - 40 FKA Twigs - 50 Thom Yorke - 57 Kelis - 60 Manic Street Preachers - 60 (+5) Laura Marling - 55 Paul McCartney - 67 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - 13 Dua Lipa - 66 Robyn - 55 Charli XCX - 55 Glass Animals - 55 The Isley Brothers - 58 Thundercat - 50 Caribou - 65 The Avalanches - 70 Taylor Swift - 96 Aerosmith 50 Diana Ross - 70 Pet Shop Boys - 49 (+5) Supergrass - 55 Primal Scream - 50 Kano - 50 TLC - 52 London Grammar - 45 Jarv... is - 30
  6. Quark

    2020 New Music

    This morning shall be Gaga morning. I'm going in with fingers crossed
  7. Yup, back at Concorde2 in Brighton. Probably going to get myself a ticket and add it to the stockpile Album coming next week as well...
  8. Rolling Blackouts CF back in the UK next spring, hopefully still be around for festival time. One for you @zero000
  9. Quark

    2020 New Music

    That is a brutal putdown. I like it.
  10. Quark

    2020 New Music

    Contractually obliged to post new Levellers tracks on here as always. New single first up, like it until the ending: Plus interview and other new song from the new album. Love the stop motion interview they've put together. Old school storytelling song:
  11. Quark

    How do you feel?

    That's good news @kalifire glad to hear it's going as well as can be. Also a bit out of the loop on this thread, but sounding good and positive vibes for respective parents @funkychick2007 and @northernringo
  12. I always just assumed you'd been watching Cats on repeat
  13. That's good to hear bud, glad you're up and running again. Something's clicked this week and feels like I'm back in the swing of it, so hopefully be able to maintain consistency. Went for a run this morning, only a 5km to fit in before work but hard work, my system's never been comfortable running that early in the morning! Would have preferred an evening run but giving blood later, so figured probably best not to rock up with my heartrate going
  14. Quark

    2020 New Music

    Bugeye's debut album Ready, Steady, Bang is coming 10th Jul. Based on the singles they've been releasing I reckon it'll be a banger.
  15. Quark

    2020 New Music

    Given the album a spin this morning, it's pretty good actually. Know what you mean about the sounds, I'm getting a bit of Bauhaus in there as well. There's a few points where it treads a very fine line on being parody, but I like it. Good call.
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