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  1. Ah brilliant! Glad it's sorted and thank you for becoming a member once again
  2. Haha! Thank you for the support 😁 Could you please try again?
  3. Was a great idea though haha! Maybe one for another time
  4. Hi all, thanks for bearing with me on this. There's a bug in the forum software which is causing this issue. Trying to resolve this now. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  5. It's almost time! Less than six weeks until the gates open, so it's time for this year's meet thread. A very official one this time 😎 The meet will take place at The Ridge & Furrow Bar in the Cabaret Field, at 6pm on Wednesday 26th of June. Thank you in advance to @Crazyfool01 who's kindly volunteered to orchestrate and represent eFests as I've not secured a ticket this year. We won't have the usual flag but we're open to any ideas to help identify the group. Maybe a new flag is needed, who knows! There may also be t-shirts and a competition so watch this space 😉 Any updates to times and location will be added to this post.
  6. Should be sorted now. Apologies it took so long!
  7. Sorry about that - has been fixed now. Thanks for reporting!
  8. Well over 1K people viewing this page. No pressure! 😅
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys! Just testing something new to see how people feel about it. I do agree with your points so it has now been removed from the top of the main forum page. Sadly there's no option for users to customise this themselves at this point in time.
  10. Hi Neil, thanks for reporting this. I've tested on all devices and browsers I could find and I always see the 'clear editor' text at the bottom of the text editor as shown below. If you tap on that it will clear the old text. Please let me know if you don't see it.
  11. Hi km9, we're not running a yellow survey pop up. It could be from a rogue ad. If any one has seen it and can send me a screenshot I'd appreciate it. Will help us track it down.
  12. The post in question, as distasteful as some may find it, is an opinion of an individual person who has the right to express it, just as everybody else has the right to criticise it out in the open. As with any open forum, of course not all posts will agree with, or represent personal opinions of management or moderators, however, this site and forum is not here to propagate the views of its management, but only to allow fair and open discussion as long as it follows some basic rules which this post does. If every opinion one disagrees with was barred from any sort of discussion, how could you ever hope to allow people holding said opinion to see that there's an alternative view?
  13. eFestivals

    2024 Headliners

    Sorry about that. Some upgrades and changes taking place which unfortunately logged all users out
  14. Hi Spacey, glad you managed to solve the issue
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