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  1. eFestivals

    Taylor Swift

    1. Brawn legitimately bought the rights - rights that Swift had cashed in on. 2. Swift is now trying to make those rights worthless by saying she'll re-record the songs. 3. Brawn is fighting back at someone who is trying to shaft him. There is none of the "poor little abused Taylor Swift" in this, and anyone who's falling for what she put out last night is being mugged. PS: but the real problem here is the laws around those rights. There should be no endless income stream from 5 minutes work.
  2. eFestivals

    Taylor Swift

    in this case because they sold the money stream from that work to someone else. And now they're trying to mug the buyer of what they sold by making it worthless.
  3. eFestivals

    Taylor Swift

    why should there be a lifetime (and more) money for 5 minutes work, for that question to be asked about?
  4. eFestivals

    Taylor Swift

    Nope, I'm attacking the thing their beef is about - the money they're arguing over. And where - if anyone is the wrong'un here - it's Swift. She sold off her work and now trying to (essentially) welch on the deal.
  5. eFestivals

    Taylor Swift

    Braun is getting rich off the copyright Swift sold to get herself rich. There was only the 5 minutes work done for a lifetime of riches for both of them. What do you think I've missed?
  6. eFestivals

    2020 headliners

    not an issue at all. If an act doesn't want to make a deal with the beeb, they don't make a deal with the beeb.
  7. no one is thinking it is. Tho you're trying to tell us it's as valid and as accurate as other sources.
  8. so before the rest of the world intruded too much into the UK's little cosy set-up of exploiting the rest of the world, then. So yeah, let's get back to the days of proper equality, when the UK lived high on the backs of the poorest in the world.
  9. eFestivals

    Taylor Swift

    yeah, i feel really sorry for millionaire superstars stars who sold off some of their product to help themselves become millionaire superstars. If you want to get into 'not good', perhaps we should start at the real problem, where some people do five minutes work one time and then live off it for the rest of their lives while others slog their guts out.
  10. an important caveat, that i reckon you're missing the importance of.
  11. Wow. How anyone can write about inflation over that period and exclude the 1973 oil crisis I've no idea.
  12. if you used a new tenner, it would smear 🤢
  13. I think it's going to be Friday 29th May to Sunday 7th June 2020, but I'm not 100% on that.
  14. anyone planning on shambala needs to get their tickets sharpish, it's nearing a sellout already.
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