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  1. eFestivals

    Camp Fires

    Yup, seen it many times, back in the day when fires used to be waaaaay more common (just about every group had one). At a guess they would have all been pre-1995. Back then the campers were much more mixed in with the festival so they'd be more walking past tents, so more opportunity to see it.
  2. this is why you're insane, twinkle. I make a throwaway comment about what the next steps are from Trump's 'go home', and you claim it's a prediction. Meanwhile, Trump's racism gets a free pass from you and a denial that it's racist.
  3. I'm pretty sure even your favourite daily the Daily Mail had to own up in the end that Hitler wasn't a great guy after all, and reported the gas chambers. I expect you are one of those in denial about the holocaust. Am I right?
  4. I don't need to ask him, he's written a report. The report detailed many instances of collusion. collusion noun secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy in order to deceive others.
  5. Because it's not me that does the lies, twinkle. You're a constant stream of fact-free far right tropes. I said it was reported. It was reported.
  6. So Lad, to prove you can do rational, you need to answer this simple factual question: Did the Mueller report detail collusion between Trump's team and Russian agents? If you're not able to give the factual answer ....bye!
  7. To put up an argument you'd have to do rational. You don't. You're just a scattergun of far right tropes. as you can't condemn Trump's 'go home' you're not able to recognise racism. So you've no idea if you've been racist. Look twinkle, people here except you are educated. It ain't me they're laughing at in this topic. Either start doing real discussion or prove yourself too stupid to use these forums.
  8. Uh? I can't say I'm hugely familiar with the acts on the bill, but had a decent listen to the official playlist at the weekend and I can't remember there being any rock or indie at all.
  9. Yep. Unless he can admit Trump's 'go home' racism there's not much a future for him here, because if he can't see that for what it is then rational discussion is beyond him and all he has is trolling.
  10. oh dear. You really are too thick for this discussion.
  11. and you've only mentioned it as whataboutery to deflect from Trump. Which only proves you know Trump is a c**t and that you're a c**t. The problem is you rejoice in being a c**t. You do know Trump is only acting, right?
  12. because w*nkers like you never went on holiday to Benidorm and bought one, right...?
  13. when a manager has only managed relegation fodder that stat is always going to be low.
  14. even Lad's hero Boris knows Trump's a racist.
  15. ... telling American citizens of colour to "go home"? Next on the scale would be concentration camps - oh, we're already there - then forced deportations followed by gas chambers.
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