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  1. didn't he win that mostly by sitting back and letting the others lay into each other? That's what I read people saying about it.
  2. Glastonbury 1994. Wrong about the wind turbines.
  3. this angle worries me. It's the same idea as Corbyn started with, that he'd win because he'd get the the people who didn't normally vote voting. That claim faded away pretty damn fast after he was leader. My take from this side of the pond is that the non-voters tend to stay non-voters, and that Bernie will attract across some of the more loonie Trumpsters, but probably scare a greater number of the more centrist Democrat voters.
  4. I concluded that was bollocks ages ago and took them off the rumours.
  5. it's not one member one vote, tho. Most people thought David Miliband was a sure thing.
  6. do you think the USA is keen to elect a president who describes himself as a socialist? In that part at least he's waaaaay out of step with the general population. His ideas tho - very much not socialist - are reasonably popular; whether popular enough I've no idea. I'm worried that Trump screaming "he's a socialist" is an easy goal.
  7. Starmer seems to be the Labour voters choice, but whether he's the members choice we've yet to find out. There's plenty in favour of the continuity Corbyn candidate, as well as plenty who'd like to see Corbyn with a shadow cabinet position ( ).
  8. that had little to do with 'centrist' and much more to do with 'Hillary Clinton'. And she beat Trump by 3M votes anyway (yeah, i know. Not in the right places). That's a useful line for the Bernie Boys to throw around in favour of their man, but it's not particularly accurate or meaningful.
  9. probably not ... I've had the press release of his final tour for several weeks, but it was embargo'd until today.
  10. yup, that seems to become the online narrative from the fan club for why Corbyn didn't win. Thing is, it completely ignores Corbyn's own part in that as leader. If he was being led by others as the fan club now claim, where was his leadership and why does it deserve RLB's 10/10? I've got so say I'm losing confidence already in Starmer's ability to win the next election, but he's still streets ahead of the other two.
  11. how about there's an outbreak within the festival, and we get quarantined in there - complete with bands. Some people would call that a great result.
  12. it#s amazing how powerful they are. They don't even need a billion in the bank.
  13. and he's already managed to avoid going to jail. What a surprise! He'll wangle himself a place in hospital until his appeal has been heard, and then (if he loses) he'll probably find a similar angle to avoid doing time.
  14. not sure you're wrong as such, but I believe influenza is a continually-mutating virus, and that its mortality rate stays within the same ballpark year after year - so it can be sensibly grouped together.
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