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  1. eFestivals

    Football 18/19

    I saw a quote of Klopp's a week or two ago, saying he might have a future at the club. I took it as Klopp reminding other clubs he's available.
  2. eFestivals

    Football 18/19

    I reckon he knows he's been brought in as backup, but either - eventually - he won't be happy with that, or perhaps he thinks he can break into the first team if he's given opportunities from the bench. (and actually, to be fair, he might manage that last one, as he's not been playing in a team with other very decent players. It might see his performances elevated)
  3. eFestivals

    Football 18/19

    I read something saying it's over, as the money was spent on Allison.
  4. eFestivals

    Football 18/19

    Nope, not based on Adam (tho that's added to it). He was at Stoke in the first place cos of a bad attitude, and was pretty irregular for Stoke too til last season. There's no doubt he's got talent, but I'm far from sure he's applying himself as he should.
  5. eFestivals

    Football 18/19

    I agree that Klopp won't stand for it, but I'm less sure than you it won't happen. I'm just not sure how happy he'll be sat on the bench most of the time, and being overshadowed by bigger stars. Charlie Adam has just had a pop at him for not showing up at Stoke.
  6. eFestivals

    Football 18/19

    it's not his price that will be the problem if he's a problem.
  7. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    dishonest, tho it was only on the first show, where they needed to fake audience interaction to get it started. In was less about misleading than it was making TV done in that style work. In context it's hardly the biggest or worst crime in the world.
  8. eFestivals

    2019 festival

    nah, they'd go for the big money.
  9. eFestivals

    Ozora Festival

    that post looked like crafty spam, but I've given you the benefit of the doubt. I have, however, changed the link from a spammy link to instead go to the word-for-word identical article which had been nicked from another website. So if you were spamming, you've failed. If you weren't, no damage done, not a jot of anything has been lost.
  10. eFestivals

    Football 18/19

    I reckon the big problem Liverpool are gonna face this season is a long injury to Booby &/or Salah. Or perhaps Shaqiri being Shaqiri.
  11. eFestivals

    June 2018

    just about all domestic IP address ranges are blacklisted for (direct) mailing purposes, but it would be very daft to use that info for web traffic.
  12. eFestivals

    Super Bock Super Rock

    we just don't have the hours available to cover everything that we used to cover, so lots and lots of Eurofests had to be dropped from inclusion. I'm pretty sure it was for that reason and not another.
  13. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    it's getting validated as far as they're concerned by 'the left' (not really the left) refusing them (and others) the discussion. When the self ordained intellectual elite are scared of a discussion with those they believe their inferiors we're in all sorts of trouble as a society.
  14. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    There's been plenty said about the benefits ... but anyway, the fact that the country is comfortable with immigration at lower levels gets to mean that the benefits are accepted. Meanwhile, some don't accept that the downsides can be mentioned, and often, even, that the subject can be discussed at all - and that's hardened attitudes. Because somewhere between the benefits and downsides there's the summary of whether it's a good or bad thing overall - and that's dependent on the discussion that's not allowed, and dependent on what we as a country think immigration is for, another discussion that's not allowed and never had. Because if you want to say "they bring economic benefits", that's only true in some circumstances and not others. It's not true always and forever. And even if immigration brings long term economic benefits there's still up-front costs for the infrastructure people need right now, which is a cost that all of the population carry - and I'm pretty sure that even most of the people who claim to love immigrants reckon they should be getting more themselves, so those people need to rationalise their thinking. The way I see it is that for all the while the self-ordaining perfectionists refuse to hold a proper discussion on the subject (and yes, even with the racists involved) all they're doing is handing the lead on the issue to (amongst others) the people they'd least like to be taking control of it.
  15. eFestivals

    June 2018

    It works, but it's also possible for a system to detect that's what you're doing and to disadvantage you because of it (again, I doubt they'd be doing this, but you never know).