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  1. it's less a comment about her specifically, and much more about the way people here are championing a genre of music that people here would have laughed at a decade ago. But meanwhile I'm giving the recommendation of 'Levitating' a go as I write this. And it's bangin' average even for throwaway pop.
  2. I simply repeated what was said yesterday. Like you I'd guess most make the numbers within a few days. I'd also guess that the ones taking up to three weeks are where someone has died before they're tested - where there wouldn't be priority in the testing for getting those results back.
  3. erm, is there a town called Bergamo in the UK? I was talking about the UK.
  4. they also announced yesterday that there's a lag of up-to 3 weeks between a death and that death making the announced numbers.
  5. so not the flattening of the curve after all.
  6. yup, and I'd say the cancellation statement was suggestive of that too - because it didn't have to use the specific words 'fallow year', so I'd say there was a deliberate choice to include that.
  7. all sorts of problems with that unfortunately. Someone who is furloughed can't then be employed elsewhere - where even 'voluntary' is likely to be deemed outside of the rules (once they get round to writing some clear rules ;)). And competition tickets are only given to be used for a fair competition. I've asked in the past about slanting the competition entry rules to benefit efestivals and (unsurprisingly) was told 'no'.
  8. I know what you mean, tho there are a few bits and pieces to suggest it was - such as the Longleat thing.
  9. well, probably, although... One day last week I can remember someone proudly saying about 1.5M PPE items delivered to the NHS. The next day I read about France ordering 1Bn face masks from China, and that the French health services were using 40M face masks every week.
  10. he is (or was?) the deputy PM of that despotic state, and a significant member of part of the ruling family, a family who run that state without democracy and with repression. It's laughable to pretend he's nothing to do with what goes on. I'm pretty sure that UEFA has the documents those newspapers published. Matey who provided them has certainly offered them to UEFA (I can't remember all details now, can't be bothered to google). And City hasn't said they're fake. PMSL - you cannot possibly know. We do know that City have made sworn declarations to UEFA that certain things are the truth, and we do know that UEFA say those declarations differ from what is in the published emails. That difference incriminates City. (Whether or not what UEFA say about the difference is true is something else). If city get off on a technicality that doesn't mean City are the good guys, it means they're the c**ts UEFA have nailed them as.
  11. PS: one option might be for your accountant to run your payroll, so you can furlough yourself.
  12. Martin Lewis says you can - although HMRC wouldn't confirm that to me.
  13. your wife is very definitely eligible if she's not a director (no one seem to know what the score is if a director) - as long as you haven't notified HMRC that she's no longer an employee (for over that time when she's not been paid). For her entitlement see 'employees whose pay varies' at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/claim-for-wage-costs-through-the-coronavirus-job-retention-scheme#work-out-what-you-can-claim
  14. ok, a mindful despot if you prefer. how's he a despot? Here's what Amnesty have to say:- https://www.amnesty.org/en/countries/middle-east-and-north-africa/united-arab-emirates/ oh dear, there you are again talking about the evidence UEFA have while saying they have no evidence. Other evidence UEFA have are the submissions by City which say something different to those emails. The 'crime' City were found guilty of is (put simply) lying: the difference between what City submitted as truthful and what those emails say - which (so eminent lawyers say) prove what City submitted was untruthful. Me, I'll go with those eminent independent lawyers and not the word of the despot.
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