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  1. the wife tells me this amount is wrong, but i will find out what i paid £708.60, and will sell the tickets for that amount.....
  3. i'm not going to one until next summer, i couldn't cope with one, and my wife couldn't cope with me not coping with one, so i'm flogging my end of the road tickets, next festival for me will be Glastonbury.
  4. hi due to illness (not covid )i'm not going to be able to make End Of The Road Festival this year tickets will be available for the price i paid, which was £708.60. I have the tickets sent to me by email, and can forward them on to the buyer! please send an email to webmaster@efestivals.co.uk if you want them.
  5. eFestivals

    Billie Eilish

    S a word it sounds like the spammyist thing ever!
  6. eFestivals

    Billie Eilish

    Yeah, you're probably right, there's so many words in the spam trap I don't know from memory what they all are.
  7. have decided to work my way thru several lists of "1000 albums to hear before you die" i've gone for this list and this list randomly googled (and easy to put in a spreadsheet, duplicates removed, and then randomised) am going to give each a ranking and maybe a useful comment - for the first in the list the album title is a clue for when to play it!
  8. I'd think Little Mix are more likely first as being bit more relevant, and current.
  9. just had the prescription exemption from charges thing come thru, which is excellent, much better than hundred quid each time i need new meds.
  10. The wife is trying all the tricks to get them as freebies, don't want to be shelling out a ton every couple of weeks.
  11. Have got to get my first refresh if meds tomorrow since I left hospital.... Will cost me one hundred quid.
  12. Take a bg stick and a scarey face, and you can't go wrong.
  13. is there somwhere these are confirmed by the festival....?
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