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  1. I won't be sorry to leave where I am the nursing staff at South Bristol hospital have turned hospital hell into something I have managed to tolerate. Such special caring people I can't thank them enough.
  2. Thanks I'm wishing me a speedy too recovery toooafter two months in hospital im desperate to make progress towards getting home.
  3. Radio4and. The telegraph. Reporting boomtown cancellation I wouldn't have thought those places are where boomtowns punters hang out😁
  4. They'veeep choking their attempts at world domination with stones in the team anything s possible.
  5. I would do anything for jim stienman but Celine Dion I won't do that.
  6. It was a no lose for the clbs bthe model is already in place in USA sports and there was the money already there to guarantee the payout
  7. Theres nothing wrong with being a music snob it's better than being proud about liking shit music
  8. Yes the cv ticket is separate to the entrance ticket and there's nothing to stop anyone with an entrance ticket from camping.
  9. I m currently of the belief that visits are allowed where I'm going so visits from my wife sat in the sunshine are what I'm looking forwards to.
  10. Who has a not very English rosounding name fake Tommy I call the scumbag.
  11. I should find out tomorrow when I'm being transferred to the rehab unit wich is the next step before I get to go home feels like I've been in hospital far too long for most of the year so far. I'm really happy that the funding issuessppear tohave been sorted and my recovery is able to take a step forwards.
  12. They can't help anyone without winning votes to hold power that's what Blair understood and you despise him for ( for being able to change people's lives for the better which is more than jez ever managed tho he did change his son's life for the better by giving him a plumb party job).
  13. Priceless that the kipper is called gammons
  14. Only until I realised city might not win the league. Have they got the semi back yet....!
  15. Surely Morrissey as Quilloughby deserves a mention....I'm loving it that the miserable racist has had a sense of humour failure about it.
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