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  1. eFestivals

    fuck yeah

    wisgh i had a tech support dept, instead i have a few useful geezers who chip in with help, thanks to them 🙂
  2. could be worse i could still be in hospital. i'd fucking hate that, hated my time in hospital loved some of the great staff who helped me.
  3. my son has covid and can't fly from ireland, so that's my xmas shattered by covid for the second year on the trot, my old mum cuagh5t covid i n hospital last xmas.
  4. when in hospital this year i got used to an afternoon kip, since coming home, i haven't given it up. laters peeps:-)
  5. decades ago when i was a paperboy, i used to give my houses an xmas card as a prompt for a tip, worked a treat.:-)
  6. eFestivals

    fuck yeah

    reload your avatars, not sure i can restore those
  7. not fraud but i've just found myself in reciept of £600 amonth in benefits, and guaraanteed for two more years. rather fantastic, but i'd rather have my health back. 🙂
  8. eFestivals

    fuck yeah

    thank you, was a nighmare to fix, mostly cos the database dumps @(backups) were corrupt, so had to try loads until we found one that wasnt corrupt.
  9. eFestivals

    fuck yeah

    now got some of the missing graphics back, where people have lost their user image, they'll have to recreate it, not sure if i can restore anymore of the missing forums graphics.
  10. eFestivals

    fuck yeah

    i've got all of the other domains i host to sort out , too. cos i deleted the server, i deleted morew than just efestivals.
  11. eFestivals

    fuck yeah

    buying gold member is the best wayit gives an ongoing income stream to the site, and i'll continue to manage the finances so the site can keep going, thanks for everyone's lovely support 🙂
  12. eFestivals

    fuck yeah

    if this happens again, sorting it should be easier, i'm now getting nightly server backups taken by the hosting centre's techies. talking of which i should take a new database backup of how things are now! to help ensure its good i'll turn the forums off for a while, so if they get switched off that'll be why.
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