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  1. yeah i don't follow v at changes, but happened to hear on the news, that vat was being removed from digital subscriptions, i checked with my accountant that it applied here, and decided id keep the price the same, and use the vat as a price increase.
  2. thanks have been trying to track these down o update. i'll have another go. thank you.
  3. could you ask a friend if you could use their paypal, paypal is the only option here.soz
  4. its sort of gone up by three quid, cos the vat status for this sort of thing changed. i kept the same total price of £18, and pocketed the three quid in vat i was no longer paying.
  5. as lots of people renew their subscription in the next two months, i thought i should flag up that things have to change a little: it'll no longer be possible for gold members to use the main part of the website ad-free, they'll continue to have the forums ad-free. this is because of technical reasons .if this isn't acceptable please don't renew.
  6. nothing at all, its just whatever account i log in with.
  7. stone circle, saturday night (maybe friday this year, reckon it'll go off early cos of the year's off).
  8. i've updated the lin-ups page, but only a bit i can't add further acts to it, as part of the functionality is broken i'm trying to get it fixed. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/glastonbury/2022/lineup.shtml
  9. yeah, i know i posted it above. 🙂
  10. matt hancock say snogging someone who wasn't his wife didn't break covid rules, less rthan 2 meters. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/feb/28/i-didnt-break-covid-rules-when-kissing-aide-says-matt-hancock-gina-coladangelo
  11. i think it does i think they'll be more belief in the more extreme statements, cameron was lughed at when he said sindy would make war in europe more-likely, at least now people can imagine a war in europe.
  12. still trying to get the content manager working so that pages and festivals can be updated, are nearly there, first thing that'll be updated will be glasto line-ups page, with the list of stuff posted in this topic and other topics.
  13. i hope to fix that next week. i know how to fix now, so its just a matter of doing it.
  14. the first lovely day of the year. i like am going into town to try and find some footwear which will fit over the big leg brace thats round my leg and foot. i only have one pair of shoes that fit, plan is to buy some waterproof boots i can use for festies if i can find anything that'll fit, i've wasted hundreds buying shoes online that don't fit.
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