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  1. eFestivals

    Brexit Schmexit

    it's a crock of shit from all of them until one of them has a workable plan.
  2. eFestivals

    Brexit Schmexit

    wonder if Labour have taken notice of what the EU said, and whether they still think that no deal is better than a bad deal?
  3. eFestivals

    Brexit Schmexit

    May's trying to bottle it, to try and make the EU come with the terms ... so they can get the blame. I don't think they're going to fall for that one.
  4. eFestivals

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    I saw her at V festival in 2001. Much like you I felt it was all fur knickers, tho nothing about it was bad - just too show-y.
  5. eFestivals

    2019 Headliners

    they're the new Frank Sinatra.
  6. eFestivals

    2019 Headliners

    I had a mail yesterday from a random who said the headliners are Macca, The Cure, and Madonna. I've no idea where that's been sourced from (have asked for some details, not heard back). However, I think that's unlikely to be right, because if my sources have Madonna not playing wrong, there's no reason to think the other parts would be right.
  7. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    Owen Jones must be gutted. All that Corbyn grovelling and he still didn't make the list.
  8. eFestivals

    Can you select your carpark?

    nah, not really - it's simply the case of not being waved into a car park entrance until you reach the one you want to enter. Local traffic goes straight on, and I was doing nothing different.
  9. eFestivals

    2019 Headliners

    it puts them in the right timeframe, although lots of bands play festivals around that time and don't play Glastonbury. Will be interesting to see the dates for further shows announced.
  10. eFestivals

    Football 18/19

    realistically, he's unlikely to (overall) perform as well as last season - because players rarely stay so good that they break their own records.
  11. eFestivals

    So how much truth is there in this Madonna rumour?

    Don't think so if what i've heard is accurate. Essentially, the Madonna thing goes "not happening, she's way out of Glasto's price league".
  12. eFestivals

    2019 Headliners

    not sure I've seen an act stink so much.
  13. eFestivals

    So how much truth is there in this Madonna rumour?

    I've been passed some info which says this definitely isn't happening. I can't guarantee that's correct, but I suspect that it is.
  14. eFestivals

    The Cure

    one part of what I've heard certainly sounds pretty conclusive. But it might be a fake story (unlikely, I think), or the starting-source of the story might have it wrong somehow (possible), or the starting-source of the story might have decided to tell a fake story (which sounds odd, tho I also have a story where that starting-source supposedly did that). All of these angles are things I need to keep in mind. Then I have other separate info which suggests them playing can't be true - but doesn't 100% rule it out. Then I have other info from a completely different direction which says they're playing. Ho-hum.
  15. eFestivals

    Can you select your carpark?

    not correct. You can choose the car park gate you drive in to on the west side - tho it does mean not necessarily following directions of the parking stewards.