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  1. it's probably more about kicking that pressure from his own MPs down the road than it's meant seriously. Then again there's the chance the data will show a vaccine effect by then, so he might get to relax a few measures anyway (although it's difficult to think what they might be when schools look like remaining closed).
  2. not if the UK govt doesn't let the trains or ferries run (or doesn't let domestic travellers onto them, or limits numbers of travellers). Australia placed a cap on the number of people it would allow in each day, and limited flights so the number wasn't exceeded. There's not any real difference between limiting flights, and limiting flights and trains and ferries. If the govt wants to set limits it can. And as you've already pointed out that it couldn't deal with trying to quarantine unrestricted numbers, the logical thing to do would be to restrict numbers.
  3. This is one that stuck in my head so was easy to google for. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/aug/22/shattered-heartbroken-financially-ruined-stranded-australians-plead-for-help
  4. Australia didn't. NZ didn't.
  5. The number and types of access points is a complete irrelevance for this. NZ & Aus basically shut down international travel. Just because travel in & out of the UK is different due to geography doesn't mean we couldn't do the same (excepting haulage). Like I say, I can't see it happening. When there's a big hole because of haulage it makes far less sense than it does for NZ & Aus. But if the govt wanted to? They'd shut down the access points just the same as NZ & Aus have. I guess you avoid the papers and TV. I've been seeing news stories every few weeks
  6. I don't. We simply cannot afford to go on as we have endlessly, and if we have to go round vaccination again because of virus mutation it's pretty likely we'd have to go round again endlessly (as we do with flu). So the decision to break that loop will be made after the first vaccines, I'm pretty sure.
  7. sure, they'll have to deal with the different access points. That doesn't mean there'd be anything like normal access at those access points. I can't see the govt doing it for all sorts of reasons, but if they did none of issues people have raised are issues that can't be over-come apart from haulage (because we'd starve).
  8. the point I was making was that this country and every other country is going to be opening up once the current vaccines have been rolled out. If they turn out to have limited effect we'll be sucking that up.
  9. True, but you're presuming that travellers would be able to travel as normal (and then quarantine). That's not how NZ and Aus have done it. They've shut travel down to be a very small amount of the normal, and essentially said "tough shit on the people who want to travel but can't".
  10. the problem seems to be manufacturing - which enables manufacturers to charge a premium price. As demonstrated by South Africa ordering the AZ vaccine from India at a premium price.
  11. if they do forced quarantine, they'll do the same as NZ & Aus and limit flights in to limit the number of people forced to quarantine.
  12. all of these questions have been adequately addressed by NZ and Aus apart from the haulage trucks. Just because you'd find it awkward doesn't mean it couldn't happen. There's still Australians stuck around the world because they can't afford the very-premium price of the very limited flights &/or the cost of quarantining (although i think there's a loan scheme from the govt to cover those costs).
  13. no one knows the future. You ignored the present, which I flagged up.
  14. if you think we'll be waiting around for any other vaccines, I've got a bridge for sale.
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