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  1. loving how the more cautious Scots who called England piss-heads for opening from 6am are going on infection pub crawls. It's almost like they're not more-cautious after all.
  2. I didn't say they got everything right. You're mistaking me for a fan of Spaffer.
  3. it depends on what the aim of the govt has been - and to give them their due, their aim was to stop the NHS being overloaded and they succeeded with that. Imagine the outcry if most people in need of hospital treatment* were being refused it because the hospitals were full. (* there's been some of that anyway, but at a low level)
  4. Chelsea Blues, Rhythm & Rock Festival is now on it's 4th date! Was originally due to happen in March, rescheduled for June, then October, and now March 2021.
  5. Mucky Weekender has gone in the last 24 hours too.
  6. could be. A council would look pretty foolish if it had let a festival go ahead and then shortly afterwards had to have a local lockdown. But also I think organiser's are losing confidence in being able to go ahead. Cancelling now is probably financially crippling, but having to cancel the day before would probably be a definite killer blow.
  7. going down like flies. Tranzmission will no longer have the opportunity to ...erm ... transmit the virus. https://tranzmission.london/
  8. can you not see the fatal flaw in what Melvin is saying...?
  9. Alfresco has pulled the plug now too. https://alfrescofestival.co.uk/festival-postponed/
  10. Call Of The Wild festival is going ahead in September, and I interviewed one of the organisers, here:- https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/callofthewild/2020/interview.shtml
  11. or compare with NI, where evil Arlene is about 10 times better than Sturgeon. How can that be...? It might, just perhaps, be because everything about covid in any region wasn't necessarily equal with all other regions. Fancy that! The only thing that really makes a difference to the outcomes is how prevalent the virus is within that region at the point of lockdown. And Sturgeon wasn't asking for lockdown.
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