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  1. I've no idea what you're talking about.
  2. Thanks. Good to see someone giving the idea a proper trial.
  3. Guess we'll find out from the protesters today how well the virus spreads outdoors
  4. The clue there is 'could'. Modelling results are based on specific data given by others about the supposed characteristics of the infection, and where it's being done on new infections which by definition have limited data to work from. And even if he got something spot on we'd likely never know, because of the interventions made to mitigate things. In short, there's as much wrong in your understanding of what he's attempted as there is in his results. It's surely better that interlectual predictions are attempted than the next best of a guess based on nothing at all.
  5. I would have thought they will have furloughed most staff for the last 6 months, so costs this year will have been lower.
  6. I don't think anyone really succeeded in pinning that on them, although there was lots of speculation that they might have been. Whatever, it looks like festivals might have the longest-lasting of outdoor restrictions.
  7. My mum and me are in tier 1 at the mo. She lives alone so I guess that makes a support bubble? Whatever, unless the pub cancel on me it's what I'll be doing. Not having my mum on her own. The tier 3 thing is to move my son from Liverpool to Devon. It mixes households but there's no other way.
  8. I don't think anyone is going to argue that festivals are as socially-useful as schools.
  9. great to see that Marcus Rashford is now running the country. Even when the govt says 'no' he still makes more useful things happen than Spaffer at his best
  10. I agree, although it's worth pointing out that's exactly how the whole system is designed to work and it shows that it does work. Just about anything can be challenged in court. The Good Law Project does some superb work. Crowdfunded. https://goodlawproject.org/membership/
  11. i've just booked a pub for xmas day, as that works for an xmas day visit to my mum. As she lives alone and pubs-with-food should be staying open in all tiers, it should be within the rules in all circumstances. Fingers crossed. And next weekend I have to venture into tier 3 for some household mixing because that's a better outcome than the homeless alternative. Presumably that's allowed?
  12. I don't need to find a quote to know it happened. A better kind of politics was claimed. But who really cares what has been said by indivduals about the wonders of indy (because we all know every group has its fruitcakes), unless wanting accompaniment for fish? The stuff that really matters is how it's going to work - or not work as expected. If indy is such a fantastic thing for the people of Scotland, why do indy fans do everything possible to avoid discussing indy? Sturgeon recent said that Brexit "would be particularly disastrous. Scotland could see heavy tariffs on goods,
  13. However, measures such as telling people to stay at home or only gather in groups of less than 10 had little impact by day 28 – something the team suggests might be down, at least in part, to people not sticking to the rules, or such measures being imposed later. When looking at which measures led to an uptick in R, the team found reopening schools and relaxing bans on gatherings of more than ten people had the biggest effect, increasing R by 24% and 25% respectively by day 28. Bum. And just imagine, at the start of all this they said do
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