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  1. That sounds like a big capacity reduction, then.
  2. Yeah, I think your right. As I said in my edit above, the bare skin strongly suggests 89. Odd that there's just 2 cars in that picture tho. In 87 the cars were much more prevalent.
  3. Just found a pic on the official site of cars amongst tents in what it says is 1989 (below) - although it's a user-submitted pic so it's not impossible that person has the year of their photo wrong.... Having said that, the bare skin suggests 1989 and not 1987. There's also a 1990 pic which shows cars but they appear to be to do with traders rather than punters.
  4. Spurs had their last kick of the game by kicking it against the arm of a Newc defender. Looked like that's what they were trying to do, too. (was outside the box, and no handball was given). But for the teams that can't shoot straight, there's fuck all point aiming for someone's arm.
  5. pretty sure they're the campervan fields rather than everyone being able to drive their car in side the fence. So it looks like 1987 must have been the last time it was open to everyone. I had an 'unofficial' stall on the main drag somewhere between williams green and west holts that year, and that field was stuffed full of vehicles.
  6. uh? There's no real reason why a well-established fest like Boomtown couldn't remain independent forever, as long as it manages the financials OK.
  7. and hadn't hit the top tier pricing.
  8. 5% It's one-in-20 (which is probably why you thought 20%).
  9. nationalists always make me laugh. Mainly for the lying audacity of the leaders, and the cult-like brains of the followers. And yep, it's definitely followers. That's the really really fucking sad bit.
  10. I checked and answered what you said. What I said is 100% accurate. Attention to detail is going to be important if iScotland isn't going to be a moron's fuck-up. In common is moronic flag waving backed by lies and brexit-brain morons cheering. What's there's nothing in common with is your complaints about my constant use of Spaffer. Funny that, I wonder why.
  11. Antonio currently doing his Drogba monstering impersonation
  12. because you love her. because I didn't use the words you accused me of using, and you've just clearly demonstrated. I denied it because I checked back and saw that I hadn't said it. Check for yourself:- https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/search/?q="poisoned dwarf"&quick=1
  13. I think it's only the headliners who won't be clashing, not every act on those stages.
  14. no, it was the late eighties. By the 1990 festival you definitely couldn't park next to your tent (I remember where I was camped in 1990). I think 1987 was the last year you could do it. But it might have been 1989.
  15. they appeared to have a major cashflow problem at the start of lockdown, but some big loans and a big investment (at a bargain price) from the Saudis appear to have sorted them out. They should be more than fine overall. I'm guessing, but they might lose influence over some acts, as some of the staff they've lost might setup to handle/represent those acts. When music bounces back - and it will - then it's going to be boom time for live music. Every act is queued up waiting to tour with audiences desperate to see them, and I can't see the public griping about a hike in prices because
  16. the effect onto live music is brutal, and will have lots of bad effects. But I disagree with the idea that if festivals don't happen next year they won't happen again. That will be true for some, but won't be for others. Music venues will close - maybe even the 90% they say (I've no idea) - but I also think plenty will re-open down the line although perhaps under different ownership. When things go back to normal the desire for live music will return and people will be confident to take the risk with venues, etc. The disruption that's happening will be dreadful for the individua
  17. and snippers have a constant aversion to the facts. I'm now betting that sentence of mine is beyond your comprehension.
  18. yep, oh dear. You made a false claim, and you've just demonstrated that you did do.
  19. I don't think anyone disagrees with that. I doubt anyone disagrees either with what PT said, of it being gross negligence. I was simply pointing out that unlike much of this crisis (because of the unknowns of covid), it was a policy area 100% within Spaffer's and Sturgeon's control.
  20. correct. That was the amount much earlier in the crisis, and excludes heaps of money from furlough too. What I was getting at is the 10% (proportional) extra over what England has had, and when covid was less embedded within Scotland too (so the costs of dealing with covid to Scotland are lower). yes, no response. I asked where the *extra* money has gone within that Scotland you claim is fucked over by 'England'. One is a campaign that you're solidly aligned with. The other are lies that Comfy keeps making about me personally. Spot the difference?
  21. I'm fairly hopeful of no meaningful restrictions from the spring, for outside at least. Alongside the vaccine roll-out will be a significant amount of anti-bodies within the population, so the combination of different factors will hopefully mean any further outbreaks are low-level and mostly containable.
  22. that Sturgeon thinks rules are for little people just like Spaffer? Yeah.
  23. I don't have much of an opinion either way. It's a place just like other places, with good bits and bad bits, and good people and not so good people. (Shame it votes me-me-me with a higher proportion than England does) I respect Scotland's right to choose indy or not - tho within limits (no neverendums) - but I wouldn't respect their choice for indy in the way it's being done with bullshit. Being just like a brexiter gets the same respect.
  24. people have (mostly) stopped cooking in aluminium pans...?
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