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  1. i probably wont shut up about it if it arrives, it'll be nice to have some mobility back and some independence.
  2. not yet, tracking says it should arrive next week or the week after, fingers crossed. its so cheap, i want it.
  3. im swafe in plaster till it comes off in an hour got to get myself to the hospital again.
  4. amazing how the tory mp was the nicest kindest most peaceful bloke, while being a tory mp, voting against food for kids, and voting for warring, etc,
  5. that was from rolling over the mobility scooter last weekend @9the story i just quoted), my physiotherapist told me to get my elbow checked at hospital, so i did.
  7. that info is already on these forums, i'll attempt to extract it from the databases, ans past it here, might be a while will need to load the database into something local to do that which will take a while.
  8. i didnt claim perfection. and i said not to bet on that
  9. billie came from a different source, i'm pretty good at judging what info is accurate and what isn't.
  10. given where its claimed to be sourced from it should be right. i can only put my trust in whats said thats the only basis i have for a judgement . based on what i've been told over the years, i trust this one, more than i do a punt of Matts.hes despeate to be right but rarely is.
  11. i said here what i was told just because it doesn't fit with something you want to believe doesn't make it wrong.
  12. https://www.alanna9.com/ too cheap to ignore, my order is now saying shipped looks like its shipping from china will hopefully arrive in around 15 days.
  13. not 30 mph, theyre speed limited at much less than that the faster ones the road legal ones that tend to be bigger) only do 8mph the smaller ones about half that.
  14. as a sucker for punishment i ordered myself a cheap (bargain/cheap £18) mobility scooter yesterday, so cheap i reckon its prolly a scam, i paid with paypal just in case, i'm wondering if it will arrive.
  15. i'm having another go at getting a working test set-up, when i'll be able to fix things i hope
  16. this website has always been against wacky hats
  17. hopefully efestivals will be gifted some competition tickets for next year, we normally are (fingers crossed). its a bit early to ask right now.
  18. the latest on my year of disasters...., i rented a mobility scooter for a few hours yesterday from the Shop Mobility service in bristol, as its more fun than my wheelchair, and then managed to rol the scooter over by being a bit speedy and wreckless, landing hard on my left shoulder, with my arm impacting my ribs, i was ok-ish a bit sore some grazes, and helped up by some nice people, i then went back home where i started to feel a bit shit, like i've broken a rib or two, so then called 111 to say i'd like to be checked out at the hospital, they took details and agreed so i went to a &e, which was packed, 27 people there, got seen in about an hour, and briefly checked out (no issues), and told they'd like someone else to check me but that would be a three to five hour wait, so sat back in the waiting room, where there was an announcement that there'd be a 12 hour wait, at which point i decided to bail out i didn't think i needed anyone else to see me, or that it was worth the wait, so went back home this morning i feel ok, a bit sore and bruised glad i didn't wait. careful of those mobility scooters, they roll over easily someone had warned me about that, i didn't pay enough attention. i hope thats the end of my dramas.
  19. eFestivals


    most of the stuff on my playlists, is chosen from what spotify suggests for me, which is probably why they're quite so eclectic. it forces me to pick stuff which wouldn't be front of my mind, and allows for a bit more variety.
  20. i don't believe city are claiming saudi are too dirty to be owners
  21. it'll all depend on the manager!
  22. eFestivals


    i have to apologise for the genesis, but still no prince or bruce spingsteen or ed sheeran, and still light on the reggae.
  23. eFestivals


    i've been doing more playlists, if you fancy some great tunes
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