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  1. Paul ™

    Things that ur happy about

    Absolutely fantastic, we were away 48 weeks and it seemed to fly in! Seen so much, experienced things never imagined we would, ate so much good food! Bit of a culture shock coming back (especially in this cold!), need to get planning again!
  2. Paul ™

    Things that ur happy about

    Well back a week now, didn't seem like a year ago we were getting excited about going... back to reality now! 😕
  3. Paul ™

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    Careful, some people on here will frown upon that
  4. Paul ™

    How much crazier can it get!

    I'd rather not pull in a favour unless it's really needed.
  5. Paul ™

    How much crazier can it get!

    Music industry tickets
  6. Paul ™

    How much crazier can it get!

    If we don't get in the resale, I have other options to get tickets. So not worried at all.
  7. Paul ™

    How much crazier can it get!

    Simple, the person who's name is on the ticket travels in with them. It's what we are doing.
  8. Paul ™

    How much crazier can it get!

    Go Marching for March..
  9. Paul ™

    Wy two dates for balance payments and refunds?????

    People can put a deposit down in October, pay their balance off at the start of April and then something could happen and they can't make it. So the festival allows cancellations (to get refund on full amount from resales too minus admin fee) as late as possible before they need to start printing and issuing tickets.
  10. Paul ™

    Wy two dates for balance payments and refunds?????

    It's to give people more chance to cancel if anything happens, as tickets are not transferable nor can be sold on and is a fairer way to conduct it all.
  11. Paul ™

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    Is it just me or have the jumped up about £20-30 this year on each tier??
  12. Paul ™

    How much crazier can it get!

    Is it being selfish hedging my bets on getting a festival ticket? Is that any different to people paying for a deposit on a ticket that they know they might not even go but get one 'just in case'. Knowing if I don't get one in resale, I'll still be able to secure one anyway with other means. Therefore still using the CV pass anyway. What if it was my wife who bought it in her name, for us both to use? Perhaps she has a ticket and I dont.? Or she wouldn't go on her own in the van, so we would need one and hope I get a ticket? Or perhaps she wouldn't tent it on her own and can't drive, so would need one if I got a ticket? None of that is the case, but don't be so quick to judge people based on little or no info.
  13. Paul ™

    How much crazier can it get!

    That ticket will go to someone else either way, it won't go to waste. I'll let you define the glasto spirit, since you are obviously the lover... Exactly... the ticket has been bought by someone who has a valid ticket, not sure what the issue is.. Selfish? You don't know my circumstances or the scenario, or the end outcome.. who are you to judge? ^^ Spot on And you don't know my circumstances... Personally I think the balance should be paid at time of sale, sod this deposit system
  14. Paul ™

    How much crazier can it get!

    What? People pre-planning ahead and being hopeful in the resales or secret sales (or getting a ticket by other means)? Hardly in the Glasto spirit is it, it's not as if they can be sold on as the friend who buys it needs to travel in then with a stranger... Hence why they can be returned to the festival, and loose a £10 admin fee!
  15. Paul ™

    How much crazier can it get!

    This is what we have done (by using someones details who has a ticket) and if we get resale tickets or sorted out another way, then they will travel in with us on the Tuesday.