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  1. Daves a good mate of mine, am sure it will be fun.. remember the sparkly wellies too!
  2. A friend booked our deposits (6 in total) in 2019, and I paid off the balances in March 2022 for 2 of them. I cant find the order using the tracker, import order etc using my reference number, the original reference number or any other information. I did get confirmation email, payment was taken and they do show under my registration page, but no where else. WIll need to contact See to get them to look into it.
  3. Excellent cheers, they were amazing at the album launch in London end of March.. that's a great set list and a very strong finish! Roll on Bearded Theory!
  4. Anyone know if this Placebo setlist is accurate? Placebo Concert Setlist at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes on May 19, 2022 | setlist.fm
  5. No idea what traders are coming, but the build is coming on well.. Some photos being posted by Sparky on the BT Chat page on Facearse. But here is a cheeky one for you..
  6. Risky move just having normal ped barrier at the back of that front circle area, should be mojo crowd barrier down both outside an inside!
  7. I'd aim for there again, if I hear anything different I will let you know. I do know there is a new field being used for some crews, but can't give much more than that atm.
  8. What's your email regarding arrival said?
  9. Quite a lot here, just not in that field as not much infrastructure goes in there anyway... but yes correct location. Some of crew camping is having a move, no more info though! Any of them are close tbh, and all similar (apart from Family/Quiet)
  10. Evening from a dark but dry Catton Park, photo taken earlier!
  11. Yes that walk was from crew/artist camping over the road.
  12. All the email newsletters are on the website anyway (or posted in here or on FB) so just re-sign up to the newsletter if worried
  13. Yes that's where crew etc all go
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