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  1. Paul ™

    Wolf Alice

    Awesome last night at Latitude 😁
  2. Seen a bit of Squid and Wolf Alice. Brilliant night, was lovely to walk round the site now it's complete as hadn't been in for a couple weeks 👍😁
  3. Still some to be sited in arena
  4. No, we will have a new one called "When will this shit ever end now?"
  5. Day car park is indeed across the road, Purple Gate 1
  6. Around 25th July, pretty much straight after Latitude
  7. I sent a message via my account on Tue evening and got a reply the next day to cancel mine (yesterday). It would have been 2 weeks from today.
  8. Glad you are getting home Neil
  9. Been here just over 2 weeks and we have to test every 3 days. Scanned going into site and if no valid test or no questionaire filled in, then sent over to the Covid Registration tent to get it sorted. They are treating it seriously, it will still be an ERP event.
  10. Had to cancel today, MOT issues that we need to get fixed after here at Latitude 😞
  11. Yeah looks about same this year
  12. Wow this thread has went proper car crash today, is @eFestivals closing it next Monday then?
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