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  1. Oh dear... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-48974208
  2. There is hardly any hotels in the Nottingham/Derby area that are easily affordable this week, there are 2 huge international tournaments on locally just now, accommodation is at a premium, even on AirBnB.
  3. No mate, am at an equally as wet LTA Tennis event in Nottingham all week, 3 days with no outdoor play play so far this week
  4. It's grim there, was on site earlier briefly in via Black Gate to drop staff off (my other half) and its messy there already and relentless rain here last few days is to continue next 2 days
  5. Ok probably needs re-messaging to everyone, but tbh I didn't notice much glass this year. It's part of the T&Cs as you are probably aware, maybe mentioning it at time of purchase and also email mailshot nearer the time too would help.
  6. Sorry the meet point was too busy to catch anyone, and I also arrived 10-15 min late! 2 weeks on site and now back in reality, loved this year and glad for all the positive comments. What a brilliant festival it is, so proud of the organisers, crew, volunteers and especially you lot that come and make it what it is.... I had an amazing time!
  7. eFestivals Bearded Theory Meet Up Thursday 17:30 - 18:00 Woodlands Stage Mixing Desk Meet in front of mixing desk, bar will be open too. Come along and say hello, there might even be some music to listen too!
  8. Actually the woodlands will be better, I'll get a good spot picked later x 😊
  9. That works better for me...😉
  10. I'll get a pic of a good spot at the bar later and post it Around 5-5:30 then on the Thu afternoon sounds good.
  11. Think the bars are open in the afternoon, music will be on in the evening... what time you suggest?
  12. Bars and a lot of food trader stands will be taking card this year. Also you can take your own booze (no glass) into the arena areas
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