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  1. Did the first one, horrific weather/site and organisation but a brilliant festival for acts, atmosphere and mates having fun in a field... Wonder what site they are planning to use
  2. No social distancing here, first up with the queue for health declaration form then immigration at the airport, no one was socially distanced at all.. Same in supermarkets, buses, bars..
  3. Currently in Sri Lanka, mask wearing is about 95%, the 5% not wearing them are tourists and the odd waiter! Low cases here now, even lower deaths.. something is working for sure, vaccination is getting there slowly.
  4. Paul ™


    Basic first Aid training has only became part of the SIA requirements this year, 20 years after the Private Security Act came into affect (Licencing started in 2003). Obviously that is for the UK, no idea what the requirements are in the States.
  5. Paul ™


    This is an aerial layout of the stage Travis played on. Whoever signed off that barrier design is going to be in bother..
  6. Paul ™


    CCTV on the main stages is in place at most larger festivals, some even have software running through it to spot sways, crushes etc. But yeah it would be a good indicator for focusing on that area and sending support if needed. That clip (and others) are still used in training material for security/crowd management courses. Pretty much spot on
  7. Paul ™


    It is used in show stops, but it's obviously only adherered to by very select personnel on site, who also carry a show stop card. Problem is if the public all do it, there is too much chance of non-genuine reasons for people to stop the show.
  8. Paul ™


    Article from Roderick van Gelder, considered to be one of the best in the business on risk and crowd management. https://alia.com.au/what-happened-at-astroworld-and-how-do-we-avoid-it/
  9. So you know the cause was down to poor security? Glad that's the cause of it... no need for an enquiry now! Exactly. Best security in the world wouldn't stop a stampede like that, need the police in there firing some shots at the twats Even steel shield can be ripped down, seen it happen several times. It's down to the mentality of the audience who do such shitty things at events. Glad we have a whole load of crowd management experts on this forum to sort out the cause of this tragedy, not even bothered about the sad fact that people went to a gig and didn't come home, innocent children included..
  10. Paul ™


    There are show stop procedures in place for any event, things like this just shouldn't happen. Such a shame, this could have been prevented. It's what we dread working in this industry. RIP to those who lost there lives going to a gig and not coming home 😪
  11. Haha only just noticed this... 😅 Whilst there we got a call to ask us to go straight to IOW Festival for 3 weeks, so that completed a very busy summer session! Anyway happy now as just booked us to go to Sri Lanka for 3 months in just over a week, very excited... 😜
  12. Was gonna post that here but forgot lol
  13. Spot on... its the best value festival out there!
  14. Let's sort it for 2022 then.. about time we did it right 🤣
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