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  1. I'd like to know how PL players are allowed to have close contact training yet I can't go see my family and stay 2m away from them.
  2. True, seems good enough for him to do so..
  3. I'd like to know what they expect full time van dwellers to do if they need to provide an address to isolate at... only one I could use is my parents who I would not put at risk as they are in their 80's!
  4. From the official BT Forum - This is going out on social media this evening (The video link will be on Facebook, website and twitter and the quiz just on the facebook page hosted by Freedom):- We are gutted we have not got to meet you all today in this beautiful weather. Thankfully, the festival can and will survive this and we just need to make sure everyone that attends does also. We will be back. Friday, we have a festival quiz hosted on this page at 8pm. Then Saturday and Sunday at 8pm we have a very basic film going up featuring the following acts......... Asian Dub Foundation - The Mission - Alabama 3 - Dub Pistols - Dr & the Medics - Les Carter - Black Uhuru – The Alarm - Mad Professor - Reverend & the Makers - Nova Twins - James - Ferocious Dog - Subgiant - Gaudi – Back to the Planet - Wheatus – Cara Dillon - Please y Self - Newcranes - Little Steven - Buzzcocks - Men they Couldn’t Hang - Rev Hammer - Dan Donnelly - Inner Terrestrials - Random Hand - Joanovarc - Atilla the Stockbroker - King Blues – The Farm – Damn Cargo - 3 Daft Monkeys – Blackballed – Cheeky Girls – Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican - Wildhearts – Terrorvision – Mik Artsitik – Spikey Mike comedy show – Lucy Spraggan – Derange – Jess Silk -Lancashire Hotpots – Gaz Brookfield – Wagner - Blair Dunlop - Beans on Toast The film also includes messages from a few of the team (who were brave enough to do it) and our favourite agents who we work with every year Thank you to the amazing bands who have done this for us
  5. Agreed sadly. Best hope now is May 2021
  6. The event and the ticket seller are different entities.
  7. And I'd have been making sure you all left at a sensible time and no one wandering around site late on
  8. Yeah would have been a scorcher X
  9. Hey Curlygirl, Sadly I am not part of the main BT team am afraid, however I do work there and know the team very well. I suggest to get a definitive answer to your query, if you just email Sally at the info@beardedtheory.co.uk email address, she will confirm it all for you (give her the details, booking reference etc) Or just hold off to see what happens with September, I think they are going to make a decision around July when we know a bit more about what is going on. But yeah rolling over the tickets to next year is the preferred option for everyone if possible Hope this helps x PS I should have been on site last Monday and now starting the 2nd week of nights on the build... typical the weather looks amazing for the week ahead!
  10. First time no festivals either work or pleasure since 1992
  11. This is the link with the information in it that is for my council, they do request bank statements as one form of evidence that show business transactions. https://www.businessgatewayfife.com/Newly-Self-Employed-Hardship-Fund While I agree they have done a lot of good stuff, there are far too many gaps now that they could go out and try to help once the major schemes are in place and working as designed. Yes they would be a lot more manual processing involved, but also any grant could be made to be clawed back if found to be fraudulent afterwords if required. There are definitely a lot of oddities as you say - The directors of small ltd companies, the furlough date issue which excludes most of March starters that are paid at the end of month and the recently self employed... they could find solutions for these people if they really wanted to.
  12. They are asking for documents to prove various things. Anyway I can't get it, as despite being told by the UK and Scottish governments to apply for UC for assistance (along with my local MPs office), anyone who has now got an UC award is disqualified from applying (Pending applications are ok!) So now while the working self employed can get it and still work, the desperate people who have just got UC can't. No idea why they can't just award it and it then gets declared to UC same as the working have to declare it to HMRC.
  13. Another week of work gone. Got nothing now till late August onwards and expect that all to go eventually now.
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