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  1. This has been a massive cock up today on Seetickets, many people with that issue, and still happening apparently hours later
  2. Paul ™


    Same here, updated it a few weeks ago, got the email today
  3. Paul ™

    Bearded Theory 2019

    Standard now for the team, never known a festival to be so responsive and upfront about their processes.
  4. Paul ™

    Electric Fields 2018

    Sounds a bit shit mate
  5. Paul ™

    Bearded Theory 2019

    New website live and ticket sale info on there Bearded Theory returns May 23rd until 26th 2019 at our iconic home at Catton Park nestled in the beautiful National Forest. 2019 tickets go on sale September 15th, 2018 at 9am. We look forward to welcoming some of you back into the fields next year. The website has had a face lift and it can be viewed by going to www.beardedtheory.com and should be much easier to use if you are on a mobile or an electric pad thing. 2019 Ticket Prices Adult Early Bird: £105 (1500 allocation) Adult Standard: £122.50 Age 12-15: £55 Age 6-11: £28 Age 0-6: Free Vehicles Campervan (7.5x7.5 meter) pitch: £37.50 Caravan: (7.5x7.5 meter) pitch: £37.50 Cars: £12.50 Tickets will be available via www.seetickets.com/tour/bearded-theory or www.beardedtheory.com by calling the See Tickets box office on 0871 220 0260 (calls cost 13p per minute plus network extras). 2019 gate opening/re-entry times Thursday – 9am until 9pm Friday & Saturday – 9am until 9pm Sunday – 9am until 7pm Monthly Payment Plan – (while stocks last) available until December 30th, 2018 A monthly instalment payment plan is available on Early Bird and Adult Standard tickets whereby you pay £30 up front and the remaining balance is taken out monthly on the 30th of each month from January until April 2019. Important note, especially if you are attempting to purchase an early bird ticket: you need to purchase your payment plan tickets separate to full price tickets at the time of purchase. Age 12-15 tickets are also eligible for a payment plan with a £20 deposit and the remaining balance is taken out monthly from January until April 2019. Payment Plan – Tickets purchased on or after January 1st 2019 You can purchase Adult Standard and Age 12-15 tickets on pay half now and the balance being paid at any point up until April 30th, 2019. Any tickets not settled will be resold in May 2019. Tipi & Yurt and Coach Travel tickets will be made available after September 15th to avoid quick check out on early bird sales as per feedback from last year.
  6. Paul ™

    Gap Year(s)

    Bloody spoilers Yes it was. Sadly yes, and Lenny isn't too well just now (guy who ran it) I'll try make an appearance, made all of them the years I went as a punter at the Cider Bus
  7. Paul ™

    Gap Year(s)

    Yeah I worked 1997 and didn't return till 2003 and the differences were huge! Am not expecting things to have changed too much as you mention, apart from some odd layout changes such as Arcadia moved etc
  8. Paul ™

    Gap Year(s)

    Hey efesters, Some know me here, I used to post a lot more a few years ago and occasionally keep putting my head in here, however I plan to return to G in 2019, so might be around a bit more. After working the festival from 1992-2005 (missed only a few), I went as a punter for the first time in 2007-2011. But not been since then, so it will be 8 years gap if am lucky enough for tickets next year. Other festivals got in the way and also got a little bored of it before stopped going (don't shoot me!) 🤔 Anyone else missed a large chunk of Glastonburys, if so how long and why? 😁
  9. Paul ™

    Idiot guide for ticket day

    Yes that was a server issue I believe There was also a backdoor in 2010/2011 am sure, still got a video of the process I used somewhere.. got lots of tickets those years even when it showed sold out
  10. Paul ™

    Bearded Theory 2019

    At a guess, yes and ticket sale date etc... hopefully!
  11. Paul ™

    Parking up after festival

    Yeah posted link to it earlier, didn't like it when we stayed there a couple years back.. too regimented and full of Richard & Judy types who like to be in bed before 11pm, and the reverse in right to the post was taken to extreme!
  12. Paul ™

    Boomtown 2018

    Get your mate to take your tent and put it up for you on the Wednesday
  13. Paul ™

    Boomtown 2018

    They use both police and private handlers for dogs, and yes they can identify drugs, massive company called Inquest who do a lot of events have lots of them available. http://www.icdsevents.co.uk/
  14. Paul ™

    Disabled camping

    It was a car park last year too, but used for queuing for the first part of the day till queues die down and then they park up cars in it.
  15. Paul ™

    Things that ur happy about

    Passing my PADI Scuba Diver Certification 😁 and seeing a massive giant manta ray yesterday on my first dive