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  1. Wouldn't expect much help from CP, took weeks of nagging them and BA to reroute our flight back from the Philippines to avoid HK earlier this week
  2. Contemplating a return to BD this year after not been there since 2007. Has it changed much? 😁
  3. It only affects certain banks and payment providers due to new legislation on 3DS verification
  4. Days havent even been finalized yet for a chunk of the acts, so wouldnt worry about clashes at the moment. And CF has been proven to be wrong, right up to the day of the festival so be wary about it.
  5. I'd hazard a guess at Groove Armada being one of them
  6. Announcement on that coming next week apparently Yet more great additions, its value for money
  7. Passed it 😁 So gonna be spending a lot of money on this trip haha
  8. Going diving today in the Philippines to finish my PADI open water
  9. @THEBOILERMAN runs minibuses from Glasgow and is a lovely man. Send him a PM
  10. Just a wish but Moby please..
  11. Looks like next announcement is end of the month acccording to the BT Forums
  12. We had hoped to get a few more names over the line before we sent this newsletter, but as usual time escaped us. The Pallet welcomes the legendary PATTI SMITH AND BAND to headline Saturday night, our first female headliner and joining them on the bill is an icon of reggae TOOTS & THE MAYTALS. PASSENGER, the busker who went global will headline the Woodland, LEFTFIELD (DJ) will headline the Afterburner on Saturday night. The Pallet also welcomes psych pop act SHE DREW THE GUN, folk rock band THE CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB, ska’s original rude boy NEVILLE STAPLE, upcoming punk rock band SHAME, Jamaican reggae act DROOP LION, alternative rock band SPORTS TEAM, indie band LATHUMS and London rockers SOCIAL CONTRACT and singer songwriter EMILY CAPELL. The Woodland has added our festival favourites who celebrate 20 years in the business 3 DAFT MONKEYS, rising indie four-piece OCTOBER DRIFT, punk new wave band LIINES and kick-starting Sunday with a singalong and dance is BLACK LACE. BEARDED BEATS is taken over by PRESTON MADHATTERS on Friday and welcome DJs KELVIN 373, CLUMSY, TEMPO TWINZ AND PIG D'OINK. MAUI WAUI CRIME SCENE takes over Saturday offering CHRIS LIBERATOR, JAH SCOOP, GINO, CICADA, TEMPORAL AND ÉS. PENDRAGON takes over the final day with JAMES MONRO, MARK SINLAIR, OBERON, CAI, MARK DELIRIUM and DILL ZOGG We have 4 more top bands to come on the Pallet including Sunday’s headliner and Friday and Sunday’s sub biller, one of which we can’t announce just yet due to contractual reasons. There are 8 more bands to announce on the Woodland and 16 more DJs to come for the Afterburner. Convoy Cabaret will also be announced in our next newsletter.
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