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  1. Who you thinking of? One promoter who hadn't put on an event since 2014 has had £200k + 🙄
  2. Not accurate, not all of Scotland
  3. Bearded Theory have said they will make a call by the end of this year if they can operate next year.
  4. Who's F5 key is feeling left out this morning? 😄 And is anyone checking the ticket page just in case? 😬
  5. NHS Covid 19 App is live Download and use it please x
  6. I agree it's not needed. But the point that it's a requirement it's SIA licence holders to apply is the right way forward if it is to happen.
  7. Would have been this weekend if it went ahead at 2nd attempt
  8. Is that an issue with having trained staff doing this role? The term bouncers is a bit outdated tbh. Exactly!
  9. Is that an issue with having trained staff doing this role? Exactly!
  10. We've done that the past 2 winters, work here in the summer and hide over there in winter. Sadly just got back mid march this year and all work was cancelled. Thankfully we got alternative work the last 6 months and just about had enough now!
  11. We're off back to central Portugal at the end of this month to our friends Quinta which is literally in the middle of nowhere. We will be back in April if it's safe to do so! I'll feel a lot safer there for sure.
  12. Pretty sure it's more from 2 households. Clear as mud though and just gets better 🙂
  13. Supposed to be going to a campsite in a couple weeks with a group larger than 6, that's not gonna happen now is it 🤔 Also off to Ashcombe Farm this weekend to spend a couple days there, thankfully that should be fine!
  14. The Government are very good at writing blank cheques for make believe stuff so we should be ok there!
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