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  1. I hope am wrong too, but with the current Phase 1 event trials starting from next week, they don't include any outdoor festival/concert scenarios and are focused mainly on internal or sterile stadium events over April/May with results hopefully in by end of May. Phase 2 of the Events Research Programme will then look at opening up capacity of those previous trials with different criteria (such as different testing/various restrictions) which hopefully will include outdoor mass gathering tests. Those are to continue into late June, early July, with results of those forecasted to be in fo
  2. No chance, unless they will run it with restrictions.
  3. Saturday's Spot the Difference Competition
  4. Spot on. Been saying a while now, a lot of events while being bold and putting tickets on sale on the hope that come their event all will be fine. But with no information from DCMS to local authority level, who then need to be part of the SAG to get the event planning and license sorted months in advance, it's squeeky bum time for a lot of those 'sold out' events till late July IMO.
  5. This is gonna fuck up the schedule tonight and the MasterChef final 😠
  6. Sad news but expected. More of that to come too sadly.
  7. Bearded received theirs in the first lot, around Jan/Feb time.
  8. I want nothing more than events to happen this summer, Bearded especially. It's my livliehood and our income over the summer months is pretty much all of the years. Just not feeling as confident as I was a couple months ago, got a couple of events booked in from July onwards, just hoping a lot more come in and make it worthwhile (or it's back to other work for the summer again like last year!) Guess we will find out tomorrow, fingers crossed x
  9. Yes sadly it is the communicable diseases cover in regards to cancellation insurance I believe that is the problem that the industry want the government to back. Without it, there's a huge amount of financial risk for any event organisers who are relying on what happens after the 21st June (if anything) and by then even if they have waited, it's too short a lead time for a lot of events to plan everything.
  10. If only they could get some kind of cancellation insurance for communicable diseases.
  11. 21st of June is the earliest all social contact restrictions can be lifted. Doesn't mean they will, especially for mass gatherings. There is an event research programme starting this month and goes into the summer. Phase 1 has been announced, with some test events taking place in April/May and results by end of May. Phase 2 will likely take place in June and into July.
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