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  1. Fun yes, as in stage show, props, gimmicks, confetti. But Placebo have the tracks and the presence, I would put them ahead just and think more people would know Placebo songs than Flaming Lips songs.. Both are 2 favourite acts of mine, so if they both played it would be immense
  2. That happens yearly, it's based on ticket sales >15,000 if I remember correctly, and need to have x amount of international performers plus a few other stipulations such as been trading for 3 or more years.
  3. Yes. Might not be ideal but it will allow planning to happen for sure.
  4. Yup Flaming Lips won't be playing September, think Rich said there is about 50 of them that would need to quarantine which doesn't make it viable... shame but I think they will play within the next couple of years (hopefully!) Placebo are an amazing signing, been asking for them for years so chuffed they are going, even if September doesnt operate this year, they will be there in May 2022 instead. Also think Patti Smith is penciled in from whats been said, so another amazing booking!
  5. Possibly was there in 2005 too, but that year I was backstage supervisor in the BBC compound behind the pyramid... Remember it well with all that rain 😂🌧️
  6. Friend works for the NHS in Scotland (Dumfries) and she's said the exact same thing today. Their ICU now has 3 beds to a room and mainly people in their 40s 😔
  7. Cocktails & Dreams was a Sony installation too with Singstar
  8. They would most likely be added to the exemption list. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-travellers-exempt-from-uk-border-rules/coronavirus-covid-19-travellers-exempt-from-uk-border-rules *Edit* Already on it Performing arts professionals
  9. Ok think there is confusion with phases, priority cohorts and priority groups here 😂
  10. 15mil x 2 is 30mil vaccines needed.
  11. I thought it was 30m for cohorts 1-4 (phase 1)
  12. @eFestivals Not sure you have seen this, another small step in trying to get events back up and running https://appgevents.inparliament.uk/events/all-party-parliamentary-group-events-evidence-session
  13. AHH I remember working the Rizla Cafe when it was in one of the market areas, between New bands and Other Stage, possibly 97/98? I was the security supervisor in that tent, think it was 2004. Was it near the then Jazz stage? Maybe the actual Orange Recharge tent who were the sponsors before they came EE?
  14. Keep the faith, we will be there in September. 8 months is a long time away in this pandemic, vaccinations are going well so far (as long as supplies keep up).
  15. Been hassling for them to play for about a decade now.. Just hope he can predict if this fkin virus will be gone enough by then 😂
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