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  1. You can actually in previous years buy more than one per reg number, but only 1 per transaction, and then get a other one in a separate transaction. Who know if they will close that down, they have said in an email to a friend this year that it will be one per reg number.
  2. Would be about £700 for me and the OH to go with the motorhome this year from the Wednesday!
  3. Outer opens at 10am, where unsucessful inners can try again
  4. Give it a go, it's a wonderful festival. My favourite. Tickets sell out usually a lot nearer the event, but always people selling them on for F/V nearer time too. Lots more good acts to come too
  5. But what's to stop people re-registering multiple times.
  6. Probably plenty other companies got access to it anyway But yes that would also rule out all our international punters who don't have a UK NI number
  7. And we arrived a couple of days ago, lovely 25-28 degrees too. Oh and also managed to get Glastonbury tickets (well a friend in our syndicate did), so will be returning there for the first time since 2011
  8. Frantically refreshing the page as they have just gone on sale (am in France currently so +1 hour GMT) Good luck all x
  9. Gigantic saying 12:00pm on sale, I thought it was 09:00 Ahh see link below Tickets on sale tomorrow
  10. deffo had a great choice in 2015, my first year.. by 2017 it was poor
  11. They had the same issue a few years ago too, with another security company and they weren't back the following year.
  12. Not planned much of our trip there yet, but will involve beaches, islands, snorkelling, diving (hopefully) and probably avoiding the southern islands so not to get kidnapped!!
  13. Cheers mate, it still can get cold in Portugal in the winter nights (especially central), but warm enough in the day not to worry about it too much.
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