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  1. jfaragher

    Volunteering 2022

    Bearded is quite a small crew I think for Oxfam, so apart from logistics, they probably only need a couple of people to do registration and parking camper vans on the early shift
  2. 2016 - LCD Soundsystem - very long week (I was a volunteer and had been on site since the previous saturday) and was exhausted. It was my first Glastonbury in around 15 years, and had gone without my wife (as she was a teacher) and had really missed having her to share it all with. Cried twice - once to NY I Love You, and then again as it all ended, just standing on my own in the field as everyone started to leave. Some big hairy bloke came up to me, asked me if I was OK, gave me a hug and invited me to join him and his mates for the rest of the night. 2019 - Sunday night, walking back to my van, remembering my friend David who I'd closed out the festival with the previous year, dancing joyously (and terribly - he really was an awful dancer, and he just didn't care) to Roni Size at Arcadia, who died the following year.
  3. It would be a strange Boomtown if these two weren't playing, what with them being the musical directors 🙂
  4. jfaragher

    Volunteering 2022

    Yeah, 2018 I was working on VG5 8am to 4pm Sun-Tues. It was so hot, and we had no shade on the Oxfam field, so I took myself down to the permaculture garden for a nap in the shade - lovely and peaceful!
  5. Way to bury the lede... His opening set on the Lions Den in 2018(17??) was fantastic, until the rain came down
  6. The perimeter track isn't suitable for anything much larger than a landrover in places. And you're not really supposed to use it unless you are security. I've driven for Oxfam, and we do try to get as many people as possible a lift to the really far places (Pennards, Worthy View, what was West Campers) - with typical traffic it can take nearly half an hour to get to those, and during the show there is no way that you would (or be allowed) to drive across the site, instead you have to use the various roads around the edge of the site, both inside and out.
  7. jfaragher

    Volunteering 2022

    Yeah, there's quite a lot of stuff in the Oxfam brief which is there so no one can say "you didn't tell me I couldn't do that"... I've sat through a fair few of them now at various festivals - think my favourite one was where someone bought a little "ding" counter bell thing which they hit every time the coordinator made the same joke he'd made the previous year.
  8. I'd go with Hip-Hop and the UK Scenes (Jungle onwards) having a common ancestors in i.e. Jamaican toasting / 'deejay' (U-Roy and Dennis Alcapone we about before the NY scene kicked off); having engineers producing riddim or live mixing for people to then put lyrics over is very similar to breakbeats (and I might also, after a few drinks, argue that whilst Herc and co developed the use of turntables to mix breaks / sample, this wasn't a completely novel idea - redubbing or re-recording other peoples tunes has been happening since the invention of recorded music, along with artists borrowing melodies, drumlines, etc from other people's tunes) For my money, we'd have had jungle and garage without hiphop and vice versa, but neither without the west indian traditions of toasting, or calypso extemporisation and storytelling.
  9. jfaragher

    Boris @ Glasto

    I reckon you could make "Boris Johnson's a w*nker" work quite well to the Seven Nation Army riff
  10. April update on the seasonal forecast ensembles. An ensemble forecast takes forecasts from a number of different forecast centres, and does some clever bias correction based on their performance in similated forecasts of past weather ("hindcasts"). Each of the forecasts it includes are also usually an ensemble of the same model run a number of times, with slightly altered initial conditions, to capture some of the inherent uncertainty of forecasting on these timescales. Usual caveats - seasonal models aren't great, and they're even less great if you look at a specific month, rather than the season as a whole. This is from the World Meteorological Organisation Long Range Forecast. As you can see, most of Europe is expected to be drier than normal, with the drier signal now creeping into the south and east of the UK: Similar outlook from the Copernicus (C3S) Seasonal Project which only provides a three month forecast (in this case for May-June-July). Roughly the same, with a bit more of the UK experiencing drier than normal.
  11. Everyone's got bills to pay, everyone's got to eat. There are plenty of careers that are worse, and at least they're not actively fucking over the planet or exploiting vulnerable people. Not saying they're not pricks, but fair play to them if they can get away with swanning about doing fun shit as a job.
  12. I'm going to go against the trend here and say that this video makes me happy, because it reminds me that Glastonbury is for everyone, we all get to do it our own way, and everyone's experience is different. Can't say they're the kind of people I'd willingly go out for a pint with though tbh.
  13. jfaragher

    Volunteering 2022

    I've had a solid 30 min disco nap in my break before now...
  14. This is very similar to what I was going to say @Sku - I've usually found Boomtown to be one of the more physically challenging festivals, with long walks between some of the main stages, to and from camping, between Hilltop, Whistler's and Downtown. I would say that at Glastonbury, you could have an amazing time whilst minimising the amount of walking you did by picking an area or two each day and making the most of them. You should also get on to the access team - https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/access-information/ and see about getting the use of the various shortcuts on site which make getting from i.e. Pyramid to Other much less challenging.
  15. jfaragher

    Volunteering 2022

    And even more so in the context of having the kind of experience (5 days of fun at Glastonbury) that is an unthinkable luxury for the majority of people in the world. Having experienced some truly spectacular* toilets in less-developed countries as well, I can confidently say that the average long drop is pretty nice by comparison as well. *spectacular may be wrong word here...
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