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  1. If you are getting Salomon, you can also look at trail shoes - but make sure they've got a rock plate (I think that Salomon call it the Profeel Film or some such bollocks) - this will protect the soles of your feet from getting bruised by stones / empty cans etc if you step on them. Also, make sure you get ones that are big enough! So many people suffering because their toes get battered because their shoes are too small, their feet are swollen from all the heat and booze and walking - you can always wear a thicker sock to compensate for something slightly large, but slightly small will make you miserable. If it's not wet, I spend the whole festival in my "old" pair of Salomon trail runners (i.e. the ones that were most recently replaced for actual running), and they are comfortable the whole time.
  2. jfaragher

    Volunteering 2020

    Yeah, I popped in on my way between places, mainly because that road behind Shangri-la is a handy shortcut. I was pretty shocked - I get that some of the crew bars are subsidising their costs etc, but this seemed particularly out of order, especially as I could get a pint of lager for not much more...
  3. jfaragher

    Volunteering 2020

    Oxfam had a massive (~300 people) bar crawl on Monday night last year. Though to be honest, nearly everyone is out on a Monday / Tuesday night, so I prefer to wander and see who I bump in to.
  4. jfaragher

    Volunteering 2020

    They (tried to) charge me £3.50 (maybe £3?) for a half of coke in here on the Friday night. I wasn't drinking because I had to be up at dawn to drive on site the next day, and so was on the softs. A can of coke from the public bars was around £2. I walked away...
  5. jfaragher

    Volunteering 2020

    That would be the different wristband, and would make life easier - no need for ticket stub and pass out. Worth noting though - lots of crews are really keen on you staying in the crew area, you might need to turn up before the festival starts (and the camper field is open), and so you may have to take a tent etc, stay there a night or so, and then your mate bring the van with the majority of your stuff in. Also, have you checked whether your crew will let you bring your van. I volunteer for Oxfam, and take mine.
  6. jfaragher

    Volunteering 2020

    Yes. Based on last year, you will have a standard crew ticket (of which there are a variety). This will get you a wristband, and you'll need that, your ticket stub and a pass out voucher to get back in. Its a faff (especially if you lose any element of these...) but doable. There's a chance you'll be on a different wristband, but this will only make life easier!
  7. If you are staying in London before the festival, you can also seek out a Decathlon, which is decent quality at a reasonable price. Also (sorry everyone!) - really consider some boots rather than wellies. You'll be walking 10+ miles and spending 16+ hours a day on your feet. Wellies are great for the wet, but not massively forgiving. Alternatively, get some foam or gel insoles for them, to give yourself a fighting chance!
  8. Don't forget to send them off on their own to get lost for a few hours. I took a friend for the first time years ago, and I was so excited to show them EVERYTHING that I dragged them around, and stopped them finding their own fun. Fortunately they were a good enough friend that they could tell me to stop, and that they were going to wander and meet me at Brothers later.
  9. Boomtown massively upped it's organisation game after the horrorshow that was the 4+ hour queues to enter in 2017. It's actually pretty well run now, despite the outward appearence of mayhem
  10. Shambala? Chilled interesting world music, talks, yoga etc by day, giving way to ravey electronic goodness / D&B / electroswing (which is fortunately well contained and easy to avoid) etc madness by night. One word of warning though - I saw my first naked middle aged man happily strolling around ~2hrs after the gates opened, but you may consider that a plus?
  11. *Rock* music (indie / guitar) music has become much more generic these days. There's been a massive growth and change in other genres. I think a big change is that a kid nowadays wanting to make music doesn't automatically find three mates who can play bass, guitar and drums - they might sit in their bedroom making beats, or write bars and compare tham at school with their mates, or learn to DJ. The result, we get fewer new REMs or Pulps or Oasis, and more new Wileys and Shy FXs and Aviciis.
  12. If you like the SE corner, try Boomtown or Shambala, if you like Avalon or Acoustic it's BD. If you spend all your time at the Other Stage, Reading would probably do.
  13. Or the Tangled Roots lot from Boomtown. Three (I think) different soundsytems whose engineers turn it into one massive soundsystem and get loads of people to play on it. /edit or the Roots Yard people from Shambala for that matter, or just get Mungo's / Jah Shaka / On-U to curate a day each somewhere
  14. jfaragher

    Walking in

    The crowd that is carefully channeled through the wristbanding and ped gate lanes to be checked one at a time?
  15. jfaragher

    Walking in

    Security love a runner, it breaks up their day! The reality is, at a ped gate, it's 50+ yards (presuming there's no queue) between where you have to show your ticket, and being into the festival. You'll have to start your run up by the wristbanding, somehow get through the ped barriers full of people, and dodge the security guards stood at the other side of the gate specifically to catch people like you.
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