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  1. I did and in a surprise twist (I've glugged on the jug of rum many times) it was Gin.
  2. I imagine the boomtown organizors are more focussed on the safety and viability of their own festival right now with all those sail-like structures they have. Looks like it'll be an interesting 24 hours friday pm to saturday pm
  3. kerplunk

    The Egg

    Serendipitously we were unaware they were playing and just happened by Rebel Rebel as they were setting up - and I was wearing my The Egg t-shirt that I bought at glastonbury! ?
  4. kerplunk

    Bella’s Bridge

    Dunno - I guess it just depends which performance you catch. First time I'd seen it but it sounds like they did it in previous years?
  5. kerplunk

    Bella’s Bridge

    I think I know the guy you mean. But the 'happenings' I'm talking about took place in the pretty pond area under the bridge at night when it was lit up with fire lanterns etc. A boat would come out from under the bridge with a couple of dressed up people in it who then mimed to a well known opera piece playing through speakers, and then when finished the boat silently retreated back under the bridge. It didn't last long and you just had to be there when it happened. I caught it twice and really regret not getting a photo. It was different opera piece the two times I saw it - the second time was the Freddie Mercury/Montserrat Caballe - 'Barcelona' thing. Very cute
  6. kerplunk

    Bella’s Bridge

    Anyone see the opera 'happenings' at Bella's Bridge?
  7. Down with flags, but the irish tricolour with "This is our fuppin' shpot!" made me chuckle.
  8. kerplunk

    The Cure

    That was my theory too - it's a tricky vocal and he didn't want to fluff it on national TV
  9. Yes that's all true, though I'm not sure how easy it would have been to find a space for all our tents as I didn't carry out a full survey. We were surprised by how full it was when we arrived early afternoon Thursday and there wasn't enough empty space around our usual spot (at the same end of the field but over the other side of the path to the teapot) so we ended up there, not unknowingly about the MT I should add - I remembered the complaints from last year and warned our group about it before we setup.
  10. Indeed, I was camped with Paul but not so affected by the teapot to our right as he was - my review would have contained harsh words about the coffee stall to our left that turned it's music system on at 7.30 in the morning.
  11. How could he have written about about Pulled Apart By Horses if he was at The Oh Sees? I take your point on the teapot punters though - he has been very cwuel to them. If you read his review last year you'll get the impression we got a grouchier Paul Champion this time round - not sure why
  12. Aargh was much looking forward to the return of the lovely Lunar Festival next year but disappointingly they've gone and moved it to the same weekend as Womad so that's me out.
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