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  1. kerplunk

    Lunar Festival 2018

    Aargh was much looking forward to the return of the lovely Lunar Festival next year but disappointingly they've gone and moved it to the same weekend as Womad so that's me out.
  2. kerplunk

    Bestival 2017

    Yeah we 'investigated' it a fair few times to break up the Amstels/Strongbow monotony, they had fairly nice (but expensive) IPA and Pils. No cask ale. On Saturday evening we finally found a bar in a hopitality area with some very nice amber ale on (forget the name but it was 5%) which was nice while it lasted - it was closed on Sunday.
  3. kerplunk

    Bestival 2017

    That would be a surprising thing to happen at a festival! I'm sure Bestival isn't for everyone - people have different expectations. I'm one for who Bestival had lost it's shine a bit in recent years and gave it a miss last year after an unbroken run of 10 festivals, so my return this year was a quite tentative and driven by curiosity as much as anything else. I'm glad I went though - fun was had and no major problems with the organisation (apart the lack of real ale which is actually quite a big one for me - but I'll let them off just this once so long as it's sorted next year!).
  4. kerplunk

    Bestival 2017

    "No substance to that at all - think your friend has his wires crossed. Eco-bond is the same system wherever you camp." - Shambala
  5. kerplunk

    Bestival 2017

    Yes the essential guide map designates green camping as "Families and super tidy campers" - like all the campsite colours it had a theme. Nothing to do with the eco-bond deposit though.
  6. kerplunk

    Bestival 2017

    Same for shambala - except we were blessed with good weather of course.
  7. kerplunk

    Bestival 2017

    So a kind of selective trust for just a few - everyone else is untrustworthy and must pay the eco-bond deposit. I don't think they'd set things up along those kind of lines myself. My guess is green camping was no different to pink/yellow/red etc I'd also guess your friends probably thought the campsite crew peeps going around the campsites encouraging tidyness and giving out little trinkets for having a clean campsite etc was a green camping thing only, but they did that all over.
  8. kerplunk

    Bestival 2017

    So did you buy a special eco-bond-free ticket for green camping? There was only one public entrance to the site - how did they stop you camping in the other areas and leaving a mess?
  9. kerplunk

    Bestival 2017

    So how did you get to camp in the green camping - was there different ticket you ordered that didn't require an eco-bond deposit and different wristband/controls on the green campsite entry? Strange I can't find anything about it on their website. I suspect green camping was no different to yellow/red/pink etc. The eco-bond was probably more challenging to complete at Bestival (I didn't have to do it as I was on a guest ticket), however if you don't generate enough rubbish of your own at either festival then you have to pick up other people's 'disgusting' litter to get your deposit back (even if Shambala are less candid about saying so).
  10. kerplunk

    Bestival 2017

    I thought your main gripe was the expectation to handle other people's litter and that expectation is clearly the same at shambala for those who don't create much waste of their own and still want to get their tenner back. Shambala acknowledge that the system is unfair for those who don't generate much waste but don't go as far as explicitly stating you need go pick up other people's litter to get your tenner back - but it's there all the same. The amount you need to collect may be different (I note bestival required an eco-bond deposit on every adult ticket but shambala was just one per order) but it's the same in principle. I don't know about the green camping field at shambala and can't find anything about it on their website - how was it different to the non-green camping areas?
  11. kerplunk

    Bestival 2017

    You seem to give Shambala a pass but it was no different to Bestival and your experience this weekend pretty much mirrors our experience at Shambala (didn't generate enough waste to fill bag so walked around the site on sunday morning picking up other people's litter, told bag still not full enough so had to do a stint in the recycling/sorting to get eco-bond back).
  12. kerplunk

    Leonard Cohen @ glastonbury

    from the back...
  13. kerplunk

    Shambala 2016

    Looks legit. I'll be sorry to see it move as the current location is just down the road for me but I also kinda like their willingness to up sticks and move to the other end of the country (like they've done before), it'll be a new chapter.
  14. kerplunk

    Shambala 2016

    Actually last year they introduced a rule that the name on the ticket must be correct and ID will be checked (though I'm not sure they actually did ID people). If you sell your ticket you should edit the ticket details with the new name on the ticketsellers site. See the terms and conditions bit here: http://www.shambalafestival.org/essential-info/ticket-information/terms-and-conditions/
  15. kerplunk


    wow - that's pretty!