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  1. I hate the flags... Someone near me at psb has these led ghosts which I thought looked great and you could easily find your mates if you got lost Edit - they weren't big about A4 size
  2. No upvotes left but thank you for all the light hearted entertainment 🤣 take note wanna be weather trolls 👍
  3. Yeah you would've thought tickets would be valid for any journey. The reason some routes aren't available is that they won't want to be moving points to switch between different routes incase the points fail and with the limited signalling technicians available they probably wouldn't be restored until the following day. So they'll lock the points at junctions for a route to minimize failures.
  4. I've always used the Bristol route but try to avoid dinner time,school run and evening traffic... Took me I think 3hrs 30/45mins from Ellesmere port without stopping
  5. Unpacking Campervan... Thanks for the heads up 👍
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread but do you know if the Prestleigh Inn is open during festival and is it an easy walk from showground, thanks . Thanks for the weather updates 👍
  7. Yeah looks alot better than yesterday and everyone's gonna stay dry whilst queuing and setting up 👏👏👏 a few light showers Friday, Saturday and Sunday is nothing 👍
  8. 2019 was unbearable at night. I clock watched from 11pm until 4am unable to sleep before my Oxfam early shift , then it was light 😭😭😭🤣
  9. And play the tone.... John Williams Arcadia would be great 🤣👍
  10. Ive forgotten what iam watching now because of this weather thread 🤣
  11. @Alvoramhope its right, weather channel looks a bit rubbish again
  12. Weather channel looks ok now... Just Friday being a bit naff but everything iam watching is under cover 👍🤣
  13. 🤣🤣🤣 Beast from the east every bloody winter.... They got it right once about 12 years ago 🤣
  14. Foals on the park on Saturday evening I think
  15. If you like Rap then it's an amazing booking, if you hate Rap is a terrible booking but that's the beauty of Glastonbury there's something for everyone 👏👏👏
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