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    I got suckered in don't be like me and engage with this troll🀣
  2. gazzared


    I think Β£5.50 probably Β£6 will be standard in most places
  3. Use the Header For attention of Dan and only Dan (not Chris)
  4. Regarding your train .... Have a back up plan just Incase of strike action
  5. Not to bad then πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  6. thats a bit late isnt it ? or is that normal. What time would you expect to be all set up in camp ?
  7. The only person I trust for my weather is James Madden 🀣
  8. 🀣🀣🀣 , what a pain though
  9. just trying the free your music app and seems to be working, thanks alot πŸ‘. out of upvotes oh free your music will only transer a 100 songs unless i subsribe.....cancel amazon and re-join spotify is the easiest option haha
  10. @Brave Sir Robin@clarketeis their anyway to get these playlists transferred to my amazon music account ? thanks
  11. yeah i think thats the 400 r version which is the same same but uses a gas bottle . My friends have the 400cv version and they find it is easy to clean as the fat just floats on the water
  12. Yeah great price , some dubious maths in the offer but ive had the confirmation purchase email , my friends have one and its really good and easy to clean πŸ‘
  13. Costco membership required Just bought this party grill for Β£32.98 with free delivery, seems like a great price when compared to other stores
  14. Yeah Christopher has been having a bad time 🀣, refused to give my friend a refund when two west showground tickets were bought for me in the small resale the other week saying" the refund date has already passed", luckily someone else sorted the refund πŸ‘
  15. gazzared


    Yeah maybe this one is sound. If iam working a night shift on a Monday I'll normally see 5/6 new troll accounts created but Neil will have them banned quickly some make it through to get a few down votes in and then they're gone 🀣
  16. gazzared


    The same survey has cropped up in other threads over the past few months with different accounts maybe this one is genuine or they're all doing exactly the same dissertation πŸ€£πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  17. gazzared


    It's always Monday nights that brings out the same weirdo
  18. gazzared


    Not sure if these a new pics https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/site-snaps-the-stages-are-going-up/
  19. Tomorrow for my group aswell, says guaranteed before 1pm . Tickets were bought in re-sale and my west showground ticket a few weeks ago πŸ‘
  20. gazzared

    Volunteering 2022

    Randomly check Oxfam through out the day, and what ever your doing also keep refreshing the Oxfam page apart from when your driving 🀣 There's still time to get a place, a few of us in 2019 got our places a week before 🀞
  21. Oh yeah...I have 2 campervan spaces booked that I no longer need but waiting to have CV tickets in hand before cancelling. I'll post back here when I cancel
  22. Who are you volunteering with
  23. This is what showing for my festival ticket
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