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  1. Thanks so much mate, I'm sorry I missed you - it might have been when I was round doing vehicle work. If I get a ticket next year I will see you there next year remind me to buy you a pint.
  2. Thanks @balti-pie- don't wanna knock anyone else's experience because clearly you all love it. Hope you had a lovely weekend mate. Edit: also I assume by your username... UTV?
  3. This felt like a no brainer to me. Having three people tell me about their Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday shift right next to the Oxfield was a kick in the teeth. That being said - if anyone knows the two blokes and one lady from Dundee who worked on ped Gate D - they were absoloute legends and made my shift fun.
  4. I volunteered with Oxfam, remember I'm just one voice and a lot of people love volunteering so don't just take my word for it. The three eight hour shifts were fine, but trying to plan a festival around them was definitely not. I had Saturday night off so went to see Macca, walked back and got to sleep around 1am (I had to miss any late night stuff for my 5.45am shift) I got three hours of sleep to do the hour walk through the Oxford to my gate. Only to get there to be told the bus I was told wasn't coming actually did come. Planning sleep and food around the shifts is really difficult. I had two supervisors who didn't have a clue, one told me not to give our chairs to security. I did what he asked and then got some really nasty personal verbal abuse from the security guard. Told my supervisor and he did nothing. The other said as it was freezing cold we'd rotate shifts so I wouldn't be outside for too long, ended up waiting five hours in the freezing cold despite reminding him several times we'd been out there.
  5. First time doing Oxfam and will definitely be my last. A supervisor called me a bad steward for giving security one of our chairs. So when they came back and asked for the other I told the security guard no. Got a bunch of nasty verbal abuse and my supervisor said nothing when I told them. Another supervisor left us out in cold for almost five hours instead of rotating, and then didn't really apologise. Also, my shifts were okay - but the hour walk to and from the gate without being told whether the bus was coming was ridiculous. Hearing all the stuff I wanted to see come from the stages was just way too depressing. I know some of you love it, but my god I do not want to do that again. Its not a 'free ticket' when you spend half the festival exhausted or trying to drag yourself around.
  6. Thanks for the laugh, that's hilarious.
  7. Hi, Some of you saw my post the other day where I took a bit of a mental health dip and I just wanted to say, thank you everyone who supported me, with your kind words and advice. A more specific thanks to @Rumblestripefor his caring post and advice and the absoloute hero @Tranquility of Solitudefor trying to find me on my shift. Your kindness meant the world to me. I felt a bit better later that day even though I couldn't find my friends for Macca, but Sunday we patched things up and just as Rumblestripe said - they weren't ignoring me, in fact they were also finding things tough and didn't know how to talk about it. Please use my bad time as a lesson - check with your friends if you think they're being funny with you, if you're not well/ exhausted it's easy to convince yourself someone hates you, but festivals can be a lot and you never know if they're feeling the same. Also use the efestivals threads to meet others flying solo- which I'll do if I find myself like this again! I think the volunteering was a bit much for me, I'll try next year without volunteering. I hope you all had a wonderful festival and thanks again for all your help.
  8. I will try next year, but I'm never volunteering again. Horrible experience.
  9. Dom Joly and Ed Miliband. Both lovely.
  10. Thanks for the irony there mate, I needed a laugh
  11. Less spacey weirdos, less people smiling, more people getting pissed off you step near their camping chair at the front of the fucking stage, more coke, more people talking over acts, worse vibes, saw two c**ts bike their kids through the Diana Ross crowd, with then being towed on the back, they scratched past this poor woman's wheelchair. If this is what glastonbury is turning into - just Reading (coked up yoofs) and dreadful old tories sitting at the front and treating it like their local cheese and cider festival I'm really not feeling next year. I'm glad to see you all had a good time!
  12. Might be a bit of a long rambling one. I'm volunteering at ped gate D this year, if you're there between 6am-12 come say hi to this tall dopey brummie. The crowds haven't impacted how lovely the punters have been to me this year, only one person was rude and I met Dom Joly who was lovely. Thank you to everyone making us staff feel safe and nice. That being said, this year is a real struggle for me. I'm feeling anxious, scared, depressed - everything I wouldn't usually feel at glastonbury. My friends are being really weird and seem to not care I'm here. I could barely leave the tent today I was that low. I thought I could do what I usually do and hit block 9 by myself and make friends, but everyone is aggro, annoyed, hates eacjother. Its a really bad vibe generally and I've taken a bit of a dip. It's really overwhelming and I feel really bad. I don't remember it being like this. Anyone else struggling?
  13. Reddit is just full of middle-wits arguing with half-wits. There's a bunch of posts that are just 'i've heard a rumor green day are healining????' Or 'how likely are arctic monkeys' despite the fact they're not even touring.
  14. Sorry, but this gave me a chuckle. Also the reference to 'ghetto-blasters' - what year are we in?
  15. I think Doja would get a big crowd against Macca but Meg doesn't have the massive string of hits. The fact Burna Boy isn't popular on these forums is mainly a demographic thing. He's massive and is featured on one of the most popular British songs of the past decade.
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