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  1. @chilirocker I think Massive Attack makes a lot of sense in terms of a classic kind of Primavera booking in keeping with the festival's "heritage" or "aesthetic". Lack of big headliners isn't a problem unique to Primavera and I expect the line up will be lacking a bit in absolute star power. Whether they portray this as 50/50 again or "20 for 20" remains to be seen. It feels to me like Gabi quite enjoys the secrecy and game playing around the line up and to the wider fan they won't be aware of any radio primavera or 10 bands per week stuff. They will just be expecting the poster in December or January.
  2. Thank you and thank you @MatheauWillis @Hip Priest very interesting. I would be surprised if they set up any event to lose money - that sounds like the ATP school of economics. what do you think is behind the expansionism, and the London and LA stuff? Is it exploiting all the contacts they have built up over the years? Are they actually just licensing "Primavera Sound" to someone else? I would be interested in details.
  3. any chat from anyone who attended if this was any good or not? @xxialac? For UK punters the line up wasn't especially exciting, you can see a lot of these bands pretty regularly.
  4. Surprised Flow has never seemed to have earmed its own topic before. I went in 2015 and it was great. Credible alternative to Primavera for those who like a city festival, concrete vibe, sleeping in a proper apartment, and cutting edge line ups. Only drawbacks are cost of boozing, and also there appeared to be only one guy at the whole festival on Class A drugs and consequently he was incredibly obvious to everyone else there! 🙂
  5. I think Camera Obscura are a fair guess. They've been on hiatus since their keyboard player sadly died but they are now back.
  6. Pavement are possibly Suede and Primal Scream sized in Europe but in North America there is no comparison - Pavement play in arenas, or multiple nights in theatres. There will be lots of people (including myself) who have missed the last few Primaveras but are very tempted to return (for possibly one last time!) because of Pavement. They aren't reforming after 9 years to play an exclusive show on the Ray Ban or Primavera stages.
  7. Thank you. Can't believe I missed him in 2015! Looks like I saw Spiritualized then the Black Keys instead. Regrets, I've had a few...
  8. @Orens I saw Beck at Flow in Helsinki in 2015 and I couldn't decide if he was phoning it in or not. It was the last night of the tour. It feels like in the last 5 years playing your own tour then playing the festivals is a definite touring plan. I would love to find out a bit more about this, and the economics of it. Some of these festival gigs must be a fairly hard shift if the crowd is generally unfamiliar with your work, or you've been booked at a wrong one. And you get much less stage time too. (The first time I ever saw Beck was at V97 (!) in Essex so he's a festival regular!)
  9. Pavement playing is an exclusive and a big deal. I think if Sleater Kinney, Last Shadow Puppets, Deerhunter, PJ Harvey have played Mordor (just naming acts that I can easily remember watching there) then I can't see them putting Pavement anywhere else.
  10. Has Tyler the Creator played Primavera? I haven't been (since doing 6 in a row up to 2016). So I can't remember the last 3 line ups as clearly. Seems pretty odd if he hasn't. Surely a perfect fit for the new "demographic".
  11. Johndenis

    Festival Blagger

    @Troop Dogg amazing tale, what was Sir Tom and Damon's chat? Listened to the George Ezra podcast (I know, I know, but he gets good guests!) and Tom was really interesting. Article itself was entertaining @waynewdk cheers. Though I have a blagger pal who had 2 teeth knocked out by torch-wielding security at Glastonbury about ten years back. You don't read so many of those tales.
  12. @pie_and_a_pint am not really sure what folk expected from Marti. It seems bizarre to identify an 80s/90s pop star playing a set full of mostly faithful interpretations of huge 80s/90s hits (I'm unsure of the genre - soft rock? Blue eyed soul?) as "worst ever". He was in good voice, friendly, brought a big band, and thanked the crowd and Glastonbury for booking him. It was fun and I'd rather someone was effusive about the honour of playing Glastonbury than sneering about it. Sets from just 2018 that in my opinion fell more on their arse or were personally disappointing, would include Mac DeMarco, Sons of Kemet, IDLES, Billie Eilish and arguably, and I'm a huge Blur and Gorillaz fan - The Good, The Bad and The Queen.
  13. What didn't you like about the Beat Hotel? Just wondering. Personally it felt to me like a big wide-open space and not that appealing. I don't understand why it's changing name if it's essentially the same folk behind it again? To be fair to them the line up is always most impressive. Is there any sort of map of the various late night places being mentioned? I was at the Park on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday night but genuinely couldn't tell you where "The Wormhole" is! Is it maybe where I watched Henge at 2 or 3am on the Thursday?
  14. The crowd size was absolutely bananas. I was not at the back, but look at my photo. Thought she was top class.
  15. Johndenis


    watched Withnail and I on Thursday night in 2017. Was great. Hiked up in the afternoon heat in 2019 to see the Bros Q & A and they had cancelled. Bit annoying. The Fatboy Slim DJ Set went right over my head. Though I saw him on the Saturday night at Pangea and was too exhausted to stay very long. Presumably its a corner of the site they don't have any other plans for? And surely Glastonbury doesn't actually own all the cars?
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