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  1. Earnest Ed hahaha! no Metronomy were up against His Earnestness, making their crowd all the more impressive...
  2. @kingcrawler@matt42 I saw them in 2017 too, I was in bits after a very busy and eventful Friday night. The crowd was really small, surprisingly so. Think they were up against Foo Fighters but you wouldn't expect a huge amount of crossover. London Grammar and then Metronomy filled the tent the night after, each had at least double the crowd. Think Phoenix's placing as a "headliner" on the Primavera poster is due to Yeah Yeah Yeahs previously being promoted to "headliner" to pad out that particular day's line up. Meaning Phoenix couldn't then be added without being a "headliner" too.
  3. I don't think there's a way back for him. Last year the band said (quoting from their statement): “But we were left with no choice but to ask Tom to leave the band. There is absolutely no way we can condone his assault conviction. Domestic violence and abuse of any kind is totally unacceptable. “As soon as we found out about the charges made against Tom, we as a band made the decision that we could no longer work with him. Unfortunately we had to hold back this information until he was found guilty in court.”
  4. Are Kasabian changing singer? Have they changed already? I had assumed they would struggle to use the same "brand".
  5. On Twitter I waded into a debate a few years back between KT Tunstall and Geoff Ellis about the Friday of TRNSMT, which was admittedly pretty grim - it was as if they had outsourced booking to Conrad Murray, and tacked on Ian Brown in a hugely unimaginative move. Anyway my point was that promoters have to sell tickets and female headliners can't be produced out of thin air. So it was a crap line up but I had a degree of sympathy. I am pretty sure the Christine and the Queens-headlined APE in 2019 became a gievaway frenzy?
  6. I agree, @lighthouse has said a similar thing. What would in your opinion be a better line up? Just out of interest. I'm not expecting anything radical - the Strokes day in 2019 was a great line up imo. But there's something about Foals and also BBC that just seems quite boring now. There was all the hilarity on here in late 2019 with folk preposterously insisting that they could be a Glastonbury headliner.
  7. I should perhaps be more precise - hurt the value of your future bookings. I have no clue how much the Manics are getting paid for headlining Camper Calling, but presumably any booker putting an offer together for 2022 will say "you played Camper Calling, so we're not giving you more than X, or a slot higher on the bill than Y". A bit like if you're a 90s act that starts showing up at the britpop revival fests. You're kind of condemning yourself to mostly playing a certain circuit thereafter?
  8. Yes it's a great read. The stuff about how epic his hangovers were getting ("lasting for days on end and featuring special effects") is amusing. He is very discreet about what the other members of Blur were or weren't involved in (girls, cocaine, booze, errr heroin). Getting back on topic, I am surprised by the gigs some bands sign up to...you would think being on the bill of The Big Feastival would hurt your future bookings. Maybe not.
  9. No I agree it's quite jarring. Even compared to the clips the wee film includes of him DJing with Jamie Oliver in (I'm guessing) 2014 or 2015 - he looks very different. Perhaps he has health issues. I'm interested in the point at which, as a band, you start to take bookings for these kinds of events. Chic can probably afford to do whatever the hell they want, but I am surprised that Lewis Capaldi or Rag n Bone Man signed up to this sort of thing. The Manics doing things like Camper Calling, as another example that's fresh in my mind, looks weird to me. I know that by 1997 they were kind of Oasis' support band, but they are still an act that's had UK number 1 singles and you'd think they would want to protect their status more.
  10. https://thebigfeastival.com/feastival-from-the-farm-the-movie Alex James looks to have out on a bit (a lot) of weight in lockdown. I was vaguely aware he ran a festival with Jamie Oliver but I didn't know it had become an annual thing. It really doesn't look like my cup of tea at all, but fair play if he has established it and pulled a crowd. Has anyone here been? Is it as white and middle/upper class as it appears🤣 😬? (Skip to 38 mins for some of Alex's chat with Jo Whiley - he is a big charmer as usual.)
  11. Thanks so much, so informative. But what would Gabi have been bringing to the table in London? The brand/his credibility and track record? His contacts? Whatever IP (?) he has in the methods they use to consistently book acts that "blow up" aroud the time of the event? I'm just pretty interested in what the transferable skills are in the music industry. For example, I was always very puzzled that "Propaganda" became a kind of franchise club night throughout the UK in the "Academy" venues. It didn't seem to be owned by the Academy companies. APE x FD seems like an odd one to me too.
  12. Hi, could you explain this please? Festival bookers as in - bookers acting for bands? I didn't/don't understand how Primavera London and Primavera LA were intended to operate. Was Gabi literlaly just licensing the "brand"? Or sharing his contacts? I would of thought a big thing about Primavera, and a factor in its success, is the location and venue. Re Field Day, as others have observed, the psych/noisy guitar bands were pretty appealling to punters like me. For example, the Warehouse Projects I have enjoyed the best are those which have involved some live bands. I can't be alone in thinking the almost exclusive focus on DJs diminishes the appeal.
  13. Free drinks, that's nuts. When did they stop that. I had a Press Pass in 2012 - 2015. In 2012 I found a free beer tap in a backstage kind of area near the Ray-Ban. But I don't think my press pass was supposed to get me access to there as I only got access on the Thursday and Friday and was denied onthe Saturday. Back in 2011, I queued for Echo and the Bunnymen at Poble Espanyol on Thursday but didn't get in. So gave it a miss on the Sunday.
  14. I was at this! Was there a Free Drinks loophole? John Cale in the Auditori, and Belle & Sebastian then Pulp - very magical memories. Seeing Grinderman also kicked off my love of Nick Cave. Had never listened to him until then. I recall the Animal Collective set sounding like a very long sound check...
  15. Years ago I spoke to Stuart Muscly Murdoch at a party and complimented him on this exact song. "if she wants me" is a cracker. He said he remembered working quite hard on the arrangement, and finding the right tempo. There you go 🙂
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