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  1. Johndenis

    2019 Headliners

    I am a fan but I think, when performing live, they can come up a wee bit short. Cornerstone is for example a beautiful song but the arrangement is in Coldplay territory. Still hoping for AM of course.
  2. Fairly surprised to see Mogwai involved. Great to see Camera Obscura returning. Rest of line up doesn't quite have the shock and awe I expected given the price tag.
  3. Johndenis

    New Order

    Shame this has been deleted as I would have been interested in reading it. I've read Hooky's Hacienda and JD books, and Barney's book, and Hooky's books are more entertaining in that they are effectively a collection of amusing or interesting anecdotes recounting incidents which Hooky probably either doesn't remember, or wasn't even present at. Barney seems a lot more sincere - mentioning that "a certain Mr Hacienda" was hardly ever even at the club - and I am inclined to believe him when he puts the blame with Hook. Following the fall out and his departure from the band, Hooky kept moaning about money. What happened was, I think, that New Order (Bernard and The Other 2) formed a new company and licensed the IP to it. The new company paid 5% of revenue to the old company as an IP royalty, and Hooky got a quarter of that. I did some back of a fag packet calculations and I think Hooky was maybe getting a bit of a raw deal on how that IP royalty was being calculated. I have no idea of New Order's revenues, but I got the impression that for every £1m New Order was getting paid, Hooky was maybe losing out on 5 to 10 grand. So maybe that's what the settlement corrected. You could argue that the ongoing tours and albums by Barney and co were/are making significant contributions to the continuing value of the IP. Of course Hooky is touring too. (Though I would say that I felt his shows have erred too much on the side of karaoke for my tastes - I wouldn't rush to see him again.)
  4. Johndenis

    Arenas end agreements with StubHub

    In the particular case of U2, Live Nation bought the rights to their concerts in 2008, so I expect pricing is set by Live Nation. I would question if U2 have any veto on prices whatsoever. The Joshua Tree tour last year seems to have been a contractual obligation. Given the heap of bad press U2 tends to attract, I'm surprised they seemed to get away with presenting it as "30 years of Joshua Tree" and not "Live Nation is obliging us to tour".
  5. Johndenis

    Pearl jam for Glastonbury

    Hello, it's my friend's 40th birthday next month and he is a really big Pearl Jam fan (has seen them 3 times this summer). Is there a particular present or rarity I could spend a few quid to get him? It would be great to get something signed but I don't know how possible that is. Do they tend to respond to fan mail and SAEs :-)
  6. http://www.theboatyweekender.com Is anybody seriously considering this? I admit I am morbidly fascinated, a bit like how you might look at a car crash, then be disappointed by yourself. Just can't see 2,000 people stumping up for it. By all accounts the Weezer cruises have been very good and featured great band line ups. https://www.theguardian.com/music/musicblog/2012/feb/06/weezer-cruise
  7. Johndenis

    Arenas end agreements with StubHub

    Thanks for the explanation @evilduck. i thought the Rolling Stones tried to adjust their prices to squeeze out touts, but ended up with 3/4 full stadiums in the US? It seems that, for some acts at least, the touts actually create artificial scarcity and drive up demand. Complicated.
  8. Johndenis

    Mad Cool 2018

    Terrible stuff from Massive Attack, they were also trying to moderate negative comments on that IG post. Which indicates guilt! I had wanted to go to this the reviews have been interesting. Am a bit surprised to see that the EFests reviewer gave the whole of Friday a miss? Not exactly giving it a fair go.
  9. Johndenis

    Arenas end agreements with StubHub

    I don't really understand this story. If you want tickets for a sold out gig at the o2, did the o2 formerly refer you to Stubhub? Or is the o2 saying tickets resold on Stubhub will no longer be valid? If so, how can they trace that? Or is Stubhub ceasing to exist?
  10. Johndenis

    Rave review of Gorillaz at Boomtown

    It looks to me like the set slowly increases in BPM before the encore. Personally, I think it's a amazing set of songs - DARE, Dirty Harry, and Feel Good Inc back to back! https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/gorillaz/2018/matterley-estate-winchester-england-43e8b3ff.html
  11. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/conce ... -may-have/Glastonbury 2010 was a sore one for Damon I expect, but since then he has really cracked how to present Gorillaz live...
  12. Johndenis

    2019 Headliners

    Excellent listening for any Madge fans - http://www.slate.com/articles/podcasts/hit_parade/2018/03/how_madonna_turned_electronica_into_pop_for_her_1998_comeback.html?via=gdpr-consent I have no idea if she has any form whatsoever for doing a greatest hits set. But which living artist can compete with her back catalogue? Paul McCartney and who else?
  13. Johndenis

    Nick Cave

    I'm a pretty recent fan and I would say my favourites include Jubilee Street Higgs Boson Blues From Her To Eternity Magneto (any live version, the arrangement is so much better) Into My Arms The Weeping Song Some would say I'm a typical "new fan" who prefers the mellow stuff! I am not sure he could heading Glastonbury. Amazing if 35,000 - 40,000 really did go to APE (it certainly seemed incredibly busy) but I think it would be a light crowd...
  14. Johndenis

    Has anyone here ever met Jarvis Cocker of Pulp?

    I quite wanted to go to this bit from memory it was early evening and clashed with The National? Was it good? Do you remember any tunes? I met him at Primavera 2011on the Saturday evening, they had played on the Thursday. He was really nice, held my hand as I gave him some complicated speech about how big a fan I was, posed for a photo!
  15. Johndenis

    The size of the crowds

    I didn't reflect too much on this until now but you are correct, trying to pass the rear of the Pyramid to get up to JP for Metronomy got crazy. There were actually kids being passed above the crush. The same path was empty for Radiohead. Perhaps the demand for Sheeran was unprecedented? The other bad crush I experienced was at the base entrance of the Pyramid for Corbyn.