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  1. The Manchester 6 Music Festival was in 2014 and after (or towards the end?) of WHP's run at Victoria Warehouse - I know because I had been to WHP at the Warehouse in 2012 (Factory Floor and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) and 2013 (Hot Chip and Chic). (The WHP gigs actually felt over-sold, to a potentially dangerous degree - borne out by the venue feeling much less busy for the sold-out BBC event.) In any event it's clear the choice of venue was inspired by WHP.
  2. @clarkete @Gilgamesh69 hello all, I've always been kind of curious about how the 6 Music Festival is organized and funded. Is it priced to break even? What if it loses money? It sounds like Liverpool in 2019 didn't sell out. I've looked at BBC annual reports and it's not explained. Is it outsourced to a local promoter - how does the BBC have the expertise otherwise? If I was a promoter in the area and the BBC turned up with these kind of line ups to clash with an event I was already promoting, I would be pretty upset. On the other hand, is it being outsourced and do local promoters have a chance to make a few quid? I attended the first one in Manchester and it seemed like it was an excuse for the station to have a party. The venue was the Victoria Warehouse which was obviously a choice inspired by WHP (the Warehouse Project), but unfortunately the venue was unsuited to live bands (I'm not sure it was thought through too carefully). You had (for example) The National playing in a huge hall and James Blake playing at exactly the same time in a small room. It was overall OK - it felt like all the DJs were in the same place and the atmosphere as fun. I met Shaun Keaveny and had a laugh. I attended the Glasgow one a few years later by which time it had changed into a "series of related gigs in different venues" format. Having it in Camden feels a bit silly, and perhaps it's time up.
  3. Johndenis

    2020 headliners

    Bravo, this made me laugh out loud 🙂 Still can't believe the Foals headlining the Pyramid chat. Was madness.
  4. Pretty grisly stuff in my opinion. Saw Supergrass at the Barras last week, and it was fun, but I feel like there would be no need to see them again for another decade. Saw The Pixies at the bandstand a few years back but again there would be no rush to see them again - definitely feels like they take absolutely any gig going.
  5. Hello all, I took a taxi from the Airport to the site last year on the Thursday night, because by the time I arrived all the bus options had finished for the day. It worked an absolute treat and I even got to stop off at a Morrisons supermarket in Wells to pick up supplies (booze). This year I am flying earlier but will still repeat the taxi tactic if others want to get a lift? Let me know.
  6. You're making the correct decision. I have a Glastonbury ticket and got a fair buzz when I saw the Primavera poster, and tried to work out if I could attend a day or 2. But as a dad of 2 I have to pick my battles now. So no Primavera for me either. Congrats again on the parenthood.
  7. Johndenis

    The 1975 2020

    Perhaps a daft soundbite too far, going to be tricky to live up to this one https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/feb/12/the-1975-commit-to-playing-only-gender-balanced-music-festivals-matt-healy
  8. @Dave85radiohead Strokes far too big and expensive surely. The National are really playing far too many gigs. But would still be surprised. Daft Punk unlikely to embark on a live comeback at Blue Dot! Is it not more likely that it's an act like Stereolab? This weekend really works for me in terms of meeting up with pals, but am fearing something underwhelming.
  9. Johndenis

    Hot Chip

    Thank you, this makes more sense. I've seen them quite a lot live and the backing vocals can vary.
  10. Johndenis

    Hot Chip

    @stuartbert two hats thought the 6 music show was really entertaining last night. Had never heard that version of dancing in the dark. It's super. Question though. Joe mentioned being so hungover after the Greco Roman party at Waterloo round 2007ish he missed their Lovebox show the following afternoon. If you dig a bit further (I did, because I was intrigued), there's an article about Greco Roman that says 2 of them missed that show. How can a 5 man band perform with only 3 folk? Is this them admitting that most of what we hear on stage is actually pre programmed? If so, that's a bit disappointing.
  11. haha most amusing! Yeah @JimiC999 I wouldn't pass up on APE just because you can't camp. I would be going to at least the Tame Impala day if it didn't clash with other commitments, I think it's definitely one of the better single day line ups going so far. Let's be honest camping in the main is a bit of a nightmare. Could you give me a bit more info about EOTR please? It would be a trek from Glasgow but me and some pals are interested. The line up looks a bit weak this year compared to others though?
  12. I would be pretty confident that every act you're mentioning here (including the old Ludwig Van), with the exception of the Pixies, are a tier above Massive Attack in terms of popularity. I don't think Massive Attack have ever played their own stadium gig. I think their agent has played a good hand getting them to the top of festival bills. Possibly more to do with the lack of solid bands with a decent level of popularity coming through over the last 20 years.
  13. Why do LCD Soundsystem keep getting mentioned in this thread? There's no sign of them playing anywhere in 2020 is there? Doesn't feel like a very good fit for them either - I think this is for a slightly more "mature" crowd. I have this weekend free and would seriously consider this festival (was close to attending last year for New Order) but am expecting something fairly underwhelming. Especially since Massive Attack are UK Exclusive at APE.
  14. I would back up @Dales here, I'm a genuinely big Massive Attack fan, but their heyday was literally 22 years ago. The undercard to this one looks a bit weak. Hats off to APE for assembling a bill that's cohesive and not just spewing acts on a poster, Sziget-style. But I think it could do with a few more acts similar to Young Fathers to bolster it. As others have said I don't care about the profits of a major promoter or how many folk they ultimately get through the gates, but this existing line up wouldn't be quite enough to entice me to travel from Glasgow to London (unlike The National, Nick Cave and Strokes days which I have attended previously). Same goes for the Kraftwerk and Tame Impala days when looked at in isolation. It all looks like its spread a bit too thin. I expect this would be less obvious if it was marketed more as a three day festival rather than a series of standalone gigs.
  15. Johndenis


    Prior to 2010 Gorillaz had performed a literal handful of live dates. Working out how to "do" the band live, during headline sets at Coachella and Glastonbury, seems crazy in hindsight. There's a deliberate decision with their setlists to withhold the biggest songs til towards the end (based on Talking Heads' approach to Stop Making Sense, apparently) . You have to obviously be very good for this approach to pay off. You can't really afford too many filler tracks, and you need to get any guests on and off stage as efficiently as possible. As mentioned, they are now a live juggernaut with a fantastic band, but it took almost a decade to get it right. It's a complex band I can't see them at Glastonbury except as part of a major tour planned a long time in advance. Could be several years away. And they won't get to headline the Pyramid again. I would agree that Demon Days and Plastic Beach are the two best albums. I would also add that, given the "virtual band" angle, I think the "production" of the live show is arguably a bit uninspired (a big huge screen), and lags behind the likes of U2.
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