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  1. Bumping this as I'm interested to hear how it went. Does anyone know? If it was a success and they run another, I will likely pay up and attend. Footage I saw of Camera Obscura's set looked like attendance might have been touch and go (you would expect CO to pull 3/4 of the folk on board? But the crowd in attendance looked well short of 2000). Django Django seemed to have a very small crowd indeed but folk might have been knickered by that point. Have no idea how many punters they would have needed aboard to make it viable.
  2. To add context to the discussion, any perception that Gorillaz aren't a "big" act anymore is inaccurate. They are actually one of the biggest live acts in the world. They played arenas all over the world in 2017 and then headlined festivals all over the world in 2018. And just to make sure, they then played even more arenas in North America in 2018, and held their own festival in LA. They haven't had a radio hit since 2005 but as live act they are huge. Whoever is representing them as a live act is doing an amazing job. And to be fair to Gorillaz there aren't that many other touring bands in 2019 that have the same catalogue or broad appeal. Rightly or wrongly, the UK is probably the only country where Blur are more popular than Gorillaz. Personally I'm a huge Blur fan but I'd be of the opinion that their time for headlining the Pyramid has been and gone. I saw TGTBATQ (The Good The Bad and the Queen in case anyone is searching for thoughts on them!) at Glastonbury on the Sunday but I'll be honest and on sober reflection say I didn't think it was great. There's a fair gap in quality between album one and album two - and they played mostly album two. I expect things like "gun to the head" sound like a bit of a mess to a casual listener. Bringing out a huge male choir for just part of one song was fairly preposterous. Etc.
  3. Johndenis

    Flops 2019

    I mentioned earlier in this thread but I don't think the delays had anything to do with Marti. If anything, it looked like his band had to storm through a very rushed set up. The stage was perhaps running behind from the start.
  4. Johndenis

    Flops 2019

    Yup. Had hassle seeing several acts properly at the Park. Understandable (maybe) for "secret" sets by big acts but didn't expect to have such hassle seeing IDLES or Sons of Kemet or (the tail end of) Hot Chip. I think there's a good argument that the acts they're putting on at the Park are now generally too popular for where the stage is positioned.
  5. Johndenis

    Flops 2019

    There were a few "Londons" but I don't think you can get too worked up about that. @Matt - Ed Banger Records I would be interested on your thoughts on the setlist. I thought I heard most of what I expected (rom looking at recent setlists) and for me things like "protect ya neck" swung into top gear and were very impressive indeed. I hadn't seen them before mind you.
  6. Johndenis

    Flops 2019

    To me it looked like the stage was running badly over time (cost me seeing Sharon Van Etten - bit annoying). The band were onstage for about 10 mins tops before Marti. He murdered Sweet Little Mystery with a crap new arrangement but the rest was alright. His band is admittedly pretty cabaret/cruise ship but we are talking about a pop star from the 80s - I was there because I liked the Wets when I was about 12 - and I noticed even Kylie's band had their cruise ship schmlatz kind of moments.
  7. Hello, I have booked this taxi, if anyone wishes to get it along with me just let me know. A few quid towards the cost (£50) would be appreciated but is not mandatory! (I would have got the train or bus but arriving so late on Thursday has narrowed my options.)
  8. I saw the BBC reporting the 80 but didn't see the source. Swg3 itself? 80 is horrendous considering the line up looked at least OK. Maybe a lot of folk like myself waiting to see if it was going ahead. Chicken and egg. Or maybe there just isn't the demand in Glasgow and Scotland for this kind of line up. Which vindicates the trnsmt horror further. Anybody know who is behind playground at rouken Glen? That also has the look of a line up that's a bit too tasteful to succeed.
  9. Hello all been reading this thread with interest. This will be my second glastonbury. In 2017 I had a few fun nights but didn't make it to SEC. In fact I was in bed by 1am or 2am every night, except after Radiohead on the Friday when I stayed out a bit later because I was pretty "spangled", to use the phrase popular here. Anyway I would love recommdations as to some DJs I might like. I love stuff along the lines of New Order, Underworld, The Orb, 808 State, Orbital, Leftfield, Massive Attack, Future Sounds of London, Hot Chip, TTED, Chem Bros, Four Tet, Sasha & Digweed (saw them at WHP in 2017) and up to present day Bicep and Jamie XX (I'm aware "Gosh" is probably appalling to some of you, but I absolutely loved it). I think this probably means I like fairly melodic house or 90s rave! Thanks very much.
  10. I'm going to Glastonbury so chose The Strokes day at APE as a bonus. I had an amazing time watching The Strokes. Absolutely amazing and what a setlist - they were IMO considerably better and engaged (esp Julian) than last time I saw them at Primavera 2015. I got pretty near the front so didn't notice sound issues (apart from the obvious mic failure during Is This It). A few guys in the crowd were a wee bit aggro as I made my way closer to the stage but that's not a big deal and not specific to APE I don't think. Sorry to hear there was fighting at the front of the Raconteurs. Maybe the same punters. Fat White Family appeared to phone in their set. Parquet Courts handled the big stage well. With hindsight I think Jarvis' setlist is almost willfully obscure and I don't understand why he isn't even performing the best of his solo stuff. I loved seeing the big man but the music probably wasn't that good. After that the Jack Daniels kicked in (security had blatantly seen the plastic bottle down my shorts but didn't stop me, nice of them) and I idly watched Interpol (who sounded tight enough I thought) and wandered about pretty drunk for a while getting a few things to eat and trying to sort myself out for The Strokes! I would have liked to have seen Gruff Rhys but wasn't organized or sober enough - did anybody see him? As someone else has noted, The Strokes day line up seems overall to have been incredibly "stacked" - to the cost of the other days - Raconteurs could probably have buoyed CATQ attendance somewhat. Overall having now been to 3 APE days I would say it's a bonus if you are a London resident but the setting, weather, presentation and vibe of Primavera blow it away. It's not even close, and I don't think it ever could be.
  11. Yeah appears variable. I think he struggles in interviews to articulate things. Can come across as confused or just a luvvie (eg Live Forever documentary). Surprised he would give up headliner status, especially when blur and gorillaz seem to guard that status so carefully
  12. Thanks. And cheers for not digging up my AEG typo, touch of class :-) I just got the impression they would have the 2 biggest acts of a day starting at exactly the same time on different stages i.e. no attempt at all to even stagger them. To be fair APE did pretty much this last year with TWOD and Future Islands. Could Field Day and Lovebox not have bid together for (at least) 4 days? Sounds like there was maybe a bit more to it than simply being outbid? Was there crowd trouble maybe?
  13. Did Goldenvoice/AGE outbid Field Day with the Council? Is the Council limited to the number of days Victoria Park can be hired out for commercial purposes? I don't understand how Field Day was edged out. The line ups were solid but I always got the impression organization was haphazard and they would deliberately clash more popular acts?
  14. Is this accurate though? Was Field Day not getting a reputation for horrible clashes, inadequate sound systems, too small tents, etc etc. Not trolling. Genuine question. I went to 2 APE days last year (doing one this year) and did feel like I was supporting The Man. But look at a fest like Primavera - absolutely commercial, sensational programming, very well run event - but aggressive corporate adverts everywhere you look. It seems les jarring at Primavera than at APE mind you.
  15. Ah ok that's interesting. I think this means the police can theoretically instruct you to stop drinking and if you continue to do so it's an offence. If I'm busted and my "Ribena" is discovered then I shall try to down it before any police attend the scene. Or ask them to check if they have a PSPO. As I down it. Hopefully will just get in inside the venue though. 😀😀
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