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  1. I think they should end the lockdown in a small number of weeks, but keep a very tight lockdown for all those 70+ and those over 50, say, with the most important underlying conditions (diabetes, obesity, heart issues), why? Because excluding these groups the chance of serious illness or death is very low, and it’s quite possible the long term economic impact will be much more damaging to people’s health and well-being.
  2. I applied the morning after it was announced, I think Tuesday 24th, I got a confirmation email last Saturday but not heard anything yet. I’ll let you know if/when I hear. Good luck!
  3. I've been in self-imposed isolation for more than 2 weeks, I feel very safe at home, and do a long walk every morning which I love, on the few occasions I venture out for shopping I admit I feel a little insecure and avoid everyone. I've been reconciled to losing Glastonbury for ages now so I don't feel too bad, I'm trying to set other hopes and aims that I can achieve. All this walking has resurrected the desire to walk Hadrian's Wall as soon as I safely can, it's the last thing on my original to do list from 6 years ago. I'm still clinging to the belief Bearded Theory will go ahead in September so I have one festival in 2020. I've applied to the NHS Volunteer Team but haven't heard anything yet, I was on the cusp of volunteering for NHS Nightingale Manchester yesterday but fear got the better of me....
  4. Seems a lot of hope being put on the forthcoming NHS App, which will notify the user when they have been in close proximity to anyone who is a known Covid-19 case, which will then prompt them to self-isolate. It's not going to be mandatory but if decent numbers take it up it is expected to help greatly. Otherwise, it's down, whether we like it or not, to herd immunity, with the likelihood there's already many more who have/had the virus this will build in time to be as good a protection as any. Also worth noting, again for perspective, the actual number of those who died in the UK of all causes is actually DOWN so far this year on the usual rate for the time of year, so it isn't (yet) as cataclysmic as it seems to be.
  5. My personal classic Pumpkins album is Mellon Collie, I loved the mass of songs and it took forever to get to know the whole double album, I used to play Zero, 1979 and many more endlessly. (Special mention to United States off Zeitgeist too, classic 10 minutes worth of excess)
  6. The bassist Ted in the band Steamchicken (Those who go to Bearded Theory will more likely know this band) is very sadly going to pass away within 24 hours with Covid-19, his wife was informed this morning. A friend of mine lives in the same Warwickshire village as them. Sadly, Ted has died of the virus. He was in music most of his life.
  7. Yes I saw that, and the Bergamo mayor says real death figures there are multiples of the declared figures.
  8. Social distancing parking lot shelter for the homeless in Las Vegas. (I can't begin to comment on this image)
  9. They annouced yesterday there was goign to be a catch up on counts today, so best not to judge on a single day's figures. (Of the 367, 339 were with underlying conditions.)
  10. Hate to say, but it will rise again. They're not expecting the peak for another could of weeks
  11. Peak daily of 330 actually sounds a relief after what we've seen in Spain & Italy.
  12. Quite right. No clear action by government and the risk of unfocussed decision making may mean, according to one projection they were given, 250,000 deaths in the UK. So we’d want the PM not to function?
  13. Good news, sort of, we were due to go to Japan today but I'm really not bothered. More important thngs and all that, helping the people in need around where we live.
  14. I need help to manage my diary for me, gigs falling like flies and I have to catch all the notifications and reschedule, don't know whether I'm coming or going... Nick Cave, Goldfrapp, G2, Van Der Graaf Generator, Robin Trower....some of these could be too old to tour by the time of the new dates (..if not already!)
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