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  1. I hope you're right and I'm wrong. My thoughts are there's not a huge track record of bringing these 'heritage' acts to Glastonbury, and there's not many slots they could fit in. Headliners for the Park tend to be relatively new acts, so it may just leave the rock slot on the Pyramid, or maybe headlining the Acoustic. Gary Kemp does a super job in the band by the way, I was well impressed by him. The first Pink Floyd LP I bought was Relics and as they play much of that I was happy.
  2. They were really good when I saw them on the last tour, thnk it's a long shot for Glastonbury to be honest.
  3. Thanks, I’ve never gone that far, I don’t understand why two word documents are needed though??
  4. This! I have the album, I love it
  5. Only seen from the outside, the Greek Theater is another good option (Saw Aerosmith there), can't really comment on the LA Forum as was there way back in 1984 (Elton John). Apart from music, if you haven't been, my favourite from a visit two years ago was walking up above the Griffith Observatory and watching the sunset from there, see my photo below:
  6. Why not try the Hollywood Bowl? Iconic venue, plenty of acts playing there, and you can see it from the road even if you don’t go to a gig.
  7. I put up my own efestival superfence up and avoid entering into political discussions here, I find it very relaxing to do this, and is my little online escape from the world outside.
  8. The figure of a million plus has been quoted for more than one year. As @crazyfool1 says it's likely to be exaggerated because of different IP addresses used by many people, and many people registered won't try every year, and if it were really a million it doesn't make sense when the success rate on efestivals is probably more like 50% (Quite likely we try harder and cleverer on average I guess). Makes more sense to me to think in terms of 500,000 to 750,000 people trying, of which say 20% are casual, in smaller groups or disorganised. Total guesswork of course.
  9. Completed, good luck with your course.
  10. Yes, I was there...(They don't make 'em like that anymore...)
  11. Technically he’s not really lying as he’s not singing ‘I Wrote This Song’ and he did co-write Copacabana. Why the hell I'm sticking up for him I’ll never know!
  12. Yes, they had their own pre-sale invitation only ticket window. A friend benefitted from that a couple of years, but he didn’t get the offer last year so I guess it may have changed.
  13. I’m pretty sure there was never a real suggestion of WW having priority tickets.
  14. I'm trying to work out the reasoning, as there's doesn't appear to be more coach tickets on sale, and as they sell out very quickly anyway, what's the point? Doesn't make the festival any greener.
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