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  1. Avalon_Fields

    Worst Album Covers

    Also...The Shins last one was dreadful! On the other hand, what could be awful - dressed as an Emperor, walking on water - the latest Kamasi Washington cover is fantastic and funny...
  2. Avalon_Fields

    Worst Album Covers

    Greatest band with the worst cover art - my vote goes for REM. I dislike all their cover art, even though I'm presuming they put some thought into the process...
  3. Avalon_Fields

    Weather 2017

    Makes me depressed. I want it to be torrential this weekend. Oh what might have been...
  4. Avalon_Fields

    왜 스팸입니까? 한국인은 여기 없습니다. 가버려.

    나는 사랑하는 김정은
  5. Avalon_Fields

    1.3 million - does Michael Eavis know something we don't know ?

    I believe it was Friday around 6pm? It was my first Glastonbury, I eventually got tickets around half past Midnight. From the Glastonbury Festival website, 2003: Tickets sold out in under 24 hours making this year the fastest selling Glastonbury Festival. It was widely acclaimed as ‘the best yet’
  6. Avalon_Fields

    Old Music Thread

    Took the gamble to buy a ticket for Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets gigs later in the year, the early Pink Floyd setlist is amazing...who knows what the band are like!
  7. Avalon_Fields

    Capacity of Each Stage?

    Around 40 squeeze into the Underground Piano Bar. (Which has a stage, so qualifies as such). Is this the smallest venue?
  8. Avalon_Fields

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Agree...because of that performance I’ve bought a couple of tickets for the Manchester gig
  9. Avalon_Fields

    don't mess with the badgers

    If they ever make a decent album I'll support them....unlikely based on this effort....
  10. Avalon_Fields

    Old Music Thread

    Difficult to come up with many live albums where the extra songs enhance the original. Anyway, dug out the double LP to play....
  11. Avalon_Fields

    2018 New Music

    Really enjoying two new releases, Eleanor Friedburger's Rebound, and Gaz Coombes's World's Strongest Man
  12. Avalon_Fields

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    So, returned from a truly exceptional alternative to Glastonbury, http://www.nablusfestival.org/. Crossed the wall from Jerusalem into the occupied West Bank and stayed in Nablus for 3 days. Impressions were of the wonderfully friendly Palestinians who despite the odds are doing OK. The Festival is in it's 3rd year and trying to bring some culture to an area that so much needs all the support they can get. Family life is of course so strong in that part of the world, but there is little else for them. When it comes to what we would seek in the way of 'entertainment' and night life...there's almost nothing. The crucial difference between the festival and anything in the UK was the 'cause' was everything, and was directly impacting and integral to the city & it's people, not some faintly distant 'for charity' enterprise. I loved the experience, admit to being apprehensive on arrival, the quality of the music was variable (Kindest words I can use), the Bristol band Chai For All played if anyone knows them, as were some Chilean protest singers, a weird, ambient Japanese act, and as per the photo below, my son playing in the refugee camp. Google Project Hope Palestine if anyone is interested in volunteering for a good cause. (As an experience, travelling through Israel, Jordan & The West Bank/Palestine was stunning).
  13. Avalon_Fields

    Arcade Fire

    This thread has given me more of a buzz for the Manchester gig tonight, was beginning to think I’d seen them enough times but up for it now. if it’s half as good as The Reflektors @ Blackpool I’ll be happy!
  14. Avalon_Fields

    T. DAY

  15. Avalon_Fields

    Dissertation help, has anyone been to glastonbury before?

    OK, completed.