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  1. I’d have no problem if the festival has fewer big acts this year, would hardly make any difference to me.
  2. Way higher than I’d have imagined. It that including the government bail-out funds? I don’t quite understand why they’ve got such high liabilities and costs as the festival was cancelled fairly early on?
  3. Avalon_Fields

    Campsite Poll

    I camped right opposite The Glade, back when you could camp there, in 2004. I’m still recovering…. Since that time, really miss many years at Big Ground but now I chicken out at CV East.
  4. Coz I Luv You is what got me into music. That and T Rex's Hot Love. Yet I've never seen either band. I once walked past Dave Hill of Slade on a Birmingham street and he was dressed in one of his all white stage outfits, one of the funniest sights I've seen, something like this one:
  5. Depends on the degree. I damaged my hearing at the second gig I ever went to, Uriah Heep (OK I know it serves me right having such bad taste), I’ve had tinnitus ever since but it’s only mild. When I used to go to loud gigs my ears would be ringing for a couple of days and the tinnitus would be more noticeable, I’ve been careful for 20 years now and wear ear plugs occasionally but mainly I’m not really interested in loud gigs anymore. It’s not been a major issue to me but I hope my experience may help others be at least aware of the risks. I don’t regret going to all those rock acts back in the day.
  6. Our family wedding, due on the 2nd January near Scarborough, a year late, looks like it’s going ahead, despite everything including the bride trying to cancel a week ago as restrictions seemed inevitable (The hotel refused to give the money back hence its still on). Only 4 out of 40 guests have dropped out, for obvious reasons. It’s difficult to believe it’s really happening, and since the postponement a year ago twins were born and the mother nearly died due to complications, but now everyone is well. Added excitement is my son on guitar/vocals is playing the music and I’m the wedding photographer so 2022 is going to begin for us with great enjoyment and positivity!
  7. I guess it will be harder for some, with the ticket balance payment due a month earlier than previously, early March may be difficult to decide for those still nervous. Positive is it hopefully increases the chances of those on efestivals waiting for the resale.
  8. It is, music taste is subjective so that’s all there is to say. Uncontroversially Ted Nugent is the loudest man in rock. When I saw him I was standing near the speakers. It was seriously difficult to keep upright.
  9. It would be interesting to see the stats on average range over the last 20 years. I’d guess it’s a little older now? Certainly before the fence it was probably a lot younger? it’s a great festival by attracting all age groups, and catering for almost all music and arts tastes, but I do think it’s a serious issue if the average age is growing, as it would be only a matter of time before it’s viewed as less attractive for the young and then it’s reputation may fade.
  10. Seems to imply they're running out of ideas?
  11. Lovely. I think some of the placemats are my photos. Doubly-lovely!
  12. For sure the announcements, more interested in the less obvious so whatever's on at West Holt or Avalon or The Park. Beyond that watching the fence being built, knowing we are nearly there...
  13. I'm booking a Pink Floyd/Deep Purple double-header for my garden...
  14. Yes, for gigs. Festivals I've got 3 now so I definitely don't want any more in 2022. Bearded Theory, Glastonbury, WOMAD. Gigs I've found recently with all the hassle of daily life - I'm enjoying them less than I'd expect. I'm not concerned to be in such environments, just my optimism to keep going has taken such a battering I'm exhausted! Most of what I've got coming up are on the endless cycle of postponements and rescheduling. Only really new one is Wet Leg.
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