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  1. Agree The Strokes were a very pleasant surprise. Consistently good.
  2. Totally agree and believe, it’s going ahead unless there’s a serious issue with the vaccine. I’m hearing a small festival in late summer is going ahead, they have no great pot of cash and they wouldn’t be taking the risk unless they were confident.
  3. I even dream about being at Brothers Bar. Traditional Wednesday lunchtime meet ups for us. I know it will make me blissfully happy in 2021.
  4. He was a superb song writer. The band should have got much more recognition, in my view they were the precursors to Queen, rock with harmonies and flair and some lengthy, intricate songs. They made about 8 really good albums.
  5. Why did no one tell me this before?
  6. Crazy isn’t it. The tickets I bought for Elton John will be 3 years in advance of the rescheduled new late 2021 date.
  7. Really enjoying The Queen’s Gambit so far....
  8. I feel positive, but it’s fragile as some in our group keep saying it won’t happen, which I just don’t want to listen to, but I know my reaction is based out of fear. Worst case - we are approaching halfway between Glastonbury 2019 and 2022, so that prospect gives me some cheer.
  9. What's the 'leaks' of SAGE minutes...when they're publicly published??
  10. One of our Glastonbury group (Who also helps run FMS) used to work with him, she says he has a wicked sense of humour.
  11. I agree, it's been a good year, although the only album I have on the first list is the Laura Marling one, on the second her + Songhoy Blues + Dylan - all of which I do like a lot. I'd probably place Frazey Ford, Ray Lamontagne & The Flaming Lips in my Top 10. I guess Springsteen & Bill Callahan too.
  12. I agree. The average age of death by Covid-19 is in the 80's, so it's reasonable to expect a significant proportion of the elderly will be safe within a small number of months, all being well. Yes, younger people will still have every chance of getting infected, but a very small chance of dying so this doesn't in my view legitimise further lockdowns. (If it were, we may as well lockdown every winter due to the 10,000's who die of the flu).
  13. I like this: Sir John Bell, a member of the Government’s vaccine task force, said he could say “with some confidence” that Britain could return to normal life by spring.
  14. Don’t know whether it’s wise or obsessive but I have 33 of them on cd and/or vinyl. .....and a few compilations not on the list. Of the less obvious ones, always lowly rated but I have a soft spot for Old Ways and Hitchhiker.
  15. I’ll have you know Boris has it ‘oven ready’
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