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  1. I’ll use my iPhone plenty, I fully understand the appeal of being disconnected for the festival, but will admit to be too wedded to my phone and will use for: 1. Festival news and secret gigs, it’s worked for me several times 2. Photos, I love capturing moments at the festival and may even bring my camera this time too 3. Keeping in touch with our group at the festival via WhatsApp 4. I’ll check on the outside world and efests each morning So to do all this I’ve built up a number of chargers to keep the iPhone running, never yet had to queue at EE
  2. Marvellous, I’ll be front row for Marc Bolan. Get it on!
  3. I’m only going to Bearded so I can be first to hear the full line up from The Thingy
  4. Bearded is like a delicious starter to wet your appetite before the main Glastonbury course.
  5. Avalon_Fields

    eFestivals meet

    I hope it happens, I’ll be there if it does! All are welcome I’m sure.
  6. Well, as usual I’m totally manic: Now: Istanbul Süleymaniye Mosque 19th Gallipoli 23rd Home, and photography for Manchester Jazz Festival 24th Bearded Theory 7th Ludlow weekend 12th Gig with my band 15th Starting Volunteering for the Cricket World Cup 21st London trip 23th A little performance at Manchester Day 24th Meeting up with the gang near festival for the Monday night
  7. Heritage acts, a real gamble to go see, can ruin your appreciation of them, or reaffirm your devotion. Biggest Glastonbury disappointment for me was Paul Simon ( he was unwell, I know). lesser of a gamble, I hope to see Bananarama - if you can call them heritage - and as I never really liked them I’m not going to be devastated if they’re awful.
  8. I’m older still, I’m Captain Sensible these days.
  9. Brings back memories, many of us used to stay in the Travelodge on the Tuesday, booking it before tickets went on sale, and venture up the Tor, best day we went up was in 2009, if you zoom into the photo you can see the festival reasonably well. If you properly want to see it you’d need binoculars!
  10. I love the tent - and the bandstand - although the lineup only ever has a couple of acts that interest me, Leftwich I’d like to see, Dead South there or at the Avalon, and Hip Route sound good too. Well worth at least one visit. As per the heritage music thread...I saw Curved Air there a few years, loved it!
  11. I have to say I saw them 2 years ago, the set was mainly newer material with around 3 songs from their heyday, I’d only consider seeing them again if I know it’s mainly the old stuff (Parcel of Rogues, Now We Are Six, Below The Salt albums eg).
  12. Some of the best heritage acts I’ve seen at the festival were complete surprises, like The Zombies and Lulu, so I live in hope for this year.
  13. Avalon_Fields


    Zooming in to the top of the towers, this:
  14. What I did see was Cockmill Croft Farm (Where Camp Kerala is, and presumably parts of CV East) has an estimated value of £1,100,000. I guess it’s quite a small farm.
  15. I had a look, you have to pay to access.
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