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  1. I don't see it being an important aim right now to be fully free of Covid, as no country is likely to remain free of the virus permanently until the world situation is much more under control. We certainly won't be back to fully normality, but we won't be too far off. There will be restricted foreign travel for the rest of the year at least. 99% there.
  2. Roger Waters wasn’t the difficult one of Pink Floyd. (I’ve met Dave Gilmour and no one can be as difficult as he was).
  3. Relics, albeit a compilation hence the exclusion, beats many on the list I reckon.
  4. Remiss of me, but I'm not the greatest Who fan so I'm not familiar with many of their albums, but I recently acquired The Who Sell Out reissue (mono & stereo versions). After a couple of listens I understand why it's so highly regarded. It's a brilliant bit of 1967 pop. What's more, unusual for these reissues, some of the extra tracks are class too. Better than Tommy in my opinion. Recommended. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/apr/26/the-who-sell-out-reissue
  5. Tempted, but seeing them at Bearded Theory anyway. Played their most recent album American Head endlessly. Love them more than ever.
  6. I am hoping to visit Bristol again this year so I will have to explore. I've photos of all the main Manchester street art, this is a recent addition:
  7. I love it! I'm a big fan of street art too.
  8. Impossible not to like saxophone solos: (I'm ready to be shot down)
  9. Avalon_Fields


    Or maybe they’ve done an album of Clangers covers!
  10. Which tempts me to say every band influenced by The Velvet Underground are better than The Velvet Underground.
  11. What!? Scientists admit they can be wrong? They’ll find something else to scare us I’m sure.
  12. Because no one scientist or group of scientists has a monopoly of all knowledge. Much of their advise is to interpret figures and model projections. So the assumptions they put into their models isn’t science, it is estimates based on scientific thought. Much of science isn’t certain, it’s not black and white, and some models are proven right some are shown to be incorrect. So it’s sensible to seek alternative opinions if in doubt.
  13. Anything to do with Glastonbury is tempting but I reckon the farm has too strong memories for me, I’d be sitting there the whole time thinking what might have been. I’ll wait until 2022.
  14. Avalon_Fields


    You’re exactly right. Everyday Life perhaps the worst example of inconsistency. Is there definitely an album coming or is it a one off single?
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