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  1. Two pubs down, a couple of more planned this week. Interpretations of proper safe practices are ‘variable’ to be kind, but more disappointed a local last night was quiet. Yet more pubs will close no doubt.
  2. Going to the pub today, not at all worried (Then again, I’ve had the virus).
  3. I’m predicting we only have to wear masks on the monorail
  4. I've given up with Slow Rush. Should I try again or is it really as boring as several plays suggested to me?
  5. Avalon_Fields

    BBC Glastonbury

    I'm enjoying The Cure, only caught about an hour of the gig live.
  6. Same as me. Front row. Stayed for Inspiral Carpets & Echo and the Bunneymen immediately after. I remember Love on the Rocks very well.
  7. REM, Pyramid 2003. One of the rare years I saw the full sets of all 3 headliners, Radiohead on the Saturday, Moby the Sunday.
  8. So that’s why I never got the one I arranged to get! Don’t worry....it’s not a problem.
  9. We lost a really good friend to Covid this week, she was elderly and only been in a care home for a few months, in Sale, Manchester. At least 10 other recent deaths there. She isn’t on the figures as the doctor said she didn’t have the virus at the time of death. Seems wrong somehow.
  10. Phew...looks like my booked trip to Pembrokshire in late July will be on. I'm happy.
  11. Do you mean those wearing big, crazy hats?? 😄
  12. Will Neil be issuing the virtual name badges? (How the hell we know who everyone is I don't know, unless we temporarily change our names to our efest identities.
  13. I'll try and get a virtual backdrop of the Ridge & Furrow bar for maximum virtual authenticity. I expect to be joining in...
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