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  1. Forecast is still dry all weekend, but cold Sunday. it’s been a rubbish day up here in Manchester
  2. Signatures have been required for some years, but I’ve had at least one year before where they just put it through the letterbox.
  3. Can’t wait to see it again, one of my favourite stages anywhere
  4. Yes, agree with the above. I enjoyed doing it, just did it on my own but I have no inhibitions in approaching people and asked them to not leave anything behind. Maybe 75% were very switched on and keen to do their bit, a minority obviously were less interested. I asked the guy I reported to on Big Ground campsite crew to send me a photo from the Monday afternoon so I could see what it was like but he never did.
  5. Apocalypse Nal The Horror, The Horror
  6. I’ve done WW a couple of times, covering Big Ground, in previous years it wasn’t the greatest organisation but I enjoyed the experience and still have the T shirt somewhere.
  7. Avalon_Fields


    Can’t see details of this year, but most of 2019 will be the same: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/bars/
  8. Ultimate Ears have a good reputation, customised to your ears. Expensive. https://ultimateear.com/product-category/music/music-hearing-protection/
  9. Inevitably I was back too late and missed the ticket delivery. Now the inconvenient drive to the post depot tomorrow.
  10. West Holts the most important announcement yet to come for me, then I can properly start some planning, I’ve very little nailed on so far, in a state of confusion
  11. If it’s only Hyde Park in the UK I may as well go to Paris or Dublin instead. I can’t see me missing the tour. Wasn’t the 2022 rumoured/leaked tour including Manchester?
  12. Good luck! They must correct their own mistake I’m sure
  13. Leonard Cohen made me cry in 2008. It was just a fabulous festival for me and I was was struck with the realisation it was coming to an end, packing my tent away at Big Ground. (He's been making me cry ever since 😄)
  14. Unmissable! Will say hello, one oldie to another.
  15. Tuesday in the CV fields, congregating at the top of the hill of death - there was even a band playing there in 2019 - having a few drinks and laughs, going down to those already queuing at gate C to say hello, and just gazing over the site and going ‘wow’
  16. Dare I say, BBC weather forecast for the entire festival is looking dry & sunny.
  17. Yes, of course, I was forgetting Shangri-La was open Thursdays (I still reckon they're a good bet for Williams Green)
  18. I'll admit to being in the most mature, wise, and experienced category.
  19. Yeah, massive fan and very much looking forward to seeing them. Their most recent albums are excellent. Also, encouragingly, the latest Placebo offering is very strong too. Best BT set of headliners ever I’d say.
  20. ...yeah, and exactly the same socks as you've already got...
  21. Interesting thought. Might not be a bad thing, go out on a reasonable high and not just fade away...
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