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  1. Will be fascinating to watch it. Or wait for it to be on at Cinerarmageddon next year!!
  2. They're already selling on Viagogo at up to £135 each. I hate these ticket sites!
  3. No, failed for Manchester, right on at 9am but no luck.
  4. Good one. Plenty that fits. I thought Emmylou Harris had retired but I see she's playing in Spain in June so it's quite possible.
  5. Often the best album is the one that takes repeated plays to appreciate. I try and persevere, especially if it’s highly rated and I think it’s just me missing something. From this year, Carnage I thought was dull and didn’t listen again for ages, now I think it’s really good.
  6. 1. Kings of Leon - When You See Yourself 2. King Gizzard Lizard Wizard - Butterfly 3000 3. Lindsey Buckingham - Lindsey Buckingham 4. The Coral - Coral Island 5. Nick Cave - Carnage 6. The Killers - Pressure Machine 7. The War on Drugs - I Don't Live Here 8. Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever 9. Black Country New Road - For The First Time 10. The Stranglers - Dark Matters Conscious of my uncool listings. The Stranglers for fucks sake!!
  7. Hopefully the omicron in 2-3 weeks is deemed no great threat so at worst it’s a brief delay in any large tours. If it’s proven to be a real threat we will see pandemonium again I fear.
  8. Sounds interesting. Anyone seen them live/recommend?
  9. My next gig is a Scottish band. It could go the same way too! (I’m pissed off now at the thought).
  10. It's a small gig. Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band at Night & Day Manchester. American bluesy slide guitar. I saw them in Croissant Neuf years ago and been looking forward to seeing them again. Put back to 2022.
  11. Had my first gig postponed due to Omicron. It's deja vu all over again.
  12. Is his farewell tour lasting the rest of his life?? Or will it be Farewell Tour 2 like Ozzie's No More Tours 2?
  13. Just checked. He's in Paris on June 25, 27, 28th 2023, so it's not impossible but I reckon highly unlikely. (Maybe Friday 23rd?)
  14. So, if Elton isn't there for 2023 will we ever see him on the farm? If he's sticking to his retirement from performing pledge that is....
  15. Altin Gun have a couple of European festivals in June, I’d hope they are a strong bet for Glastonbury, West Holts or The Park.
  16. I’m not so bothered about seeing Jack White again, more interested in him putting out a good album again, it’s been too long since he did something really worthwhile I feel.
  17. First Aid Kit in Bristol 26th June. Gotta be….
  18. 2022 tickets on sale Wednesday 8th December at midday!
  19. Im glad the dirty blues stuff is getting a recognition, Billy F Gibbons & The Black Keys - I’ve enjoyed them both
  20. No. You can have it if you want, let me know. Cheers
  21. It’s good value compared to a typical arena gig price or other festivals for sure. I’d rather go to Glastonbury and give up all other gigs I go to in a typical year if the finances forced me to.
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