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  1. I'm not one for private number plates but I would pay a fortune for that one if I could afford it
  2. Nice pics Oneeye, I never get bored with this thread, thanks for sharing
  3. Oh, I just googled Jo Rush, he has a great past with Micheal Eavis and the festival... Joe Rush
  4. Hey, I dont post much on Efests anymore, but I do still lurk here. I've just checked out all three of your albums. I loved them. I thinks its great the way you capture lots of random scenes rather than take specific snaps of stages and people, it really shows off the essence of Glasto. See you in 2019 at the cider bus ;)

  5. Ah that is fantastic @idb I'm massive Bowie fan but I missed seeing this that year. Of course I saw him play - was it G200? I've watched a couple of times in the late 80's and nineties as well. I hope you don't mind if I grab a copie (Bless you for putting up the full res) to make a canava photo of. Thanks idb
  6. Hi Neil I don't know if you are after this kind of rumour, maybe you could put it in a news letter as a kind of 'filler'. If not, hope you liked reading it A couple of days ago my son and went for a walk around the site. I've taken good few pics, but I think most people will think there're nothing special these days. Anyway, we stopped for lunch in pub a couple of miles east of Pilton called the Prestleigh Inn. There I got talking to the Land Lord. After telling him where we had been he told me there was a guy staying there called Joe Rush. It turns out he was the designer of the art motif on the top of the Pyramid stage for when the Stones played. He's staying at the pub now while designing and creating the new stage motif for 2019! Enough of a tit bit to be a rumour? or newsworthy maybe? No matter, I hope all is well - G
  7. Staberinde

    Camp Triangle Badges

    Just a a few sketches of possible badge ideas for Camp Triangle 2009
  8. GREAT vid Ted, Thanks for sharing, but didn't you take any stills? Don't get me wrong. Love the vid, but it's great to study large res photo's to see whats changed this year. I did that myself last year on the 14th rather than the 16th. I thought the site was still fairly empty two weeks before, so this year I have my flight plan booked on Monday 27th evening. Last year photo's here Of course I'll be publishing this years pics late Monday evening. EDIT> I see you've posted this three times in three topics! It deserves it's own thread Ted, start a new topic, then all the comments will be in the same place. It's now bookmarked in my favs on U-tube. Really excited now
  9. you're not 'thee' Rube of old, are you?

  10. Ditto, and welcome to efests Lenaar Hope you stick around
  11. Great pic. Last year before the Festival I heard in tribute to Glastonbury's 40th anniversary, they were going to flood light the Tor. Did anyone see this at all?
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