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  1. I'll dig this thread out and post some pics when/if he ever makes a prototype Thanks guys, great response and started a bit of mug banter 👍
  2. Callum is 17 and is studying products design. He has been to loads of festivals since he was born and so is trying to come up with a unique design for the perfect festival mug as part of his studies If any one can help please would you fill out this very simple survey. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MGLMP9S Thanks all 😊
  3. I'm guessing the tickets will roll over again, but that is a long way off. Crikey, it would really suck for the people who have already got a refund of their 2020 ticket because they can't make 2021, but could actually make 2022! 😯
  4. I always look forward to new images in this thread. I was not expecting that Chris! 😄
  5. Crikey Incident, that whole reply could be written word for word in some future history of Glastonbury Festival. I wholeheartedly agree, well said 👏
  6. I have, every once in a while it's a conversation starter when some people notice it. I did start to remove it once when I was cleaning the car, but gave up... after a few months the sickyness reallty really sicks
  7. Ive read the whole topic with interest and I agree with all of the comments so far. I don't believe the Glastonbury Success story will end anytime soon. I love the way GF always evolve and try and bring in new attractions, some of the permanent - those foundation footings for the pier for example. The future is in good hands with Emily and I wonder if a third Eavis generation will take over one day. I've been to over 20 Glasto's and while I will always try to get tickets, because of the demand, I will always treat each year as my last.
  8. Ah, after a quick search I'm guessing you bought it, Well I never realised there was so much choice https://www.google.com/search?q=bicycle+trailer&safe=strict&sxsrf=ACYBGNTNL_2HOxrKgNE6q68DXba3cMuCOw:1580826616871&source=lnms&tbm=shop&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjTwMyHjrjnAhVDtnEKHV0KC7EQ_AUoAXoECA8QAw&biw=1874&bih=865
  9. Ive been thinking about building a new trolley for this year, @crazyfool1 Did you buy that yourself or is it a self build?
  10. Staberinde


    Ive read all the above replies from my last post. Fascinating stuff. I'm guessing you'll cast the way you're comfortable with GlastoCast so just keep up the good work. If you widely advertised it around the interweb on all your social media etc, for one Glastocast Twitch Stream special - say the middle of June - I reckon you'll have a good crowd tune in, so many people will be super hyped by then.
  11. Heh, Fatboy Slim has his own personal trailer there
  12. Staberinde


    "Only two of us live in London" That gives me the impression you are all in the same room when you cast. Can't you use some kind of audio software and and chat from your respective homes while recording the cast? Have you ever thought about a live stream on Twitch when your listeners can ask you questions live in chat? Or am I hoping for to much to soon
  13. I have to warn you Wilby, if its a muddy one it can be hellish trying to get out on Monday morning. They have a fleet of tractors towing cars+caravan and campervans, you can spend hours and hours without moving. That is the worse case scenario. If you can't miss your ferry and it is a muddy one it will be best to stay sober and drive out Sunday afternoon/evening. However... it'll be sunny this year, so you'll be fine - I would aim to leave before 6am though, anytime after 8 onwards and the long queues form
  14. Another vote for Cat Stevens... he's at the Cambridge Folk festival this year. For a bit of nostalgia plus a helping of cheese, how about The Wurzels? If I remember right didn't they cancel late one year because they thought The Bandstand venue was beneath them (just gossip?) Then I think they may have played since but I definitely missed them. Bloody Hell, imagine them playing on a makeshift stage out of a tractor trailer at the Cider Bus! "I am a ciderr drinkerr, I drink it for most of the day - ohh R ooh R aye! No? maybe not then
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