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    Still trying to give up the fags,
    still into whiskey and chocalate.
    still into Glastonburry.

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  1. Staberinde


    That's just the perspective of the cam view. The spider is as far from those tents behind it as it is from each Arc bar
  2. Staberinde


    Probably. I'm just in a good mood, passing time browsing Glasto related forums here and on FB plus a few Discords, talking bollix 😉 You spelt wether wrong 🤣
  3. Staberinde


    Unlike you to post the same info that's already be covered recently you Crazy Fool 😄
  4. What a whole lot fuss about nothing. Here's a trolley I modded 12 years ago with my 6 yo son, now he's 18 and he's refurbished it for his use this year. I'm making one from scratch this year based on two old bike wheels and a third sack barrel trolley wheel font and middle. It will glide through the mud and grass Like Borris J through a public enquiry 😄
  5. Yes, it's that simple. The supports for the tents are 'air tubes'. You need a pump to blow up the tent to pitch it. No poles needed. They are more expensive and more heavier.
  6. Do you mean the difference between Air and Poles?
  7. What a nice little teaser, thanks for posting this. Everything seemed familiar.
  8. Staberinde


    From Bimble Inn FB page, three hours ago
  9. Staberinde


    Thanks Vardy. Do you know what the venue actually does at Glasto tho?
  10. Staberinde


    What is the Crystal Maze?
  11. Staberinde


    Most definitely, all I'm saying we can't rule it out.... that's just me Glastobating 😏
  12. Staberinde


    To be frank, the difference between putting up a Large Spider and an Even Larger Mega-Spider, is minimal surely? They will both be pre-fabricated off site and will 'bolt' together in much the same way. However I'm sure the larger one will have more components. That said, what's another 12 hours or so. Disclaimer: I have no clue what I am talking about I just love Glastobating 😃
  13. Staberinde


    Maybe it's just a rehash of the old props for whatever is there this year. This is an old pic
  14. Staberinde


    Maybe see more than just his left elbow 😄
  15. Staberinde


    Hope to see anyone here at the Green Peace stage to watch Beans on Toast on Sunday afternoon His sets are.... Thursday - Truth Stage 18:20 Friday Rabbit Hole 17:00 Saturday - Avalon Cafe Stage 01:00 Sunday - Greenpeace 15:00 Have I missed any?
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