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  1. And here we go... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1u_-48BuZvGwSIIF-vBhJ6fdjL1izXjUd?usp=sharing A massive A0-ish pdf that I'll use to make the poster. An 1800x1603 version that'll do A4 (ahem or a T-shirt) both with a white or transparent background. A 1080x1920 version you could use as a lockscreen. And versions with Spring Ground camping on as a favour for a friend. Have also made a couple of small fixes here or there.
  2. If only I had the good sense to draw it in something sensible and not PowerPoint. Yes really. I'm a slide monkey and a sucker for punishment I guess. I'll be exporting an A0ish print quality pdf at some point to make the poster for the FWS marquee. Will pop a link on here when I do.
  3. Confirmed this with GFL. It's next to Bread & Roses at that junction so have put it there. For sure. Here's a high res version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=18mTD3L4iyQZ8T8MYWy7grzam04vjgghq That'll print to A4 at 150dpi. I'm no expert, you'd really have to check with GFL, but I'd imagine that just naming a piece that way is fine. It's using those trademarks within the piece itself that would be problematic. The map doesn't run 'true' north-south, just how I've always felt the site works if that makes sense. In my head the railway track junction down from the st
  4. Thank you. After a bunch of people were kind enough to say the same the last couple of years we did look into it with the idea that proceedings would go to Festival Welfare Services but no dice sadly ? Transport for London were cool about it so long as we didn't use their roundel logo. But Glastonbury Festivals Limited are understandably protective of their trademarks, including 'Glasto' and 'Pyramid stage' amongst others. We can't sell it, even as a charity.
  5. Yeah, it's kinda annoying but there are no points of interest at those junctions. (Tbh it was a bit of a stretch to use Webbs Ash Bridge but I always liked that bridge so...) Plus it's already really cramped in that section so I left them out. I know what you mean. On the first version I tried really hard to make them 'proper' stations. But it looked odd as they aren't at crossroads. I tried using conjoined circles (like for Bank or Kings Cross) to connect the junctions on either side of those stages... but that just looked weird. At the end of the day, this map is all about the paths
  6. Hey everyone! I reckon I've just about finished updating the Glasto tube-style map for 2019. You guys have given some useful feedback on this the last couple of times and I know a few of you have found it useful so let me know what you think! This is based on as much as I could glean from a fairly recent General Site Plan and various comments from all over. I've managed to cram in a few more points of interest, hopefully without getting too cramped, reworked Silver Hayes to better reflect the layout, and updated the naughty corner to match the current set up. It aint perfect – wanted to
  7. Mornin' neighbour <tugs on brim> See you in a few weeks. Might try bothering you for your chainsaw at some point if you don't mind? For the firewood. Rotating shifts so couldn't tell you when I'll be on but keep an eye out for the brown stripy jumper answering to Pete.
  8. That's cool man. That's why we're there and why we have it burning all night, every night If you see a tall guy with a beard hoofing logs onto it say Hi and I'll make you a cuppa ☕
  9. I work at Green Welfare. That's immediately south of the railway track right at the junction where you exit from the one-way system. I can personally attest that those security guards will not let you through - even when it's pretty quiet. The one-way system is taken very seriously and it's just not worth the hassle they'd catch if they let the odd body slip through. Related point, we very occasionally get a few punters trying to rush behind Welfare hoping they can cut through our camping area (full of sleepy shift-workers and kids) and through the hedge onto the track. I daresay Croissan
  10. Although I don't spend as much time here as I used to, I still rely on efests for all my Glastonbury info – have done since 98 or whenever it was you started. For the hundreds (thousands?) of hours I must've spent glastobating all over this forum, I'm more than happy to stump £18 towards your costs. Keep up the good work Neil and hope you have a great festival season.
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