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  1. On the assumption that whoever made that list just pasted in new information and didn't delete any old stuff out of caution/lack of clarification, I'm thinking the Glade Stage is in the trees and the Dome is the marquee. Too late to update the Green Welfare tube map banner but I've updated the versions here if anyone wants 'em for themselves: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Zk05o3lQnU_6Ht9gvfJ4HQOy-nd9lUY0?usp=sharing
  2. Totally with you. It bugs me too. But there's really nothing at that junction. The Tony Benn Tower is the next junction over with the meeting point etc. I could put in a double station, listing both the cider bus over this spot and the village green (or whatever that bar is called) over the other one, but I've kinda avoided including the bars otherwise (coupla notable exceptions). I've basically resigned myself to it being the big annoying flaw.
  3. Done! In the shared folder now too.
  4. Huh. I just attached those to the post directly do should work. However, try this link to my Google Drive.
  5. Um. Yeah. Fair point. Totally see what you're saying. And I wasn't too happy with the SONIC/WOW junction thing either. Plus I've got another tube line colour to play with now so... I think this makes sense. 220613_2022 Glasto tube map.pdf
  6. Ugh. The plot thickens. However, I really want to send the banner to print, so unless anyone's got a hook up with a Glade person, I'm just gonna have to draw a line under this and accept it might be wrong. The pdf and jpg should both be sufficient for high quality print (300dpi is ample for this - prolly more than most T-shirt printers use) at approx A4 sorta dimensions (i.e. with T-shirts in mind). If anyone wants more resolution for whatever reason I can supply but tbh this should be fine.
  7. Okay! Now with the Glade Stage and Glade Dome switched... 220613_2022 Glasto tube map_no arrow.pdf
  8. Fair enough. Will switch them. Personally I like the sound of the pressure coming off the actual glade (of trees) area. It's way nicer when it's not rammed solid.
  9. Maybe you've been walking in through gate B? Gate A is definitely off to the north-west, at Yellow gate, beyond John Peel. Ah okay. Yeah, Block 9 is a funny area - it basically fills most of that space north of the railway line all the way up to and including Ilcon, and with a hedge cutting through the middle of it to separate it into Block 9 East and West (which I don't have room for). The little 'station' tick mark lines are meant to signify the closest/main entrance to a thoroughfare, in this case the railway track. But you can totally get to most things from other directions, e.g. walking over from Genosys. Aha. Nice one, thank you. That helps with a couple of lingering questions I had.
  10. Yeah, I'm kinda guessing but on the official map, that looks to be a marquee in the usual Glade Lounge spot, which I assume is the Dome, with the 'main' Glade stage in its usual position. Very ready to be corrected if anyone knows otherwise though. Lizard Stage is a dinky little chai and world music stage. Figured I might as well wedge them in. Thank you. Are you sure? I can never remember shit about the layout down there but the 2019 map definitely had NYC in that spot. Maybe it's been moved? Anyone know this stuff definitively?
  11. Gotcha. I think I'm happy with this version. Unless anyone points out anything wrong, I'm gonna run with it. So here's the 2022 Green Welfare Glasto tube map 🙂 Hope it helps and have a great festival! If you'd like to win a massive banner of it, come buy a raffle ticket from Green Welfare (just off the railway track heading to the stone circle). 220612_2022 Glasto tube map_no arrow.pdf
  12. Actually, ignore me. The just-released EE map has most of the smaller stages on it. Gonna crib that and call it a day. Will post the result here once ready.
  13. Last call for any detailed layout info for the smaller venues in the south-east corner, Silver Hayes and Park...? I'm gonna finalize the tube map and send it to print tomorrow I reckon. Will go with the level of detail on the public map unless anyone's got a better one yet?
  14. Do you (or anyone?) have a map of this year's SEC? I've trying a new scaling on the map. I've kept it broadly realistic before but have tried vertically stretching out the crunched up south and middle more at the expense of the north. Kind of a reverse Mercator in favour of the south/Greenfields, which I'm fine with. Gives me a bit more room for SEC but need to refer to a map to place pins. My memories of that area are not... good enough.
  15. Yeah, that's the size of it. Years ago, I did look into the charity that runs the Green Welfare tent (who I volunteer with) selling T-shirts and mugs or whatever to raise funds. Transport for London are fine with people using the style of their map, they just won't let you use the roundel as is. They even suggested doing it with a different background shape, hence the pyramid. But Glastonbury Festivals Limited is reasonably protective of its trademarks, including the stage names (e.g. 'The Pyramid Stage' is ™), so those labels can't be used on something being sold. So we just print a mega sized version on the side of the Green Welfare tent, and I stick it online for people to sort themselves out.
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