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  1. deadstillstanding

    2017 Glastonbury tube map

    The more you do the happier I'll be
  2. deadstillstanding

    2017 Glastonbury tube map

    Go crazy. Please use it, share it and have a great festival.
  3. deadstillstanding

    2017 Glastonbury tube map

    Not at all. Please share it far and wide. I want it to be used. I'm @deadstill on Twitter and Instagram. Good night from the site!
  4. deadstillstanding

    Weather 2017

    Well it was bloody lovely yesterday and I'm looking forward to an amazing week, even if the weekend goes a bit wobbly. Pic from about 5pm looking into Greenfields.
  5. deadstillstanding

    2017 Glastonbury tube map

    It's true! Very chuffed I was too. Not sure Neville Street junior was as convinced...
  6. deadstillstanding

    2017 Glastonbury tube map

    It definitely might improve Silver Hayes. The discussion is all good though. There are a few different ways to do this map, I know 'cos I've tried them all. Last year I spent the best part of a week trying to reconcile the tube map logic with the functional reality of being a lost punter wandering around at Glastonbury. I think this strikes the right balance between it being a slavish TFL tribute map, something that makes sense on the ground, and not looking too messy. I'm 100% willing to revise if anyone comes up with any good ideas.
  7. deadstillstanding

    2017 Glastonbury tube map

    As I say, the difference is that on the tube there's a station at every lines' terminal, but station means something different on this map so it wouldn't make sense to put one on in this case. The path through Silver Hayes continues past the Blues until it terminates where it meets the other path.
  8. deadstillstanding

    2017 Glastonbury tube map

    I respectfully disagree. Several lines terminate when they meet another line. It's only if a service runs to a shared terminal that the lines continue in parallel. The difference is that on the tube there a station at a terminal, whereas on this map the 'stations' are stages or other points of interest, which don't appear at every junction. I did try putting stations on all the line intersections but it didn't make much sense and looked like I'd just forgotten to label them.
  9. deadstillstanding

    2017 Glastonbury tube map

    Some are easy - old railway track, muddy lane, etc. But most don't have commonly known names so it wouldn't help. Not sure I follow..? That route ends when it meets the other. What's missing? Nah. The doubles on the tube map are when there are two sections to a station with an underpass or whatever connecting them. Doesn't really make sense on here. I did try using them for areas like the Pyramid and Other but it just looked a bit dump as didn't really help.
  10. deadstillstanding

    2017 Glastonbury tube map

    Hey everyone! I made a tube map of the site last year that some people seemed to find pretty useful. Well I've updated it for 2017 – basically just by adding Cineramageddon. Hope it helps! I'll be onsite on Friday and wish you all an excellent festival. If you or anyone you meet runs into any difficulty of any kind, please come and check in with us at welfare – we can help, in confidence, no questions asked. I'm in the Green Welfare tent by the old railway track (the one with this map stuck to the outside...). - Pete PS Last year a few people requested a high res image with a transparent background for high quality printing, so here's that version too.
  11. deadstillstanding

    Who's arriving when 2017 Poll

    About 6pm this Friday. I'm crewing on the Green Welfare tent again this year and can't wait to get onsite already...
  12. deadstillstanding

    Sunday 6th Sale: Post Backdoor URLs in this thread if you get through

    Bah.¨Holding page now says Glastonbury Festival 2014 Ticket deposits have now sold out. Resales in the new year then
  13. deadstillstanding

    Glastonbury 2005

    'River Pennard' and some of my mates