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  1. Jeez I wish I had some of your guys worries. In the last 7 hours I’ve lost nearly 60% of my annual salary thanks to the ineptitude of this government unable to make a decision on the events industry. if Glastonbury not going ahead is your biggest worry of this whole saga, count yourself incredibly lucky. Some of us are now trying to find enough money to pay rent, buy food and pay for utilities.
  2. Didn’t TRSMT do this last year? Remember them launching an all female stage or something and it being completely slated?
  3. mike46

    Pendulum Trinity

    I forgot how awesome that gig was. Was never really a Pendulum fan but was dragged to this set by a mate and it was quality
  4. I love the Spike, had some fantastic Wednesday nights in there over the years. The Stone Circle always has a special place in my heart though, changed massively since I first started going but still love spending an evening up there around a fire watching the site below
  5. mike46

    Self Confirmed 2020

    Very happy with this if they are! Incredible live band
  6. mike46

    2020 headliners

    I may be misremembering this but I’m pretty sure Emily said at the BBC Introducing chat last year that for some of the acts they do actually work with/connect them with BST (and what it was before that) in order to make it financially viable for the mega acts. Explains why the biggest acts of the last few years have done both (and probably why Taylor is doing both this year). Get the exposure and post-gig sales from Glasto, get the pay day from BST - everyone’s happy.
  7. mike46

    2020 headliners

    This whole Emily is making it a pop festival Statement is ridiculous. In the last ten years she’s helped secure the likes of Stevie Wonder, U2, Rolling Stones, Arcade Fire, Metallica, The Who, Radiohead and The Cure alongside the likes of Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Killers and Foo Fighters... hardly your Capital FM A-list sure there’s been pop acts, but that reflects the wider change in popular music rather than a shift in the festival. If you’re booking the worlds biggest contemporary music festival and you’re offered one of the biggest acts in the world right now, why would you turn it down for a repeat headline slot from a band that’s just rehashing their last performance?
  8. mike46

    2020 headliners

    I think you might have mentioned them a while back, but the Stones could fit this bill. If the rumours of them coming back to Europe and London next summer are true, it might not be about them negotiating but simply working out if they’re playing in the UK and can tour. I thought I read that they can’t get insurance on their own tours that far in advance because of their ages, hence why everything is announced only a few months before the gigs.
  9. Absolutely loving the book so far, lots of stuff about the early days I didn’t know about. Also just reaffirms what a genuinely nice man Eavis is. Can’t wait to get to the modern era and the years I started going... only 20-something years still to go through
  10. That policy clearly demonstrated this year with the innovative booking of the Killers... Personally, love Foals but not sure they’ll ever be gracing the top Slot of the pyramid. Should have been given the push in 2016, but just can’t see it happening now. Other Stage headliners against Taylor would be my dream
  11. mike46

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Chic, 2013. Absolute blast from start to finish
  12. mike46

    Diana Ross

    Can confirm at least another 18 under 30s will be there too!
  13. mike46

    Diana Ross

    Absolute perfect Sunday legend. So excited!
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