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  1. As it stands, since July I’ve done 8 ‘festivals’ (majority of those one day things so I use the term loosely), and 17 gigs already. For me, it’s an unequivocal 100%. Unless there’s a completely new virus there’s absolutely no chance next Spring is going to be so bad that everything that could happen this year, can’t next year.* *saves this post ready for ridicule when I’m wrong
  2. mike46

    2022 Headliners

    Will echo this! Roundhouse felt like the band loving being together again. Was too young in their prime, but saw them when they were did the secret gig at Dingwalls, Isle of Wight fest, Hyde Park and APE and every time they were good but just looked like they didn’t really want to be there much, particularly at the last two. At the roundhouse on the other hand they really felt like a band of brothers again. Who knows, it could have just been the intimacy of the gig and they’ll slip back into appearing bored but I’ve got high hopes - some friends saw their New York gig they did a few months back and said it was incredible too (although again that could just be the post-Covid euphoria of live music)
  3. mike46

    2022 Headliners

    February last year, played the Roundhouse (and it was incredible!)
  4. mike46

    2022 Headliners

    +1 for The Strokes on the Other against Billie please and thank you
  5. 100% - I’ve never experienced that kind of atmosphere on the farm before and don’t think we ever will again. That Saturday was just pure electric everywhere, we got to the pyramid early doors, so were in the pit well before primal scream. I remember being hoisted on to a mate’s shoulders just before they came on to get a look up towards the farm and the sheer size of that crowd still gives me goosebumps to this day, truly felt like it could be a genuine moment in musical history… then they proceeded with THAT two hour set and cemented the fact. Incredible scenes.
  6. The commercial tavern is pretty decent, it’s usually not too bad on price either (in London terms!)
  7. mike46

    Wolf Alice

    It’s part of their short indie venue tour they’re doing with the Music Venue Trust
  8. mike46

    2022 Headliners

    Yeah AM would be my bet too. Particularly if the rumours of new music next year are true - plus would give a nice mix of headliners
  9. Maybe they’re dressing the pyramid to make the announcement? what better way to get people excited and ready to buy tickets than making the announcement from a fully dressed pyramid stage
  10. Doesn’t the build on the pyramid start this week?
  11. mike46

    2022 Headliners

    interesting interview with the main man. Talks about his hopes to sing on stage and hoping Macca/Diana/Taylor invite him. Most probably just general chit chat and those were the names that jumped to mind… or might it be a slip of the tongue 🤔
  12. This time next year, I’ll be loading the van up preparing to head off in about an hour or two to start queuing up!
  13. It’s not all bad news out there!
  14. Yeah I’m that case just wait until tomorrow morning and you’ll be able to rebook. I did the exact same thing on checking my second booking but it seemed to automatically cancel and every time I tried to rebook it was making me book my first jab. Takes up to 24 hours, but as soon as the app/system registers you’ve had your first jab you can rebook it without a problem 🙂
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