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  1. mike46

    First gig back

    So assuming June 21st is the first day of no restrictions, and events can go ahead - what is everyone’s first gig/festival back? First gig for me will be Foals at Brixton on the 29th, and then either Truck or Y Not festival I guess (undecided on which yet)
  2. So are we thinking as close to the original line up as possible? I thought they might be completely scrapping it and starting again so seeing this fills me with joy!
  3. Sunset at the Glasto sign that Wednesday night 😍
  4. No different to any of the other compost style on site. But we always camp on Pennards and have found around 8-9, not long after they’ve been cleaner they’re miles better than any other in the fields nearby and barely a queue. whereas on the other hand, Always amazes me the queue for the loos midway up pennards (walking up the hill, healing fields to your left) which snakes around and is less than 5 minutes walk
  5. Yep, the clown is leading it according to Sky
  6. What an incredible day that was. After the torrential rain Friday to sitting under the Pyramid Tree to get some shade. Man alive I love that place.
  7. I think the change to use the term ‘offered’ is purely to appease the mandatory vaccine fears and set expectations. By Feb they will have ‘offered’ everyone a vaccine, but not everyone would have had it for various reasons - so they technically haven’t vaccinated ‘everyone’ in the vulnerable groups because some people will decline, they would have been ‘offered’ though.
  8. It does stop me seeing quite a few friends. We no longer live anywhere near each other and for those exact reasons you state, the festival is our chance to block a week of time together that we could never do, particularly with those friends who don’t live in the UK. Hopefully we could do that later this year somewhere in the world, but if global travel is back then thankfully gigs and festivals will be back too. I completely agree, but I don’t think anyone really believes they “can’t miss another Glastonbury” it’s just their way of expressing their sadness. I know my gig-going
  9. And that’s great for you. However, not everyone thinks the same and for some, seeing live music is their escape from reality and a chance to spend time with friends and loved ones from around the world. For the past 11 years, Glasto has been a chance for me to gather with over 20 mates from all over the world, and is the only time we get to do that together - while in 2019 I saw well over 250 gigs, so I would say live music definitely does define my life. No one is saying let’s throw the doors open and forget there’s a virus, but for some people keeping positive and hoping fo
  10. Haha as if his name is Dick Pound 😂
  11. I fell for this and went checking her feed before realising who posted it 😂🙈
  12. mike46

    Club Covid

    I had it back in March last year, very very lucky to only have had mild symptoms, didn’t stop me working (I work from home normally) and genuinely thought it was a bit of hangover! The fatigue stayed for a long time though and I still randomly get a cough every now and then but that could be completely unrelated. Parents both have it now and are feeling it big time, particularly with severe nausea (not heard of this before?) and muscular aches.
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