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  1. Couple of my recent favourites... both pretty well known so you may already have come across them, but I enjoyed it. Meet Me In The Bathroom - Lizzy Goodman Discusses the early 2000s in NY, rise of the Strokes/YYY etc. Very enjoyable Bringing It All Back Home - Ian Clayton Great book on how music connects with our lives. Pretty poignant ending though so maybe not the best thing to read on your way to the festival. Oh and another +1 for the Nile Rodgers autobiography, great read.
  2. mike46

    Bloc Party

    Gone down a bit of a rabbit hole today and ended up here. With the experience of age, I can't believe I opted for Bloc Party over Neil Young that night, but at 17 years old I was young, dumb and... That said, this was still an incredible gig. Really felt like they could have gone on to do something much bigger after this but the follow up albums, massive delays in between them and personnel changes just stopped it all. If they are on the farm playing Silent Alarm I'll be there with bells on, that album was the soundtrack to growing up for me
  3. Always amazes me how people live whilst they’re at festivals - it takes no time at all to use a bin bag instead of just throwing it on the floor. Signed up for this and will be getting my group to do the same!
  4. mike46

    Other Stage Opener

    Bloc Party? They’re in Bristol that same evening on their Silent Alarm tour so could open the Other then head over...
  5. mike46


    Clearly in the minority here, but I’m really enjoying Exits. Gets better with every listen 🤷‍♂️
  6. Interesting! They have swapped the dj’s around so perhaps it’s just down to that, definitely heard more Strokes during the day than i used to when it was the Lauren & Radcliffe shows
  7. I wondered this too, there’s definitely been a lot more Strokes being played recently than I’ve ever heard before
  8. I litter picked a few years back, it’s hard work but definitely worth doing - it’s nice to be able to give something back and see a side of the festival you don’t usually think about/see. Pretty sure Emily said that when the festival is on, it becomes one the biggest recycling centres in Europe (this could well be mistaken memory!). i was on the early shifts, working Shangri La - start at 6am so had to be up in enough time to get there for then...I had a very good shift manager who didn’t mind if we stayed there after a night out, as long as we did the work. It’s a different type of festival, you can arrive on site from the Monday I think, and you work Thurs-Mon, but I didn’t miss any bands, had a real laugh and met some great people. You also get showers/food vouchers etc. If the option is working Glastonbury, or sitting at home watching the BBC then for me it’s a no brainer!
  9. mike46

    2019 Headliners

    Despite being a big fan, I’ve just not been able to get excited about the strokes headlining but having had a few beers this evening and watched this whole set, I’m now all for it. Sure, it might be very early album heavy but that run of songs at the end, on the Pyramid, with a typical Glasto enthusiastic crowd...sign me up!
  10. mike46

    2019 Headliners

    Just announced for the New Orleans Jazz fest...tour ends a week before Glasto...only one thing can save the bitter disappointment of no Macca.
  11. mike46

    2019 Headliners

    Was just at the Introducing chat, without saying his name Emily couldn’t have made it clearer Stormzy is headlining Friday. All male headliners next year, she’s tried to get females across the festival but said the pyramid is harder as at the moment there just aren’t enough headline acts - reckons that will change in 5 years though. 2020 headliners are being booked now, mentioned they looked into one night being a ‘collaboration’ as loads of artists have held off for 2019 in the hope to play 2020
  12. Just watched the introducing interview - loads of very interesting bits but yeah couldn’t have made it more clearer it’s Stormzy on the Friday night without saying his name. Other headliners are all male
  13. I use a bit of double sided tape on each side
  14. I’ve put mine into a photo frame, always makes me smile walking past it!
  15. mike46

    Bowie at Glasto

    Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I was 9 years old in 2000 and had no idea who Bowie was at the time, experienced my first Glasto in 2009 and been back ever since...thought being lucky enough to see Blur and the Stones would do it but i’m Insanely jealous of anyone there in 2000. What a set. That intro to Let’s Dance though. Incredible. Will anything ever come close again?
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