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  1. 2020 was Sports Team I think?
  2. I reckon we might be getting William’s Green this week, couple of acts that size have said they’re playing and that it’s being announced very soon… or the full poster is coming next week. Either way, 🤞
  3. I used to be a bottle of each for my drinks - but the Co Op last time changed that, so this year just bringing my spirits and will grab mixers there
  4. Not for this year’s tickets, no. It might be possible to change a registration that doesn’t have a ticket, but any that do will definitely be locked, otherwise people could just say they’re updating their photo when actually selling their ticket on
  5. mike46

    Arcade Fire

    Bloody brilliant album. Anyone saying otherwise is a fool.
  6. I voted Wednesday without reading the first post… so take one off and add it to Thursday
  7. Jesus - either that article is incredible satire or whoever wrote it has clearly never been to a festival or any major event before in their life. People sitting down on the grass in the sunshine? How dare they! I also like their shock of seeing one water bottle on the floor… they’re going to have an aneurism if they ever see the state of the pyramid after a headliner! Regardless of what others think of Coachella, it’s all horses for courses. I’ve got mates go every year who regularly do Glasto and they always have a fun time - it’s a different experience but it’s still a chance to watch live music, in the sunshine with your friends, and I reckon that’s better than sitting at home! Hope you had a great weekend Supre. Not seen many of the sets yet, did watch Fred Again though who looked like he smashed it! EDIT - just saw this from the Fred gig, really hope he turns up on the farm! https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ccg5AN8JzQO/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  8. this one has been one of my favourites for years
  9. There’s every chance I’m thinking of a different venue so don’t hold me to it 😆
  10. I agree with 1 and 3, but surely point two can’t be counted - as it means eventually there’ll be no one considered a veteran, despite them having done 20+ Glastonbury’s
  11. The Rabbit Hole can’t be that big? That’s not far off Brixton Academy but having seen Confidence Man and Fontaines in there in recent fests there is no way it’s that size, couple of hundred at most… unless there’s another part? Edit - found this terrible pic I got in the rabbit hole for Confidence Man in 2017, even smaller than I remember, definitely not 3,000+
  12. Ten onwards for me
  13. mike46

    Harry styles

    That was just an outro where she’s saying it would be a nice surprise if he’s added to the line up, which it would be. she wouldn’t be leaking a surprise set of one of the worlds biggest artists 2 months in advance
  14. Think that was 2013 - managed 36 tickets in about 10 minutes thanks to the legends on these boards 😂
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