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  1. Toss up between: Strokes at the Roundhouse Foals at Shepherds Bush
  2. TGE with all kinds of positive vibes
  3. Reason to smile... hopefully 🤞
  4. it’s a legit industry trade title, been around for about 30 odd years I believe. I’ve only ever done a little with them back in my PR days but I would say this is a story backed by some evidence. Fingers crossed!
  5. I know a few people working at some of the big gig and exhibition venues across London and the last I heard they were working towards early April as a tentative start date. Would require testing and showing a negative test to enter but there’s definitely some glimmer of light
  6. Yeah I’m of the mindset if it’s ‘business as usual until it’s not’ then announcing as normal is only logical as otherwise, well, it’s not business as usual... Diana the first announcement again? Her dates make it pretty obvious she’s lined up for a return. December 10th, 5pm
  7. same here. Earlier this week everything was looking bleak and I just couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Feeling more positive today and watching this conference with Boris about quick testing, it ties in with the things Melvin was talking about for R&L, and what friends who work for a few leading venues around the capital have said. whether that means Glasto happens or not, I don’t know, that’s a different beast - But I’m feeling more positive we’ll be at gigs next spring and perhaps even those magical fields in June.
  8. It’s public now: https://www.nme.com/news/music/live-music-to-return-to-london-the-o2-this-december-with-squeeze-gig-2771041
  9. It does look like it, pretty certain before the update that same section mentioned the October sale
  10. mike46


    Got tickets for Idles at Brixton on the Friday and Cribs at the roundhouse the week before too. Felt so so so good to buying some Gig tickets again!
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCYyQ16Iye9/?igshid=a3ur6tos8rey still a few headliners to come according to MC
  12. Didn’t they extend the field for the Stones? Seem to remember they closed one fo the camping areas that year specifically. Definitely the biggest crowd I’ve experienced at Glasto. Kylie’s was rammed at the edges but my mates said they had enough space around them (we just couldn’t get there!)
  13. mike46

    BBC Glastonbury

    Man I’d forgotten how much I loved this Bloc Party set. 18 years old, my first Glasto and one of my favourite teenage bands. What a night.
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