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  1. When was the last secret resale - anyone know? I assume this was in the immediate run up to the gates opening? Never something Ive needed to look into as always (until now) been lucky.
  2. Yup no luck here - April isnt that far away I guess, better start stocking up on the Twix too
  3. Chris Martin in your tent every morning to serenade you as you wake?
  4. I (coughs) had a few more than that - (I work in IT and have access to a LOT of computers all with their own dedicated public IPs) and got nowhere I'm hoping for some of your luck last year @DareToDibble
  5. sorry if not already suggested - but did they not say there would be camping under the Glastonbury on sea pier next year - 50 pre-erected tents under the pier maybe anyone?
  6. 400k does seem low - but then add in the fact that most people are running multiple sessions - 400k could easy be doubled/trebled/quadroupled etc....
  7. pauladam

    Resale help

    My group of 8 (6 and 2) - none of us successful at all....will be on knees pleading come April and entering every competition going up till then.
  8. pauladam

    Back-Up Plans

    Im fully booked up for Primavera Barcelona next year (soon as pavement were announced I was first in line for tickets) - crossing fingers I could be lucky in the resale obviously - But do want to do something else in the UK...current contenders are Boomtown, Eden and Doune the rabbit hole). The whole - "every cloud" scenario of - I now potentially have a lot of spare holiday days for next year than I thought I would have.
  9. It sucks big time... but April will come around quick.
  10. sadly - no joy here...I have joined the resale club...
  11. sigh..... Im joining - none of our group of 8 managed to even get to the reg details page
  12. And all through the house.... sod this - I'm freaking out big style - but its cool - I have everything ready.....the gods will smile on me...I've been a good boy I promise (oh hang on...that's Santa Claus isn't it!) To everyone trying...... when he says "you both" - he really means everyone!
  13. pauladam


    Just in time for supergrass ? (that could be read in several ways) (just seen Ive been beaten to this pun - never mind!)
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