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  1. pauladam

    Musical Confessional

    Lunch has just been spat out at my computer monitor - thanks for that
  2. That was 2015 - Saw them in the Bimble Inn - best fun I think I have ever had in there - was a hot day and the entire place was up and dancing in the middle of the afternoon @Curlygirl
  3. Aye....well that would have been the clever thing to do.
  4. Sorted the wording on that for ye mate....😋 Seems huge trying to wade through the crowd when Kylie's playing
  5. pauladam

    Camp Fires

    Yeah, I think you are right on the money there.
  6. pauladam


    Its not gone...its just sleeping, for 345 odd days (give or take) Just resting, and preparing for the big 5-0....
  7. pauladam


    Ha! - yes, I wasn't sure if paint or foliage/webbing - hence the "stuff"
  8. pauladam


    Yep, looks like whats left is staying....and they have covered it in green stuff to make it blend in???
  9. pauladam

    Camp Fires

    We had a bag of those natural firelighters with us, just in case of a soggy/damp wood (fnarr) situation - and the bag was on top of our trolley - as we were approaching security some wifey (defo some kind of steward - but off duty I reckon) said to me - you'll want to hide those as they arent allowed this year. First I'd heard!! I spoke to a lad at a gate at the back of the other stage field where the wood seller used to be and he said they werent allowed this year either. My gut feeling - either H&S gone mad (48 festivals and never a serious issue - apologies if thats not strictly true - but I'd never had an issue) or my mate thought it might have been a whole "green" thing about smoke levels (doubtful....but you never know). But I did notice a reduction in the number of stewards "fire towers" around the campsite this year - which does lend weight to them being banned?
  10. I'd stopped in September last year after one of the Allen Carr stopping smoking sessions/meetings - was very dubious of it at the time and was fully in the "Im not ready to stop camp - but Ive paid my money, so I'll give it a go" - Ive never really looked back.....Im still amazed at how easy I found it after having tried Champix, patches, vapes etc.....previously to no success. Did have a couple of cheeky ones over the festival weekend - but "the initial ooohh...I could right go a smoke" went fairly quickly to..."now I feel guilty and a bit sick" and I reckon it was the cause of fairly severe heartburn/acid reflux (problem I used to suffer with when smoking - relaxation of muscles allows the acid to rise up) on both Saturday and Sunday - fair dampened the latter half of the weekend for me! Big lesson learned there for next year - i.e. dont be a dick....you dont need it Paul!
  11. Hmmmm.....unsure - What I do know is the sound mixes from Park are not great this year.... - cant put finger on it, but a couple of acts whose sets I saw in person (and was not too spangled at the time) sounded great whilst there and listening back....nowhere near as good (Idles being the exception to that!)
  12. I have no idea what type of "blade" the lad had - but I agree with you @Quark there are some camping essentials one cannot do without although this year - I cheated and took a bottle lime juice (which is probably worse than a knife - taking a plastic bottle!!! - which I hasten to add, did return home with me - I shall further add.....it wasnt the same as actual limes #disappointed )
  13. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned already, we had some activity in Baileys this year (normally super quiet!) Sat morning I think (might have been Sunday) saw a bunch of security (6 or so) going to a tent about 3 away from us... after a while cue them marching some lad out through the tents with his arm up his back....they disappeared round the back of a tall tent out of my view...next thing I saw the lad legging it with the security chasing him, one of my group shouted to security if they wanted him to “ahem” help to which security shouted “he’s got a knife!” (Which I assume is how he managed to break from the hold the security guy had him in!) Scary stuff! anyway the chase went on for quite a while turning benny hill esque with about 15 security and 5 police chasing him round the campsite (with some fellow campers shouting “chuck him in the long drops”) in the end a fellow camper at bottom of baileys “accidentally” tripped the lad up and he was caught. After talking with security later turns out he had been robbing phones, and folk had used “find my phone/friends” to lead them to his tent! silly silly boy....I believe he had a wristband too! Who the f*** goes to Glastonbury with A. A knife and B. The intent to steal stuff glad they got him though!
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