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  1. I completely agree with this statement
  2. Ive got it from the year it was originally broadcast - pretty sure I was only able to get a 720p quality download? - unsure what that maps to - but my file is 3.4gb in size - but its an mkv format??
  3. Im not seeing the Bowie set on my download yet - but you can re-run the command several times (get_iplayer remembers what its downloaded) so if the beeb add any additional content then next time you run the command it will skip through everything you have already downloaded and start downloading new stuff (like mine is doing right now with Brian Wilson's set, which wasnt added when I kicked off the download yesterday
  4. pauladam

    Virtual Meet

    Gutted I missed the fun last night 😞
  5. pauladam

    BBC Glastonbury

    have a look at the thread I posted - pretty sure its in there somewhere you can use get_iplayer to download BBC sounds stuff too - but I'll leave that to better skilled folk than me to explain
  6. pauladam

    BBC Glastonbury

    Without wanting to get too far into the technical details ( I am at work just now, so cant get too involved) - heres the basics There is a thread on here about downloading sets from iplayer (see link below) should give you everything you need - you need to download and install the get_iplayer software and you just run it (runs in a text "command line" window) - just paste in the command I mentioned and leave it to run (it will download the lot in MP4 format)
  7. pauladam

    BBC Glastonbury

    Depends on the year (as recording quality increases to the file size has too) - anywhere between 1.5 -> 2gb is probably about right
  8. pauladam

    BBC Glastonbury

    Last year was approx 300gb I seem to recall?
  9. pauladam

    BBC Glastonbury

    I think you can just copy the URL from the web browser of the set you want if memory serves? i.e. get_iplayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/blahblah
  10. pauladam

    BBC Glastonbury

    Great minds and all that 😜
  11. pauladam

    BBC Glastonbury

    If anyone is familiar with the joys of get_iplayer (and have a few hundred gigs of free disk space) - you'll want this command get_iplayer --pid=b007r6vx --pid-recursive You are welcome
  12. Thanks @vintagelaureate - should I just ping details over to the gmail address mentioned above?
  13. I'll guess its gonna be 4's still - but dont think anything has been indicated?
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