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  1. yeah - exactly like this - word was they have that in WV and there would be in SL too - it was mentioned in an email reply to someone on the sticklinch FB group from someone from the WV/SL team - but I just looked through the welcome PDF we all got and nothing mentioned in there - so they must have changed their mind
  2. We really liked Sticklinch - first time doing any pre-erected camping at Glasto so nothing to pitch it against really Toilets and showers - timed correctly not an issue (Im an early riser normally so never had to queue) - defo could have been more food vendors (especially more than one that did proper coffee) Was there a communal camp fire anywhere on the site - there had been communications that there would be - but I never saw anything?
  3. pauladam


    As you should.
  4. I'll just shout "Mark Quark!" - seems a shame to dispel the myth
  5. pauladam


    Looking dusty just now.....
  6. pauladam

    Best Bars

    Bimble has always been a favourite I used to also love the counter in the park that sold the park T-shirts and other park stuff, they used to do "cheap" rum and cokes/dark and stormy's - only 2014-2016 I think - years since then they never served booze, I have a sneaky suspicion they were never supposed to be selling booze and the guys were operating "under the counter" drinks sales - as I recall asking in 2017 and they just laughed and said uhhhh - we aren't selling drinks this year 😄
  7. pauladam


    This was my second option 😉
  8. pauladam


    Pussy Parlure surely
  9. pauladam


    Im sure its already been said this morning - but the farm is looking stunning in the sunshine today.
  10. She was excellent on Park in 2019!
  11. Im not sure - but I think firewood and campfires were banned in 2019 purely because of the heat/dry ground and risk of fire spreading through dry grass - Im fairly certain the firewood stall in other field was still there - but closed up, similar I recall them saying no camping stoves too (but everyone ignored that) - but again, I think it was all related to the risk of fire spreading, I'd assume/hope that if its "damp" (just to keep the dust down mind!) then camp fires will be allowed again? Although if you are in WV or Sticklinch - personal campfires are not allowed from what I have read - there is apparently a communal one, probably similar to Strummerville's campfire
  12. plays the music from The Shining.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSoOQJRwwLI
  13. pauladam


    Grass cutting action in Sticklinch - final cut before (coughs) erection?
  14. pauladam


    I seem to recall they sometimes dont get put in place till the Tuesday/Wednesday of the fest itself - I have recollections of walking past pyramid on the Wed and they were just being hoisted into place and tested - I could be wrong
  15. Agree - Wed 2017 was really bloody hot - stood in PGD queue half way through the car park (I think queue's were especially bad that year after the fun and games for a lot of people getting onto the site in 2016) - pretty sure I could hear folks skin sizzling like sausages! 2019 - was also a hot one - defo more than a couple of times there were issues trying to find shade.....recall walking through pyramid field when Bjorn Again (was it - I think it was...recall a big sing along?) were on - and it was seriously toasty!
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