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  1. This - we were right up at the barrier for McCartney and was amazed at the amount of space around us compared to previously
  2. We were right at the front and didn’t feel crushed at any point. Had no idea that was going on behind us! Seemed to be a theme through the weekend that it was rammed at back/middle and maybe people could t get through?
  3. Florence Welch was stood at the side of the stage at Katy J Pearson’s park set just now
  4. My tent is an inferno. I can however confirm the bread and roses is a lovely temp in the shade and has live music about to start
  5. Ours has just arrived at quarter to midnight. Feel sorry for the guy working late 🙂
  6. True differential between a pint and a half in San Remo is taking the piss.
  7. Definitely drizzled a little bit during Slaves Sunday morning too.
  8. 2017 was quite close to this - very light rain and all it did was sort the dust out a bit
  9. Heading down in a few hours. Have picked trainers, suncream, snorkels and hot water bottles. Thank you all for the highs and lows , literally and figuratively 🙂
  10. Anyone got their tent number yet?
  11. You’re right - it’s there and the page looks legit. Consider me surprised.
  12. I’d be surprised if the chief sign writer was daft enough to post this on Instagram? Would surely know it was a secret set….
  13. Slightly random choice but coming down from the North we visited the National Space Museum last time. Really interesting and not a massive detour. it's a six or so hour drive for us so this year booked a hotel in Bristol to get most of it done the day before.
  14. They’ve just postponed their tour till September -a few days before I was due to see them and no reason given.
  15. I had the same worry and got there about 30 seconds before the dog!
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