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  1. Joy Division / New Order might be the better example here? If anything, they seem to be dropping more Joy Division stuff into their sets recently. In both those cases though the frontman died so there's obviously some sympathy/support for the band to continue. Unlike say Lostprophets where the rest of the members struggled even when they tried to continue under a different name.
  2. The finances for this seem a bit risky - a gig could sell out with anywhere between 500 and 2,500 tickets?
  3. I'll go for 23 march as a nice birthday present for me 🙂
  4. For those reasons that was my last Leeds festival having done every one from 1996 (back when it was V). Has the move from Temple Newsam helped at all?
  5. my 2017 one is still up there and i'm not sure it's going to come off....
  6. A few of slightly differing sizes off the top of my head.... Black Futures Liz Lawrence Avalanche Party Clean Cut Kid Marmozets Du Blonde Working Mens club Swine Tax Pigs x7
  7. That's pretty much it - there's no VAT on magazines so VAT would not be payable on the percentage of the ticket allocated to the programme. It's the same reason Sky used to send a magazine out every month with a £4 or whatever cover price. People do buy them though - in addition to those that get destroyed I know a few people who perform in the poetry/comedy tents and they don't get given a programme so will usually buy one.
  8. Sound at the new Riverside is great if you're in the main area - once you get to the slightly raised bit at the back it's a muffled mess. That only happens when gigs sell out though - I was stuck there for most of Idles but my own fault for getting there late.
  9. My go at Newcastle Venues: God: The Sage* Good : Boiler Shop, Cluny, Cumberland Arms, Bobiks Average: Think Tank Bad: Riverside, 02 Academy, Northumbria Institute Hell: 02 City Hall , Utilita Arena *technically Gateshead
  10. There is a re-sale (and they often pop up randomly afterwards as well). The hill's not that bad but presuming she will be at least 7 months pregnant she may struggle. Maybe try for Sticklinch, the other pre-erected camping field that is new this year? Going by the location I don't think there's much of a hill to that one.
  11. Bit of a sausagefest isnt it? Primal Scream have a female bassist at the min, but other than that pretty much all male....
  12. Jon F

    2020 headliners

    We saw them whilst waiting for the Foos and had, to be honest, only vaguely heard of them before, and absolutely loved it. Went to see them at All Points East and Leeds Arena on the back of seeing them there. Probably helped that i had no idea whether they were playing new/old material!
  13. BBC sunday at Ballroom with Warm Douche and Squid
  14. Re Bomaby Bicycle Club they are still to announce sackler/dingwalls on sunday (both of which i would think were too small for BBC) or anything for the electric ballroom?
  15. few more for the sackler on saturday : Orielles and The Big Moon. Think that's a decent lineup. Hoping against hope one ticket will cover both rooms at the roundhouse....
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