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  1. My friends are on site, staff bars £5.50 they can’t see main bar prices yet. Based on that we are looking at £6.50 I’d guess
  2. I’m sure it’s been covered but we are 200 plus pages in, what was the actual temperature on the Saturday of 2019 (which was way to bloody hot)
  3. Really don’t agree at all, I think Billie will be the smallest pyramid headliner crowd by a long way, havent spoken to or met anyone who is interested in seeing her, whereas Kendrick is interesting to a lot of people even if it’s not their thing (and yes I know I’m not the demographic who is likely to see Billie and I still thinks she will pull a decent crowd)
  4. Depends what’s on before in 2016 we got in about 20 mins before, I think half an hour and you should be fine. Remember there is no toilet tho so you need to time the beer/toilet situation pre match
  5. Ha love this story, in 2016 on the Thursday I was in Stonebridge when I would have been 35 I shared something I had with a guy next to me and he started chatting and asked how old I was, I proceeded to tell him and then for the next two hours he would occasionally come and hug me and ask if I was really 35. Can’t decide if this was a compliment or not but my mate found it extremely funny. this will be my first Glasto since becoming a dad and turning 40 but I actually think the lack of sleep over the last 2 years will have prepared me for it well
  6. Barneym

    Best Bars

    Really that’s sounds great never found that before although to be honest I’m not normally drinking much by the time I get to those fields
  7. If anyone can be bothered looking back it would be interesting to see a Download 2019 price list compared to Glastonbury that year
  8. I drank a pint of Carlsberg at the Forum last night and I forget how awful it is. Moved onto the San Mig after that which was £7 a pint and flat but still 100 times better
  9. Someone posted in another group but basically yes but you have to go the the smaller bars to buy and use them, you can obviously just tip your pint from the main bars in which is what we do
  10. I’m fine with digital tickets, Dice are great I just have an absolute hatred for Ticketmaster. I’m sure See could come up with a digital solution, your reg is linked to a mobile phone number and ticket sent to that with photo on it like a railcard for example and can’t be transferred to a different phone.
  11. Ticketmaster are awful please god no. I don’t think See are that bad personally, but I safely have my tickets so maybe I’m bias. just start printing them easier seems the best solution to me
  12. I agree one of my favourite festivals, saw way more than in 2019 when it was so hot I basically sat in the spike for half of Saturday to get some shade then watch various rubbish on the other stage. To be fair Friday had been a big one and I may not have been much more active in a sensible temperature
  13. I wouldn’t trust these trackers at all, is Download sold out? Slam Dunk never got above 50% as far as I know and I didn’t see an outcry of people without tickets
  14. Barneym


    I find this so amusing, imagine when they worked it out someone must have been well pissed off that they hd to do it all again
  15. last time I needed a new driving licence they turned it around in 3 days. I know the passport system is fucked but I think you should be able to get a new driving license in time. Also worse case take bank cards and a proof of address it would be very hard for someone not to let you in if you explained. Or anything with a photo on such as a railcard
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