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  1. Thanks that’s really helpful. Had the same thought about the line up even tho I am an indie kid at heart, can’t say it excites me as much as Bearded did but just really want a weekend away with my mates half watching music mainly drinking, chatting rubbish and having fun. Doubt I’ll be able to do May next year as already have Glasto tickets and don’t want to go away from the little one for two long weekends and still think he is way too young to cart around a festival yet
  2. Think that is going to be too hard for our Manchester and Sheffield group members. Has anyone been to Y Not?
  3. Anyone got any other recommendations, can’t be dealing with teenagers setting fire to things as much as I miss my Reading days
  4. So up at 6am (the joys of an 11 month old) and now wondering what time they will put us out of our misery today. Surprisingly they don’t seem to also be up this early!
  5. Sadly I think I now agree, it’s so annoying as I’m sure it would be able to by September but I don’t see how they can go ahead without insurance
  6. Tickets off sale until April 9 when they say they will make a decision if it’s gonna be on or not. Keeping everything crossed now that I’ve booked
  7. Does anyone worry about the lack of any announcement by the festival, they said there would be monthly updates in their January update but nothing since and surprisingly nothing since roadmap? I know they said April for lineup but I’m getting concerned (mainly because I’m just really excited to potentially go to a festival again)
  8. Not sure what I’ve done there for it to just say Quote!
  9. Thanks, have wasted many an hour at Avalon. We have bought tickets so six new comers. Really looking forward to it, just hope all goes to plan
  10. Hey all, our Glasto group are looking for a new festival this year and thinking of getting involved. Has anyone been to Festival No6 and Bearded? Wondered if it was a similar vibe and size as went to no6 for my stag do and had a great time (apart from how bloody hard it was to get there) thanks
  11. Saw them at the 100 club last night and they were fantastic
  12. It’s the 6 April but that is for personal tax. Companies can make up accounts to when they like but Glastonbury do make them up to 31 March so I assume this is for tax reasons. You can look at lots of this stuff on companies house if you are so inclined https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/04348175/officers
  13. Yeah possibly. Don’t get me wrong I think he is a great addition for Glastonbury even if I won’t be anywhere near it. I do also wonder if people just think BST is a bit shit, I have been twice and it’s a terrible set up and far too quiet. I can’t think of many people who would drag me back there at those prices and I guess your younger fan is probably going to struggle with a £100 ticket whereas the average fan of Springsteen for example (one of my two visits) tends to be older with far more disposable income.
  14. I’m not sure understand this argument, if it was a massive act I Love then new material wouldn’t matter at all, in fact I’d rather they didn’t go and play a load of new songs (like the National did at Glastonbury). I know very little about KL and this is not meant to be a dig I just don’t know why a new album would make a difference if he is already massive
  15. I just can’t see Bright Eyes as their Europe dates are all August onwards just don’t see them coming over a month early for one festival. I did however buy tickets for their London show so I’m getting to see them anyway... also out of interest if they did play where would you put them?
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