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  1. I was really surprised not to see The Specials on the poster considering how much they are playing this summer else where and they jus fit into Glasto id love the yeah yeah yeahs to be there they we so good before LCD at APE last summer
  2. Nope he was awful as Beady Eye in 13 and just as bad on the other in 17 (and don’t think I’m an oasis hater as whilst I wouldn’t rate them in my all time bands I loved them the three times I saw them)
  3. Barneym

    day and stage

    Really helpful thanks. quick question why do you only have Billy Bragg as an SR I think the festival is more likely to be called off than him not playing
  4. I’d have gone and seen all 5 of these
  5. Barneym

    Kate Tempest

    I was taken to this by my girlfriend only half knowing her last album and it was my highlight of the weekend, especially that opening song about May and her words. Loved it and will be wherever she is playing come June
  6. Barneym

    The National

    I do agree that it is terrible and I say that very infrequent about this band
  7. I saw 21 in 2013 because I kept a list although this was main stage bands and won’t include dj’s I saw post main stages shutting as I’d have no idea who they were (or who/where I was most of the time) that was my first year and the number will be far lower for the last four, I’d guess about 15 plus whatever I see after hours. 2016 may be higher as by Sunday I couldn’t be bothered moving and watched a lot of the other stage that day
  8. I’d rather see them at the Glad but think they are probably too big to play there
  9. My first reaction was it’s not great and that is because there is no one who I’m really excited to see in the no way am I going to miss way. But when you keep looking there are still 10 plus I’d like to see there and as it’s been pointed out over 100 more to be announced to just cover the five main stages. i love Glasto, can’t wait as always
  10. Least exciting Glasto poster for years for me but now I’m excited I get to go and spend loads more time away from the main stages
  11. This would be great if we do get a poster I hope we go back to 2013 style with bands and stages, much preferred that to the last 4, although I did enjoy all the small stages releasing their own poster in 2017
  12. My three favourite non main stage experiences Feightened Rabbits second set at Williams Green in the evening on one of the days in 16- everyone including the band were smashed and Scott spent a good 5 minutes just swearing and finding it very funny Stornoway in the accosting tent with the least acoustic performance I’ve ever seen - no idea what year but it was raining, I’m guessing 15 a bar of unknown name somewhere near the West Holts I think in 14- on a massive come down, left my gf and her mates during what I think was Lana del Rey on the pyramid which I was finding very dull. Went to meet my mates who had stopped for a quick beer, we all got back to normality nursing a cold cider and then a northern soul DJ came on. Two hours later the whole tent was a massive dance floor and everybody was having the best time. That is one of my all time favourite Glasto memories
  13. Barneym

    2019 Headliners

    I really don’t think they should release any of the line up before payment deadline (which they could make much earlier). I didn’t go at all in my 20’s because I never fancied the line up (was far more of a Reading man) went in 2013 and to everyone since and realised how unimportant the line up is (although I love looking this and speculating) If by not releasing it then it stops people like I saw a video of on here turning up on the Friday and leaving after Adel then all the better i have no interest in the three rumoured headliners this year and that actually excites me because at least one night I’m going to go somewhere small and random Anyway rant over it’s The Hold Steady tonight so life is good!
  14. Really never knew this is an option, maybe I’m just too happy when I’m there to want to leave and would rather buy a cold beer or drink the homemade mars bar vodka. But worth knowing in an emergency
  15. It’s basically not possible, bring it with you or you are going to go without. My first time was in 2013 after many Reading festivals. The size will blow you away (and you will never want to go anywhere else again) but once you are in the grounds you are not leaving until the Monday. Lots of people do go back to the cars to pick stuff up from the boot but even that can be a 2-3 hour round trip depending on where you camp.
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