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  1. Saw them at the 100 club last night and they were fantastic
  2. It’s the 6 April but that is for personal tax. Companies can make up accounts to when they like but Glastonbury do make them up to 31 March so I assume this is for tax reasons. You can look at lots of this stuff on companies house if you are so inclined https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/04348175/officers
  3. Yeah possibly. Don’t get me wrong I think he is a great addition for Glastonbury even if I won’t be anywhere near it. I do also wonder if people just think BST is a bit shit, I have been twice and it’s a terrible set up and far too quiet. I can’t think of many people who would drag me back there at those prices and I guess your younger fan is probably going to struggle with a £100 ticket whereas the average fan of Springsteen for example (one of my two visits) tends to be older with far more disposable income.
  4. I’m not sure understand this argument, if it was a massive act I Love then new material wouldn’t matter at all, in fact I’d rather they didn’t go and play a load of new songs (like the National did at Glastonbury). I know very little about KL and this is not meant to be a dig I just don’t know why a new album would make a difference if he is already massive
  5. I just can’t see Bright Eyes as their Europe dates are all August onwards just don’t see them coming over a month early for one festival. I did however buy tickets for their London show so I’m getting to see them anyway... also out of interest if they did play where would you put them?
  6. I thought it was much better last year to get in, Iikon really freed up space (although I wasn’t actually a fan) we went Friday straight after Fatboy Slim and just waked straight in at peak time
  7. The new map is almost as exciting as the lineup. The ongoing debate about the SE corner entrance last year was a classic
  8. Barneym

    The Strokes?

    I was on in 2 seconds and all sold seems like a con how many tickets were in the pre sale!
  9. Barneym

    The Strokes?

    I tried tip look yesterday and Belfast was £49 I think so I’d imagine similar
  10. Barneym

    See Coaches

    Good point it would be a pain for everyone to get there, it’s just the right side of London to get out to the festival. I think I’ve just been scared by the 7am Wednesday coach one year when we were still stuck in traffic in Greater London at 9am. We got the 5am last year which was fine for traffic but did mean I had to get a cab to the O2 I’m actually closer to the O2 than Victoria but still prefer the NE coaches (they are also so much better organised at Victoria) mind I’d still take the O2 over having to wait for the Sunday to confirm I’m going which we did this year as got nothing on
  11. As ridiculous as it sounds I’d look into a taxi back to London, I’ve done it twice after day trips (not since 2012) with 4 people and it was only about £20 each. Ring the local Reading firms and pre book. It will almost certainly be cheaper than a hotel, just remember to have a wee before you get in! One guy let us stop at a petrol station and buy cans for the journey then we went to a club when we got back (oh to be in my 20’s again)
  12. Barneym

    See Coaches

    Trust me it’s worth getting yourself to Victoria, the O2 is an awful place to leave from especially if anywhere near rush hour, it takes so much longer on the coach there than from Victoria. I’m always surprised they use it every year, why not use Twickenham which also has a coach park and is on the right side of London. Anyway to answer your question I’ve never seen it and have got that coach 4 times but I think you can add children to the journey so may be worth asking
  13. Barneym

    2020 New Music

    I really like their album but saw them in London at the village underground last year and just found it a bit disappointing, hope it was just a bad night. Totally agree on this song not an instant classic but we shall see on a few more listens
  14. Reading all this is making me feel very lucky (I already know I am) as my little one is going to be 10 weeks when the festival is on but my wife is pretty much insisting I go. It helps that she loves Glastonbury and we have both been going for years (not always together as we both went before we met) and she knows how much I love it and says I should go, I’m actually less sure even though her mum is coming to stay when it’s on. Anyway I digress from travel arrangements but also agree going on the Thursday would be far easier than trying to leave especially if you have a car as the car
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