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  1. I still have no memory of rain that evening despite photo evidence. Underworld were fantastic then straight to the temple lost everyone and somehow bumped into another group of people I knew wandering in a daze who took me to meet friends at Bloc 9 until 6 am. One of my favourite ever Glastonbury evenings/mornings (but my god did I feel it on the Saturday)
  2. Barneym

    Tipi for 6

    people who have stayed in one are they big enough for 6 with 6 airbrds? Does anyone have a photo of inside one with all their stuff? We have a 6 this year so are considering but as we all normally have our own tent are worried it will be too small.
  3. Couldn’t agree more, such a valuable service and should be part of the licence for every festival in my opinion (although I’m slightly worried that if they get agreement to have them it will come with some stupid terms like the need to have dogs on the gate
  4. They are way too big for that slot, I think at a push other headliners but I don’t think they would think that was big enough
  5. Barneym

    2020 headliners

    I feel the same, would only be going to see one of those as a novelty, Taylor because she is massive and it would be a great signing if not my thing and Macca because of who he is. If it’s not FM and Elton doesn’t play I expect it will be a second straight festival without a headliner for me as well. (Bruce and the AMs would also be great for me but I don’t see it)
  6. Really missed that, although there was so little for me on the pyramid this year I was only really there for Kyle which was manic and the last half an hour of the cure but that was at the back coming over from The Streets
  7. Good point that would make a difference. I spend at least 3 nights in the SE corner and love it but normal that’s not my scene but even so I knew none of the names on that lineup especially when you compare it to something like Pangea where I knew all of them. (I’m sure some people will say that’s why it was great)
  8. No but I’m not really sure how you can improve it without removing lots of the vendors so people are generally going the same way but that’s not really an option
  9. I think iikon needs work, it was just far too big to get any sort of atmosphere going. I understand the need for creating space and it made the SE corner much easier to get in too but it seemed to just be a bit dead the twice I went and I went once at 12 ish and once at 3.30 (when I was off my tits) i don’t have a solution btw just would like to see it improved Glastonbury on sea needs to be open on the Wednesday as that is when lots of people have spare time, to be fair I think it was meant to be and they just hadn’t finished it in time. We tried to go at about 5pm on the Wednesday and sadly never got back there. I thought Pangea was meh and nowhere near as spectacular as the spider, I’m sure it will get better but as was always the case before I’d much prefer to be in the SE corner or the Park at that time of night. i really liked the Bimble being moved up the park, has a great night in there late Saturday
  10. For each year I’ve been 2013 Beady Eye (primal scream pre stones a close runner and I’m a big fan normally) 2014 Interpol, I think they made a bad set choice and got cut short because of the rain 2015 The Who why oh why did I not go to the Chems 2016 ELO 2017 that band who have lots of pineapples I forget their name, my god they were so dull I left to watch something mental in the Glade 2019 Lewis Capaldi (it was so hot we couldn’t be bothered moving, Noel is right!) 2020????
  11. Tried to go Wednesday and it was shut, didn’t go back, don’t think it looked that impressive or added much personally and if you are going to have it it needs to be open all Wednesday and Thursday
  12. I thought it was fine and the same as always. SE much easier because of Icon (even if I thought it had no atmosphere) Im also not sure why people are surprised they can’t get into things, The Street were always going to be busy so we got there half way through FF and got in the tent with no problem, I’d never expect to be able to turn up and walk into a headliner. Same with Fatboy in the Glade, it was fine once you got in the tent and we made the call to get there an hour before he started which meant we got to see some Solardo which was a bonus. I’ve always thought if there is an act not on the two main stages you are desperate to see, go and see the band before, you might even discover something new.
  13. Barneym


    I think it’s far too big and is always going to struggle to get an atmosphere. Split the field into 2 stages and it would be much better. I thought the sound was fine on Thursday and Friday but didn’t go back after that. It clearly helped congestion issues in the SE but far more work needed for next year or I doubt I’ll go out of my way to return. not on topic but I also thought Pangea was disappointing, just a massive spinning crane and very quiet (although Arcadia always had that issue) i still had the most wonderful weekend and pray for tickets next year in October but I think most of the new additions this year (the pier included) were all a bit of a miss. I do agree the new cave was a great little addition and had a proper party atmosphere the night we were in there
  14. We have been in A off the coach for over an hour can see the front now but be prepared to wait
  15. I disagree with the above and think wellies were essential in 2016 the one of our group who tried gave up and bought wellies there. However it is going to be nothing like that and boots will be fine this year (and hopefully not even be needed)
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