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  1. I too thought this, I think it’s the farmhands that start the build, is it March so they don’t rush? Could they get more people involved to do it later if needed? I’m sure they’ll have a plan in place. I would imagine a festival of that size would have advisors updating them constantly. Given it brings in 100 million to charities and local businesses I think they will want it to go ahead. Whether it can be justified is another issue I guess 😕 im remaining positive!
  2. Come on Eavis!!! 🎶🍺☀️🌈
  3. That’s fair enough. I am still going to remain positive about it though. I need something to at least look forward to so until they say it’s over, it’s on.
  4. Would they give away tickets for next year if they weren’t fairly confident that it can go ahead???
  5. Personally I’d go to glasto even if half the bands were missing! We all know the big names are in the grand scheme of things a small part of our experience! If they had to fill the bill with smaller unknown bands would that be bad thing really??
  6. Just wanted to see if people are feeling positive or negative about next year happening? I was feeling rather negative but I am slowly seeing light at the end of the tunnel
  7. No it’s literally a small local festival a couple thousand usually, they’ve been told they have to downsize the capacity, hand sanitizers, bar rules for serving etc. They seem pretty optimistic it’ll happen, I am sceptical but if it does happen that’s a win
  8. Our local festival is planning on going ahead in September with a huge list of changes they have to implement. If this goes ahead I will be pretty optimistic about large festivals happening next year! So fingers crossed x
  9. Claire0406

    BBC Glastonbury

    Watching Groove Armada, absolutely loved it!!! Hope they return to the line up next year!
  10. Claire0406

    BBC Glastonbury

    Awwww how baby faced does Brandon Flowers look in this set?
  11. Hopefully it can still celebrate the 50th even though we are aware technically it won’t be, would be a shame for them to miss out on celebrating that properly
  12. Oxfam were set to release more volunteering spaces this morning so I presume we’ll hear something pretty soon
  13. Why are we not allowed to be sad about the festival being cancelled? I am sick of being told to hide my emotions in the same world that then bangs on about talking about your emotions! Glastonbury to some people is more than ‘just a festival’ I work my arse off all year to disappear for a week to the happiest place on Earth, I’m single, live alone and have no kids unlike all my pals, I will not be made to feel shit for missing out on something that is a big part of my life and something I look forward to every summer!
  14. I think there will be quite a few people that will do the same!
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