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  1. That venue has a section that you can’t see there too, so they have chosen to be up in that part, I don’t get it either 🤣 but the sets there are always filmed so I guess it’s on the individual on whether they get in front of the camera or not, definitely not a good idea imo
  2. Only set they had last year was 4am on the Truth stage Monday morning, I saw them on Saturday and they were so hyped about it! Nice to see how much it means to those just trying to breakthrough, in Bristol and the underground scene they’re very well respected and loved 🥰
  3. il do it when I get home from work 🙂
  4. Seen Mandidextrous so many times, never disappoints, energy goes through the roof!!!
  5. Even if ‘they’ were, great dj I don’t really care about who’s vaccinated and who isn’t to be honest, personal choice, and I’m vaxxed
  6. Mandidextrous b2b [ivy] - Arcadia Sunday Mandidextrous - salon carousel - Thursday
  7. On good authority mandidextrous b2b[ivy] - Arcadia Sunday mandidextrous - salon carousel - Thursday
  8. Going to try for coach tickets tomorrow for first time, what’s everyone’s experience with times? Are they all relatively early? I don’t mind either way but just good to know, ideally going from Taunton which is close to glasto
  9. Omg!!!! Yes I do hope so!
  10. I’ve sent them separate as it was a combined video maybe it didn’t like that IMG_2789.mov IMG_2749.mov IMG_2741.mov FE582BC3-A8AD-44FD-9D2D-F5BC60B3722D.mov IMG_2745.mov
  11. Claire0406


    I went for a stroll yesterday all the long drop were in but otherwise quiet b9e983f645cd4b76a17d0ccd26ff47fd.mov
  12. It was a little in the centre of the fields but overall it was beautiful yesterday 🤩 not a lot of activity, long drops are all in. Think you are local to me? I’m wellington
  13. Walked the site yesterday and made a compilation video, will go back and make part 2 b9e983f645cd4b76a17d0ccd26ff47fd.mov
  14. It is, but the going rate at most festival to be honest so actually surprised it is still around the £50 mark, Boomtown was £60 last year
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