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  1. What is the best way to find out the non line up events, such as the Notting hill carnival parade, the timing for the fireworks display, lighting of the lotus etc?
  2. Anyone know why arcadia line up looks so slim??? No opening show etc, doesn’t appear to go on as late?
  3. New glade stage 😁 IMG_0585.MOV IMG_0584.MOV
  4. Claire0406


    If anyone wants a sneak peek at the new glade stage I’m posting it in the spoiler thread now 😁
  5. The bbc glasto videos always get me ‘I never give up!’
  6. I personally think they’ll do it bank holiday weekend weds - Friday one of those days! Get everyone hyped up over a long weekend
  7. Claire0406


    19th June is the scheduled end date for them unless they are staying for take down
  8. Claire0406


    Yeah they work 7 days a week right the way through no days off 😕 my partner somehow has managed to nab himself 4 days off to go to Balter festival 😀
  9. Claire0406


    My partners gone off to a festival for four days maybe he was the issue hahaha
  10. Claire0406


    Imagine if there was no webcam 👀
  11. Claire0406


    Oh they graft hardddddd, my poor partner came back looking like a swamp monster Sunday after a 12 hour shift in heavy rain all day!
  12. My birthday is June 4th smack bang in the middle of jubilee weekend and il be at a festival so it would make my weekend if they announced it then, although not sure il be in any fit state to read it 😂 especially with how they format it
  13. Claire0406


    They like to party too much to have time for brekkie in the morning 🤣
  14. Claire0406


    I seem to have caused a bit of a debate 🤣
  15. Claire0406


    I am happy to post any new sightings into a different group, I didn’t really think to be honest as I figured people would see glimpses on here anyway via the webcam.
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