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  1. What is the beef between RHCP and Eavis?
  2. Are Fleetwood touring next year? I know they were this year and i was hoping they would play glasto. I heard rumours that they wanted a arm and a leg to play , is that true or am i making things up? If that is true, cant really respect that puts money before fans. What about elton? Final ever tour?
  3. I agree with the above comments. Billie is the "it" artist at the moment and fair play, shes made a connection But Dont see why theres this rush to thrust her onto top billing. Whatever happens there needs to be at least one female artist topping the billing. Thoughts on a Florence and Haim Headline and undercard?
  4. Really don't think teens will come back to it. I dont think the album will transcend generations. People will gravitate to " is this it "or AM debut like my generation did for Fleetwood Mac and Pet Shop boys because truly great albums transcended their era. With Billies debut, people will see as a good successful album but never on the albums i mentioned. You're seriously not really comparing Stormzy - A black British Artist who came from little, who is representing the grime as the first to headline glastonbury to Billie Ellish - a well off White teen who's parents had connections in the music industry. Please....
  5. Obviously i made it clear that i think shes talented but her album does nothing for me but do you think her debut album is truly special? An Album that in 5/10/15 years you will go back to? is it anyway near whatever people say i am, thats what im not, is this it, turn on the bright lights, Hot fuss, boy in da corner?
  6. I'm 26 but sure, if you're old and a male your point moot.... Shes got one album that while isnt for me, does sound quite samey Saw her 19 set yeah it was fine, nothing to write home about but yeah, lets give her top billing Shes not in the same league as Coldplay or AM debut as much as you like her Edit: Also rapid rises are noteworthy but doesnt mean it makes a dent. You can catch fire but you need to burn brightly for years not a spark. Her rise is just as much down to brilliant branding. Yothe way she dresses, the attitude, the no fucks given. She plays to that culture. Look to what her songs - idontwannabeyouanymore, !!!! -teens like that. LIke i mention before, is her debut up there with AM, The Strokes, Interpol, The Killers, Dizzie Rascal. Will people go back to her Debut as they do for others?
  7. The way i think of it is, if you're gonna Headline with one album under your belt you need to be making a dent in the psyche of the public. There are very few bands that do that on their debut. Otherwise you dont have the back catalog to engage for a headline performance. I think Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and Stormzy ( Because of his talent and because it was a cultural moment as it recognising a black artist and the grime genre) did make a dent. Billie i feel like isn't making a dent. Will people remember her first album and go this was a moment? People do for Coldplay and AM.
  8. Adele has much more emotionally-charged songs that makes up for the slower pace and frankly more talented
  9. No hate but Billie hasn't never done it for me. From my listening of her album its a bit samey and didnt grab me. I found that hook in "bad Guy" a bit gimmicky. Not saying shes a bad artist, clearly talented for her age. Im surprised how many people were raving about her, didnt really know she was as popular as people were saying but looking at Spotify monthly listens, she has 40 million which is 2 and bit more than the killers and 4 times more than the 1975. I dont think her music really suits a headline slot. I think it needs someone with more energy and a bigger back catalog ( Know stomrzy only had one album). Saw her 19 set and it better than i thought but i think one album, not British and music style are why i dont think she would suit Headline at this stage. Guaranteed to headline in the future.
  10. I thought that the headliners were gonna roll over to next year? Has anyone announced that they're not
  11. I've been thinking about the number of tickets that will be returned and i think ive changed my mind and think theres gonna be alot for resale for the following reasons Exam clashes - You're gonna have a whole load of 16-18 Year who are holding their breath over when their exams are. Probably wont see the effect till the April resales but if theres clashes you're gonna see more tickets Lack of line up enthusiasm - I can only speak anecdotally but two of the members of my group are festival noobs (They have only been to 1 before hand) and they dont full appreciate that the line up id just part of the Glastonbury experience and have a more "basic" taste of music. We're all still going but i feel there will be groups of people who wont appreciate what Glastonbury is and look only at the line up Economic - This year has hit people hard and there will be a difficult few years for the country with Brexit and recession.
  12. Kinda hope Taylor does play - Her music is not good music but its great to bop to and catchy. I think it would be a great atmosphere. Kendrick i'm indifferent. I would rather have some sort of Guitar heavy band - Aren't AM releasing new stuff soon?
  13. Breakouts are an indicator of success? I dont think that it does. It wasn't? Theres 2 issues with that 1) People not Socially distancing at VE parties will spread the virus, 2) Gives the impression that social distancing is unnecessary . I can almost guarantee that in the next few weeks weeks we will see an uptick of cases.
  14. Absolutely, would love it that by the end of the year the whole Coronavirus is done and dusted Maybe i'm just being too much of a negative nelly but i think this virus is just gonna be one of those things that will be circulating for years. Its basically gonna be flu and covid season.
  15. I mean saying that with hindsight is kinda ignoring the fact the government wanted a herd immunity strategy. Reality is that lockdown wasn't the the first idea, they were forced into it because of the outrage. Are casing declining? is that based on pilar 1 or pilar 2? Leicester would suggest that it's increasing and i would expect it to continue to increase across the nation. We only need to see pictures in Soho of the lack of social distancing. The public general have become fatigued it seems. Anecdotally my local supermarket seems less stringent on the measures as they once were. "The nuances of how strictly you lockdown are clearly not that relevant" - disagree with this. The difference between lockdown and "stay alert" are quite relevant. Again look at how people are breaking social distancing even though they are to "remain alert" I dont think its the media desire to whip up a frenzy about people going to the beach. Bournemouth beach was packed and is part of the problem. People have VE parties and not socially distancing is part of the problem.
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