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  1. I'm so baffled by the continued pausing of vaccines. 6 in 7 million is an utterly irrelevant amount. If you vaccinated the entire world you would only have 6681 cases. The chances of blood clots with contraceptive is 9 out 10000 I read. All this is doing is creating vaccine hesitancy which will kill more lives.
  2. Things will pick up. Moderna is coming in soon so we will have 100k extra week
  3. Do we think that the losses from the last two years will effect 2022? either with reduced scope or higher ticket prices?
  4. COVID is now part of society and will be fall in line with the flu season. Treatments are already being formulated on how to treat this virus and in combination with the vaccines we will hardly notice it. What I am certain on is that society will rebound rapidly. There will be a few lingering behavioural changes but 21st June is the end. I don't see mandates of wearing masks or social distancing or return to restrictions again. International travel will take a year to return to normal as I suspect by the end of this year the developed nations will be vaccinated and then the freed up
  5. Yeah that was me who was keen to go. Well that sucks but probs for the best.
  6. Yeah agreed. A study came out in the US where the AZ vaccine was found to prevent 79% of symptoms and 100% of serious illness + hospitalisation. Thats real world. I don't see us having a 3rd wave.
  7. Unlikely. I think he's just getting an excuse ready just in case but I think as long as we keep pace with our vaccinations so we get all risk groups 1-9 completed by Mid May then we will see restrictions be lifted by 21st June. You only have to look at Israel who have vaccinated 60% of the population with at least one jab. The economy is fully open and deaths/ critical ill and cases have dropped by 75%-86% since January peak. The R rate 40 days after lockdown exit is 0.62 and continues to drop. Those are stunning numbers. Always said by the summer deaths and hospitalisation
  8. Not too concerned about the the drop. We have done a fantastic job so far and I think we're gonna hit records over the next two weeks. Currently we're around 40% of the adult population vaccinated and should get close to 50% in a fortnight. Again if its really dates not data this should have little impact, we will be in the single digits for deaths and hospitalisations by summer. Guaranteed 1. We know that the vaccine reduces transmission 2. 99% of deaths have been in the 1-9 risk group who will be double jabbed by summer 3. we know that young people are not effect
  9. Think CNN and FOX are different beasts. Yes CNN is left wing but Fox is one of the greatest dangers to democracy but is now being trumped by OANN and Newsmax.
  10. Infection rates don't matter. The virus will always be with us and it'll be just another vaccination we need to get along with the flu. The real measures we need to look are hospitalisations and deaths.I would like to see the hospitalisation and death rate in Manchester. If there is no uptick in the next few days then we're all good. Also means that if infections are rising but deaths and hospitalisations fall, kinda backs up accelerating release
  11. I agree the Bojo is one of the worst Prime Ministers and generally a fucking awful person who has lied at a near trump pace. I think we are still on track for a June release (even if I think its too slow). 1. Extending restrictions will cause more long term political harm than good. By setting a date people are preparing themselves. They are booking holidays, making plans and generally have something to aim for. If he took that away everyone is going to turn on him. 2. Torys have put the Economy first before people on the majority of cases. He won't delay further 3. Israel da
  12. This is very interesting. Isreal have vaccinated 57% of adults. I believe that we are coming up or already at 50%. If not we certainly will be in a couple of weeks with the massive uptick we're going to see (think there is expectation of hitting 5m a week). Again if its data not dates we should be accelerating the release. Amount of the adult population that has immunity either from the vaccine or exposure is easily the majority.
  13. 14 weeks is a long time. its 25% of the year! June release while limited about of "stuff" opening it will be the biggest change . Its going to see as many friends as you want in the pub. Getting drunk and going to a club. Walking into a store without a mask. Just being able to walk not be conscious of giving 2m to people. Its spontaneity.Its normality. Cant underestimate the value of that. If this keeps trending as it now, we should see deaths and hospitalisations plummet by end of April as the weather will turn and there will be a massive vaccination uptick. I wouldn't be surprised
  14. Ive been flip flopping around on sticking with the schedule set out and accelerating (Probs due to burn out). Today it seems im feelings that lifting restrictions in June is far too late. As of today, Deaths- 52 Hospitalisations- 534 Total people in hospital due to COVID - 8029 (vs 12,889 & 20,993 in 01 March & 15 Feb respectively) The numbers are in sky fall, don't see how it can be interpreted any other way. If it really is data, not dates. What data do we need to see for restrictions to be lifted faster? At this rate by Mid April with the weather tur
  15. But to contain it you need to have the vaccine as the evidence shows that it limits transmission. The issue is that you cant be let a small group not take it because its never a small group. It puts themselves and other people at risk. Theres a reason why diseases such as measles are having outbreaks. It starts out small but more and more people don't vaccinate because they are either lazy or stupid. Im totally for a vaccine passport. Its your choice not to take it but if a business/ travel/ Glastonbury say you need it, then tough. You making my point here. We don't understand the sci
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