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  2. eFestivals

    Brexit Schmexit

    not me. Any party that's scared of a democratic vote isn't a party that people will want in power. That's the reason why all the democrats in the HoC backed a vote on the EU in the first place. (PS: just in case you come back with it, a second vote about the same thing is something a bit different to the general rule, and particularly when there's been no clear change of mind by the electorate).
  3. eFestivals

    Brexit Schmexit

    I don't have your certainty. Jez is a life-long hard brexiter, remember? He's been voting alongside Cash, Bone, Redwood and the rest for decades. And he was exceedingly quick at getting his decades-long preferred policy adopted by Labour. Him giving it up is as likely as him giving up no-nukes as party policy if he ever succeeds in getting it adopted as party policy.
  4. theevilfridge

    Brexit Schmexit

    There’s never a guarantee, but the opposition should always want the opportunity to govern. Look at last year when everyone said Labour made a terrible mistake agreeing with the election.
  5. theevilfridge

    Brexit Schmexit

    The views of the PLP, members and Labour voters being what they are (especially with Momentum taking a firmer anti-Brexit stance recently), there’s no way EEA/EFTA and/or a second referendum wouldn’t happen. That’s enough for them to be less of a shambles than the Tories.
  6. theevilfridge

    Brexit Schmexit

    I really don’t think she would this time. Too many gunning for her from all directions. Whether there would be a Labour government after the dust settled, I don’t know, but it was worth a shot. On the second paragraph, if Corbyn had acted the same in similar circumstances then he should have the whip withdrawn too. If they have priorities other than getting a Labour government then they’ll be happy to sit as an independent MP espousing those views rather than as a Labour MP. I note Vauxhall Labour are moving to censure Hoey, I wonder if the others will follow.
  7. Tent Peg

    Blue Dot Festival

    Thank you very much 👍 we'll be arriving on Thursday so hopefully getting in and setting up the tent should be easy then.
  8. CaledonianGonzo

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    A wee touch of sarcasm. A good % of the male headliners - Chris Martin, Damon Albarn, Jagger, Bruce Springsteen - are doing so with hair and teeth that they didn't start out with.
  9. eFestivals

    'Female, not British' artist for Sunday legend slot

    erm... Dolly?
  10. eFestivals

    Ticket sales

    then perhaps he's right. But whatever, they're selling day tickets because they've not sold all the weekend tickets.
  11. pink_triangle

    Brexit Schmexit

    There is also no guarantee that labour would win an election when torys stood on a platform that labour were trying to block Brexit.
  12. pink_triangle

    Brexit Schmexit

    I think you will find the Tory whip threatens a lot and doesnt always follow through, especially without a majority. I’m sure May would have carried on and will continue to carry on. The fact is being PM during Brexit is not a job I think anyone is desperate to take over, while a lame duck can do the work and carry the flack. In a similar position there is no way Corbyn would have followed the labour whip to vote against a Middle East policy he strongly objected. If you accept that MPS will on occasions be independent, you have to accept that the independent view are sometimes different to your own. However they believe in these things, just as strongly as you have when you disagreed with the labour government in the past.
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  14. Quark

    Worst Album Covers

    It's basically me sticking my head out of my tent on the Monday morning
  15. keepingupwithana

    Lone wolf at Reading, looking for peeps

    I’m going solo too if you want to hang with me
  16. CaledonianGonzo

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I've had recriminations from girls from many nations I've taken classes of terfs of all classes Transmisogny......won't recognise your identity Transmisogyny......that word can apply to me
  17. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    why? It's much the same in the UK with the more-madcap supporters of both parties.
  18. eFestivals

    Brexit Schmexit

    Have you been paying attention? If Labour won an election it would still be a shambles of a govt. In fact it would probably be even more divided over brexit than the tories. So while I don't approve of it, Jez abdicating his responsibilities is probably his (personal) most effective way forwards, even tho it fucks the country.
  19. eFestivals

    Brexit Schmexit

    then why did they vote for her? They knew exactly what her views were when they voted for her.
  20. eFestivals

    Brexit Schmexit

    what you mean is that Field, Hoey, Mann and Stringer choose to support brexit. Just like the leader of the Labour Party Collusion.
  21. There is absolutely nothing that interests me on the Saturday headline slot. Run DMC - essentially two blokes shouting for an hour and half. Saw GrandMaster in 2015 - Very disappointing. Played a rotation of 20 second snippets of other people’s cheesy pop tunes. He ignored his own classic tunes. Lucy Spraggan - Aldi version of Kate Tempest. The only slight possibility is seeing what Dave Haslam is doing in the House Party. So what’s everyone else up to? I am happy with the rest of the weekend but cannot find anything to do at Saturday headline time. Any suggestions greatfully received.
  22. Tempest2012

    After Hours

    First time at Beautiful Days this year. Did Glasto last year and this seemed like the perfect choice during the fallow year. One question for the people that have been before though..... Is there any sort of night life after the main stages end? Obviously i`m not expecting a Shangri La type party all night experience! Are there any areas/tents that stay active till 2-3am? Thank in advance :)
  23. mjsell

    Football 18/19

    Did no one see Pavard against Australia? Probably the worst full back performance of the tournament.
  24. Mash011

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Why Not Call A Mate? (to clean your room)
  25. UndergroundSound

    Reading and Leeds Festival Research

  26. UndergroundSound

    Isle of Wight 2019 Festival

    if that's the case i'll be on the ferry straight away.
  27. UndergroundSound

    2000 Trees

    First time at trees and it could possibly be my new favourite fest. Had a quality weekend and loved the atmosphere. highlights were: Shikari, Creeper, Arcane Roots, Marmozets, Black Peaks, Ho99o9 and Avalanche party.
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