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  2. I would take Kylie ……
  3. I’ve 100% heard a rumour this is happening !!!
  4. Asked the Mrs to get me some more blue fire creating pine cones. Was great fun watching my mate who had just come back from the loo to the campsite sit down and look around as though to say to everyone “Can anyone else see the fire is blue??” 😂
  5. I’ve no idea who Creeper are but can the KLF sub them? And Enigma Sun the KLF? If so I am fully behind creeper 😂👍
  6. Surely we have some common ground ? 😛 Two state solution ? Behind a lot of the arguments most people have common ground on wanting a solution to the violence and seeing a two state solution as the only end game that is bearable. The alternative should be bearable for no one with a heart.
  7. Victorious is a very similar sized, albeit a little larger festival but they’re both under the owners of Superstruct. Wouldn’t be surprised if Biffy played Kendal, a southern show at Victorious and a northern show at Kendal would make sense on top of what ever their own touring plans are next year.
  8. Yeah I just had a listen to some of her stuff. That is a proper cafe del mare vibe, took me right back to drinking some of the vile local aniseed drink that I had there once. Granted, it was a stunning sunset and the rest of the night was banging.
  9. I think it would be good to know if telling someone to "f**k off, and when you get there, f**k off again" is alright? I would expect if someone (Barry) is winding people up with his posts, he should be warned under the rules if that is what they are. But seems strange to give someone a free pass to speak to someone the way Stevie did. To be clear, I fully disagree with Barry's position on Israel. But he should be able to post his opinions without getting the responses he does.
  10. Do we know if the killers are touring europe outside of the uk? Its not out of this world to be them.
  11. Today
  12. Run The Jewels’ new album is basically finished. Could be a surprise drop over Christmas that would put them in contention - I reckon WH Headline is their slot if they do it as well.
  13. Timing is odd for Billie as well. Festivals in 2023 weren‘t announced all together and mostly 11am GMT+1. We‘ll see! Also: Do we have legit rumors that Billie is touring in 2024 except for @YunT dropping her name for Mad Cool?
  14. That was confusing because when other people have apparently tried to wind people up they've been told it's against the rules, I understand that it's fluid but it seems that for some posters those rules previously enforced become flexible.
  15. We agreed that response . You’ll always get differing opinions we are trying to juggle 65 balls and spin plates at the same time . We have the same objective and that’s despite the objections to the contrary that this place remains as decent as we can make it … or we step away and allow a free for all ( not happening ) or the thread gets deleted completely. It is a forum to get excited about festivals predominantly
  16. Don't know if 1st one could be Four Tet (potentially Fred Again.. x Four Tet x Skrillex) and star eyes one referring to Ellie Goulding? (has a song called Starry Eyed
  17. Has much as i want it to be pearl jam, im leaning more into billie eilish due to the timing of the announcement
  18. Its a lazy accusation though. Your view point winds me up endlessly. I know mine winds you up. That is what happens when people debate. The key was cutting out the personal abuse. I know at one point me and Stevie turned it into a sport to wind each other up but that is very much in the past (for me anyway). You want "debate" without the debate. A bunch of lefties talking about how bad Boris is isn't a debate of any substance. And label anyone who would have a counter view point as, simply posting to wind you up, is ridiculous. But this is where we are... The smart thing for the forum would be to delete this thread and ban political debate if it doesn't want to see debate. Its currently an open trap of thread. Or at least rename it too... the wokey lefty only lets talk about how evil the tories are thread. Then I wouldn't bother posting 😛
  19. Overlaps with Green Man
  20. Little Simz is too mainstream for Green Man imo And Lafourcade is really big artist, I would be highly surprised if they could afford someone of her caliber. The Ezra Collective is playing at another festival during Green Man
  21. As 1pm is probably not self-chosen the reason has to be an artist who hasn‘t announced any dates yet. Probably headliner. So likely Pearl Jam, maybe Billie Eilish.
  22. I think the difficulty is that some mods apply certain rules differently to others, see earlier Kallifire indicated posting to wind people up isn't against any rules which is different to what we've been told before.
  23. Any reasons for not wanting britpop artists?
  24. I made the mistake of listening to a few of the acts I’d never heard of, the teskey brothers seemed talented but f**k me they’re slow paced, so lord knows where they’re going to fit in. Samurai were shite, I just find it astounding how far it’s fell, it’s sad to see
  25. I thought this was pretty clear... But it missed out the "context" defence... The context defence The context defence is the right to openly abuse and attack anyone who either openly self identifies as or is suspected of being: a Tory remotely supportive of Isreal anything more right wing than New Labour a believer in free market econmics anyone who goes against the floating general consensus currently around the board. We can have debate but we must always make sure its within a narrow window of debate where we don't stray too far away from what the majority think otherwise you are being deliberately provocative and therefor a bit of a c**t. Hope this helps. Its my take away from the day that was 😛 In other words, I am free game 😛
  26. Which are being put together by some volunteers , so the less time we need to spend on moderation the more time we can use to work on these . We’ve got the existing ones from this forum and some from other forums to use as a guide . In the meantime the general rule of don’t be a dick to others applies
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