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  2. Ahaha I thought him being 4th down would be a push
  3. EasyJet Bristol to Edinburgh 1.10hrs. Cheapest £27!
  4. This Bologna thing seems like a series of gigs spread over a month. Puts MCR in Europe in July and most likely confirms the announcement tomorrow. We'll know more soon.
  5. 150 days of anticipation, preparation, speculation, fascination, stimulation, celebration, palpitation, perspiration, forni(well maybe not that!) the build up for me is all part of it. Love it!
  6. Now do the same for the cost of a mass produced CD to a mass produced cd/vinyl back then and x it by the number they actually shift. Yes, ticket prices are expensive but on the other hand you can listen to any song you want in the world for free....
  7. "Because our lives aren't going to change" It won't change for the rich and privileged.
  8. It’s the price we pay for having access to their recordings for next to nothing (unless you buy vinyl)
  9. You mean the week after when Wireless is in finsbury park all weekend? Top plan
  10. The problem with that discussion is that people always bring up UK artists that are big in the UK but smaller in the rest of the world. This is an entirely different thing since it's an American band.
  11. waltere

    Pyramid Subs 2020

    Sunday of 2017 also had my best ever run Chic - Sampha - Kano - Justice
  12. I’m seeing him on Tues eve as part of IVW at Guildford Boiler Room - hoping to hear a few tracks off the new album
  13. So... I guess tomorrow we'll know everything. Let's pray for Mad Cool to announce them for the 10th!!!
  14. And now they're 13th!
  15. On the national express, there’s a jolly hostess, selling crisps and tea she will provide you with drinks and theatrical winks for a sky high fee the divine comedy!
  16. blxrry105


    Hey guys uhh I'm looking to get into gorillaz later stuff but is any of it worth a listen? I've only listened to demon days and the album with 19-2000 on it
  17. Oh never thought about flying, I've just booked a national express direct back to Edinburgh.
  18. For me I think this is too congested, Imagine the security needed for these three events, public services strained & transport, not too mention the locals. I think probably just Kings of Leon on the 28th, Community going the week after
  19. Today
  20. I will cry the moment Welcome to Black Parade starts
  21. HattersBoy

    October Drift

    Shoreditch is the closest to me I may venture down there but if the are at GF then I shall almost certainly give them a go. Thanks
  22. As much as I don't like him Gerry Cinnamon would be a good headliner for community, Wombats would be decent too. If it's true and Kings of Leon have Finsbury for the 28th then you can understand why there's a delay
  23. I remember the Wolf Alice discussion some years back. 'Why are they not playing The Barn', the Slope will be far too small'. I like Wolf Alice so went to check them out and there was plenty of space at the Slope. Same with Biffy who just aren't that big in Belgium. RW will mostly focus on what Belgians like and sales figures in the UK are simply not a guarantee for tickets sales at the other side of the pond.
  24. Emily is due to get some sort of award in early feb , maybe then eh.
  25. i don’t even care if this is bait or not. let’s stop this thread immediately until the lineup is dropped. look what you’ve done to us FR
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