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  2. Neither are fit to lace his boots!
  3. Terrible rule, completely favours the richer clubs with the biggest squads.
  4. Messi and Ronaldo may disagree!!
  5. Ozanne

    How do you feel?

    I love a rainy day, for some reason the rain has never really bothered me. I’m very weird though.
  6. Booked. 3+1. Bit more expensive but should.be a good laugh. Looking forward to finding out the rest of the lineup. Hopefully no KoL. Although could do with seeing them again because I can't remember the first time haha.
  7. If that's what we're basing it on, then step forward Gerry Cinnamon
  8. Billie has such a huge fan base. I caught the start of her set at Reading last year (wasn’t it the biggest daytime main stage crowd that festival has ever seen?) and she’s easily festival headline ready.
  9. Ryan1984

    How do you feel?

    The music industry ‘roadmap’ will come from the culture secretary sometime ‘this week’.
  10. Obviously i made it clear that i think shes talented but her album does nothing for me but do you think her debut album is truly special? An Album that in 5/10/15 years you will go back to? is it anyway near whatever people say i am, thats what im not, is this it, turn on the bright lights, Hot fuss, boy in da corner?
  11. I didn't say that though, I said I don't think she should be.
  12. I'm 26 but sure, if you're old and a male your point moot.... Shes got one album that while isnt for me, does sound quite samey Saw her 19 set yeah it was fine, nothing to write home about but yeah, lets give her top billing Shes not in the same league as Coldplay or AM debut as much as you like her Edit: Also rapid rises are noteworthy but doesnt mean it makes a dent. You can catch fire but you need to burn brightly for years not a spark. Her rise is just as much down to brilliant branding. Yothe way she dresses, the attitude, the no fucks given. She plays to that culture. Look to what her songs - idontwannabeyouanymore, !!!! -teens like that. LIke i mention before, is her debut up there with AM, The Strokes, Interpol, The Killers, Dizzie Rascal. Will people go back to her Debut as they do for others?
  13. A record breaking female artist is getting absolutely shafted here. I'm not posting on here begging people to like Billie Eilish and love the music; it won't be everyone's cup of tea and that's fine. But to make out that she isn't relevent enough or making a big enough impact in the industry is insane...
  14. And? Plenty of successful musicians come from well off backgrounds but you're calling out an 18 year old girl who wrote almost every song on her record. The couple she didn't were written by her brother. The album was made in her brother's bedroom studio. The two of them made those songs and made that record. It is not like they paid someone to make it for them. If I was rich as fuck and my Dad was Mr Big Bollocks I still couldn't do that because I'm a shit singer and have no musical talent...
  15. I mean, I can't remember a rise as quick as Billie's since Gaga tbh, if thats not noteworthy then I don't know what is... Just because you as an older male (I assume) don't connect with the tunes doesn't mean that she isn't a "moment"...
  16. And 5 Grammys, a hugely successful debut (2nd biggest in the UK after capaldi last year, third biggest this year after capaldi and stormzy), and having the biggest hit in the world last year.... To be clear, I don't think she's all that likely (she played on this album last year so I doubt she'll be back, she posted a lot about her R+L set compared to G so reckon she will be back there first etc.). However saying that she isn't a contender is a bit short sighted imo... Interesting that you say that as I would argue Billie is almost definitely more talented than Adele. Adele is good at belting, sure, but her vocal technique is awful and she really lacks any style (there isn't really anything exciting or unique to her songs other than the tone of her voice). Her last album had numerous other songwriters assisting her and powerhouse producers like Max Martin too. Billie's was made by her and her brother in their bedroom... I would guess that all of Billies fans would say that her music connects with them emotionally. At times it gets a bit im14andthisisdeep but it obviously works for some people....
  17. You can have one of my prints for 25..lol And on a serious note.. Beans on toast
  18. You understand how well her parents are connected in the industry right. You think its luck a 13 year old gets a development deal from one soundcloud song?
  19. The way i think of it is, if you're gonna Headline with one album under your belt you need to be making a dent in the psyche of the public. There are very few bands that do that on their debut. Otherwise you dont have the back catalog to engage for a headline performance. I think Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys and Stormzy ( Because of his talent and because it was a cultural moment as it recognising a black artist and the grime genre) did make a dent. Billie i feel like isn't making a dent. Will people remember her first album and go this was a moment? People do for Coldplay and AM.
  20. They've talked about some 'surprises'. I'd guess they have 1 or at most 2 names of her stature or above to come - still hoping for Thom Yorke or Anderson Paak. Plus some of the bigger bands will invariably cancel, so either way we will have some meaty new additions (with apologies to any vegetarians reading).
  21. Anyone going to circa waves tour next year?
  22. Remember that so well. I, along with just about everyone else that bothered to express an opinion agreed that it was completely shit. Honesetly, no pun intended. Feckin eyesore.
  23. Yeah this is where I’m at. I’d seen Stormzy when he played the festival before and loved it, but I still didn’t think should headline after one album. Obviously he owned it. I watched Billie on iPlayer last week, also saw her last year on the Radio 1 Big Weekend footage. Live show didn’t impress me at all. I just don’t see her as a headliner yet. I think there are better options.
  24. An easy one. What style and brand of cider was sold at the relatively short lived craft cider bars?
  25. Today
  26. Arctic Monkeys were another level of popularity. They might have had one album but everyone knew the words to all the songs, which is unheard of.
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