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  2. Not so much gossip as his interactions with people on social media prior to the 2017 festival. I recall him saying after the lineup dropped and he wasn't there that he was gutted not to be playing but hoped to be back in the future, so there won't be any beef. Doesn't mean they'll offer him a slot out of pity but he's around, as said.
  3. Looking at the dates, yes. But I'm still hoping to see Calvin Harris at Sziget, as he is my favourite DJ of all time 🌞
  4. The snp rely on soundbites, empty rhetoric, flag waving and trying to be all things to all men. That is how they have attracted voters, especially the former labour vote. Their record up here on health, education, local government is absolutely disgraceful despite funding increases. They blame Westminster for everything that goes wrong . They are a one issue party. Hopefully if they ever get another referendum they will have to explain the currency issue, their economic policy, the border issue, taxation policies etc. Reckon they would just put Braveheart on the telly and give everyone a flag.
  5. He went round telling lots of people he was playing and then never appeared on the lineup. Might have been some miscommunication with his management.
  6. My dad is English and sounds it and has lived up here for 35 years and no one has ever tried to punch him. Maybe someone tried to punch you for another reason...
  7. Interesting kernel of goss, never heard that. He was on West Holts in 2010 and 2014, subbing the last time — one mixup doesn't feel like eternal bad blood. Got a UK/EU dates in May and June as well, so I reckon he's a pretty likely WH, JP or Park headliner.
  8. She'd point at things like Universal Credit and say it doesn't provide the safety net that it should and far too many people slip through without getting the support they deserve. Which to be honest I'd agree with, but the Scottish parliament has been offered some of these powers and postponed taking them as they couldn't get organised in time. It's actually scary how many powers the Scottish parliament potentially has and don't use. SNP obviously find it much easier to sit on their hands and blame "Westmonster" rather than actually do anything. It's a shame as a lot of the things Sturgeon says about the society she wants to build are good in principal, but sadly she's all soundbites and no action. Pretty much everything the SNP has touched has got worse and most of their voters are so idealogically driven they will continue to vote for them no matter how much a mess they make of things
  9. @Ddiamondd I heard one year bonobo was offered a slot / approached about a slot but nothing materialised - but he thought he was playing the whole time… not sure if he’s on bad terms with the festival now.
  10. Wouldn't they be more likely for balaton?
  11. BigEats 48-1 Dosa Deli 29 Deluxe Diner/Rocket Lounge 50 Eat the Farm 48 Hot P'totoes 48 Le Rac Shack 69 Mango Rays 48 Notso Katsu 48 Only Jerkin' 48 PanCrêpes 48 Smileys Fish and chips 50 Seasonal Samosas 48 Taste Tibet 48 The Crumble Shack 50 The Fryer Engine 48 The Real Banger Co 49 The Roaming Rotisserie 54 Tom's Toasties 49 Wrap Up Burritos 49 Club Mexicana 49 Fresh Organic 49 Co-op 85 La Grande Bouffe 120(+5) Goan Seafood Company 60 Tor RFC Fajita Stall 70 Anna Mae's Mac N Cheese 19 Buddha Bowl 49 Giant Yorkshire Pudding Stall 59 Hare Krishna Tent 49 Piggie Smalls 50(+1) Jamaican Jerk Chicken Stall 69 The Banghra Bus 49 Burger & Beyond 49 Voodoo Ray's 49 Scrumpets With Crumpets 49 Los Churros Amigos 60 Happy Maki 49 Wham Bam Tikka 49 Mr. Toastie 49 Fishfinger Heaven 49 The Paellaria 60 The Duck Truck 49 Mama Falafel 49 Jumping Bean Burritos 49 Ghandi's Flip Flop 60 Burger Bear 76 Mendip Moments 49 No Bones Jones 125 The Growler 45(-4) Square Pie Co. 51 Tea & Toast 50
  12. So... Calvin Harris was announced for Creamfeilds 👀 (and David Guetta 🥱) 2 days ago 🤠 as far as I know, there is till negotiations about him performing at Sziget 🌞✌🏼
  13. Today
  14. I know SA will have an agenda in terms of downplaying it but I'm inclined to believe what they're seeing on the ground first hand. I wonder if this is the transmissable-but-milder one people were always saying would arrive.
  15. i should have said at the top levels, where his performance has been about the same as newcastle have been managinf.
  16. It doesn't have a Set Fire To The Rain on it......but then not many records do.
  17. Slightly harsh, when you look where Bournemouth were when he took over and where he left them, it's a big difference, even if they did fall out the prem, did they really have any right to stay in it so long?
  18. yeah, all done by player stats about particular aspects of their games for example "the team needs someone who is a strong header of the ball", so they identify who that player is, they buy him, and the team is improved.
  19. i agree, but howe has already shown he can't build something good enough to challenge, when he's had time and money to do it.
  20. It's what klopp and Liverpool do very well, getting players that others don't take a risk on and they drive to the next level. For example Mane and Salah.
  21. There's none, it's just the usual social media shithouses speculating.
  22. I think it would be pretty short sighted to sack him if we go down but there was rumours that they were putting an out clause in the contract should we go down.
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