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  2. Maybe but she isn't one of the leaders. And she does bring younger voters to the table. And there isn't much the dems can do: she won the primary and the election, and is entitled to put her views forward. Aside from Bernie, none of the presidential candidates will have her close to presidential campaign.
  3. Sounds like a sperm whale communicating to another sperm whale. How do I know? Because David 'God' Attenborough told me so.
  4. Quark

    2020 headliners

    A thought on Blur. Given that they've only released one album since Think Tank, and that their 2009 performance was arguably one of the defining Pyramid sets (at very least of the modern era), would a follow up end up being a bit of a, well, disappointment? I mean, the Cure came back with maybe a view on laying their previous performance to rest, so the material wasn't really a question. Everyone just wanted to hear it done properly. I don't think it'll stop them from headlining, but for anyone who was there previously, and definitely for me, could a return actually be any better, or even nearly as good? I don't think it could.
  5. I agree with the limit, if they were able to be handed out willy nilly it would be like the russian rouble and worthless .. and akin to facebook where everything seems to be liked whatever it is
  6. Livvy13

    Musical Confessional

    I really don't get Led Zeppelin to be honest. Yeah they've got a few good tracks but in my opinion not enough to be lauded the way what feels like the entire planet seems to, and same with The Beatles as well (although i actually much prefer The Beatles to Led Zep).
  7. she's getting the press (more than others), and it's what she says that people take away as what the dems are all about. It doesn't matter whether or not she's on their local ticket, most people aren't paying that much attention. But if they are paying attention, it can still work much like how things are currently going with Labour, where plenty of normally-Labour voters won't vote for their local MP because of Jez/McD/Abbott/etc.
  8. We never had a school disco. Probably just as well, because I went to an all boys school.
  9. Thanks everyone for energy information I switched from British Gas to Octopus because they gave me a much cheaper price but that doesn't seem like its been very accurate as they say ive been underpaying and my price has gone up ... so now its time for a requote and to see how this compares to some of the more ethical producers ....£70 seems too high for both electricity and Gas
  10. ^^ This. I try and recycle everything I can, minimise my use of everything consumable and buy quality clothes that will last but buy less frequently. But my meat consumption and flying on holiday occasionally is not something I'm willing to sacrifice. I believe this is offset by not producing 2.4 children who will further blight the earth!
  11. How could I forget Kraftwerk? I recall a very happy time in my life listening to them one summer on my first trip abroad (other than to Ireland). I can even remember the year - 1981.
  12. There's stuff like libel laws. Anyone who isn't a hateful deluded cuck-fruit like you is letting it play out before screaming paedo.
  13. Yep, perhaps even Bill and Andrew. Fact is you don't know, but your deluded mind is in overdrive fantasising stuff and thinking it's all true.
  14. Think Gold members already get an increased allowance over yer standard visitor? I quite like the limit tbh. Makes me more thoughtful over what deserves one
  15. The National And Vampire Weekend are both really, really boring live. Good on record, excellent musicians, but my god do they lack presence!
  16. I quoted facts. You came back with vacuous insults. Your time here is running out.
  17. Quark

    Musical Confessional

    Mrs Q had that on CD when we first started seeing each other. Got played a LOT in her car. Some absolute belters in there, although Love 4 Fun remains utter shite
  18. 1986

    The National

    Was looking at their December dates. Sure bands do this sort of thing a lot but the order of the cities seems so inconvenient, Brighton > Leeds > Cardiff > Nottingham. One for the extinction rebellion thread, work out a more ecological route next time boys.
  19. I sympathise with the renovations.. we are just embarking on the very last house I am ever going to re-furb.. I seem to have spent my life living in building sites and then once finished move on !! Thank fully the 2 big dogs are total couch potatoes so as long as a sofa or bed are within reach they are happy Ex batt hens and ducks are so lovely and my last lot were featherless with open sores but amazing how these little hens re-cover so quickly with a bit of TLC
  20. Don’t get the National, bored me live many years ago and haven’t given them a chance since. Have never liked the Beatles. A reformed Blink 182 should headline Glastonbury. Arcade Fire have released only one poor album I still watch Muse on every tour despite being repulsed by them these days Bruce Springsteen should headline again.
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