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  2. Simsy

    Good news thread..

    I think it's only the person who sets up the meeting who needs to be pro to avoid the 40 min limit (disclaimer: I haven't actually used Zoom yet, but it's what I've been told). Good luck in the interview.
  3. Simsy

    Volunteering 2020

    Just got my refund from Oxfam.
  4. Today
  5. OK, I'm limiting you to one of these per night for the time being. FXDJ 122 1989 🤭
  6. Nothing worse than popping a finger through your roll. May as well shower or walk into the sea after.
  7. I’m looking at flights to Porto which are usually £150 for about £30. Might be worth the risk. Found a flight to Bali for £250 but via China.
  8. Buy a proper chair brother we're in this for the long haul. Or else go into the office and borrow one. Nobodies going to be in there for a while.
  9. Bisque

    Good news thread..

    I have an interview later this afternoon on Zoom. Do I need to register for Pro because it will last over 40 minutes? I should be nervous but it’s going to be interesting.
  10. Bloody magnificent! If only it could be anywhere near as good as this!
  11. Yesterday
  12. Royal Blood? Couldn't give a reason why though, just know that Matt Helders wore their merch during Arctic Monkeys headline set.
  13. Wasn't sure if oneeye's pic was fake but it would seem there are real examples of this idiocy.
  14. A few people have had replies from Primavera resellers, and the festival are saying that they'll provide more info on alternatives (refunds etc.) once Spain's "state of alarm" is over and actually quoting the 11th April, as if it's not going to be extended. Until then they apparently don't have to consider any refunds. I assume that even if Mad Cool moved/cancelled they'd be in the same situation, so they're probably hanging on to see what happens. While July is likely a write off, it's conceivable that in a few weeks (as new cases are at least levelling off in many European countries) they'll have a better idea of whether they cancel, or aim for September. Right now, it's probably easiest for them to simply not make a decision.
  15. I'm off to bed now. Hopefully someone will have got it right by the morning. If not I can drop more clues.
  16. Never heard of Sedra. The legend slot is basically a headliner, so no, not Dolly. Kenny not the link.
  17. So was Sedra right? Dolly? And is Kenny the link? Kenny wasn't a headliner. I give up
  18. There was a link with a 2013 headliner, but they were not a headliner. They also might be one of the earliest confirmations in the history of the festival! That's all I'm saying!
  19. ta I bet the thingy would know
  20. Hmm, I don't think i know this one. Hang on. Was it Arcade fire?
  21. They didn't back out, but there was a link with 2013.
  22. Is it due to someone meant to be playing 2013 and backing out? Arcade Fire? Edited 3 times cos I'm thinking too fast
  23. Dolly Parton? Not sure why though!
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