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  2. There's one behind Byron burger on New Street, and another behind Chic nightclub/everything on that round corner on Pagoda Island. They frontages have been completely changed, but both theatre rooms are still there.
  3. If only there was a Cure-related pun with Friday in it...
  4. I thought it was one chicken a day not a specific chicken. REM - 37 David Bowie - 23 Deem this my vote or reinstating Yellow's one either way REM are on 37 and waaaaaay too high.
  5. What needs to be established with all these sorts of things was did Hancock (and all the others) put pressure on the civil / crown / public servants who's job it is to do this. Would the interest being declared have changed the outcome or changed the outcome of the process. It's dodgy, and dishonest and shows a disregard for the processes put in place. You only with hold information on declaration of interest if you think it's going to negatively impact you so just shows these twats to be the self serving w*nkers they are.
  6. Fuck it.... The Cure (-1) Dead REM - 47 (-9) David Bowie - 23
  7. The Thin White Duke is skating on thin white ice...who's got the stones to kill him off? Would go down in eFests folklore... ...you could even put "I KILLED BOWIE" in your signature...
  8. The Cure - 1 (-10) REM - 56 David Bowie - 23 Ten added back into REM as @Yellow Chickenis banned from voting.
  9. In a way, I wonder if the fact that no one is shouting about it on social media is a good thing. It might mean that is slips from people's minds a bit and fewer people enter the comp, thereby increasing your chances @crazyfool1! @Ayrshire Chris it's very nice cheddar(coming from a Somerset girl!). Our local co-op stocks it so we get it most weeks, reasonably mature and a bit crumbly 🙂
  10. The Cure - 11 (-10) REM - 46 David Bowie - 23
  11. New challenge, get ‘em all on 10 or less in total then someone take ‘em all out together. Seems the honourable thing to do now.
  12. I'm just a realist and are the effects of longer term. I'd rather not expect it. Reading I'm not attending but I am attending an event or due to that weekend elsewhere so I'd rather things were going ahead. But do I want to go through every test and procedure out there to get into it? Not really. No Reading will survive due to it's large brand and backing etc etc. If the council etc don't see the info they want to then it won't. And as I said, we are hosting a major sporting event on June 26th and only allowing 22k fans in.
  13. The Cure - 21 REM - 46+10 David Bowie - 23
  14. The only reason they could get the NHS Wales contract was because they were added to the list of approved NHS suppliers, they were added to the list after Hancock became Health secretary, when declaring an interest in the company Hancock declined to mention his sister's involvement. It isn't as dodgy as if they were getting NHS England money but it's still dodgy and it's just more and more of the sleaze that is the dominant non-Covid news at the moment.
  15. Sports bars are just pubs with more than two tellys and shit memorabilia stapled to the ceiling... and you know what you can do with yer artisan bread ya posho 🤣
  16. Hear me out people, don't chuck anything at me (just yet). The Offspring album is...not bad. I gave it a listen out of curiosity as I used to really like them (still think Americana is probably the best pop punk album of the 90s). The 2 songs they released are by far the worst tracks on the album - judging those by themselves you'd happily never listen to another note from them again, but the rest of the album is more 'Offspring by numbers' and is a lot more what you'd expect from them (which still might put people off 😉). Give it a go though, I was pleasantly surprised overall, especiall
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