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  2. reminds me .... that the UK's biggest ever drugs bust of LSD was stashed in the grounds of the national Police College at Bramshill.
  3. yay! I hope a billionaire wins this year.
  4. eFestivals

    Club Covid

    that's pretty much how it is here. With added "it must be a false positive", soon followed by "I think I'm ill" as well as "perhaps I'm not ill". Bloody contrary women. 😛
  5. 7% 16/1: 35.35 (-1.42%) Rolling average: 28.10 (+0.32) 17/1: 23.70 (-11.65%) Rolling Average: 27.93 (-0.17%) 18/1: 28.97 (+5.26%) Rolling average: 27.97 (+0.05) Day 1-7: 32.74 Day 8-14: 21.45 Day 15-21: 27.97
  6. I've just recalled something - I once scored some dope from a police cadet in the police's own cadet accommodation unit. The cadet insisted that I sat on the floor with him and had a smoke there and then (that was traditional of dealers back in the day). I couldn't wait to finish that smoke and get out of there. Oh, and I bought my first ever telly from a police officer who had gone to a burglary at a tv showroom and nicked a few telly's himself after the 'crooks' had gone because there was no one else there to stop him doing so.
  7. Well, if you are ever over here in the UK you could stay in a cell here (see below), without the inconvenience of being arrested. https://www.clinkhostels.com/london/clink78/
  8. Hello John the Moth, Please excuse my curiosity, but have you travelled to many places since? I'm totally unfamiliar with the yacht race, so have no idea where such a beach to see it would be.
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  10. I work for Police in New Zealand so a night in the cells might mean I'm also unemployed. It sure helps as an incentive to be (mostly) well behaved. It doesn't help the Police bar has the cheapest drinks in town though..
  11. Yeah I'm just going to hold onto oir ticket until the eleventh hour and hope for the best. Honestly can't see it going ahead with this new strand, unless we all just accept we're getting Covid. Rollout of vaccines isn't until July here so there's no way I'll be immune. Ugh that sucks. I can work from the hotel but honestly it's so much money for what's basically a fancy two week prison sentence.
  12. I'm acting as though its unrealistic for me to go but I know theres maybe a 1% chance that I could..... I dont want to cancel my ticket before March 31 if the festival is still on because if the festival gets cancelled I want my ticket rolled over... hopefully things are clearer by then.
  13. And as both Mrs Moth and myself are self employed, it’s an extra two weeks each with no income too.
  14. Hi Yog, I visited that particular beach a number of times... but you’re right, West Brom is 5 years behind me now.
  15. You're not in West Brom now then. The nearest beach there ever was to there was probably this one;
  16. on a serious note though i don’t think lil uzi will be booked for a UK festival again for a long time following 2 (iirc) wireless pullouts and a leeds fest dropout, he’s seemingly very unreliable
  17. Duly noted. Since this is the thread for drunkards I may as well admit that my drunkenness has resulted in my incarceration in a police cell a number of times. I have woken up several times in a police cell not actually knowing how I managed to get there. Those were my 'troubled' days though. I'm glad they're over and done with.
  18. We'd definitely still have to quarantine when we got back to New Zealand. At over $3000 for two people it's really not realistic. I'd rather wait and fly over in premium economy or something (if I could ever get a ticket to Glastonbury again).
  19. I remember reading somewhere that the SDNY have quite a few indictments ready to unseal as soon as Trump no longer has Presidential protection. It sounds like they're ready to go.
  20. Do people still pay attention to the official charts?
  21. Some interesting comments from this article.
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