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  2. stanh

    Coachella 2019

    Weekend 1- April 12-14 Weekend 2- April 19-21 Who do you hope and expect to be on the bill for next years event? Heres my current guess, but probably way off: Arctic Monkeys/Tame Impala (co-headline) Drake (with Gambino subbing) Justin Timberlake or Sam Smith or Rihanna
  3. Hey everyone Today I've been working on an making an unofficial Google map of the festival. It's got the location of the 21 main stages (not on the official map!), each district, as well as all camping and parking areas. Hope some of you find it useful! Feel free to right click save the image below, or you can download it in ultra high res by right clicking this link. I can't guarantee it's total accuracy, as it was done by hand based on information available online, as well as my own personal experience of attending the festival. If you have any suggestions of what I should add, let me know, it's a work in progress.
  4. parsonjack

    T. DAY

  5. stanh

    2019 festival

    Probs way off and very strong imo - but here's what I'd do Twenty One Pilots / The 1975 Drake Florence + The Machine or Disclosure / The 1975 Drake Twenty One Pilots /Catfish & The Bottlemen
  6. I will be there with the mrs
  7. jump

    Kaleidoscope Festival

    For fuck sake! Some little c**t-child lost their phohe who was sitting near me during Ghoestpoet and made up some bullshit I took it from the the little c**t. The c**t-child ask me if I saw his phone as he left it near me whilst he was off playing football during the gig and I said no as I literally saw nothing. So afterwards every now and then a security guard would stand virtually on top of me whilst on their phone (this happened about twice) so I ask the guy what's going and it turns out he's ringing the c**t-childs phone to see if I took it, as according to the c**t-child I took it from him both times unsuccessful and I tell the guy I don't know anything about a phone. About 15 mins later I go for a piss and in the middle of me unzipping in the toilets literally 3 security guards barge in to tell me I can't piss as they need to search me for the c**t-childs phone, so I make fun that they need 3 guards to be man enough to search and then they search me, find nothing and apologize. Whilst all of this is happening not once did I see the c**t-child's c**t-parents at all, which probably explains whh the kid is such a c**t and making bullshit up.
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  9. Gucci Piggy

    2019 festival

    90% of the audience wouldn't have a fucking clue who they are. Everybody who goes to R&L knows Disclosure and a lot of them like Disclosure. ADTR ain't getting slots like headlining Other Stage at Glasto (I know it's not their crowd but the point is Disclosure are a massive household name whilst ADTR aren't). PATD are basically subbing, but even they are apparently now some popular pop band. Fuck knows, though; I was initially baffled at people thinking they were big enough to play 3rd down. Didn't say they won't. I was referring to your claim that they could headline R&L.
  10. Rico_Pliskin

    Mad Cool 2018

    Really? Was thinking of heading next year. Would love to hear if you have additional issues apart from what others were saying previous. where would have been your fav fest sound/lineup wise? thanks
  11. James96

    2019 Headliners

    This is exactly the point I was trying to make regarding AM
  12. TheWaters

    Secret sets 2018

    Franz is an odd choice. Surely not as the big secret set? They'd be 4th down main tops at this point surely?
  13. Quark

    Worst Album Covers

    They nailed it with the first one. Second not so much. Decent band for their time though
  14. moz4pm

    Mad Cool 2018

    I've been to roughly 40 festivals in 14 years and this is the only one out of them that I categorically wouldn't go back to, just an utter disappointment. You could have Metallica, The Smiths and Rush headline and I wouldn't bat an eyelid.
  15. Mattymooz

    2019 Headliners

    I was just going off of his placement in 2011 and how well I remember his last album going down. If he was 3rd down Pyramid then, his last album could have bumped him up to sub and a new one up to headliner. Either way ignore it now
  16. Tak loads 2018

    Looking to meet up with new people to go creamfields 2018

    Hey. Who's still going to creamfields?was at cocoon in the park reccently. Just about recovered...feel free to contact.

    2019 Headliners

    Headliner? Give over you apoth.
  18. footix2

    The weath......

    Met Office has heavy showers on Friday at the moment.
  19. WS_Jack_III

    The Gaming Thread

    Finished Detroit: Become Human. I really enjoyed it, great stories that interweave. Very much a Phillip K. Dick feel to it.
  20. Kalopsia

    2019 Headliners

    I'm going for AM, Madonna and Paul McCartney...other stage the streets, QOTSA and the 1975 probably completely wrong though haha.
  21. Comfy Bean

    Site Map

    Thanks for clearing that up. We will hopefully survive without our selfie sticks

    Kendrick Lamar

    You're kinda fucked up pal, I'll pray for you
  23. naarjtie

    Site Map

    It's an error - there will be no charge for leaving / re-entry to the carparks. I don't know how it ended up in the info pack as it's never been considered but either way it should have been spotted at one of the review stages before it was published. Sorry for the alarm and thanks for spotting. I'm not aware of any issues but will look into accessible.

    The weath......

    I’m praying for good weather
  25. dentalplan

    2019 Headliners

    I wouldn't really class Muse as a valid comparison, given that they've had a whole album and album tour in between the tours that they did Glastonbury on. If you think about it in Arctic Monkeys terms; if they played next year, it'd be the same gap as between the last two headline slots. Now think about the difference between Arctic Monkeys in 2007 and the band in 2013, then think about what would be different next year. They might even be the ones who feel it's too soon.
  26. bottonrob

    2018 - Any advice or help needed ?

    You will get dropped at the drop-off point where you will need to take all your stuff, the gate is about 100yard walk from there. If you are struggling you may want to chip in for a sherpa at this point.
  27. CaledonianGonzo

    Glastonbury 2020

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