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  2. ^This. Why sit through stuff you don't like? You'll hate it and the others you are with know that you aren't enjoying it so what's the point? Just meet up again later.
  3. Cant. He has to be in Germany the next day
  4. are the strokes and Charli xcx really playing shorter sets at weekend 2? that's very annoying if true.
  5. So was I, and I don't regret it for a second. Of course everyone should see Nile & Chic once, but to be kind of blunt about it - when you've seen them once, you probably don't need to see them again. The next time is going to be near enough exactly the same, probably right down to the stage banter. Any variation will mostly be down to set length. It's very much diminishing returns, which is why I wasn't fussed that time.
  6. Seems like doja has pulled out of all summer festivals and Weeknd tour so seems we shall have a replacement co headliner for the Wednesday.
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  8. stuie

    Volunteering 2022

    Does whatever you guys have received say it’s confidential?
  9. For all things Harry Styles, if you are so inclined:
  10. Enjoyable? Anyone who thinks there was a better place to be than in that field is deluded 😛 It was brilliant, she'll never be there again (unlike most of the alternatives), most of us won't get another opportunity to see her and she was the biggest R&B star in the world and for me it was great to support the festival in getting her there for a headline slot. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2011/jun/27/beyonce-glastonbury-2011-review
  11. He’s essentially moved on from the solo release already, and back to Gorillaz. Who are touring Europe during Glastonbury. He’s 99.9% out.
  12. Let em go for broke. ADELE
  13. Deleting social media doesn't delete everything they've done previously. There is no mention of this act anywhere on the internet prior to 2 months ago (and even then it's just a fake wikipedia entry). There's no record of the albums they've supposedly released over the last 7 years. There's no record of the single concert we know of, from 2019 supposedly, which is almost certainly faked by the new (and since deleted) wikipedia account that created their wikipedia entry 6 weeks ago, let alone any other concert. There's no record of anyone with that name and the moniker Quimera https://www.google.com/search?q=Salvador+Rodríguez+quimera yet someone knows all about their life and birthplace and DOB and family and background to put a supposedly real bio on wikipedia. Nowhere else on the internet seems to have any of this information. 30k on tiktok and instagram isn't a "heavy audience" either, especially when the posts on instagram at least have almost no engagement. Almost certainly just bot farm followers that have been purchased. Even if they had kept their social media accounts deleted, there would be genuine mentions, photos and records of this artist in other outlets. There are none. It is 100% not a real artist.
  14. Really can’t see him ever playing in any capacity personally.
  15. If they could tell you how many spaces were left in each A La Ciutat venue in real time, like a car park does, but in the app / online, now that would be useful
  16. Hopefully you didn't bet too much, as it seems unlikely.
  17. was there ever a reason given for why those lanes and all the small secret bars disappeared ? A lot of the SE corner now just feels like more stages and none of the quirky secret stuff that made it cool
  18. Daves a good mate of mine, am sure it will be fun.. remember the sparkly wellies too!
  19. Just to say BSR has still been busily adding tracks to the Spotify version this week. He's up to 1467 songs now. Sadly he's not visiting here atm as some of his other content was deleted against his wishes, but hopefully he won't mind us continuing to utilise his fine workmanship. @Badlands and @duke88 it looks like your versions are a few weeks out of date now. Are you happy to update them, or would you rather I create an Apple and Deezer version with Tunemymusic (either by you making them collaborative or me creating a new version)? I bought a cheap annual sub and it has plenty of other slots for automatic syncs that I could use which will update every day.
  20. A friend booked our deposits (6 in total) in 2019, and I paid off the balances in March 2022 for 2 of them. I cant find the order using the tracker, import order etc using my reference number, the original reference number or any other information. I did get confirmation email, payment was taken and they do show under my registration page, but no where else. WIll need to contact See to get them to look into it.
  22. Hopefully it clashes with Macca and is well known.
  23. Ok, stage and hour of his exibithion?
  24. Yeah, that's how several of my festivals have gone, but just without the escape room 🙂
  25. Hello lovely, I have 2 herniated discs and ongoing pain, staying off site for the first time because of this. Will be setting up a small tent on site in case I need somewhere to crash. Know I would struggle as I’m travelling solo, at least you will have some help, good luck x
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