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  2. Spread over the whole area. There's 100,000 university students and less than about a quarter of those actually live in purpose built student halls. There are a lot more commuter students from places like Bolton then people realise. E.g Salford (23,000 students) has 50% students from Greater Manchester. There are large concentrations in South Manchester but it's not quite as many as you'd think.
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  4. Jeremy Corbyn caught breaking the rule of 6 after attending a 9-person dinner party. Bloody politicians. One rule for them and one for everyone else.
  5. We are at the point in the spread now where instead of it being smaller clusters of cases that it is closer to all of us. By xmas it is likely that almost everyone will know someone who has had it I think. I lost a close friend at the end of August and it was a terrible shock. That's one of the worst things about this, when people get it it can go from them being fine to being extremely seriously ill extremely quickly. @Guy, hope the little one gets well soon.
  6. Sending best wishes, covid or not I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery
  7. sorry to hear man, not nice, sending positive juju your way, hope your granddaughter bounces back quickly from whatever it is.
  8. I think harshly shutting down Liverpool whilst most of the country is still open will just led people to meeting up in houses rather than restaurants/cafes/pubs which have some licensed measures in place. Obviously not everyone will do that but think there will be enough push back for it to not work as planned.
  9. Gacheezbo

    Taylor Swift

    Can't imagine I'd enjoy his original material but this cover is so good
  10. Technically it is "Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Northern Ireland)" and the reason the SNP have a shadow NI spokesperson is the government has a Secretary for State for NI and it is essential all government ministers are held to account by opposition parties and the current mechanism for that is for a senior frontbencher to "shadow" a government minister.
  11. Fri and sat from 7pm as stu says
  12. 2013 - Phoenix - Love Like a Sunset 2014 - Arcade Fire - Tunnels 2016 - LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends 2017 - can't choose one really. But I guess one by either Radiohead or Phoenix again. Or Woman by Angel Olsen
  13. Another solid drop for Bolton 206 yesterday to 196 today. Bury down as well 192 to 177 Oldham down 182 to 163
  14. In 2014 I was watching Beans On Toast on the hell stage when there was the power cut so he took whoever would fit into the heaven room and finished his set there with no mics or amps. Was truly special and he did the explicit version of 'I Can't Get a Gig at Glastonbury This Year' which I'd not heard before. Also prior to 2017 glastonbury I'd been stuck in Singapore for 6 weeks and the only thing that had kept me going was the thought of Glastonbury. The weekend before I'd finally accepted it wasn't happening then on the Tuesday we were given the OK to fly so I landed Thursday morning a
  15. TLOU2 wouldn’t make my top five, and by the time the year is out it may not be in my top ten.
  16. Something tells me Calvert-Lewin may be getting a call from Gareth this week...
  17. The EU might start reviewing the Oxford trial data in the next couple of weeks. https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-09-30/oxford-astra-covid-vaccine-review-said-to-start-in-europe Last time they did a rolling review, it took three months to approve "The agency started such an evaluation of remdesivir to treat Covid-19 in April, while trials were ongoing, and the drug was given conditional approval three months later."
  18. Well if we're doing years... 2010: The Hold Steady - Constructive Summer 2011: Paolo Nutini - Candy 2013: Stones - Midnight Rambler 2014: Robert Plant - Whole Lotta Love 2015: Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up 2016: St Paul and The Broken Bones - Broken Bones and Pocket Change 2017: Killers - Mr Brightside 2019: Frank Turner - Long Live The Queen
  19. The Best of The fucking Who?!? Just break out the Partridge meme now why don’t you...
  20. They are announced for another Portuguese festival, in May (North Music Festival), as headliners. It is in Oporto, but can't see them playing again in July in NOS Alive.
  21. Isn't it this Friday/Sat?
  22. Now that I’ve got some distance from both TLOU2 and Tsushima, TLOU2 is far superior to anything for me whilst Tsushima drops down. Current order probably looks like: TLOU2 Animal Crossing Tsushima Spiritfarer could supplant Tsushima depending on the finish. Paper Mario was grand too.
  23. Steanbow Farm, in a loft apartment. Not many people can say they have had 5 nights on the site this year.
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