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  2. They pulled out from Wickham last week because of travel issues (think MS is US based) but are confirmed for next year so are likely around for the whole summer including Glastonbury.
  3. Golden Dregs out, Walt Disco in.
  4. In the middle level with the mixing desk, I am 6`4" so had a good view from there, I am very mindful of ruining peoples evening when all they can see is the back of my head!
  5. Arlo Parks has had to pull out of Latitude too. At least that means she should be ok for EOTR 👀
  6. Hi! This is your last chance to enter to win a bottle of Moet! I want to know why people attend Leeds Festival, and what their motivations are for my masters dissertation. Completed responses will be in with a chance of winning, good luck! https://qfreeaccountssjc1.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_85KFaoo3J6RvEkS
  7. I also doubt that we will get the first names in August, but who knows, it might be possible. I think that we will get the official dates for Sziget 2022 only. 3-10 August or 10-17 August maybe?
  8. I see videos of Michael leading in some of the first campers! The best convoy ever
  9. Any opinions on this place? https://www.moonscider.co.uk/
  10. I’ve stuck with Shedhead. Nice enough but not a session beer - not at my age anyway. There’s a small ‘secret’ bar between BBC and Main that has Hobgoblin on draught but can’t work out the access requirements. I sneezed in behind security but the queue was too long and I left to watch a band.
  11. Controversial, but I do not like Hecks one little bit. I can taste the sweeteners which utterly ruined what should be a natural product. I know they're highly thought of, but I really didn't like them.
  12. That was absolutely hilarious, although I'm not quite sure if I was laughing "at it" or "with it"
  13. Hecks as you know is in Street. Moons are more or less opposite the Apple Tree pub just before site when coming from Glastonbury. They put a sign by the turning.
  14. Anyone heading to valley fest this might be of use ….
  15. Especially when he dropped his badminton racquet! 😄
  16. Positive cases down by 15k on last Friday & 2 days of big drops is definitely good news.
  17. Thanks yog will definately bare you in mind when I do … I’m very fortunate in that regard as I had some very decent advice from a couple of other efest members along with a bit of a feeling that the last place had just a few 2 many issues 🙂 very worthwhile to get the survey though which I will be doing once more
  18. Saturday is truly cursed by the looks of it! Theyve been quite quick in announcing replacements so we should hear soon
  19. Yeah, amazing. I liked the blue/white sport logo people.
  20. Did that jacket have inflated lips around the zip to conjure up a 'midnight black fanny' aesthetic?
  21. I’ve done it every day since the gig since I’ve been back at work just don’t want any chance of further spread … although I may have gone slightly early for the lfts to catch it , and I told a few colleagues I was off to the gig … one said I was absolutely mad for going … although I very much expect that she never goes to gigs anyway 🙂
  22. That drone globe was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen!
  23. spg


    Heck's cider in Street, bloomin suberb, Kingston black is a personal favourite.
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