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    long live the oof discord!!!!!

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  1. so who is taking a palestine flag this year?? @Gwladboy sorry for offending. youve downvoted me as many times as youve posted this year!! 😱
  2. i use the lettering to write my tax returns
  3. the reason i am not commenting on my other posts is that they were obviously piss takes stemming from your first post. if you didnt want this why randomly aim an annoying reply at me?
  4. maybe instead of acting dickish like that just say nothing. i was trying to annoy you the same as you were trying to annoy me. glad it worked.
  5. erm it is and i love it like that. its part of its unique charm. i suppose you just lump it in with all the other festivals dont you? but i think its a unique and brilliant place. I hope one day you see it the way i see it
  6. the area page usually gets updated. really? because most people i know like the fact that its rough around the edges and not one of your manicured clean cut commercial festivals. maybe youd be better suited at v festival? erm...erm...erm
  7. glasto is a bit of a shambles really innit. the babylon uprising lineup came up a few days ago and the area page on the official website is still the 2023 version. is there any effort to sync anything?? just one of many examples. i know it's a big operation but if theyre not able to do simple page updates just get rid of the area page altogether. mini rant of the day
  8. 🪦sleaford mods. you will be missed. right im going to make the maths right confusing with my next points!!! 🤪
  9. Dua Lipa 115 LCD Soundsystem 160 Little Simz 150 IDLES 60 The National 140 The Streets 140 Jungle 80 Justice 315 Heilung 150 Nia Archives 150 Sampha 110 Sleaford Mods 30(+10) Romy 115 Fontaines D.C. 210 Orbital 270 comes on sleaford mods!!!!!!!
  10. they could just get toby to do it. he doesnt turn down anything
  11. Nuthugger

    PJ Harvey

    bit boring for a festival isnt she? id listen to her at home.while being pensive and sipping a whiskey. not a glasto classic tho
  12. maybe the festival has been cancelled.
  13. Nuthugger

    This Month…..

    i just go by episodes of celebrity catchphrase.
  14. Nuthugger

    Train Strikes ?

    every other topic is clickbait at the moment.
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