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  1. More Bristol Sounds info: https://crosstownconcerts.us15.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=1e226bbacd11fa6bd6afd342c&id=06d72d65d8
  2. we panicked and got a Shepton mallet long pitch as that was all that was available, whats the likelyhood of See swapping it for an East if we email them and ask nicely ?
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    Might get better too if the clouds hold off
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    Nice sunset right now:
  5. paulshane

    Efest posts

    I have two monitors at work, one has work stuff, the other, forums like this one Evenings i'm usually doing non computer stuff, so its mostly day posting from me.
  6. unsurprisingly, it's already booked out
  7. Bruce himself has stated he will never play Glastonbury: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/glastonbury-2014-iron-maidens-bruce-dickinson-vows-to-boycott-middle-class-festival-9547899.html
  8. of course it won't be the last one - demand for tickets is still massive, so that garuntees money for charities. If at some point in the future it ever fails to sell out before the gates open, then perhaps it might wind down gracefully, but last one next year? nah.
  9. paulshane

    50th Anniversary

    Every 50th person through the wristband checks gets a free pint.
  10. The only thing I can think of is that the competition isn't as 'big' as it was. Yes, there are loads of other great festivals, but it feels like there isn't the 'big fests' like there used to be, I remember friends pretty much flipping a coin to decide if they'd go to Reading, V, Fledh (Can't rememebr how to spell that one!) or Glastonbury. Now it feels like Glastonbury is the undisputed must have, and other festivals are second place. Like the thread starter, i've seen peoples opinions change over recent years - ten years ago people would almost scoff when I booked a week off to go to that 'hippy mud fest', now when I book time off work, my colleagues pretty much say "ooh, always wanted to go, are tickets still available?" It's certainly on more peoples radar than say, 'End of the road' or 'Green Man'
  11. I work in IT and had about 8 uniques, spead over various leased lines, remote desktops to servers in parts of the uk, virtual instances on Amazon S3, a few broadbands and two phones as hotspots - didn't get a bean, got the holding page on one of the leased lines, nothing loaded on any of the others. The person in pur group who got tickets was sat in his lounge on his iPhone.
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