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  1. and most metal bands, US or otherwise I suspect.
  2. Norton is wrong (and terrible software as well)
  3. I suspect the fact it sells out in 40mins most years means they aren't that worried about pleasing everyone.
  4. Ah, the good old 'create a second account to evade mod action' move, ballsy!
  5. I think a lot of replies are missing this bit from the first post: If, a month before the festival, Mr Eavis came to you and offered you a ticket, knowing it is all legitimate, what is the most you would pay for a guaranteed ticket next summer? it's not about general ticket pricing, but more leaning towards what would you spend if you hadn't got a ticket from the normal channels.
  6. So, whose alt account are you ? 5/7 must try harder
  7. paulshane

    Credit card fraud

    thats never been proven to happen as far as I can tell. to get a card reader you need a business account generally, which is hard to set up anonymously.
  8. It's a noise/licencing thing, unlikely to happen anytime soon.
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