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  1. I'd happily pay almost anything to guaruntee the ticket I have for 2020 applies to the next festival, whenever that may be (hoping it's 2021 obviously)
  2. Trading Places is one of my fave not christmas christmas films.
  3. sounds like a christmas film to me then edit: imdb says Bing is on the OST, so deffo in my book: I'll Be Home For Christmas Written by Walter Kent, Kim Gannon & Buck Ram Performed by Bing Crosby
  4. my take is that a christmas film needs christmas music. Die Hard qualifies not seen Deadpool, but does it have christmas songs in it ?
  5. plus the late sunrise too, 7:00ish AM in Sept vs 4.45ish AM in June, potential heavy going!
  6. I cycled there a few weeks back, from near Bristol. The hill up to the Tor is a bit on the steep side isn't it
  7. I was still living at my parents place, and I'd been out on the piss the night before, as is tradition for teenagers on saturday nights, and i had a habit that i never turned off my radio alarm clock at the weekend, as if I did, i'd forget to turn it back on for the week, so i was very confused when I hungoverly awoke to sombre music at 6:30AM on the sunday. flipped the alarm off as usual and surfaced about 9am when my mum told me Diana had died - didn't have the details then, that all came later. but what sticks in my mind more, is the day of the funeral, everything was shut, I wa
  8. Levellers have issued their rescheduled dates for 2021: Due to the ongoing restrictions we have rescheduled most of our 2020 dates to 2021. All tickets remain valid for the new dates. NEW 2021 DATES Thu 17 Jun Holmfirth Picturedrome (was 19 Sep 2020) Fri 18 Jun Holmfirth Picturedrome (was 20 Sep 2020) Thu 24 Jun Frome Cheese & Grain (was 28 Sep 2020) Fri 25 Jun Sheffield Leadmill (was 26 Sep 2020) Fri 27 Aug Aylesbury Waterside (was 04 Sep 2020) Thu 25 Nov Lancaster Town Hall (was 03 Dec 2020) Wed 08 Dec Margate Dreamland (was 03 Sep 2020) Thu 09 Dec Guildf
  9. thats saying completly different things to the 'infographic' posted up there ^
  10. post the unshortened link.
  11. [citation needed] seriously, an infographic with zero source links is not a reliable source of information
  12. 36 for me, in 20 festivals. Out of that list, Bowie, underworld and rem are up there, surprised Roger Walters isn't on the list though, that's probably the best set I've ever seen.
  13. I'm pretending I'm on site and boozing it up at the Avalon bar. Sat in my garden wondering if cancelling my holiday was wise, I feel I could get a proper session on
  14. Something in 1995, can't remember what though Possibly the Ozrics? all lost in the mists of time
  15. I think the weather looks fine: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/forecast/gcn5n88mb#?nearestTo=Pylle (Somerset)&date=2020-06-23
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