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  1. paulshane

    Showdown at Glastonbury (full)

    also me.
  2. paulshane

    Glastonbury Memorabilia Around Your House

    decided to make a little frame of some of my wristbands Can't seem to find the rest, I know I have them somewhere, I never throw anything out
  3. paulshane

    Glastonbury Memorabilia Around Your House

    I have a 'beware of the long drops' print from the glastonbury free press framed and hung in our loo Its from the first time they were there, when they were just giving the posters away for free, which was nice
  4. paulshane

    Fitness for Glasto 2019 Thread

    I am also here to bring the average down a bit, after a flurry of cycling, skating and extended dog walking, the last few weeks have been me sat on my arse at work and at home, slowly gaining mass, so dont worry
  5. paulshane

    Muddy / non-muddy years

    I've been to all the festivals since 95 (sunny) and I think 98 was possibly the 'worst' as it rained a lot suring the festivat as far as I can remember. dug out some old pics though, that seem to refelct what I vaguely remember the condtions being like: 97: 98: 99: 00: 03: 04: 05: 07:
  6. paulshane

    Cloth wristbands

    ^ that. I have a box full, collected over the years.
  7. paulshane

    No More Lost Horizon Sauna & Solar Stage

    soooo, I donated as I have never been to that area of the site and thought it was just solar powered showers, however the thread implies that it's a naturist field ? If I just want a shower can I just pop in and have a shower ? public speaking terririfes me to the poing of going mute, so the thought of having to stroll around naked with strangers is on another level!
  8. paulshane

    Roll up Roll up, who's in CV East?

    oof! not good. I was worried I would run out of fuel. On the way there I had about half a tank, enough to do the trip several times over, but all the stop start traffic for ten hours dropped me to less than ten miles left when I finally parked, thankfiully, I made it to the petrol station at the crossroads on the way home, but it was bum clenchingly close.
  9. paulshane

    Roll up Roll up, who's in CV East?

    I didn't take pics from other angles, but there was standing water around my car. not fun trying to leave on the monday
  10. paulshane

    Roll up Roll up, who's in CV East?

    2016 was -hard work-. I live what is normally a 40 min drive away, took TEN hours to get from my house to parked up in E17. Got towed in as well as out, much respect to the tractor guys that year. towed in: Parked:
  11. paulshane

    Roll up Roll up, who's in CV East?

    and when it's up: the lid is on struts, so can be lifted by one person, that pulls the end panels up, then the side panels are lifted by hand and it all clips in place. Takes literally minutes to put up or down.
  12. paulshane

    Roll up Roll up, who's in CV East?

    I have a early 1980s 'elaime' folding caravan, it's easy to tow as its lower then the car, so you can still see behind you Got this about ten years ago, as my actual VW T2 was 'briefly' off the road for some welding (it's still off the road ) and it's pretty good. Someone before me had stripped the interior out, so I needed to make one, and every panel has needed repair over the years as the wooden frame is just dust now, but I'll be giving it a clean and hopefully ready for next year, all being well
  13. paulshane

    Car Parking 2019?

    boring answer: stuff on the windscreen is 'testers discretion' but generally if anything is in the sweep of the wipers then it's an advisory. Same deal with air fresheners hanging from the mirror and sunvisors being down. All daft really, but there you go.