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  1. I think they're targeting the people they need to target - disillusioned remain-leaning Tories and centrists. The question to me is whether there's enough of those people, as well as returning Lib Dems, to win them more than 40 seats.
  2. I found the Lib Dem manifesto very bitchy to skim through. Lots of sniping at Labour and Conservatives, and actually, not a huge amount of policy.
  3. So the Greens are the first party to drop their manifesto: https://www.greenparty.org.uk/assets/files/Elections/Green Party Manifesto 2019.pdf There's a fair few things I disagree with in there, most notably that their shift in land/home ownership/council taxes doesn't actually penalise landlords at all, whereas they are more punishing in terms of capital gains/dividends, but I think it's impressive overall. I particularly like how they've costed their projections for their tax changes conservatively, saying that it's a net-0 right now, with borrowing to cover various projects/changes and infrastructure, but that their changes should, over 10 years, produce a net gain to compensate for that borrowing. Compare that to Labour's 17 manifesto, where everything was projected at a best case scenario, and it's well-done overall.
  4. The Daily Mail has been being called out on these forums for years.
  5. Rich people spending on a building to get their name "immortalised" isn't a donation for the good of the city, it's an ego trip.
  6. Because they are? That doesn't mean the Gaza conflict is a one-sided thing of only one side is ever wrong? Edit: Can you please stop using tiny urls?
  7. Kosovo supporters at the football yesterday holding up banners thanking England for saving their country from genocide. Not all interventionist wars are bad, and I'm very worried by the modern discourse.
  8. It was a justification for guillotines.
  9. "I don't regret being friends with a paedo, he helped me with some investments"
  10. I can't, I might try and have a dig at some point, but I don't really want to give them clicks and go through all their videos.
  11. You realise the Canary has edited videos to mislead as much as the Tories edited that Starmer interview?
  12. The Canary presents incredibly biased opinion, where they've deliberately excluded counter-evidence, as fact. Linking to a primary source is irrelevant unless you include the full data from both sides. It's like when the Daily Mail finds some tiny side-bit of data to slag off immigration, and excludes all the actual relevant information.
  13. You might notice, but I criticise people who start quoting the Daily Mail, and the main reason I was criticising Lad was because he was sourcing from Infowars/Breitbart type sources. The content is intrinsically linked to the source, and several places aren't trustworthy. Wikipedia no longer considers the Mail to be a reputable source for its content, and many people wouldn't trust anything that's sourced from there, with reason, and the same standards should be applied to left-wing sources as well. The media should be held to account for its bias, but the thing about the traditional media sources, is that they're trusted because their facts are typically more verifiable. Opinion pieces and factual pieces are often better distinguished as well. Now they do perpetuate a lot of conservative ideology (as do adverts), but it's perfectly valid to criticise questionable publications. It's also really not a subtle message that is being portrayed. Most of the people here were saying that the Milibashing was just the media doing standard things, there's actually less Labour bashing now than 4 years ago (probably because Labour are doing that job for them). But how can I criticise the media for implying Labour can't be trusted when, for the first time in my life, I don't trust them.
  14. The last manifesto was "fully costed" by assuming that all tax projections would actually deliver their most optimistic levels, and all projects wouldn't go over budget. That's not realistic, in either case.
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