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  1. kaosmark2

    Football 18/19

    Also true. England will generally only pick from the prem, and maybe the bundesliga if hyped youngsters keep moving there. The other nations here will be a lot happier taking championship players.
  2. kaosmark2

    Football 18/19

    Well there's different factors at play. I suspect if you're a midfielder/striker you'd rather play as the star in an average team than occasionally make the squad for England, while a defender might want to play in a better team and have the (small) chance of winning trophies and playing in tournaments regularly. Speculation though.
  3. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    Personally, the management of Brexit and handling of anti-semitism have already stopped me voting Labour in the next GE, short of a dramatic change. But then the Tories haven't even got 10k in my constituency since 2005. If that were tighter I might feel differently.
  4. kaosmark2

    Football 18/19

    I suspect whatever system you have, in issues of dual-nationality the bigger nation will always end up with more power.
  5. kaosmark2

    Football 18/19

    In principle I agree, however wouldn't that then only encourage the English team to call lots of potential players up to friendlies to lock them in as English and then not actually pick them again? I imagine the same would happen with France and lots of African countries, Germany vs Turkey, and a few others.
  6. kaosmark2

    Football 18/19

    He played in 3 friendlies.
  7. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    McCabe is using Trump's controversy to seek attention and sell his book.
  8. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    I think that shows you have more of a clue than Lad does. Reading a lot of Infowars doesn't exactly give anyone a clue.
  9. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    More oblivious irony.
  10. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    My issues with corbyn are not his policies on these issues (although I'm not 100% clear in what his policies on most of those are...), it's his terrible leadership, ego, complete lack of empathy, and attitude to Brexit. I've said many times that I put him 2nd in my leadership choice. I had my doubts about his ability to work with MPs he'd undermined as a backbencher, but I thought he deserved an honest attempt at it. The problems have gone far beyond that, and not just in who he's let back into the party. Brexit is now the most important issue affecting the country, and I believe both his views, weak campaigning, and policy on the issue will create the worst decline of living standards for the poor in this country since the 2ndWW. I think 90% of labour leaders would have stood down after the last election result, instead of calling a result that still left the tories in power a victory. If you want me to explain the other criticisms I have of him, I'll be happy to, but I think they've been fairly well aired in recent months. I mostly wanted to reiterate that I don't have a problem with corbyn on a left /centre /right scale, it's other factors that mean I feel incredibly disillusioned.
  11. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    The card to Chukka wasn't racist. What might've been racist was when he got labelled the number 1 target 3 years ago. We'll probably never know.
  12. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    Well 4/5 of my last overseas holidays I took the Eurostar. Been a fair few years since I had one though.
  13. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    You're forgetting that Chris Williamson is a Derby mp. The c**t. I do agree with your general point though.
  14. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    Momentum have a pretty major presence in most of the larger cities across England, but I don't think they have any understanding of life outside metropolitan areas. (and nor do I)
  15. kaosmark2

    Things that annoy you ?

    I hate dating sites, but.. It seems to be the only way to meet people atm. At least I don't have the small town problem you do.