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  1. Guess which moron left Bamford on their bench in the fantasy football!
  2. As she really needs that money to keep bullying people.
  3. I've been thinking about this a bit more since you mentioned it, and I'm thinking that while it'll probably happen more in the UK, it'd be a very brave person who tried it with American police. If I were getting arrested here, I'd probably consider trying it, but I'd be terrified that US police would just let my neck snap.
  4. Oh yes. I completely anticipate it spreading further.
  5. Yeah should be, anyone who was in last year should have been auto renewed.
  6. He's looked a lot more confident and comfortable since leaving the leadership. I wouldn't say he wasn't competent, but he wasn't inspiring. He looked and acted a lot more geeky than, whereas now he's quite witty and alive.
  7. What age groups most work retail and hospitality?
  8. I'm still stuck on the last one. I haven't had my reset away at festivals.
  9. My bad, was late resetting it this year: Code to join this league: pry5ms
  10. Don't fall for the government lies and blame tactics.
  11. Who feels like doing specific and limited things?
  12. As long as the SNP ditch their "a vote fir the SNP isn't necessarily a vote for indy" lie then I'm completely fine with that on a democratic standpoint.
  13. I am increasingly of the opinion that referendums in general are a bad idea in a parliamentary democracy. MPs and MSPs are not delegates, they're representatives, and when the best interests of their constituents clash with a referendum result it undermines their ability to actually represent their constituents. As has been shown by Brexit. If the system changes to more direct democracy generally, then that's a different matter. However, i have no idea what the result of issues such as the death penalty, foreign aid budgets, legal aid, etc. would be, but I fear they might be very nasty.
  14. Brexit makes a significant change, but the SNP will always find an excuse.
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