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  1. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    We all know trump is jealous of the Saudis using bone saws on journalists.
  2. kaosmark2

    Football 18/19

  3. kaosmark2

    Football 18/19

    I still don't understand the Nations League, not that I've really tried.
  4. kaosmark2

    Football 18/19

    Apparently that counted as competitive. I'm still not sure how.
  5. kaosmark2

    Festivals each Weekend 2019

    If you're working them it'll be a lot more tiring than attending.
  6. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    Both sides are being fucking stupid here. I know it's usually the UK government being completely moronic, but it's worth pointing out that the EU are fucking this up. This wasn't in their original red lines and had now become so.
  7. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    I'd read that article days ago, it doesn't actually discuss implications or precedent, it just starts meandering about some random counter-examples because of the BBC determination to be "unbiased". I do however, think refusing to promote messages of other religions is fine. I certainly wouldn't want to. I refuse to sing hymns at weddings and funerals, and if I were asked to start promoting a religious message, I would object, and I would like that right to object to be maintained if I ever owned a business. I do have sympathy with the Equality Commision, and everyone who supported the gay couple. I don't think they were behaving outrageously in challenging it, but having read a fair bit into the court's findings, I'm happy with the idea that it wasn't because of the customer's sexual orientation that they weren't served.
  8. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    But they didn't side with the Church, they sided with a small business who wanted to decide the right of what they publish. Neil chooses to ban ads by the Tories, because he doesn't want his website promoting them. I'm not sure how a baker who doesn't agree with gay marriage refusing to write a message they disagree with is much different. You can't get to the point where people are allowed to demand services from someone that they don't want to provide.
  9. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    As PT said, they'd have refused a straight couple asking for the same cake. Their refusal was based on the service asked for, not the customer requesting it. I'm fine with it, although I am concerned that this may be cited as precedent and used to justify things that are discriminatory. But, I also think a precedent set saying that a customer could demand a service provider produces a message they disagree with is even more dangerous. We just have to trust that like the courts made a reasonable decision this time, that they'll act sensibly in future.
  10. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    The reason the court found in favour of the bakers, is that they weren't refusing based on the customer's characteristics, but based on the message. They'd happily served the customers before, ergo it's not discrimination.
  11. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    Yes it is, it's a political position that person disagrees with. I would refuse to bake a cake celebrating a royal wedding because of my political beliefs. I would refuse to write a "we give thanks to God" message because of my religious beliefs. It might be worth you considering Voltaire.
  12. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    Would you want to be made to write a message endorsing capital punishment?
  13. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    Then you're saying wealth determines someone's right to live.
  14. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    But there are plenty of successful people who don't put in much effort, and have a lot by the circumstance of inherited wealth and opportunity. There are also plenty of people who work hard and never get much to show for it. I haven't seen a single statistical model that could accurately give genuine data on this issue, all evidence on the matter seems to be anecdotal, but I certainly don't see a strong correlation between success and effort in society. Advocating cutting taxes = advocating reducing supply of healthcare. If you were arguing primarily for only other public services to be cut, then you could argue for redistribution of current government funds, but an overall reduction is calling for reduced healthcare supply.
  15. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    People on the left and centre are being called tories in the same way as republicans call Democrats (who are right of Centre) socialists.