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  1. Shame about the Kooks, but they felt fairly inevitable and it's pretty solid otherwise. Happy with that.
  2. It's not made up, Blackford has made on-the-record comments saying they would consider supporting the Tories in this. Just because he's u-turning after a backlash doesn't mean it was made up.
  3. The SNP are backing Tories pushing through an illiberal policy that affects England only. It's shitbaggery on at least 2 fronts.
  4. SNP to make pact with Tories: https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/brexit-news/westminster-news/ian-blackford-signals-support-for-covid-passports-7878560
  5. Special treatment and exemptions for existing members wouldn't apply to Scotland. Or to UK rejoining the EU.
  6. The level of dark arts when you've got Drogba in a Mourinho team was sickening, but the skill and dominance was something to admire.
  7. For all the factor that Newcastle never won anything, when Shearer was there we were challenging for titles and regulars in Europe, and playing attacking football. I'm not sure his goal tally would have been that much higher at Man U, albeit his trophy cabinet would be.
  8. Heavy goals, and IMO the most complete striker of them all. Hold-up play, assists, physical power, pace. An absolute beast. Just went a bit missing in some of the smaller games.
  9. In terms of performances in the big games, when it counted, Drogba to me trumps all other strikers in the PL. Aguero comes close and was certainly more consistent over a season, but there was almost an inevitably to Drogba rising to the big moments. Every cup game or title 6-pointer it was Drogba that won the trophies for Chelsea. Spent far too much time rolling around feigning injuries for me to like him mind.
  10. How a great strikers of the PL era conversation doesn't include Drogba beyond a passing mention by a Chelski fan is beyond me. Definition of a big game player, terrorised Arsenal, Spurs, Man U, the cups. Not ridiculously prolific in terms of goals/game, but a complete striker and his goals came when it mattered.
  11. Yep, it's not a new thing, but it's always worth reminding the world that the police are lying bastards and will exaggerate and deceive to get public sympathy.
  12. The police were lying about their injuries in the riots: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/mar/25/police-retract-claims-that-officers-suffered-broken-bones-at-bristol-protest
  13. I think in both cases, it's partially reactionary to the extremes of others. You over-praise because you think they're always criticised, I over-criticise because I think you (collective) over-praise. My personal assessment, is that I think Sturgeon's SNP are about on par with Cameron's coalition government. They're shitty, they're obnoxious, but in a standard-level of politician being twattish and self-serving with a degree of idealism that's still detached from day-to-day problems of the average person. There is some desire to improve things, but it's not the biggest priority and the ot
  14. I see your estimation of how much of an act of self-harm Scottish indy would be has risen again 😛
  15. "I take it you mean x" no I don't, "John Swinney hasn't covered himself in glory" isn't answering my question. You said it was an interesting question, and have, in about 10 posts on the topic since, given Gove-esque diversionary answers. I understand that political resignations are to do with sacrificing as necessary, and in a world with the country run by a cabinet full of corrupt Tories who lie their way out of crises, that many resignations that should happen out of base principle, don't. As PT says though, you've repeatedly claimed the SNP are better than other politicians. I think t
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