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  1. I'm confused, did Man U win without a penalty?
  2. I'm going to meet friends in parks for walks and drinks. I expect to get into tier 2 after the inevitable January lockdown and be able to go to restaurants for a meal and a drink. The sun is shining, I've been for a walk for just under 2 hours, I can go back in and open my shop next week, and I'm doing a half day tomorrow to prepare for it. I've been smiling since I woke up today and even Bristol going into tier 3 isn't stopping that!
  3. Out of isolation and feeling free
  4. I did that with white, which is the only other one I've played since gen 2.
  5. Cool, I'll look it up, cheers! Yeah I know, I tried a bunch of things like Fable, Elder Scrolls, Divinity, etc. on PC and 360, and while I kinda liked them it didn't fill the same itch for me. Also didn't finish many of them. The whole action-RPG thing feels to me like action games overextended with unnecessary RPG traits, rather than an RPG you get to do action in. I did get Pokemon in the end. It was definitely enjoyable and did what I wanted it to, but having finished it I'm not sure I feel like just post-game squad grinding like I used to do in Gen 1 and 2.
  6. I always found South Park hit and miss? Some of it I thought was hilarious, but enough of it just seemed obnoxious for obnoxiousness' sake. I've played through XCOM on PC. Enjoyed it, but I'm very much after the traditional "fight, spell, item, run" type, along with a slightly wacky story. Think a mate might've mentioned Xenoblade actually.... I'll ask him.
  7. Poor big team with their huge squad filled with players having to actually suffer injuries.
  8. Point... but I have played trials of mana as a nostalgia remake already. I'm more looking for something released in the last 10 years.
  9. Anyone got any JRPG recommendations on the Switch? Looking for a more typical turn-based one ideally, after having been playing Fire Emblem, Trials of Mana and Tales of Vesperia as tactical/action ones respectively. Hoping to pick a deal up on something at the end of the week ideally.
  10. I hate this chain of games on Saturdays. I'm willing to bet part of the reason they're not trying to get fans back into stadiums, is so they can have PPV for more PL matches.
  11. Thanks both. Starting to feel better physically after being shit all week, but I miss seeing people.
  12. Cricket is a completely different beast, and the captaincy makes a huge difference as they're responsible for tactics on the field, bowling changes, etc. I'd very much argue there area several more "natural leaders" in the current England test team than Root, or than Cook before him, but there's both the conventional wisdom that a batsman is usually captain, and the different nature of responsibility. I would generally agree with PT, although I do think there are times that the symbology of giving someone the captaincy helps drive them in as a player. Some centre backs might not fee
  13. Isolating in my room for 2 weeks Having covid isn't fun.
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