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  1. Well yes, but I'm incredibly worried about my business as anyone would be?
  2. If Denly was averaging say 4-5 higher I don't think there'd be any question over his value in the team right now. He hasn't done anything wrong at all, and I have absolutely no issue if he stays in the team. I largely agree with this, but my reason is more to do with the upcoming sequence of series. There's players other than Denly who are possibly/probably readyish now, and giving them chances to get settled before incredibly tough away series seems sensible - if Denly isn't being earmarked for them.
  3. I have no problem with express pacers like Mahmood/Stone/J Overton getting in ahead of him, and there's players with test wickets like TRJ, Sam Curran, Woakes who fulfil a similar role (I know S Curran is a left-armer). But Robinson, C Overton and Lewis Gregory? And that's speaking as a Somerset fan. Unless Gregory is there as an all-rounder to be able to bat 6-8, I don't think he's a better bowler than Porter, I'm very confident Craig Overton isn't.
  4. Denly could have 4 more years as a Test batsman (assessed off age). If they think he's got 2+ then I'm fine with him remaining in the team, but if they're viewing him as a stopgap, then there's little point staying. Pope has a Test century, Lawrence hasn't debuted yet. While I agree he's a prospect, I don't think you can definitively say he's the future yet. I like Bess, I completely believe he's got a test future, but I also think Moeen's 5 centuries, numerous 5-fers and hat-trick should count for something. Similarly, I don't think you can judge Broad off a warm-up game in comparison to his history. My question with Broad is more whether there's room for both him and Anderson in the same team if you're looking at rotating Anderson to preserve longevity and want to get in a serious pacer or two.
  5. If Denly is being earmarked as good enough, then no, I'd rather keep giving him confidence and opportunities. I just worry that there's been a decision made that he's a stopgap and not going to play in 2021, in which case I'd rather the caps went to someone they see playing in a year's time.
  6. I love Moeen, but you're probably right in comparison to Bess there. But if not now, when?
  7. I have 0 problem with Denly being in, but also no problem if omitted. The question for me about Denly is how long he'll be in the position. If the selectors have decided he's good enough to be it number 3 for the tours of Aus and India fair enough, keep him until then. Otherwise I'd rather see someone else given time to bed in.
  8. What do people make of the talk of rotation policy? Probably Archer/Wood swapping round and Anderson/Broad? Looking like Burns, Sibley, Crawley, Root/Lawrence, Pope, Stokes, Buttler, Moeen, Woakes/Curran, Archer/Wood, Anderson/Broad? Possibly 2 spinners at OT? But does that mean ditching a batsman or relying on more overs from Stokes?
  9. The interesting bit is at the end: "Hill said there was a way for the UK to secure supplies of this and other drugs during the pandemic, through what is known as a compulsory licence, which overrides the intellectual property rights of the company. That would allow the UK government to buy from generic companies in Bangladesh or India, where Gilead’s patent is not recognised. The UK has always upheld patents, backing the argument of pharma companies that they need their 20-year monopoly to recoup the money they put into research and development. But other countries have shown an interest in compulsory licensing. “It is a question of what countries are prepared to do if this becomes a problem,” said Hill."
  10. I mean, "Trump is a twat who panders to his base and will let people die to do so" isn't news, but trying to deny the rest of the world treatment sorta is. It's interesting that they say that countries are in discussion about forcing through compulsory licensing though, and going against big pharma and the US government.
  11. In news rather than dick-measuring contests: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jun/30/us-buys-up-world-stock-of-key-covid-19-drug
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