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  1. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    I'm pretty sure there's plenty of private member bills that shouldn't be passed and get blocked rightfully. They just don't make the news because noone really cares if a bill focused about lowering taxes on llama farms gets blocked.
  2. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    I agree he's a twat. He objected for the sake of it, having not read the bill (which is his own fault). I also don't think that the parliamentary mechanism behind him using "object" to stop it is the problem considering the nature of other rules regarding Friday readings and private member bills.
  3. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    I've been reading up a bit on Christopher Chope and his argument, and while he's clearly an utter twat, the idea that there needs to be a method to stop poorly detailed and debated legislation getting waved through on Fridays with few MPs there does seem legitimate. It might be worth changing the method so that it can't be one backwards-looking twat shouting object being enough, but I definitely think it's preferable to have legislation getting blocked by twats, than pushed through by twats without scrutiny. Imagine if there was some horrendous piece of legislation he was proposing and others didn't have an easy means to stop him getting it through on Fridays?
  4. kaosmark2

    Football 18/19

    That's gotta be one of the first times that a hugely hyped game between two big teams has actually been that entertaining in the opening days. De Gea has a 0% save ratio
  5. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    Traingate, a summary: Corbyn attempts political stunt. It gets reported. More evidence shows it was done badly. Corbyn (and others) admit the further evidence is true. Most people forget about it. Neil and Feral still argue about it.
  6. kaosmark2

    Football 17/18

    Argentina have possibly the worst defense in the tournament.
  7. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    Corbyn stood on an anti-establishment platform despite being a career politician, who, until now, wasn't very successful at it. Populism is not preferable to thinking and reason.
  8. kaosmark2

    Football 17/18

    Round of 16. I love group H, that and group D are the two I'm most excited for. Four 2nd tier teams in each group with no idea who will qualify from them. And I'd also say that whoever gets out of group H will be very prepared to face England, who'll have beaten Panama and probably Tunisia without really having much trouble before a narrow loss to an underutilised Belgian team.
  9. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    United is an exaggeration, but he has his own cultists from across that range as well. The support he got in the run up to facing off against Le Pen wasn't just "hrs the best to beat her".
  10. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    I also brought in the comparison to Macron, who united everyone from fairly far to the left in France to the centre right on a centrist platform. Populism doesn't always result in the wrong choice, but it is the wrong method despite its current successes. We had a phase where people were talking about how politicians were all just plastic pr machines, and they were. The public response to that hasn't been greater thought and policy analysis, but blind support of anyone who stands on an anti-establishment platform,even when they are actually entrenched in the issues of the political and business world and have been for decades.
  11. kaosmark2

    Best Concert You've Been Too?

    Happy to 😛
  12. kaosmark2


    I agree India having 5 in 6/7 test summers is ridiculous, but so is an odi series against the aus b team.
  13. kaosmark2


    The game seems like it would have been a lot of fun. Shows how ridiculous it was to cut the ODI world cup to 10 nations. Also not impressed that we've got a stupid money-grabbing ODI series vs Aus instead of another test or two vs Pakistan.
  14. kaosmark2

    Best Concert You've Been Too?

    I think he was better on the Age of Adz tour, although the feels of the C&L tour was intense.
  15. kaosmark2

    General News Discussion

    There are plenty of his supporters who do follow him unconditionally, who don't accept criticism, and who target anyone who does go against him. It's not a unique thing in politics, but it is a disturbing habit. The same has happened with Salmond, with Trump, with Macron, with Farage. Brainless populism and personality politics has the same problems even if you agree with the things that person is doing. David Miliband wouldn't have done much as leader, he might well have won the election last year, but he isn't PM is because he didn't have the ruthlessness to follow through on his allies' attempted coup on Brown, too much arrogance to campaign properly in the leadership election his brother won, and not enough confidence to get involved after Ed stepped down. He would have been a weak leader, although given the shambles the Tories have been in over Brexit he might have got in as PM and done something. Yvette Cooper, Dan Jarvis, Jess Phillips, and Stella Creasy are the 4 MPs I've been advocating as leader over the past 4 years. I'd also have preferred McDonnell over Corbyn, because while he has nearly the exact same baggage, he also has more political nous and general sense. I think he'd make a more decisive and stronger leader who'd contradict himself less and would have actively taken a position on Brexit, even if it was one I disagreed with.