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  1. Worst thing that's happened to Newcastle since Ashley took over. And that's saying something.
  2. Left-wing antisemitism is rooted in portraying Jews as wealthy manipulative bankers and media moguls so that they can claim to be punching up. That's the defining trope that is why it continues to develop in left-wing circles and needs to continue to be stamped out. Corbyn loves to be seen to punch up, and has no worries if others get caught in the cross-fire, as long as he maintains his left-wing ideological purity. Of course, he's been guilty of nepotism, fake news, whataboutery, etc. as much as many other politicians. There's also that complete lack of empathy towards whoever suffers for his beliefs. That "For the many, not the Jew" slogan has been doing the rounds for a year. It's been referenced here. It is tough trying to explain things to you when you only seem to catch up a few months after several people here have explained things.
  3. Can't Steve Bruce go back to Scumderland? That's his level as a manager. And level of loyalty.
  4. I'm very confident this is the case. I have tried to make a lot of effort in recent months to explain to you the sources, history, and reasons that things are antisemitic tropes and features. I also tried to explain the history of antisemitism within left wing politics, and why its a problem that repeatedly rises and needs to be contained. It got tiring though, and I felt like I was just repeating myself, and running out of ways to explain things without being incredibly patronising.
  5. I've only just started to feel the tension leave for the first time since that Root wicket. Insane final. Huge amount of luck though, I couldn't believe it when those runs came off Stokes' bat on the dive.
  6. I've heard the claims, but I haven't seen evidence either way to prove or refute it. The fact that means testing has a cost though is something people often forget.
  7. Is it more compassionate than putting that subsidy into funding social care instead? Ideally yes, prescriptions should be free, but I'm not sure it's a priority.
  8. All prescriptions are free in Scotland, which is what pt is referring to.
  9. Our manager is irrelevant anyway. We're going down, the atmosphere is too toxic to keep the 17th best squad in the league up. Particularly as we'll lose players while other teams will sign them.
  10. Ouch. Absolutely brilliant stuff. Jadeja superb.
  11. It's a hell of a bowling performance from NZ. I love their swing bowling attacks. Every time they find a new bowler he seems to be a little bit different but also great to watch.
  12. I thought it was effectively compulsory rather than literally? And also that the power-sharing often led to a dominant party and the others making concessions? Regardless, if the Stormont situ changes, which it could well within 3 months, the laws are meaningless.
  13. See, Avram Grant would have been a respectable appointment. It wasn't good, but tbh, it was the best we could have hoped for after Benitez got driven off. A manager with some vague sense, but tainted enough that he'd consider tanking Mike Ashley's bullshit for the opportunity of work. Bruce though is the worst of the worst. Fucking Scumerland Manc with no tactical braincells, no motivational power whatsoever, and a fucking ancient merry-go-round has-been taking the fucking bullshit because he loves eating shit for wages. No integrity, no skill, no insight, every single fucking thing that is wrong with the Premier League summed up in one manager.
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