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  1. Nothing like a misappropriated quote as long as it sounds progressive, eh?
  2. In the past, Emily's said they do have contingency plans for unlikely, high-risk events like a global pandemic, nuclear war, etc. The bad news is that both GFL and the UK government will be actively considering whether to cancel large public events (of which festivals are just one), and there will definitely be scenarios that exist in which Glastonbury is cancelled, whether voluntarily or not. The good news is that there would be plenty that would be cancelled ahead of Glastonbury, so we'd have a pretty good early warning system, and I don't think the current situation makes it likely that this would happen. Also, as I understand it, in the areas of the world which are being pro-active in containment measures, numbers are being managed or even coming down. The big trouble spots are the areas in the world with dense populations that have large numbers on the move in places with minimal to no containment and limited resources to cope. In other words, once again it's the poor that are fucked. From a selfish perspective, my flight in June goes through Hong Kong. I'm only transiting, but I know an enforced quarantine of even transiting passengers in hot-spot areas would happen a lot earlier than Glastonbury being cancelled.
  3. Is anyone surprised that Kenny isn’t sparking the flames for BST? I just don’t think he has quite the cultural impact or status in the UK. I’m already cringing at the inevitable backlash if he’s announced.
  4. Agree with others here re: Dave’s showmanship. His Other set last year was really quite dull, music aside. Loved the album and he seems a nice fella, but when it comes to stage presence, Stormzy he ain’t. I’m not expecting to see him this year, personally. I suspect he’ll have another album probably late 2020 and could headline Other or sub the Pyramid in 2021.
  5. I bet you shook the presents under the tree before Christmas day, so when the 25th came round, you could congratulate yourself on a correct prediction.
  6. How entitled we've become. Greta turning up would be a big surprise!
  7. kalifire

    Self Confirmed 2020

    But then how would I see your posts?
  8. Gutted he won't be there this year - I only discovered him a couple of months ago and adore the Home Again album.
  9. kalifire

    Billie Eilish

    In fairness, she’s not at number one for the tune.
  10. That Saturday at JP just stumped ya', didn't it. Not sure about Public Service Broadcasting headlining WH, but I'd enjoy them over Paul McCartney, personally.
  11. Which puts us all back at square one.
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