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  3. kalifire

    Billie Eilish

    Not really. She’s not exactly got a huge back catalogue another album or two that doesn’t go down well and that’s it. I see her as a pretty fragile artist right now, based mainly on her fickle fan base.
  4. Kendrick or Blur Macca or Reg Taylor or Dua Whichever way you slice it, wonderful.
  5. Just finished Loki. Really good stuff, towards the end. It was a bit of an inverse WandaVision for me. I thought that had a superb run until Agatha went witchy, then it felt a bit more forced and a lot of the charm and nuance vanished. Loki was a slow burn until the last couple of episodes, and at points even dragged a bit. But the final episode was brilliant and as a way to introduce the next wave of terror into the MCU, nothing short of poetic. I think WandaVision pipped Loki, though. Two great shows, but WV had a greater sense of innovation and creativity about it.
  6. Because the government put all their eggs in the AstraZeneca basket (turning down millions of Pfizer last year on the basis that AZ could be developed onshore), then massively mishandled their communication about side effects, resulting in confusing and inconsistent messaging. This created a significant degree of vaccine hesitancy (not anti-vax, just nervousness) and vaccination take-up for older people suffered. Now the official advice is that AZ is available for anyone over 60 and - according to the PM - anyone who wants one, although his own health officials and State premiers publicly disagree. It's a shit show. Right now, we're dependent on more Pfizer to make any significant progress, but we're running out, and won't get much more until at least September. In most parts of Australia, people under 40 are still unable to book their jab.
  7. So the Australian PM has today announced a vaccination target plan agreed with health officials and State premiers, which basically requires the entire country (and each individual State) to reach a 70% vaccination rate before anything significant changes (i.e. they adopt a different mindset about cases and lockdowns). But international travel won't re-open until 80% of the country have been fully vaccinated. We're currently on 14%. A UK christmas in 2021 has now all but flown out of the window, but we receive a huge increase in vaccination supply in September/October, so I'm more confident about next June.
  8. The Prodigy 190 LCD Soundsystem 170 (-10)
  9. me neither, sadly. The greatness of a one off gig appears to have outstripped legendary status. Oh well. At least Radiohead failed in the last one.
  10. The Prodigy 245 LCD Soundsystem 225 (-10)
  11. We’re at an impasse with LCD Soundsystem. About as many people voting in both directions.
  12. The Prodigy 290 (+5) LCD Soundsystem 220 (-5)
  13. Nicely played. You can’t be too careful with Twitter’s baying mobs.
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