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  1. I'm bracing myself for the worst. The UK are rushing ahead with a vaccine which will probably be done with the most at-risk group before June. Meanwhile, Australia has confirmed that despite leading the world in pre-vaccine response, they won't be vaccinating anyone whatsoever until March 2021. So by the time the vaccine here get to the moderately healthy, moderately young lowlife like me, it'll be too late to be recognised by airlines/immigration and Australia-based folk have to witness Glastonbury happening without any means of being there.
  2. Kinda agree with this. BST will be the litmus test - if she's not doing that, I'd expect her on the farm in 2022. For 2021, I'm going with Kendrick / Macca / Dua, based on absolutely piss all information.
  3. I've no links to add, but wanted to say how lovely it is to click through many of the links here. It's clear that many of the pieces aren't just cash grabs, but reflect that Glastonbury means something to them. The little flash of community I just felt, that we're all connected by a common love of the greatest place on Earth, was wonderful. I just wanted to share that.
  4. I just did a search for flights in June, out of interest, and there are actually some great deals. Cathay Pacific coming in at under $1,500 (AUD). But there's no way I'm booking anything yet. As @BlackZeppelin said, it'll come down to the wire for many of us overseas folk and getting back into Australia might be problematic (if I have to quarantine in a hotel at my own expense for two weeks, that's a no-deal situation, for example). Hopefully vaccines will have a mass rollout earlier than expected and there'll be clarity in enough time.
  5. Sorry for not checking in with you first.
  6. Fair point. Perhaps a voluntary rollover next year. I wonder if they’d fill the spaces that frees up or just have a smaller capacity.
  7. I’m slightly anxious about the scenario that the festival manages to happen because enough vaccines are rolled out by June (something I think is 50/50 right now), but international travel isn’t yet back on its feet so everyone who’d fly on for it can’t make it. Given that possibility, and the reality that some people won’t want to go no matter how many times Boris Johnson tells them it’s safe, I think it’s possible they may offer a rollover to 2022 for ticket holders even though 2021 will happen. I could see them offering that to international ticket holders, over 60s and frontline worker
  8. Nothing is ever completely black and white, but in terms of public perception and political consequence (which as we all know is more important than things like 'ethics' to our elected representatives), thousands of pensioners dying vs Glastonbury being given the go-ahead is a no-brainer. The electorate at large wouldn't care about Glasto, but oldies dying before their time would literally cost votes, and therefore has consequence. The government care about perception and power - that's it. Like others have said, this is now a matter of timing. If events unfold in favour of the government
  9. Yes, because the "younger age groups" aren't any more entitled to their freedom of movement than the older age groups are entitled to their freedom to live. There is obvious overlap.
  10. It would be unfortunate, but not unfair.
  11. As a 43 year old, I'd much prefer you generalise 30/40 year olds. Thanks in advance.
  12. Currently exploring Utopia on Prime. It took two goes to get through that scene in episode 2.
  13. This is why I can't quite share the confidence found in this thread. The UK government have completed f*cked their response to COVID, to the extent that I have no confidence in the legitimacy of their announcements about the future. Look at the vast majority of their forecasts from early-mid 2020 and hardly any of them have materialised. The way to handle the virus pre-vaccine isn't a secret. Today, the Australian state of Victoria celebrates 28 days of no new cases, or two complete cycles of the virus. We've basically eliminated it here, something we were told was all but impossible. How
  14. So Emily Murphy doesn't bow to political pressure but only signs off on the transition when Trump tells her to. Right.
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