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  1. kalifire

    So how much truth is there in this Madonna rumour?

    I wonder if she'll do this one?
  2. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    I'm glad somebody mentioned The Carters. I was thinking they could be contenders just yesterday. They have a new set in place and their tour will be over by next June so they'll have milked that cow. I seem to recall Beyoncé saying she'd love to do it again, and they've both had acclaimed albums released since they last headlined. I could see it happening. I think we could go: 2019: The 1975 / Fleetwood Mac / The Carters. (Legend: Beach Boys) 2020: Arctic Monkeys / Kendrick Lamar / Paul McCartney (with Beatles holograms). (Legend: Elton John) I think 2020 will also include lots of secret sets, or each stage punching above their weight with the headliners.
  3. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    Is McCartney's voice up to it? I'm not so sure.
  4. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    Done. Do share your finished work if you can!
  5. kalifire

    Site Visit 23/2/18

    I’m in Frome for a few days so decided to take a wonder on hallowed ground. Some pics for you.
  6. kalifire

    Happy Christmas, Glasto Fam

    I've shamefully not been on here much following this year's Glasto, mainly due to work going a bit crazy, but I wanted to wish you all a great Christmas, whatever you're doing. Hope you have a lovely time, and looking forward to the slow and steady build up of hype 2018 will bring!
  7. kalifire

    Run the Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

    El's verse on that is absolutely insane.
  8. kalifire

    Lack of facilities and end of Gate D hell

    I found the whole getting into site thing a bit of a debacle this year. Arriving at Gate A via a shuttle, we were sent to the back of an absurdly long line that seemed to include loads of people from other gates (including D) who were sent there because their own lines were too long. Then some random steward came by and suggested anyone who wants to camp at Pennards should leave the queue and go to join the queue at D. It felt disorganised and chaotic, but I was in before 9am and before it got hot. I'd hate to have waited for hours in the heat of Wednesday, and the organisers should definitely have made sure water was freely available.
  9. Reached the point 2019 feels like a possibility. I tend to arrive back so exhausted I decide not to do it again. My declaration that I'm putting her first next year is scoring me extra points with the other half.
  10. kalifire

    quechua Fresh and black tents

    I wasn't expecting much but it delivered on all counts. I actually had more sleep on the Wed/Thurs than I'd had for weeks before!
  11. kalifire

    The Beauty of the Glastonbury Organisers

    What an exceptionally brave woman, and what a wonderful example of compassion, dignity and class from all involved.
  12. kalifire

    NYC Downlow

    It's not quite comparable though, is it? That alleged ugliness at the Piano Bar seemed to be the result of a couple of arsehole security guys. The alleged ugliness at NYC Downlow seems to be entry policy (although you can count me among the people who never saw or heard of it before reading it here). NYC Downlow would presumably defend themselves, as others have come close to defending them here, by justifying it based on the theme of the venue. Now, I wasn't attending warehouse gay clubs in NYC in the 1980's, but I'd say if they required you to expose yourself to get free entry then, that would have been as unacceptable then as it is now. "But it was like that back then!" is a shitty excuse. We've evolved a bit, socially. Revelling in an unfortunate stereotype isn't going to do the gay community any favours. NYC Downlow prides itself on being a gritty club and that's entirely their right. But it's my right to be affronted by being given a condom and lube on entry before being ushered into the most average venue in the SE corner. Full disclosure: I've worked in sex clubs in LA in my time and have seen more than I can imagine goes on in NYC-D in not so dark rooms, so I'm no prude. But context is everything. I'm far less interested in a venue which seems to indulge in masturbatory shock tactics than I am in a venue more interested in putting on a good time for everyone.
  13. kalifire

    Best Glasto coverage screenshots

    I watch the footage to see what I've missed and to experience how what I saw came across on television (and also to remember how great it all was, of course) but occasionally the coverage will pick up brilliant little moments in the crowd. The cameras seemed to be actively looking for people who weren't enjoying it this year, to everyone's hilarity. Have you spotted something that made you laugh? I found this during RTJ.
  14. kalifire

    NYC Downlow

    This isn't a criticism in any way, but can you spell out what I'm missing? Because I've been in on a few occasions and don't get it. Loads of people love it and it's critically acclaimed so I accept it's something that must be sailing over my head but I've always found it just another venue although one overtly gay centric. What am I not getting?
  15. kalifire

    What made you cry at Glasto?

    Being dropped off at the Showground for the shuttle and having that lovely warm familiarity that something incredibly special was about to happen. The huge journey seemed worth it right at that point. As someone else mentioned, You Got The Love at Hacienda Classical. Really unexpected, that one. But that songs been with me in various contexts for many years. Kate Tempest. Hearing various Speaker's Forum people. So committed, so dedicated, so knowledgable about their various chosen passions. Yet so relatively unpopular. It felt so important to support some of those people in the midst of the masses enjoying their different musical acts. Because this stuff changes things.