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  1. Thought it was the same as the kind of people who're quite pleased with themselves at spelling 'Guardian' as 'Grauniad', as if to allude to some kind of in-joke. Spell it as it's spelt, hipster douchebags.
  2. kalifire

    2020 headliners

    Good pick-up. Doesn't necessarily mean no random festivals, though. I'd think 'touring' meant large scale city dates.
  3. kalifire


    The pier people are taking their time, aren't they.
  4. kalifire

    2020 headliners

    Thing about Robbie is, some of the tunes are alright. I actually really like 'I've Been Expecting You' - some decent pop songs on that one. But it's just his face, isn't it. It's his fucking face. It's like, you start to enjoy the tune, thinking 'oh yeah, this one's alright', then he comes sauntering out, all swag, with that shit-eating grin like a man perpetually locked into a w*nk in front of a mirror. The second he appears, it's all over. I hate the tune and I'm thinking of ways to wipe that simpering smirk off his stupid head.
  5. Not me, squire. It sounds brilliant, though.
  6. kalifire

    2020 headliners

    Britney's on the same level as Williams and One Direction, for me. I've no problem with some solid pop (Taylor or Gaga would be glorious) but Britney - although she has the tunes - doesn't have the chops. She'd put on a great show but I can easily think of ten headliners who'd do a much better job.
  7. kalifire

    Janelle Monae

    Christ, that ending. I think the whole field was in love with her at that point. God knows what she screamed down the camera, it didn't really matter, it was all other-wordly by that stage.
  8. kalifire


    What would you prefer?
  9. Imagine being that guy, though. Jesus. What a tragedy.
  10. You’re making a pig’s ear of this trolling business, you know. Very poor effort.
  11. kalifire


    The worst sights I saw were in compost toilets at the top of Pylon on the border with Darble, around 4am Monday morning. In more than one stall, somebody had obviously squatted above the seat, let everything out, and left it there. Absolutely repugnant, both the sight and the person.
  12. kalifire


    Glorious, isn't it? There's something quite therapeutic about seeing it all turn back to nature.
  13. The guy by himself who stood behind me at Stormzy who was shouting so many lovely things about the set, but in a blink of an eye went apeshit at the roaming vodka jelly lady. From what I could tell he was absolutely livid at her pricing structure. He eventually stormed off, mid-set, incensed that she’d try to “play” him.
  14. kalifire

    2020 headliners

    I could see Blur as a secret JP set.
  15. kalifire

    2020 headliners

    At this stage, I’m going to go for: Fri: Foals Sat: Fleetwood Mac Sun: The Carters / Tay Tay / Gaga Ledge: Elton WTF American pop slot: Arianna
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