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  1. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    Assuming Macca and The Wu are in attendance, I hope for this on the Pyramid.
  2. kalifire

    2018 in review

    Did you miss Glastonbury? Yes.
  3. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    Since when did the hype man become the act?!
  4. kalifire

    Block 9 expanding

    It felt like the kind of club that would feel edgy to anyone who hasn't enjoyed a night out on Canal Street, Manchester.
  5. kalifire

    Block 9 expanding

    When I ventured into NYC Downlow, I honestly couldn't see what all the fuss was about. I had a better time enjoying the structures from the outside and enjoying the entertainment in the queue. Inside, it could have been anywhere. I'm obviously missing something.
  6. kalifire

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    Only ever asked him a question during his hour at Speaker's Corner. Emily and I once went to the same gig (John Grant + orchestra at Coulston Hall, Bristol) but that's it. There is no version of the future in which I don't hug Michael if I met him. I would hug Emily too, but with my eyes.
  7. kalifire

    Showdown at Glastonbury (full)

    Add me to the list.
  8. kalifire


    I’m not saying Sting’s output is soft, but his reunion band are called The PCSO’s.
  9. kalifire


    I’m not saying Sting’s music is hard work but his next compilation album is called Fields of Lead.
  10. kalifire


    I’m not saying Sting sucks, but tickets to his gigs come with complimentary tubes of Anthisan, with instructions to apply liberally to earholes.
  11. kalifire


    I’m not saying Sting is past it, but his new name is Stung.
  12. kalifire


    When Theresa May was running through her fields of wheat in her rebellious stage, somewhere Sting was playing in the background.
  13. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    I’ve been busy moving house for the last few days. Can someone summarise where we’re up to? Have Coldplay been announced yet?
  14. kalifire

    Grime/Hip Hop

    As always, I’ve everything crossed for The Roots. Black Thought has just dropped Streams Of Thought 2, and it’s awesome. Their commitment to Jimmy Fallon really gets in the way but they’re well overdue a return to the farm and could easily headline WH.
  15. kalifire

    2018 New Music

    Black Thought's 'Streams of Thought Vol. 2' is possibly the hip-hop AOTY. Salaam Remi's production is just perfect for BT's flow.