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  1. kalifire

    Virtual Meet

    This is 4am my time, but it's once a month... fuck it. I'll try my best.
  2. Don't count me out.
  3. kalifire

    Kanye west confirmed

    It doesn't matter what your "bet" is, as if betting on whether somebody is or isn't mentally unwell is acceptable. At this point we have enough evidence that the man is on the 'not quite right' mental spectrum, as if we didn't already.
  4. kalifire

    How do you feel?

    Plodding on over here. Melbourne is about 10 days into a new six week lockdown, with new infections now in the hundreds, daily. The lack of being able to meet new people (mainly via Facebook and MeetUp social groups) has thrown a spanner into my plans to re-establish myself in the post break-up period. The stay at home message also means I'm not being as active as I want and end up drinking more than I should. I'm trying to keep perspective about it though. It's a short time, which will pass. Plans haven't gone wrong, they've just been delayed. There's value to be found in the chapter we're in. I've bought a couple of new books to read, and still haven't finished the Glasto 50 book! Not being able to go out and spend money means I've been able to invest more in my new flat, which should soon be almost finished (i.e. decked out with the basics). tl;dr: ups and downs.
  5. kalifire

    Kanye west confirmed

    The whole Kanye thing probably came after somebody on Trump's campaign figured out that calling Black Lives Matter a 'symbol of hate' is going to decimate his chances of wining many black votes. So get Kanye out to take votes from Biden. Nobody voting Trump is going to vote Kanye, but people voting Biden may be persuaded. It's all incredibly desperate, but Trump will do whatever he can to win, which is what's going to make it extra sweet when he doesn't.
  6. kalifire

    How do you feel?

    That's industry-killing stuff, right there
  7. kalifire

    2020 New Music

    Loving the Jacob Collier tiny desk concert. Impressively done, if nothing else. The final track ‘He Won’t Hold You’ is gorgeous.
  8. We both did, haha! Ended up only being two of us but lovely to get to know @sirjonnyp. Drinks were consumed and memories shared. A great eFests Southern Hemisphere meet 🙂
  9. Bump for anyone who can make it.
  10. The 8 x Scrumpy cans have generally run out by this point so it's the odd pint of cider during the day then tucking into the litre of vodka until very early Monday morning (via cokes at the bars).
  11. For anyone who can make it - we'll be at the Provincial on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy from 3pm tomorrow. Would be great to see anyone who can get there! PM me for my number if you need to get in touch closer to the time
  12. Sounds like it’ll definitely happen, but may not look anything like the Glastonbury we know. I suppose they’ll do whatever it takes to survive. Just imagine if you turned up in 2021 and before you could get your wristband you went through a testing tent where you discovered you had the virus even though you were asymptomatic at the time. (sorry)
  13. kalifire

    How do you feel?

    I go alone. Have done since 2014. I'm an introvert and don't do 'other people' all that well. I'm not socially inept, I just find talking to strangers a bit overwhelming. So it's a weird to be feeling like I'm missing my friends. Total strangers, but 134,999 friends, nonetheless. Just for five days. Just for a little snapshot in time. A bubble of happiness. I miss the togetherness and the shared experiences. If you were going to be there, I miss you too. Totally bizarre feeling, but there it is. There's something indescribably wonderful about being inside the fence.
  14. Listening now - thanks for the heads up!
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