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  1. Yeah should have been delayed until the report was published. Nobody gives a fuck about “question number one, Mr Speaker”
  2. Yep, he made another one last week. Something about a waistcoat. Pathetic.
  3. Pretty unremarkable performance from Starmer there. Leave it to Blackford to provide the spine.
  4. Ooh, now the resale crew face a choice...
  5. Such is the general consensus here but again, outside of supposed leaked info, there’s no solid basis for that.
  6. Did the leak finish by saying he thinks this festival will be the best one ever?
  7. Thing is, there’s no evidence Taylor’s not playing. She committed to 2020, and they will definitely have asked her back. The entire argument for her not playing rests on the assumption that she must have gigs elsewhere if she’s going to play Glastonbury. I don’t necessarily buy that. Kendrick’s Friday was straight up replaced. Taylor’s day (can’t remember which it was) is wide open. Please don’t rob me of this dream.
  8. Billie, Relton, Taylor. With Simz on WH on Friday 🤞
  9. No he’s not. He’s active, playing BST London on Friday and Bristol on the Sunday. He’s on the road and heading towards Pilton on the Saturday. The only red flag is the consecutive nights he’d be playing, which would deviate from every other date in his schedule. But, BST isn’t a full blown gig with his standard production and may not be as long a set either. I still think he’s an outside bet for the Saturday. Maybe that’s why they took a punt on young Billie, knowing they had a couple of old timers booked for the other days?
  10. @JoeyT do these festivals continuing to announce line ups without Kendrick where he was scheduled for 2020/21 give you cause to question your info? Or are you still confident?
  11. kalifire

    Taylor Swift

    I note that Albarn only wrote two songs of his most recent eleven track album by himself.
  12. kalifire

    Taylor Swift

    Well yeah, but that’s pretty reductive. She knows what she’s doing when she puts individuals in the crosshairs on a platform notorious for cancel culture.
  13. kalifire

    Taylor Swift

    Nope. Swifties are completely unhinged when this sort of thing happens. There’s no sense of ‘oh, that’s a shame’ - every criticism, no matter how minor, is a chance to be noticed for how much you love Taylor. She’s complicit in the mob attacks, too. It’s not the first time she’s used Twitter to unleash the hounds.
  14. Finally caught up with Bo Burnham’s Can’t watch Gervais in anything these days. It’s become clear Merchant was where the talents laid.
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