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  1. Time to break out Spotify for most of those.
  2. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    I have no doubt about that.
  3. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    Doesn’t mean that somebody was an Eavis.
  4. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    ‘Caaaarn the Swizz!!!
  5. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    Ok, I missed the BST gig. That must mean they’re definitely headlining.
  6. kalifire


    We’re all going to die one day, as well. EDIT: dammit, new page! This post makes sense in the context of the one before it!
  7. kalifire

    Bagged a local ticket

    You’ve got to love Somerset Live’s super-informative live blog, streaming commentary on the local sale, as it happens.
  8. kalifire


    I think if she was at the farm, she’d want to be there with all her paraphernalia, Katy Perry style. There’s no way they’d dismantle that after a Saturday night gig, take it to the farm, then back to Wembley for a gig that same night. It’s just not going to happen this year.
  9. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    Or, The Cure who won’t have played live for the best part of three years (when they took on a handful of arena dates) and haven’t put out an album in over ten. I hear what you’re saying, but they’re not The Rolling Stones. There will be a decline, which I think is why their place in the rumour mill surprised a lot of people and will disappoint more, if they’re announced.
  10. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    I urge caution.
  11. kalifire

    Bagged a local ticket

    Me too. No idea what that was about but I just persevered through it. I could tell the system was glitchy so kept trying until it worked. I can see how someone would assume it’s sold out and give up, though. Very poor form from See.
  12. kalifire

    2019 Headliners

    It’s a bold choice for rumours, but my issue is where each act would be placed. Macca: could technically play any night, but has a gig in the States on Wednesday. Hard to imagine him doing anything but closing the festival. The Cure: Have a gig at RW on Friday so potentially a Sunday act but if Macca is headlining, far more likely on the Saturday. Taylor Swift: Another act you’d typically want to place on the Sunday and certainly not a Friday headliner, traditionally. I’ve been shouted down for daring to suggest such a thing before, but is it conceivable that The Cure might headline Other if Swifty gets the Pyramid on Saturday night?
  13. kalifire

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Unfortunately the best report I can find is from the Daily Fail so I’ve screenshotted it to deny them any additional website hits (and removed ads, of course).
  14. kalifire

    Your favourite Glasto images

    It was 2015. Dude came zooming into view at the culmination of Mavis Staples’ set on The Park stage. People were appreciative of Mavis but I think she believed the extra cheer was hers as well. Actually the crowd were egging on the guy in the air who appeared over the top of the stage at just the right time.
  15. kalifire

    Music industry ticket question

    The mystical allure of crew bars vanished for me in 2015 (I think) when I tried to go down a particular path and was stopped by somebody asking whether I had the appropriate wristband. I showed him my general admission band, and he waved me through but it quickly became apparent that this was reserved for other wristbands. Delighted I had managed to get into a closed area, I wondered around and ended up at some bar but then realised that it was just a bar with nominally discounted drinks full of people who were attempting to get into the spirit of things but were actually just knackered. The public areas were much livelier and enjoyable. Could just be that one place, though (can't remember where it was but it wasn't the SE Corner or anywhere like it).