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  1. Or stage acts better. I’m baffled at why they let Wet Leg play there when they shifted Billie at quite late notice in 2019. Emily’s even said they were on the wrong stage. Multiple acts were on the wrong stages this year leading to the crowd surges that plagued 2022.
  2. How does that work? A false positive?
  3. When talking PGA, it’s important to distinguish the driver’s side from the shuttle/coach side. Two different queues which can differ wildly in terms of waiting time. PGA is always first to open, and Michael has made a short welcome speech there for the last couple of festivals. This year the other gates opened as soon as A did but last time A was open a good half hour before the others. Getting a shuttle/coach and arriving early (pre-5am) is the quickest way onto the site.
  4. Not sure whether to post this as it’s a bit self indulgent, but one of my moments was quite personal. I popped into the bar at Williams Green on Saturday early evening and was served by a really lovely bar worker with whom I got into a brief conversation. I couldn’t be 100%, but I was sure we had a ‘moment’. A lovely shared smile and eye contact, for just a beat, before I went on my way. I’ve become a bit self conscious over the last year or so. Put on a few pounds and haven’t been especially self-confident. I put the ‘moment’ down to wishful thinking, told myself not to be silly, and carried on with my festival. On Sunday, I popped into the same bar and remembered what happened the day before. I saw her in my peripheral but didn’t entertain doing anything about it to avoid embarrassment. As I was served by someone else and about to go on my way, someone rushed over to say hello - it was her! She said she’ll quickly finish serving then come over so we can chat, which we did - about her work for Shelter, our festivals, who we want to see, etc. It couldn’t go any further - she was working, I was leaving when her shift ended, plus there with my ex etc. - the stars weren’t quite aligned. But for me it was quite an emotional reminder not to be so damn hard on myself. That it’s not unreasonable to hope to be liked and to embrace it when it happens. At a future festival maybe I’d give her my number and suggest we keep in touch. For this one, I was just energised by the interest from a beautiful person with a radiant smile. Fuck it. Post.
  5. The tent was pretty full, yeah. Good crowd, too. Seemed to know it very well indeed.
  6. Do something else completely. Visit a new country.
  7. kalifire

    2023 Headliners

    Would Taylor’s people share that kind of info with Emily, though? Or would it be more a straight yes/no? Then again, if a Glasto appearance wasn’t linked to a tour, why would Emily mention it at all? That makes me think it’s on in 2023 and Taylor will announce tour dates later this year.
  8. kalifire

    2023 Headliners

    Unless Emily’s being coy, Swift’s out for another year. Strengthens FM’s positioning, imo.
  9. Wow, The Park really delivered for you on Friday!
  10. kalifire

    2023 Headliners

    And if they say they actually enjoy music with instruments in them, they’ll get arrested and thrown in jail.
  11. An absolute classic in some formative years for me. I get people saying the previous one was superior but it comes down to association and time of life. Fucking love this album.
  12. kalifire

    2023 Headliners

    Not enough diversity and one of them isn’t good enough.
  13. kalifire

    2023 Headliners

    There’s no way Mel C was booked without half an eye on how she went down. They’ll have also noted the rapturous reception for Spice Up Yer Life with Blossoms. Add their incessant begging and B’s attempts to will it into reality by simply asserting that it’s happening, and they’re surely on the radar.
  14. kalifire

    2023 Headliners

    Just remembered who else would be considered an Eavii dream headliner. Madonna.
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