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  1. If your daughters postcode on the registration is one which is accepted as 'local' enough for a Sunday ticket, you shouldn't have any problems. You will not be able to change her postcode at last minute (if she lives outside the catchment area) because registration changes close for the sale and resale periods.
  2. discgoesmic

    Crowd Tolerance

    Totally agree here - the Introducing was just way too small. I forgot about those sets actually. It's the first time I've ever seen any hint of overcrowding/danger in a Glasto crowd. Not sure about the licensing, would be interesting to find out.
  3. discgoesmic

    Crowd Tolerance

    Saw a different side to the Glasto crowds during Annie Mac at BBC Introducing on the Thursday. The tent was completely rammed (think equivalent of Killers on JP due to its size) and lots of people were trying to squeeze through - people were getting crushed on the sides of the tent and eventually you couldn't move. The tent was obviously beyond capacity but the health and safety staff didn't want to get involved. Someone in front of me had enough and stopped letting people past, only to be verbally abused by a bunch of 18 year old women. Annie's set should've been on JP, or at least Williams Green.
  4. I'd agree to this - especially in The Cure and Kylie (to be expected I suppose).
  5. Up at 4:15am to pack final bits, caught the See coach to Bath at 5:45, back in Bath by 6:30. Home and back in bed by 7:15. Very easy!
  6. discgoesmic

    Coach ticket?

    From previous experience, it's best to print. If anything it lessens the likelihood of any problems later on! Also if you're on a return coach you'll need it for the way back, mitigates possible issues of phone dying when boarding the coach... It does say 'please print this ticket' or similar - so probably best.
  7. This was the same at Lollapalooza, was a fairly basic stage. I think he finished 20 mins earlier for us. Got my tickets for his performance at the o2 London via Priority which was not easy! Paid £81 for seats in Block 106 - not bad compared to other acts like Drake given the Astroworld production value.
  8. I think it's a more cut back version of the Astroworld production. You'll still get all of the hits but I doubt the stage will be as elaborate. He did Austin City Limits Festival which is here: When I saw him at Lolla Paris, it was before Astroworld came out, so it was a weird limbo set of some new material (Stargazing, Carousel), some Cactus Jack and a lot of early work. I'm sure the festival set will be amazing!
  9. I think it's roughly if you follow the purple line from the Pyramid, through The Woods, past John Peel then above Woodsies. This might be a completely normal route, but it's always quiet for us. Perhaps a bit quicker than Silver Hayes in my experience.
  10. I've heard they're absolutely epic. They have the loop-the-loop, but previous shows also had a roller coaster that goes around the entire arena. The production of the show (with fireworks, lasers, two stages etc) is critically acclaimed. I haven't read a media review below 4 stars (most are 5). Songs range from his first few to now and include Cactus Jack. Saw him at Lollapalooza Paris (before Astroworld) and the energy was insane. I'm 100% going if I can get a ticket!
  11. Travis Scott has announced an Astroworld show at the London o2 arena on the 16th July, rumours of a Manchester show in the same week. Such a shame he wasn't on the bill for Glastonbury, would've been a perfect Other stage headliner.
  12. We're exactly the same - none of us mind the walk, toilets are very bearable (even on the Sunday), it's quiet for those that want a good sleep and we can easily leave for the coach on the Monday. There's also a great route out past John Peel (passing the Cyclist camping) which is never crowded.
  13. I'll be clocking off around now, packing my stuff into the car to stay in Bath the night before my 6:15am coach!
  14. Friday - Fatboy Slim on Glade (love that stage and it's my only act of the weekend on there) Saturday - Wu-Tang Clan (who knows how much longer they'll be around/performing for) Sunday - Rex Orange County (never seen a gig on the Park in my 7 years attending)
  15. I've been lucky enough to do the below: 2011, 2016 - Sunday 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, (2019) - Full weekend The Sunday is great for those who want to try the festival, or for those who have other things going on. It's also good if you miss out on general admission, although on T-day they sold out in under one minute this year!
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