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  1. I’d drop pretty much any act to see Cudi if it was announced. I was gutted that KSG didn’t tour after watching the concert live. I had my credit card ready to pay an obscene amount if needed to go to a show. You’re right about the tour though - although I think our best chance of a UK appearance would be supporting an act he’s affiliated with such as Travis Scott. Or perhaps label mate Pusha T.
  2. I'm thinking Sunday 9th March. Emily said that the poster will be slightly earlier than normal and it's getting into that time. Plus, I'm going up to Edinburgh to see Jake Bugg that day, so it'll make the day complete from a selfish view.
  3. Totally. I actually didn't mind the Steve Aoki version either! We should send Cudi this thread for him to say he DOES have fans in the UK. Haha!
  4. I meant to post this earlier - The Weeknd are ruled out as he's playing a string of US dates over the Festival.
  5. I totally agree. The only version that was in the charts in the UK was the Crookers Remix - I could see how this could make Cudi look like a one-hit-wonder this side of the ocean. The rest of the "A Kid Named Cudi" mixtape is amazing as well. Got some great tracks on there like "Sky might fall" and "Embrace the martian".
  6. He's been consistently releasing albums since 2010, but not all of them are brilliant. He's been trying to experiment with a more indie/rock style, but general feedback has been very poor. More recently, he's gone back to releasing pretty decent hip-hop albums. A big highlight recently was Kids See Ghost, which was a collaboration between Cudi and Kanye. It was thought they'd tour the album because it had excellent reviews and a lot of hype, but it never materialised. I can't see him playing in the UK because he wasn't ever commercially successful, aside from a few singles (such as Day N Nite and Memories with David Guetta). Seems to prefer Coachella, Camp Flog Gnaw etc. All we can do is dream!
  7. The Weeknd has announced a pretty substantial international tour and he's playing in the US over Glastonbury dates. Another one ruled out!
  8. I’d be absolutely thrilled if Cudi was there. I’m not sure he’s ever properly done a UK tour since he was supporting Kanye back in the MOTM days. I was lucky enough to see him there alongside Santigold, Mr Hudson and Consequence. Sadly, I can’t ever see him play Glastonbury. He’s one of those rappers that seems far more interested in a US audience. I go to the US for work occasionally, so will put some effort in to lining up my dates with a show next time.
  9. Oh I have absolutely no doubt. I worked in the technical side of festivals for a short while and their crowd monitoring systems and attention to detail are incredible. Just sometimes doesn’t feel safe within a very tightly packed crowd.
  10. I totally agree with this - I saw Green Day at Reading 2012 (secret set) and it was the most incredible gig ever. You’re totally right that you need a balance of control and excitement! I guess a big stage would take some of that away.
  11. Benjamin Francis Leftwich did a brilliant gig last year on the Saturday on the Crossiant Neuf. Would love to see him perform at the festival again, especially as he's touring in March.
  12. Great point. What I meant above was as long as the acts are on a big enough stage for all to enjoy then it'll be a great experience.
  13. I have mixed feelings about these big surprises. They're always acts that are absolutely worth seeing and it's really impressive that Glastonbury get them to do it, but secret/surprise sets are NEVER handled well. The Killers in John Peel felt incredibly dangerous due to over crowding and Foals at The Park was impossible if you weren't there for ages before. I hope the surprise is similar to The Libertines years ago and is on the Pyramid stage for everyone to enjoy. I'm hoping they aren't planning on making it an experience for limited numbers due to smaller stages.
  14. They also sell them on the website so maybe that's why? Good point though. Maybe it's to show that you're getting value for money (£10 value!) by having the ticket!
  15. Oh, apologies. Deleting post!
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