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  1. The Killers (x2) The Cure George Ezra Liam Gallagher Vampire Weekend Two Door Cinema Club Bastille (x3) Sigrid Years and Years (x2) Santigold Diplo Rex Orange County Lil Sims Friendly Fires
  2. Billie Eilish, Streets, Wu Tang, Bugzy Malone
  3. I was very disappointed at first, headliners are very generic. However, there's lots of acts lower down that i'm listening too and enjoying. Saw Santigold years ago supporting Kanye, never seen Wu-Tang, Billie Eilish could pull off a set similar to Lorde, The Streets will be great. I'm now in my 7th year, so not planning on hanging around main stages too much. I'd like to find more of the strange parts of Glasto this year.
  4. Travis Scott - Wireless Festival exclusive. No Astroworld at Glasto
  5. I haven't heard those names in the mainstream since the College Dropout! Certainly a name to watch out for on the lineup.
  6. I'm all for hip hop at Glastonbury. Sadly I saw Kendrick Lamar at Reading 2018 and it was appalling, he had just lifted his stage show into a festival setting, too many skits and videos in between songs. It's interesting that we had different festival experiences, I'd be willing to give him another go. Hip hop acts I'd love to see this year: - Travis Scott (sadly confirmed Wireless exclusive) - Chance the Rapper (new album soon, EU dates near Glastonbury) - Brockhampton (confirmed as Lovebox exclusive) - Kid Cudi (no KSG tour yet but working on new album, so who knows) - Anderson Paak - NERD (loved them at R&L) I also loved the Kanye show, it was just full of problems. One of the issues being it was a self indulgent, hardcore fan set, which is why many people got bored. I thought the extended version of Lost in the World and seeing Mike Dean and Justin Vernon on stage was amazing. The set could've been similar to a GOOD music showcase to win the crowd over (like the Koko performance a few years ago). One of my best memories (twice) was Dizzee Rascal on the Pyramid years ago and last year on West Holts. The former was commercial while last years set went all the way back.
  7. I'll 100% be there if there's an arena tour. Sadly he's a UK festival exclusive at Wireless, as far as I'm aware - so no chance of Glastonbury. If that's the case it's a huge shame, I narrowly missed seeing Astroworld in Houston, TX due to work commitments (I was nearby for a few nights). Saw him at Lollapalooza in France which was mostly Rodeo/Cactus Jack stuff. Would love to see him now.
  8. Pendulum could play after their comeback gig at R&L - one of the best performances I've ever seen. HOWEVER - they'd need to be on after the sun goes down, either late evening on Pyramid or headlining Other. Their 2011 performance was plagued with issues due to performing in daylight and a lot of Beyonce fans mixed in. I heard somewhere that the performance contributed to their hiatus, so depends if they're on good terms. Deadmau5 is a possibility, although could be too soon. He's been showing off the CubeV3 a lot.
  9. His tour dates are looking good (EU show on the Friday of Glasto, next show is 5th July in the UK) Would be perfect somewhere on the Other stage.
  10. Ah that’s a huge shame, I couldn’t believe how good they were! Lovebox has Chance too so I’m tempted to do both
  11. Is it possible we might get an announcement from GF before Wednesday? Rob Da Bank was on the farm a while ago (perhaps recording the podcast) so could the podcast be discussing an a headliner/poster announcement? Wondering if there's a reason it doesn't start until next Wednesday.
  12. Would 100% see Brockhampton again. Saw them last year at Reading, they also came on stage with NERD
  13. discgoesmic

    Resale Club 2019

    If you know all the people you’re buying tickets for, you could all agree to use one card and put the money on beforehand. Share the details securely and privately. Probably better than extending an overdraft or borrowing money as it gets complicated. Obviously it’s entirely based on trust. We usually do this in my group with the agreement that any money is paid or paid back immediately with absolutely no exceptions. If people can’t afford to go they tell us beforehand so that nobody is out of pocket.
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