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  1. I wonder if it's an overall indicator of Coach tickets going out. Time will tell I suppose!
  2. What do we think the general "Glastonbury 2022 Ticket & Coach" section is? Seems to be a separate strand to the Wednesday and Thursday.
  3. Very true, needs must sometimes! I doubt you regret it either, it's the memories you remember and not so much spending the money AS LONG AS you're in a financially viable place to do so.
  4. Yep, i'd be all over this if I needed one. If I had the means I think I'd spend up to perhaps £1000 to go to Glastonbury as a last resort if I grafted for the funds. Solely because I still believe it's excellent value for money!
  5. 2x FREE tickets to Pet Shop Boys tonight in Cardiff Motorpoint, can’t go sadly due to Covid so I’ll happily give them away, would much prefer them to be used. Let me know if you’d like them! Ticketmaster e-tickets.
  6. Unfortunately my family have been struck down by Covid. Better to get it now rather than a months time I suppose! So, I have 2 tickets for Pet Shop Boys in Cardiff Motorpoint Arena up for sale for tomorrow evening. These are in Section 3, Row R so extremely good seats. We paid £90 each for these, would anyone be interested for £45 per ticket (half price)? These are Ticketmaster e-tickets so I can transfer them to your account immediately. Feel free to let me know!
  7. Saw Benjamin Francis Leftwich here in 2019, first time I had ever been to this stage! Was one of my best memories of the festival.
  8. discgoesmic


    I'll be sad if Calvin isn't on the official one but would be funny!
  9. Set an alert for when the Facebook/Twitter account posts and do a tactical loo break... works for me!
  10. Couldn’t agree more with this, not interested in Megan at all. Saw her supporting Drake at the o2 (the J Cole guest date!) and she was awful.
  11. All will be forgiven if so. But as I say just happy to be going 😊
  12. Yeah, I mean if you think that’s 4 out of a massive number of acts (so far) I think they could do better - Pusha T would be incredible for sure!
  13. Yep very fair point, I saw Meghan many years ago and classed her more as pop at the time - but only a very faint memory. Yeah, for me it was Earthgang I was really looking forward too from 2020.
  14. Does anyone else feel that there’s a big absence of hip hop announced so far? Obviously Kendrick as a headliner is fantastic but I think the festival could do much more. Perhaps once West Holts is announced it’ll change things completely but I was hoping for more perhaps on Other/Pyramid to the level of Tyler, The Creator and similar. The UK can clearly bring them over when you look at lineups for festivals like Wireless. I’ve been going to Glastonbury every year since 2011 and realise that this isn’t the festivals key genre and there’s plenty of considerations due to this like lack of mutual interest etc, but was wondering what people thought. That said - we’ve just been through a global pandemic and I’m incredibly happy to be going at all!
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