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  1. The winners have already been contacted, there's a screenshot from Twitter a few pages back. Good luck in the resale in April
  2. I would agree with the quality control - I can’t stand the repetition if ‘it’s lit’ and a lot of the lyrics with Travis. You’re right that a lot of his back catalogue is boring also! I would love an album as solid as Pablo again, but every record since seems distracted. If we can get the ‘golden thread’ that ties the old albums together (to a degree, consistency, production, song/album length and vocal style) then he has the potential to make a legendary album again.
  3. The interesting thing about Travis is ASTROWORLD was absolutely heads and shoulders above the rest of his work. It’s unfair to say he wasn’t popular beforehand though, his previous work and the sound in general were massive in the US before. I also saw the album toured and it was on par with Glow In The Dark, WTT and above Glastonbury. I disagree that the album ranks with TLOP because it has far more creative production (despite both being Mike Dean’s work) and has a totally new sound. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive Kanye fan and have been since his production on the Blueprint, but other artists are inching closer to his top spot. Each to their own though, music means different things to different people.
  4. I went in completely blind listening to JIK, as I hadn't heard any leaks. The only track I had heard was Water, when he performed it back on Easter Sunday at Coachella. I would agree that this certainly isn't his best album. I've read a quite a few reviews, and I agree with what most of them say - tracks are far too short, the album lacks consistency and the lyrics are bad. The latter doesn't matter so much to me, as lyrics have never been his talent (with the exception of some of MBDTF). That said, I really like Water, Use This Gospel and Closed on Sunday amongst others. If anything, many of the tracks help to compliment his amazing back catalogue and would go down really well in a show. It's clear these days that music is no longer his focus. TLOP, Ye and JIK have sounded rushed in comparison to previous efforts and I'm not sure if we'll ever get a solid landmark album again. It seems like waves of inspiration are never consistent and often we never hear similar styles again, like the stunning version of Say You Will with Caroline Shaw. For the first time in years, his production and creativity limelight are being stollen by other artists, such as Travis Scott's amazing Astroworld and DAMN by Kendrick Lamar. That being said, I'll be first to buy tickets if/when the show comes to the UK. I'm not confident he'll play Glastonbury again as the 2015 show didn't go well, but I hated missing out on the TLOP tour.
  5. I would've been furious with these comments if I tried for the local sale. Do we know if GFL actually commented this, or are SomersetLive adding commentary? I can't see any references or links to their statements, also it seems like quite a harsh way for the festival to react. I've seen so many people having problems that they cannot comment that the system is working as designed. Currently the Tweets aren't loading for me, so maybe GFL made the above statement in these. I got a Sunday ticket for a friend which worked perfectly. I'm currently working in India, so I was a little worried my card would be declined. He would've been absolutely gutted if he missed out.
  6. I'd actually say for the normal sale, Tomorrowland is more difficult than Glastonbury to get into. Speaking from experience, you'll most likely only get into Tomorrowland if you use a third party coach package (Big Green Coach for example) or the official Global Journey packages, which are horrendously expensive. I think the cheapest I could find of the above were £600 for festival ticket, hotel/camping and travel. I say 'most likely' in the lightest way possible as the best value packages sold out in a number of hours. The other alternative is to use resale sites such as Viagogo, which I would NOT endorse but worked fine for me in 2016 when I went for the Friday (although £180 for a single day ticket was extortionate). At the time Viagogo were partnered with Tomorrowland so it was a very smooth process, but I wouldn't recommend this approach to anyone. That said, if you can afford a genuine package (not from a resale site), 100% GO. I was absolutely amazed by the detail and scale of the event, the stage designs are a completely different level to any other festival I've seen. I'll remember the debut of Deadmau5 vs Eric Prydz forever, and it honestly made the cost worth it. After the 50th, I'll be on my 7th concurrent Glasto, so I'm considering maybe doing Tomorrowland in 2021, finances permitting. I hope you get to experience it 😀
  7. discgoesmic

    2020 headliners

    I totally agree, I think right now they're the last act I've always been desperate to see. However, I can't help worrying that there's a big danger of the tour not living up to the 'hype'. I didn't get to see the Alive 2007 tour but it looked incredible, I just hope they'd bring the same magic.
  8. discgoesmic

    2020 headliners

    I've always thought that they'd do maybe a max of 4 global dates in stadiums (maybe London, Paris, LA and Tokyo?) and that would be it. I could certainly see Stade De France Stadium as it's probably the biggest venue in France. I have no basis for the above, just a gut feeling if they ever did tour.
  9. Lets hope we have less of these people at the farm next year. We'll be fine without them!
  10. It's hosted by Fatman Scoop which is bad enough!
  11. discgoesmic

    2020 headliners

    I also saw Kendrick at Reading, I personally found it a massive disappointment. He had lifted his arena show into a festival, so it was long skit videos and the overall performance was pretty mediocre. I'd agree that being a 'co-headliner' may have been a factor in this. I've been to a lot of hip-hop gigs and this one didn't stand out at all. It didn't help that we saw Pendulum straight before, which was one of the best performances I've ever seen! Not sure I'd give him another chance at Glastonbury, probably depends what else is on for me. If he is booked as a headliner, I'm hoping he'll try a little harder.
  12. discgoesmic

    Coach Question

    I wouldn't feel guilty, could've been the difference between getting into the 50th anniversary festival or not. I'm sure they're all just grateful for that. Congrats!
  13. I also remember that 2011 was an absolute nightmare with system crashing - I was on for the full 4 hours and didn’t see the booking page once. That was my first year and somehow it got easier from there for our group.
  14. This will personally be my 7th Glastonbury in a row (a couple of years I only did the Sunday). I'm so excited to go to the 50th anniversary. For 6 years I was the one who got through every time, but this year I couldn't even get to the holding page (via WiFi/4G/VPN), so one friend got a total of 12 over Thursday and Sunday. I'm wondering if my lucky streak is running out!
  15. discgoesmic

    Drop the deposit.

    I also disagree with this. I can see the logic that it could deter some of the public, but it wouldn't make anything easier. In fact, you'd only have 2 sales instead of 4 (no April resale) and that would be it. If they DID a resale, it would be extremely difficult for the festival to refund such large sums of money. Also remember that if people want to go enough, many will just put it on a credit card. Despite the above, Matt42's opinion is no less valid than anyone else's. What I love about eFestivals is someone can have an opinion and many times there will be interesting and respectful discussions. It's really important that we accept opinions other than our own. It's always difficult after ticket day because you have thousands of very disappointed people.
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