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  1. Nah..theres already a Waterstones competition for that when pre ordering the book
  2. 2008 didn't sell out as many people were traumatised after the complete washout that was 2007. The Jay Z effect also probably had something to do with it but it's been just as hard every year since I've been going (2005) other than that one year. This time round a combination of sunny weather and the 50th means demand is higher than ever. Last year we had 20 of us trying to get tickets as opposed to 70 odd this year.
  3. Never had to try for myself in the resale but have got tickets for others in it so trying to keep the faith
  4. Moovin Festival is an ace little festival held August Bank Holiday weekend just outside of Stockport near Manchester. We have a wedding to go to on the Saturday so just going on the Sunday this year http://www.moovinfestival.com/line-up/
  5. My mates ended up in there early hours of Sunday. Typically my other half just stumbled across it randomly without knowing about it a bit like he did with the Rabbit Hole on his very first Glasto. I've been 9 times and still never ended up in here. There was a queue on the Sunday night so we didn't bother but tbh I think with somewhere like that it kind of has to be just accidentally found rather than planned
  6. I'm 46 now and was always the last person standing partying wise until about 2 years ago. I now can't hack the pace at all like I used to. Not sure if it's age or because I don't go out every weekend anymore. Still had a great time but was defo in bed earlier than in the past
  7. We were in Rigs Field next to Camper Van West and I'm pretty sure someone jumped the fence as I was heading to bed around 7am one of the mornings. Thought he was robbing at first so started shouting as he legged it through the field but our field was pretty empty and also doesn't have a security tower facing it but don't think you would go all the way up there to rob
  8. I only went to the naughty corner on Sunday night and a trader and also a steward said it had been loads quieter up there than usual. Tbh I stopped going for a couple of years after 2013 as it had got so busy. Been to the last 3 in a row and dont think it seemed any busier especially with lots of new areas. Gerry Cinnamon was super rammed as he should have been on a bigger stage and David Attenborough then Kylie was very busy but to be expected
  9. KYLIE!!! The best I've seen out of the 9 Glastos I've been to
  10. Waiting for friends now at gate A which is mega busy
  11. Quickest easiest entrance into Glasto on my 9th visit to the farm. Went through Gate D about an hour ago
  12. Same...any advice appreciated
  13. Helsbels


    In 2017 they were about the same price if not cheaper onsite
  14. I'm the organiser for our group but am currently stressing about people being happy with everything. Where we are camping, setting off time etc. I'm really overthinking it even though I know that nobody else is really arsed. Packing is done though and I have my ticket in my rucksack so once we get there and I have a cider in hand I know I'll be just fine
  15. Defo..my mate didn't in 2005 and spent half the festival with plastic bags on his feet. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best
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