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  1. Helsbels

    Secret Garden Party 2017 Alcohol

    Most of the music ended around midnight last year I think (bit hazy) although there may have been 1 bit where something went on a bit later
  2. Helsbels

    Charli XCX - one of us

    We went to get something to eat by the Other Stage as she was on and personally I thought she was absolutely horrendous and the worst thing I heard all weekend. I'm clearly not down with the kids and it's very much an each to their own thing
  3. Helsbels

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    We nearly got crushed trying to leave the front of the Pyramid after the XX. It really was a disaster waiting to happen. Security were doing nothing. Understandably a LOT of Radiohead fans trying to get in but something should have been done to give people a chance to get out first between headliners. Eventually after us shouting about how dangerous it was they asked people to let us out but something should have been in place to stop that happening with so many people in the area. Maybe a one way system between acts or something.
  4. Helsbels

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    No way to the over 21's my brother takes his kids and they absolutely love it as well as kids I know plenty of teenagers who love it. The most ridiculous idea ever. Music is for all ages. I do however totally agree with reducing the ticket numbers back to what they were before they last increased the numbers. While extra areas have been put in it's just not enough to handle the extra numbers. A lot of my mates have stopped going for this reason
  5. Helsbels

    See Coaches - a bit of a shambles...

    We were booked on the 8.30 coach to Manchester and Taunton lot went before us. TBH though I was expecting the usual shambles of not checking any tickets and just getting on whichever coach came next. I really don't know why they even bother allocating a return time. What was worse this year was the toiled leaking piss all over the boot on the way there. Thankfully I have everything packed in plastic bags but that was a pretty grim start to the festival. Just had to get on with it and have the best time ever
  6. Helsbels

    So... Who else is on their last day of work clock watching

    Last working day for me. Off to New York tomorrow, back on Tuesday then Glasto on Wednesday and haven't packed for either!!
  7. Helsbels

    See Coach times up?

    On Coach 238 from Manchester at 1pm on the Wednesday. Hoping it's a bit quicker than last year's 10 hours although we did have an absolute legend of a bus driver which made it bearable. We have mates taking our tent down this year at least so all good. A bit gutted to be missing a big chunk of Wednesday again but grateful to have a golden ticket at the same time
  8. Helsbels

    Potentially emotional moments

    This in itself just brought a tear to my eye, that she was due to be with you at Glastonbury. So sorry for your loss ...Red Carpet - Alright is one of the tunes I want played at my funeral and I was in tears the other week hearing it played by an orchestra the other week at Cream Classical. I'll probably be in the Spaceport on Thursday as well so if it gets played and you see someone else blubbing it will most probably be me..
  9. Helsbels


    I'm sick to the back teeth of Elrow now tbh
  10. Helsbels

    The Unsuccessful

    I was lucky and got my coach ticket on Thursday but had a good few people trying for 6 this morning and no luck whatsoever. I've got tickets before for people in the resale and sneaky resales so will be trying then for this same 6 and will pitch in for Efestivellers too. Keep the faith!!!!!
  11. Helsbels

    See Coach times up?

    10am departure from Manchester for us. Not as early as I would have liked but hopefully get a better sleep than we would have done if it had been mega early. Never arrived that late before. Hopefully the rest of our group will be arriving earlier to get us a good spot. Regardless we are going to Glasto and thats the main thing