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  1. Totally disagree, I started off wearing my walking boots but found it much easier to get around once I switched to my wellies. Also the mud kept clumping up on my boots.When it's less muddy I do prefer walking boots though. I'm taking both
  2. Think it was about 6 hours. I remember my brother calling me as he'd seen it on the news but luckily we were on higher ground in Dragon Field so were nice and dry in the tent
  3. Seetickets coaches back to Manchester have always been a free for all and they've never checked the times from my personal experience
  4. I need and Seetickets website is playing up for me. Will message you now
  5. You can never really predict how long it's going to take. In 2016 we didn't arrive until 10pm after leaving Manchester at 1pm but that was due to floods the week before which caused massive delays. We still found space but ended up trekking right across the site to the furthest reaches of Rigs Field. In 2017 we camped right by Pedestrian Gate A so no trek and loads of space but very quiet at night and a bit further to walk to a lot of places, it was just me and my other half though so suited us fine. All being well you'll be there around 7pm. Whatever time you arrive though you still have a golden ticket to the best place on earth
  6. We always have music playing at the campsite on our speakers as do many others. No issues with personal speakers
  7. I'll do a search. We need new camping chairs and would just have saved on carrying them. Thanks
  8. In the past we've ordered a few camping bits online to collect onsite from Cozy Camper but they aren't going to be at Glasto this year. Are there any alternatives that anyone knows of that you can pre order in advance of the festival?
  9. Alternatively the year before we were in a 10 hour traffic jam so arrived at 10pm and had to trek to the other side of the sight and had loads of room in Rigs Field
  10. We ended up camping in Darble last year after an unfortunate incident with our coach toilet leaking on our rucksacks (yes it was grim!! but thankfully everything inside was in plastic bags). There was absolutely loads of space throughout the festival.
  11. Helsbels


    Where is the best place to find out about 'secret' sets? I'm never too bothered about them but would be gutted if I missed a Doves one
  12. I wore walking boots in 2005 and 2007 with no problems but in 2016 ended up going with wellies instead as my boots were just getting clogged up too much. Overall I prefer walking boots though. I've just purchased a new pair with lovely peacocks on them which I'm looking forward to wearing rain or shine
  13. Pm'd you Ignore message!! Can't stay over apparently
  14. You are going to Glastonbury of course it is!
  15. Yep, my first Glasto and the weather forecast was full on sun throughout. My mate ended up with plastic bags on his feet as wellies all sold on site
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