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    Have you emailed her about your important verdict on her appearance? I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know.
  2. Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is far superior to Happier Than Ever, for sure.
  3. I forgot about that. There are others as well, aren’t there? Eminem and Snoop at least. Can’t wait for that set.
  4. But he has made distinctions between a regular tour gig and something more scaled down. Playing Glastonbury would mean a shorter set with little of the big production involved in his touring show. How anyone can look at one of the last remaining heritage bookings, who is not only touring but heading in the direction of the festival over that weekend with a night free, and declare them not in contention is beyond me.
  5. How would that even work in practice? He signs up to everywhere else on the basis that they don’t announce it before Coachella? Why would anyone agree to that? I mean, sure Glastonbury might because they don’t need a line up to sell out, but if what you’re saying is correct, there would be more TBC’s on other line up posters, waiting for Coachella to announce, and there’s not.
  6. You have to hand it to the Succession writers. Nobody pens scathing toxicity quite like them. They dance delicately on the fine line between hilarity and brutality. Jesus.
  7. Nope. Just a gift for the naysayers. He’s in London Friday and heading to Bristol on Sunday. A stop between the two on Saturday is entirely possible.
  8. BST on Friday and Ashton Gate Sunday. Saturday night’s alright.
  9. Kendal Calling revealing their initial line up in a couple of hours.
  10. kalifire

    2023 Festival

    Was Billy Bragg asked not to play? Why?
  11. Just resubscribed to Netflix for December (I rotate between streaming platforms), and looking forward to getting tucked into Hellbound, Maid, Alice in Borderland, and all the Scandi Noir true crime bullshit I so love.
  12. Maybe you have some insider intel, but I don't know how you can be so sure of the bold text. Stromzy is a false equivalencey - he had one album out when he headlined, and he hadn't released a second that trailed it. I agree she feels like a back-up in light of a cancellation, but unsure how you've reached your other conclusions.
  13. Oh, she didn't die on her arse. It wasn't that bad. But she was elevated from JP in 2019 on the basis of her popularity and there was a lot of hype attached to that. Maybe I should have been further forward in the crowd, but from where I was standing it wasn't great.
  14. Her set started as Miley's finished. I may have chosen Miley if I could get anywhere near Kylie (who was on before), but Kylie's crowd was absolutely insane and I'd left it too late, so I ended up at Billie, who actually had a decent crowd. But her performance resembled a toddler tantrum pre time-out, an over-reliance on the crowd making up for her poor vocals and a general sense of relying on hype and phoning it in. I'm pretty sure she's on record saying she hadn't grasped the magnitude of Glastonbury at the time, which is fair enough - she was 16 as Matt says and still developing as an artist. But it's quite surprising that she's a headliner, given HTE has under-performed. Presumably she's a go-to following a cancellation, but I'll wait to be corrected by someone citing how many tickets she's sold in a short period of time.
  15. Slightly late to the party with this one, but I've just discovered Shire T's Tomorrow's People. Some brilliant old skool vibes on there.
  16. Plus she needs to redeem herself for 2019.
  17. kalifire


    Any news, @GlastoCast@WheresMyTent? Would be lovely to hear your voices 🙂
  18. 95% - need more detail on this new variant.
  19. I reckon they’ll be higher, after Live at Worthy Farm. They’re just the kind of act the festival could give a boost to. They could headline Other at this point.
  20. Phew! That gap is looking more and more Glasto shaped 🤞
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