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  1. All of my favourite sets have been at West Holts… Run The Jewels, Kae Tempest, Janelle Monae. Can’t wait for this year’s line up!
  2. kalifire


    Taking a look at the 2019 build using this excellent tool, we could expect to see the following this coming week: - Other stage could get her flaps. This had already happened by now in 2019 (but not until 17th June in 2017). - Lots more trackways and harris fencing going up everywhere. - Crates for Silver Hayes had arrived this week in both 2017 and 2019 (plus Leftfield in 2019) - In 2017, rigging for the speaker towers in the Pyramid field arrived this week (in 2019, they arrived on 19th June). Fencing for the urinals at the top of the field also arrived at this time in 2019 along with the large toilet signs. - Fence-wise, both 2017 and 2019 saw it race towards PGA towards the end of May. - Arcadia had arrived by 7th May in 2019, but Pangea was a much longer set up. In 2017, they arrived on 6th June, so we may be waiting until after the Jubilee weekend for them. - The Greenpeace build could start towards the end of the month, as it did in 2019. - The big 5G/communication towers appeared in the last weekend of May in 2019.
  3. "Stressed" implies a lack of contingency. They'll have backup plans up both their sleeves for various unexpected scenarios.
  4. Nobody’s actually received their ticket yet, right? So it’ll be Monday they start arriving.
  5. Is the writing on the for Glastonbury, do you mean? No, but as cost of living increases it will increasingly become a festival for people who can afford it.
  6. Now you’re talking! Silk Sonic would be an incredible booking. A must see for me. Can’t see it, sadly.
  7. If Doja was subbing Billie, and Harry wasn’t already playing, I can well imagine his people would get a call, and he would be an upgrade. Florence could be in with a shout but I’d feel very sorry for them, bagging big slots only when someone drops out. No chance of Adele or Kasabian imo.
  8. Rum Shack have said they’re announcing today or tomorrow as well.
  9. kalifire

    The Park 2022

    I like Park without screens - makes it more of a personal experience somehow, but yeah - no idea what anyone at the back for Foals were getting out of it.
  10. kalifire


    Tried to tell my newbie companion that they build a popup supermarket every festival. She wasn’t approving until I let her know the festival also has a net positive environmental impact. Got a 🤯 moment.
  11. kalifire


    I suspect that there are individual band/artist tents within tents, so that acts have private areas. A bit like this.
  12. Sorry if someone else has mentioned it but The Common have said Rum Shack is going to get its own announcement within the next couple of days.
  13. kalifire


    That's it, then. RIP Pangea.
  14. kalifire


    Does anyone know what the tent they're erecting near the farm house (bottom right of the panorama) is used for?
  15. kalifire


    First signs of the simultaneous fence build?
  16. Once the tent is up, it's off to the nearest lock up to drop off all valuables, then I take two cans of Scrumpy up to the Glastonbury sign hill, lean back and watch the site fill up. I'll have been up since the middle of the night with minimal sleep so sometimes I'll drift off there (especially if it's warm), or else I'll take a little bimble around then have a nap in my tent.
  17. I read that one of the writers hopes the fans don’t hate them for the conclusion of the next episode, which makes me think it’s a cliffhanger. Not such an issue when the next episodes are just a few weeks away.
  18. New BTC excellent as always, but the last couple haven’t felt quite as outstanding, especially in a final season. I’m not a fan of the way they’re playing out the Sandpiper con. The viewers are left totally out of the loop, only understanding as it’s played out. That makes it hard to get excited about what’s around the corner, because we just don’t know. Couple that with very limited Lalo scenes (that didn’t even reach a conclusion this week) and it’s dipped a bit mid-season. Hopefully shit will go absolutely nuclear in next week’s episode, leaving the final post-Glasto six to go all guns blazing, including the return of Jesse/Walt in some context, and a full length Gene episode.
  19. kalifire


    “Hello Cleveland!”
  20. kalifire


    Here comes the trackways for Arcadia.
  21. First discovered this on a trip to the farm outside festival time. I'll pay it a discreet visit again next month.
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