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  1. Wasn't that wrong to be fair. Got ridiculed on here for saying that I thought they were facing each other.
  2. They've said about a gazillion times that there's gonna be no main stage clashes. They've answered loads of questions on social media about whether acts are going to clash, but nothing on how many stages there's going to be. We don't have a clue at the moment. It's anyone's guess. I'd have thought that there facing each other with the usual space of the main stage field between them, as they don't need two main stage fields worth of space if only one band is on at once.
  3. It just seems unlikely, as they have 'many more acts to be announced'. If it was only 2-3 stages they wouldn't have released so much of the lineup. I think they've just put an assortment of acts on the poster that will play each day.
  4. Yeah it is odd. But I'm pretty certain they won't put a dance act on at like 1pm.
  5. They've put out things like it before for other years: Sorry for shit quality, I couldn't find a way to download and insert files on my phone. But I'm sure you can understand what I mean. They've sometimes put the day splits in the same area, but it doesn't mean they're playing the same stage.
  6. Probably means there is gonna be the usual amount of stages.
  7. There can't possibly be just two stages, they've only announced a handful of acts and if there was only two they'd be hardly anyone else to announce. There's so many more acts that are around next year that were meant to be playing this year. Hopefully we'll get people like IDLES, Fontaines and Sam Fender. It would make the lineup somewhat bearable.
  8. 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2021. 4 times in 5 years is crazy. I'd be embarrassed to walk out again if it was me.
  9. Wombats again? Fucking hell, three years in a row in the same slot is dire eh?
  10. I'm genuinely not sure if this is a pisstake.
  11. So, first poster next week possibly?
  12. Yeah, you have to walk through all the campsites at Leeds to get to the arena.
  13. And LCD have left a gap of 6 years between their 2010 and 2016 performance, so it only makes sense for them to sub Radiohead in 2022 (Almost certainly won't happen, but it's the two acts I most want to see at Glastonbury someday.) A man can dream.
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