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  1. Got back about 6.30pm on the Monday evening and have managed to get my thoughts together about the weekend at my first Latitude. This is going to be a very long post, but if you’re on these forums after the event has ended you might be interested in reading it. Covid replacements were going to be inevitable but frustrating nonetheless, Arlo Parks, Fontaines and my beloved PVA were sorely missed. However, one replacement that did work in my favour was Sports Team over Alfie Templeman. They were great, and I managed to get front of the barrier about 6 people to the left, their crowd was fairly sparse though, but I thought they were great and deserved a bigger one. They’re probably more suited to a set on the Sounds stage though really. I thought the demographic was a lot different than I expected, maybe because there was people who wouldn’t normally go but just went because it was an actual festival. I expected younger children and families. They were there though, at sets like Rick Astley and Kaiser Chiefs but a lot of the sets I caught there weren’t many family wristbands that I could see in the crowd. This was partly due to Amy Lawn’s comment that goes along the lines of: Middle class, white parents bringing their young children, Maisie and Ollie and going to get pissed in a field while watching socially liberal comedians and complaining they pay far too much tax. I’m sure that was there but it wasn’t in your face really and didn’t seem to make a huge amount of the demographic up. In a way it does feel like two different festivals. I think dentalplan put it best, “Main stage for the norms, the others for the nerds”. Walking to see Bastille after Shame had finished felt really odd and it’s surprising that a festival of this size books acts this varied in style. It really is an eclectic line-up that you don’t really get at most festivals except Glastonbury. It felt so surreal to be back at a festival watching live music in a field. The atmosphere was good, and all the acts felt the same way as the punters of being back to live music. It was never going to be as good as Glastonbury but it was still a fantastic weekend. If there’s a spectrum of site, Glastonbury would be the pinnacle of the site, as in I’d still go without any music whatsoever it’s that good. And Leeds being the other side, site is nothing to write home about, I’d only go if I really liked what was on offer musically. Latitude sits comfortably in the middle. The site is pretty picturesque and it’s laid out nicely and there’s lots of nicely designed areas to have a chill in and explore. A bonus compared to Glastonbury is the distance between stages, a five minute walk from Obelisk to the Sounds test feels a lot nicer than the 15 minute race between the Other and the Pyramid at peak times. The food offerings were also great as well. There were two stalls, Paellaria and Maes Mac that I enjoyed at Glastonbury and I was glad they were there as their food was still fantastic. Due to a recommendation on here I tried Curry on Naanstop and the Samosa Chaat that they served and it was so good that I came back the next day for another round which they recognized me from. It also didn’t seem to have much of a queue which was great as some food stalls seemed to have 30 minute+ queues at peak times. Also from recommendations on here I tried Happy Maki. I’d compare it to Kendrick Lamar’s music. It is widely liked and has mass of acclaim, heard queues of over 45 minutes at some points, but no matter how much I consume, I’m never going to be a fan of it. It just wasn’t really for me, but I’m happy for those who can get so much joy from it. I also got a free portion of churros from a stall near the Sounds tent as they were closing up and were giving away the last remaining few to people who ventured near their stall. I watched a couple of hours total of Comedy over the weekend and watched a bit of Katherine Ryan’s set before I headed off to Holly Humberstone who was very enjoyable. However, I did not realise how packed the tent would be. We’d got there early as my mate wanted to get a decent spot inside the tent to watch her. We were about half way into the tent under the canopy and man it was a mission getting out. There was barely any space and people were mostly sat down with crossed legs which made it super hard to navigate a way out. So if a slightly sunburnt 16 year old wearing a white t-shirt pissed you off by trying to get out of the Comedy tent midway through a set, I apologise. I did end up saying sorry about a dozen times leaving the tent but I felt like a bit of an arse for getting in peoples way. It’s a long drive from Manchester though, over 6 hours without including breaks, however the journey back wasn’t bad at all and hardly experienced any traffic getting back except a little bit in the surrounding village. I’m pretty tall and my legs are fairly long and didn’t enjoy being cooped up in the middle seat in the back of the car. But it was all worth it as the weekend was fantastic. I couldn’t get a drop of signal for data throughout the entire festival so hadn’t seen the changes to the schedule on my phone. Due to this, I left The Snuts about 20 minutes into their set to get a good spot for PVA, a band that was on my must see list. I arrived to an almost empty Alcove tent and could have gotten the best view in the house if I’d have wanted though. But to the side of the tent I noticed there was a laminated piece of A4 paper that listed the set times for the acts that day. Out of curiosity I went over and had a look. There was every act on there, except PVA who seemed to have been replaced by another act. I got my mate who could get some signal to check their Twitter / Facebook to see what had happened and we found out about 10 minutes before they were supposed to be on, that they’d dropped out and were no longer playing. It was also then that I found out that Arlo Parks and Fontaines were also no longer playing. I then get a text from my dad that he’d seen that PVA were no longer listed on the schedule but he hadn’t found out that others had dropped out. But due to the ropey signal, the message came too late. Snuts had already been left and excitement had already risen. To put it in the words that I used there, I was ‘thoroughly fucked off’. But Squid and Wolf Alice made up for it later in the day. Squid weren’t the first act that I’d seen post Covid, but in a way it felt like it. It felt like one of the first ‘proper’ gigs back, as I stood pretty distant to people for most of the acts before. I was right in the pit for their whole set and got their about 20 minutes before they were on. Their set was one of the first moments it felt so good to be back to live music. Both them and their fans have so much energy and it felt amazing to be back in a warm and sweaty tent with other people shouting words like ‘Houseplants’ at the top of my lungs. Their record that they released earlier this year is fantastic and will probably be in my top 10 of this year. The song ‘Pamphlets’ was an amazing highlight and is my favourite song of theirs so I’m glad they played it as it was great. I didn’t manage to get into the tent for Wet Leg, even though I arrived about 10 minutes before they were due on so had to watch it on the hill at the back of the Alcove. There were metal barriers at the back of the hill and it seemed as though possibly seconds before I got to the hill, people had broken them down and ran into the tent. There was a security member watching people with eagle eyes making sure no-one made a run for it though. You could tell a few people on the hill were contemplating breaking the barrier down once more when the security wasn’t looking, but nothing came of it. Shortly after about three more security arrived which ensured no one else was getting in. The atmosphere inside the tent seemed awesome and was still pretty good on the hill and when Chaise Longue came on it definitely became more alive. I’m slightly annoyed that I didn’t make it in the tent but they’re supporting Inhaler on the UK tour so I’ll be able to catch them there. Wolf Alice and Chemical Brothers were also great, however, I’d like to register a formal complaint with either of the brothers about the removal of No Geography and Go from the set list as they are favourites of mine. Even worse than removing it from the set list, some would argue, is teasing both songs. They played a bit of Go before they cut it short and they played the intro to No Geography, you know, the ‘him, her and them too’, bit. I was mildly frustrated when neither song was fully finished, but other than that, their set was great. I’m also thankful of Wolf Alice for playing Silk which they sometimes leave of their set lists for no apparent reason as it is a fantastic song! My highlight of the weekend has to be Shame. I managed to get the front of the side barrier on the left side of the tent and they opened on my favourite song of theirs, Born in Luton and it was an amazing moment to watch. They have an amazing amount of energy and their guitarist must have run about a kilometre during their set. I couldn’t see but apparently the tent was only about a third full from what I’ve heard, probably due to being on at the same time as Bombay Bicycle Club. Even though their crowd was small, they played like it was their last gig ever and if I didn’t hate the phrase I’d say that the dial was on 11 for the entirety of the set. I like how they said that they were going to play a new one before breaking into One Rizla, their most played song on Spotify. The lead singer also came down to the front of the crowd and crowd surfed during a song which was great and he was right over my head at one point. Station Wagon was also a perfect last song and was the end to a great set. They were definitely the highlight of my weekend. My top five sets are: 1. Shame 2. Squid 3. The Chemical Brothers 4. Wolf Alice 5. Sports Team So, will I return again? Well, if the line-up is half decent and my parents are up for the 6 hour drive from Manchester? Yes. I’ve got Glastonbury next year but if I want to do another festival I don’t think there is another festival that has as good as the combination of things that Latitude has, except Glastonbury of course. It has great food options, much better compared to the depressing vegetarian burrito I had at Leeds in 2019. If this festival can turn people vegan, that burrito can turn people into eating solely meat for the entire weekend. It’s a nice site and isn’t too far to walk between stages which is good if your Benny Hanna-ing it for the weekend. The music and comedy is also diverse enough to satisfy all of our group. Enough alternative stuff to keep some of our group interested for a weekend, and enough mainstream music and comedy to keep the rest of our group interested. The toilets in general camping were also not the greatest at times, they were long drops, smelt a fair bit and there were a lot of Bart Simpson drawings that could be down to a particular poster on here. The ground also seemed rock hard and it was a struggle to get tent pegs in without a mallet. I think I’ll go for family camping next time as the facilities seemed a lot better there. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend.
  2. A clashfinder would be very much appreciated if anyone has the time and effort to make one this evening. It's a lot easier to visualise than on the app with just set times.
  3. Black Country, New Road - Opus Wolf Alice - The Last Man on Earth Iceage - Shelter Song Squid - Pamphlets Shame - Born in Luton Dry Cleaning - Strong Feelings Black Midi - Diamond Stuff Mogwai - Ritchie Sacramento Arlo Parks - Hurt I'm not sure if it counts as it wasn't released this year, but a rerecorded version of this song was released on the album which was released this year. I prefer the original and I discovered this band this year and I've loved everything they've put out so far. I saw them on a socially distanced tour at the Brudenell in Leeds and they were fantastic, their unreleased tracks are sounding fantastic and it's my most anticipated album ever. It's definitely going to be my album of the year and this track is probably in my top ten songs of all time. It's up there with All My Friends and Wake Up for me. They were meant to be playing the Williams Green tent in 2020. Let's get them back and make them do a Fontaines D.C. and play four gigs over the weekend as I'd happily see them that many times. They've got seven members so might need to play a few to get all the tickets they want. Black Country, New Road - Sunglasses
  4. Without stage times or a clashfinder to obsess over, I’ve been left with a lot of free time, a list of names and a Spotify playlist. Over eight hours of music have been consumed through my ears and I’m finally ready to give my opinions on acts lower on the bill (so although I love Wolf Alice and Chems, they aren’t getting mentioned here) that I’d be happy to see clashes permitted. There is absolutely no way I am going to be able to see all the music I’ve listed here, 18 artists, and not including headliners or acts higher on the bill (like Supergrass). I’m not that into dashing around stage to stage for 10 hours straight only catching parts of sets. I’ve just made this so when the clashfinder and stage times do come out, I can decide fairly quickly of what I plan to see, as I most likely only have around a week to make a decision. Then I’ll be able to have that feeling that I’ve missed over the last two years of two of your favourite acts clashing (like Chems and Fontaines). I thought the line-up was good but when I dug a little deeper I found even more people I’d quite like to see. They’ll be plenty to keep me busy. Sea Girls – These guys are great and one of the best gigs I’ve seen, the amount of energy they have live is amazing. Some of their songs are a little formulaic at times, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and almost every track bangs and they know how to write a chorus, hook and guitar line. Top Track: All I Want To Hear You Say Genre: Indie-Rock Squid – I fairly recently found out about these guys through the New Music thread and I think they’re really cool. It took a few listens to get into their new record ‘Bright Green Field’, but when you get into it, it’s a fantastic record. They sound pretty different to a lot of acts on the line-up and I’ll probably be down the front for this one. Oddly enough, their drummer is also the vocalist, not sure how many bands you get like that. Top Track: Pamphlets Genre: Post-Punk / Post-Rock Arlo Parks – I also recently found about her through the Album of the Month votes and I think her sound is cool. It’s pretty chilled out songs that all kind of fit together on the album but with enough varying instrumentation and differences to keep each track feeling fresh and new. I’d happily stumble into the tent to hear her playing early on a Saturday morning. Top Track: Eugene Genre: Indie-Pop Shame - These have been on my radar for a while and their new album is great. Their live shows seem pretty energetic and fun and they look like they have a great atmosphere. This is one I’ll definitely be down the front for clashes permitting, I think they’re awesome. Top Track: One Rizla Genre: Post-Punk / Post-Rock Dry Cleaning – Another one that I discovered from the Album of the Month vote. I think this one could be a clash with Wolf Alice, which I’d have to miss these for but if their on later I’d try and make time to see them. I’ve got tickets to see them next year in Manchester with PVA supporting (who are also on this list) so it wouldn’t be too bad if I had to miss them. Their instrumentation is on point, especially the guitar playing. However, the lyrics sometimes aren’t my favourite, ‘I’ve been thinking about eating that hot dog for hours’. Anyway, I think their pretty cool and their album ‘New Long Long’ is in my top 10 albums of the year so far. Top Track: Strong Feelings Genre: Alternative Rock Goat Girl – Missed these at Glastonbury as I wasn’t that into them at the time but their new album ‘On All Fours’ is a step up from their previous stuff in my opinion and a pretty underrated release this year, clashes permitting I’d be tempted to see them. Top Track: Sad Cowboy Genre: Alternative / Post-Rock Bdrmm – Found these through the Spotify playlist and I think they’re cool. They’re one of those where I’m not particularly desperate to see any certain songs, I’d happily turn up and see a few songs. They’re pretty chilled out and groovy especially the bass and guitar. They’re playing on Sunday and would perfectly fit the slightly fatigued and tired feeling on a Sunday morning at a music festival. Top Track: Gush Genre: Shoegaze Sorry – Had heard of these before but had never sook them out until now. Starstruck is a fantastic song and the way the two vocal layers work together and the slightly unconventional is really interesting. I remember hearing over on the Glasto forum that they weren’t especially good live, but I’d give them a chance. Top Track: Starstuck Genre: Alternative / Post-Rock Bad Sounds – I’d never heard of these before listening to the Spotify playlist. They’re music isn’t really pushing any boundaries but it’s not trying to either. But it’s executed well in my opinion, and their choruses are well written and my favourite track of theirs, ‘I Feel’ makes you want to get up and move around. Top Track: I Feel Genre: Alternative Pop Rock Just Mustard – I also found these through the Spotify playlist and their quite different. They have two vocalists, male and female, which they switch between mid-song and they provide really different feels but without it feeling jarring at all. Their songs convey quite a lot of emotion and the drums and guitar are really effective with the vocals. Top Track: Deaf Genre: Alternative / Post-Rock Lucy Blue – One that I’d heard of before as I’d seen her on multiple festival line-ups but only properly listened to through the Spotify playlist. Her songs are great and I think she’ll go on to be fairly big. I started listening to her when she only had one song out so that one’s my favourite at the moment, but I’m sure the other’s will grow on me as she’s recently had an EP of songs come out. They’re fairly simply written songs, but they’re really effective and the lyricism is also great. Top Track: See You Later Genre: Chilled Pop Phoebe ∆x∆ – Here’s one that has a fairly interesting story, she got discovered at Latitude Festival. She joined an open mic session at the festival with her friends when she was 17 and it caught the attention of BBC Introducing who then got her to play on that stage the next day, which then managed to get her a signing to a record label. I’m still waiting on being discovered by anyone anywhere, but it’s pretty cool to see someone get discovered like that and then go on to play the same place their career started. Her music is also great and she can do a lot with just a piano, her voice and barebones percussion. Top Track: Hurts a Little Less Genre: Chilled Pop Sinead O Brien – Knew about her through the incredible label that is Speedy Wunderground which her song ‘Taking On Time’ featured on the four year edition, alongside bands like Black Midi, Squid and the insanely talented Black Country, New Road. Everything that label puts out is amazing and this is no different. This is someone I’d definitely be interested in seeing as I think she’s put out some fantastic tracks that are different to a lot of what you hear normally. Top Track: Taking On Time Genre: Post Punk PVA – These are another one that has been produced and recorded by Speedy Wunderground. Their alternating female and male vocals work really well and the combination of guitars, drum beats as well as synths work seamlessly. I really hope I’ll be able to see these as I think their amazing and deserve a lot more attention than they currently have. If it’s a big clash and I’m not able to see them I’ll be able to catch with them with Dry Cleaning early next year. Top Track: Exhaust / Surroundings Genre: Post Punk ME REX – These are a cool new band from South London. Their joint female and male vocals during parts of the song work super well and they support each other in a really cool way. Their songs are fairly simple but they work really well and the guitar, bass and drums are great on all of their songs. Top Track: Heart of Garbage Genre: Alternative Rock / Bedroom Pop Swim School – Also found these through the Spotify playlist. The female vocalist is great and also coincidently reminds me of Wolf Alice, who they credit as inspiration. I think they’re a great new indie band and one to watch out for. Their guitar lines are also really well written. Top Track: Sway Genre: Alternative Rock Fake Laugh – Another one found through the Spotify playlist. It’s pretty chilled out, simple and effective Indie Pop with some interesting use of both rhythm and lead guitar. It’s fairly surface level but it’s enjoyable to listen to when you want to chill out and relax. Top Track: Better For Me Genre: Alternative Indie Pop Wet Leg – I found these through the Spotify playlist and it’s pretty wild to see the amount of hype they’re getting, 79,000 monthly listeners with only one song out? That’s crazy! Their sound is really cool and the track is super catchy and the spoken word style vocals work perfectly with the track in the background and the guitar and drums fit in so well. I think they’re set for pretty big things and I imagine they’ll get a fairly sizable crowd depending on when they play. Top Track: Chaise Longue Genre: Alternative Rock
  5. Miyn

    2022 Headliners

    So were The Killers in 2019, and we all know how that went down in these parts with one poster in particular.
  6. The last four names on Friday and Saturday and the last three on Sunday on Obelisk are in alphabetical order so I don't think it's completely in the right order. But I think the ones before it are in the right order, except acts billed as special guests.
  7. I'd love to see Bloc Party play a headline slot in the JP tent at some point. I thought they could have in 2019 as they were touring around that time. A setlist that heavily comprised of Silent Alarm and A Weekend in the City would be perfect for the JP.
  8. Miyn


    I don't think it's really that bad. It's just not special at all in any regard. It's a bit like Ally Pally in London, just a long box that isn't that optimal for watching music. If you want a decent spot I'd recommend turning up around when doors open, as if your further back you won't have as good of a view compared to the Apollo. It's probably my second favourite venue in Manchester after The Ritz. The floor is slightly slanted upwards, meaning if your further back you still get a good view for that size of venue, however VW is just a flat rectangular box so more important to arrive earlier if you want a good spot compared to the Apollo which has the same capacity. It doesn't put me off seeing music there, just as a gig fan, I'd rather the Apollo than VW.
  9. Miyn


    There's always a slight bit of disappointment when a band or an artist announces Victoria Warehouse instead of the Apollo. They're both the same (or very similar) capacities and Lorde played the Apollo on her last tour so I was hoping she'd play their again. I'm disappointed but not surprised, will probably still buy tickets though and add it to the list of about 25 other gigs I've bought tickets to over the last 18 months. At least it's on a Saturday though, which is the most convenient day for a gig.
  10. I'm pretty sure the names on the day splits aren't the running order except the first few names on the main stage, and the headliners on the other two stages. Like if you look at the running order for the second stage, except for the headliner it's in alphabetical order, same kind of thing with the main stage although it has more names in the correct order.
  11. There could be a chance that Fontaines don't clash with Chems? Like in 2019, Stereophonics were the headliner on main, and Everything Everything on second but they didn't clash because Underworld was on after. If Rudimental play after Chems then hopefully you should be able to get to see both. You'd have to be on your fucking toes to make it though and maybe leave / arrive a song early or late.
  12. 1. Black Country, New Road 2. Wolf Alice 3. Iceage The Black Country, New Road album is almost immaculate in my opinion. Its six songs that all really hold up together and the album wouldn't feel complete if one was missing. There are no real weak moments for me as I feel like each track has a distinct feel and purpose. The lyricism is also great and has some of the best lyrics I've heard in a while. It's most likely going to be my album of the year, as it already beats my last album of the year, Punisher by a fair margin. If you haven't given it a listen you definitely should as them and Wolf Alice are the two most interesting bands in the UK right now in my opinion. Sunglasses is a perfect song and will definitely be my song of the year, and probably in my top 10 or so songs of all time. It's genius. The absolute pinnacle of British engineering.
  13. 1. Iceage - Seek Shelter 2. Black Midi - Cavalcade 3. Squid - Bright Green Field
  14. Miyn

    2021 New Music

    I don't really trust the NME when it comes to reviewing anything under Dirty Hit. I reckon they pay for favourable reviews as they get the album early, especially after The 1975 have gone from winning NME's worst band award, to getting a five star review from their last album that was a fairly mixed bag with some clear weaker tracks. As well as them giving Beabadoobee and Pale Waves very positive reviews compared to other publications. However, the new Wolf Alice one seems to be getting consistent good scores from multiple places which is good to see. Should be good based on the review and singles, excited to listen to it tommorow. Would be good to see them headline other (as long as it isn't a clash!) and I've got a ticket to see them in Manchester on my birthday which I hope goes ahead. The Guardian also gave it a five star review which is good to see: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/jun/03/wolf-alice-blue-weekend-review
  15. Miyn

    2021 New Music

    Three New Lana Tracks: Good stuff, but that album cover isn't my favourite.
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