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  1. It works, thanks!
  2. Is there a way to sign up for the pre-sale? I'd be interested in going to the Manchester date.
  3. The 1975 // Macca // Arctic Monkeys Or The 1975 // Arctic Monkeys // Macca Would be one of the best trio of pyramid headliners they could reasonably book for my taste. It isn't very diversed at all, as they're all from the North, as well being all white males with guitars. But I'd still enjoy it for what it is, a trio of bands that make music that I enjoy and would know most of the songs / lyrics, which is a pretty rare occurrence and an opportunity that should be made the most of.
  4. I think it's because she has plans for touring, making an album, years in advance. So she decided that it would be better to carry on with what she was planning to do rather than moving everything back a year. She'll definitely play next time she's around though.
  5. Probably because she isn't playing festivals next summer. It got posted yesterday morning. Will be the same reason if Kendrick gets ruled out playing festivals that he was booked for this year.
  6. I hope if she gets replaced by someone like Gaga, they rejig some of the headliners from the other stages around. I wasn't fussed by any of Swift, PSB, Kano, Charli XCX? and London Grammar. Whilst on the Friday I'd have been more than happy to see Manics, Thom Yorke, Fatboy Slim and of course, Editors. It would be the biggest clashmegadon (for me) if they decided to replace Kendrick with someone like The 1975 or Arctics without rejiging as I'd be happy to see someone on all five of the main stages.
  7. Would be interesting to know what acts people think they might call back to headline again in the next 5-10 years. Excluding Coldplay.
  8. Miyn

    October ticket sale

    Thanks. Worst case scenario, if I had an exam on the Friday and Monday, we'd travel down from Manchester on the Friday, hopefully making it in time to see a headliner. Spend all of Saturday there, and most of Sunday, but spend Sunday evening travelling back.
  9. Miyn

    October ticket sale

    For the love of God, please let this not happen. I couldn't bear knowing that I should be there, as I have a ticket and the festival is on, but I can't because of an exam.
  10. And don't add what looks like lemonade from a plastic bottle in your mate's tent.
  11. They did an interview earlier on in the year and when asked about Glastonbury they said they weren't headlining 2020 and then looked very smuggly at each other. They also said in 2018, that they'd be at Glasto 2020 whether or not they headline, and Emily Eavis has said 'obviously we'd love to have The 1975' although she could just be saying this with no meaning whatsoever. Also Matt Healy jokingly said in an interview that he'd love to play a secret set in the Common at like 2am.
  12. 1. Whenever I have a ticket and they next play.
  13. Gaga // Macca // Monkeys With The 1975 doing a secret set on The Park.
  14. Kendrick Lamar - 31 (-10) Diana Ross - 25
  15. If we can get Ross to win whilst on 50 points I'll be pretty impressed.
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