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  1. More chance of them than The Who or Aerosmith tbf
  2. In need of a tiebreaker for ATL vs Wallows so anyone who hasn't voted on that clash it's up to you (if no tiebreaker by tomorrow I'll put both into a random name picker) Young T & Bugsey 1/HEADIE ONE 13 All Time Low 11/Wallows 11 CLASH 25 & 26 Migos vs Mahalia Slowthai vs Cancer Bats Voting closes 6PM tomorrow. There won't be a new round tomorrow as I'm at 1975, will resume on Wednesday
  3. SAM FENDER 9/Fontaines D.C. 6 THE BRONX 7/Aitch 6 CLASH 23 & 24 Young T & Bugsey vs Headie One All Time Low vs Wallows Voting closes 6PM tomorrow
  4. As pointless as it would be with their TH heavy sets, I would be absolutely made up if TDCC were doing that in full at R&L regardless. Great album. Not sure if you're aware but you've quoted a post from two years ago here haha. This user is sadly banned now, #FreeGuggyPig
  5. Yeah I get you. Whatever happens I hope to see all three. Hoping the 1Xtra finishes early so I can go Denzel>first half of Stormzy> Peggy.
  6. Girl In Red 1/DENZEL CURRY 19 Sonny Fodera 2/TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB 20 CLASH 21 & 22 Sam Fender vs Fontaines D.C. The Bronx vs Aitch Voting closes 6PM tomorrow
  7. Just been thinking, on the Stormzy day obvs both Denzel and Peggy look like they'll clash with him but we all expect one of those to close early. Probably a longshot but I wonder if they plan to close the 1Xtra before Migos starts. Would mean Denzel finishes just before 8 which I would've said was too early but that's around the time the pit finished before Foo's last year. Would mean Denzel doesn't clash with Stormzy or Peggy and just leaves Stormzy and Peggy clashing. Not that this would be ideal for me either, TDCC one of the few bands I genuinely love and would have to miss them for Denzel. Just putting this idea out there anyway, probs unlikely but definitely possible.
  8. Most Rage fans I know are RTJ fans and are very excited about them tbf. Other than them, yeah nothing. Weird compared to the Foos day last year as has been said
  9. Ho99o9 9/INHALER 11 DECLAN MCKENNA 16/Delta Heavy 5 CLASH 19 & 20 Girl In Red vs Denzel Curry Sonny Fodera vs Two Door Cinema Club Voting closes 6PM tomorrow
  10. BLOXX 11/Mabel 9 REX ORANGE COUNTY 14/Wilkinson 6 CLASH 17 & 18 Ho99o9 vs Inhaler Declan McKenna vs Delta Heavy Voting closes 6PM tomorrow
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