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  1. TheWaters

    2019 festival

    You think? Was just throwing them in there because of the whole remixed album and UK/EU tour coming soon. You're probably right thinking about it.
  2. TheWaters

    2019 festival

    Twenty One Pilots/Alt-J The 1975 Green Day
  3. TheWaters

    Lineup 2018

    As much as i'd love an actual skepta replacement, I can't see it. Run The Jewels would be amazing but they've been around during R&L recently and weren't booked so maybe they aren't interested in them anymore. Don't think Andy is big enough just yet, and I'd argue Tame Impala are too big, would probably sub the main. Stormzy is too big too, would probably co-headline. The Streets is realistic, and like you say he's doing that DJ Set in Leeds. I was predicting The Streets to headline the stage before the lineup was announced and I'd love them there.
  4. TheWaters

    Lineup 2018

    Does he still make vids anymore? Seems to have died off a bit lmao.
  5. TheWaters

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    Would it be worth it to start a Glasto headliners one? Could be fun.
  6. Am not overly familiar with Modestep but aren't they more of a DnB outfit? (Could be completely wrong)
  7. TheWaters

    Lineup 2018

    Okay now can I get excited? (Frank posted this on Insta story, I have a habit of holding down so the username doesn't show when screenshotting, but it's him for clarification lmao)
  8. TheWaters

    Lineup 2018

    Only thing is though, they’re playing in Paris on the 24th, and to do fill skeptas slot they’d have to play the 24th at Leeds. So unless they’re doing an early show in Paris and then getting flown to Leeds I’m not so sure. Or maybe they’re not playing Skeptas slot at all but I don’t know where else they’d go.
  9. TheWaters

    Lineup 2018

    N.E.R.D are definitely over here at the time as they’re doing Glasgow Summer Sessions on the 29th. Damn they’d be a big headliner for the stage but still possible idk where else they’d fit.
  10. TheWaters

    Lineup 2018

    Yeah they posted it on their insta saying unfortunately he can't perform due to logistical reasons or something similar. But they did announce a couple other people in that post so maybe they were the replacements, or supposed to make up for it or something.
  11. TheWaters

    Lineup 2018

    So you think with them addressing Skepta's removal, without the artist himself saying anything, hints they have a replacement?
  12. TheWaters

    Lineup 2018

    It's gonna be the The Hunna
  13. TheWaters

    Lineup 2018

    If it's the same as last year then there's still one more slot left.
  14. TheWaters

    Lineup 2018

    Guess I'm going to hell.
  15. TheWaters

    2019 festival

    Had a dream I met Stormzy backstage at R&L so I guess he must be there now.