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  1. Could do that but you’d be looking at the wrong band
  2. Not gonna reveal cuz it’s a mate and not my place to say & they probably weren’t supposed to tell anyone they’re playing themselves but they’re an up and coming indie band with about 20k monthly Spotify listeners. Watch out for when one of the R&L headliners announces a tour for the end of the year though, they’ll be a support on that.
  3. Been told the introducing stage will deffo be a thing this year by one of the bands booked. Don’t think anyone was doubting that stage was coming back but thought I’d put it out there anyway as we’re not really certain of anything at the minute
  4. They tend to promote acts from the last fest too though which at this point is still 2019. Probably not worth reading into
  5. Not as big on them as I used to be but I really hope they play. Feel so bad for them with the mental health issues a couple of them had which lead to the tour cancellations and then when they finally were ready to tour their first album properly, covid comes around.
  6. Same here haha. Just a bit of fun when you're actually able to sleep. Not going to white this year though so I assume my opinion will change
  7. Think Human Traffic 2 is coming out this year or next mate, it's going nowhere
  8. What do we think of Tottenham? Shit! What do we think of shit? Tottenham! Thankyou! That's alright!
  9. Not confident it’ll happen but have bought a Reading ticket on payment plan just in case, worst comes to worst it’s an investment and a secured ticket for next year. Anyone know how the coach tickets work? Bought one for zone 2 but didn’t have the option to select which city or time. Will I get a follow up email soon to book that or will a random one be allocated from that zone? Can’t say I’ve got much experience with big green coach
  10. Okay I'm out of hibernation from this site now things are looking up. Was ready to do away with R&L this year but if I'm having to wait till next year for Glasto and probably for Primavera too, looks like I'll be back at Reading just for a big fest. Fingers crossed.
  11. I rated the second album tbf. Thought it was quite good just not as good as the first. Agreed though, saw Sundara in October 2017 and they played the first album in full + indigo puff it was great
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