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  1. You Me At Six are definitely one of the bands that are always thrown somewhere in the lineup whenever they have new music (playing 3 out of the last 4 fests) so I could see it. Think they'd have to headline the pit though as they've done 3rd main, 4th main and R1 headliner in recent years.
  2. I meant hope Slowthai is back mate haha. Yeah as someone who was at Mura Masa, crowd came out to the middle barrier just about and barely filled out to the sides from what I remember.
  3. Hope Slowthai gets booked on the main this year, new tune with Mura Masa is huge. Proper The Streets vibes. Think I prefer it to Doorman and I love Doorman.
  4. Probably one of my biggest genuine guilty pleasures lmao. Didn't like them for ages but friends love them an got me into them, definitely rate them more now than I did at the start of the year. Loving it. Radio friendly enough for the modern BMTH, heavier than all of Amo. Perfect balance imo.
  5. Saw Catfish in Birmingham the other night. no Tyrants or Business on the setlist, fuming. Nah I’ve seen them twice this year now and both times they’ve put on a really solid performance. Wouldn’t be one of my personal choices for headliner but they’d do well in a co-head or something.
  6. Foals Travis Scott Rage Against The Machine I can dream okay.
  7. To be fair they've been in a fair few predictions ever year since they broke up. Pure chance I'm saying.
  8. Hello yes that's me hahaha. Been screenshotted and posted on Twitter by a mate clearly. Yeah I'd heard this from another lad on twitter myself, it's also the same info @Matt42 had and was saying in the R&L thread.
  9. As if it's actually happened. After the last few years of constant whispers and people thinking surely this is the year, this actually is the year they're back lmao. Wonderful.
  10. Only if he agrees that the only song he plays from the new album is On God.
  11. TheWaters

    2020 headliners

    He's their manager not a member. I do think they'll be there tbh.
  12. I heard @Gucci Piggy has some info on The Cribs actually, wish he could post it here.
  13. If only you adapted this thinking sooner we wouldn't have pages and pages of debate about whether or not Foals are big enough to headline Glasto
  14. BMTH, Fever 333 and Zebrahead the only ones I'd say from that announcement that look even more likely for R&L. I do hope those headliners are true, would probably watch all of them, certainly 3 anyway.
  15. I reckon they’ll do one with it being so close to Glasto. Either way, I’m not a massive fan of Kasabian but you bet I’ll be trying to get a ticket to the dark fruits event of the year lmao.
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