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  1. Can’t be long till we get the “Here we go!” now
  2. As well as those points above I don’t think Ghostpoet or Pensghui would play the 1Xtra. More likely to see Ghostpoet high up the FR if anywhere and Pengshui in the lock up or one of those weird early dance stage slots. Don’t know if Circa Waves or Neck Deep would do 6th on main either, probs both a slot higher but that’s only a minor change. Looks decent for the most part
  3. I hadn’t actually checked, I just assumed because of the original post.
  4. Metallica probably unlikely but Slipknot are a possibility I guess. Only for a secret set though yeah, no chance they’d be on the bill properly with Knotfest being so close
  5. Only if that one direction is heading away from the festival
  6. Fair enough. I thought the second album was largely quite cheesy and cringe but I’m not really the target audience tbf, their main demographic seems to be young teens for the most part. The song Berkeley’s on Fire is a huge track though.
  7. Yeah I’ve seen Swmrs 3/4 times and at the start of every gig they did a speech about safe spaces for women and calling out creepy men. Very hypocritical. Their first album was alright and the lead single from the second album was great but other than that they’re a bit shit imo anyway.
  8. Three things in life are certain: death, taxes and outgrowing R&L somewhere between your 18th and 21st birthday (if not before)
  9. Yeah don’t get me wrong if they ever were booked I’d most likely see them, however the majority wouldn’t and they just won’t be booked tbf as you say.
  10. New Kanye album next Friday. Absolutely no chance of him playing but good news nonetheless. Let’s hope it’s actually released and it’s better than JIK. EDIT: already deleted the tweet lmao. Hopefully it’s him trying to create buzz. Had 15K likes and 7K retweets in 2 minutes which is insane.
  11. Nah, think you mean everyone would be elsewhere watching someone else while day ticket holders were watching Pulp lmao. Would be an awful move from the festival to book them and they 100% know that. Besides, Pulp aren’t even together atm. Jarvis has just released a solo album and is touring as JARV...IS. As well as this, I’m fairly sure he said in an interview not long ago that there are no plans to tour as Pulp for the foreseeable.
  12. You can piss off for clashing The Streets, 100Gecs and Kano but other than that it’s realistic and quite a decent lineup. Nothing at all jumps out at me as wildly out of place, which is rare on this forum haha.
  13. Yes but not being in Europe late summer doesn’t mean they won’t be playing any shows, it usually means they’ll be touring elsewhere in the world having already toured Europe.
  14. Haim are in Europe early summer for their show in Ireland and presumably Glasto. Don’t think they’ll be around for R&L.
  15. Think you’ve read his post wrong mate. He’s got Courteeners and BMTH co-headlining and Stormzy and GnR outright. But yeah, I could easily see something like your prediction anyway. Don’t see Courteeners getting bumped up
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