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  1. My Number with some favourable ties so far we love to see it My Number
  2. See you all in 2021 I guess. I'm rolling mine over so I definitely have this paid for and don't have to worry about not having any fests at all next year. Shame they're not offering the upgrade to VIP for rolling over like Ynot, I imagine Ynot have done that due to poorer ticket sales therefore more room to allow everyone to be VIP? Truck were quite close to a sellout iirc.
  3. Obviously won't win the prize draw as it didn't ask for my email but in terms of voting for acts I went for NIN, Arcade Fire, The Cure and QOTSA
  4. Just because you don't like a certain act doesn't mean they're not big enough for the slot they're booked in. LG is a boring, dull headline booking but he is definitely big enough when you look at his tours, selling out Heaton Park, etc. There is absolutely no reason that he won't be back next year unless he decides himself he doesn't want to. That Stormzy shout is ridiculous too if you're trying to claim that this time next year he won't be headline status. In a few years time maybe he'll fade a bit but you can't make the assumption that he'll drop off a cliff so quickly with no real evidence. I think we'd all like to think someone we think is a wasted headliner will be replaced but realistically, that's quite unlikely. Throughout the rest of the lineup there could definitely be a lot of shifting around and new inclusions + removals but in terms of headliners I think it's quite unlikely. Wouldn't mind being wrong like, someone more interesting than LG would be quite nice. Just read this back and I don't mean it to come across rude or attacking or anything, just my opinions of course.
  5. Dave, Dua Lipa, Billie Eillish and I think Wolf Alice might be able to make the step up soon with a successful album or two
  6. Genuinely more chance of @thewayiam getting into positive reputation on here than this festival happening Like @Matt42 pointed out, with any kind of ease of the lockdown that may come in the next few months social distancing will still be in place 100%. Gigs and fests will likely be the last thing to come back because it’s 1. Not essential 2. Literally hundreds or thousands of people crammed together in a small space, a breeding ground for a virus. I’m sure the government won’t wanna take any sort of risk on the scale of allowing those events too soon
  7. You’d be a crazy fool if you started caring about downvotes!
  8. If you don’t like Hamish and Andy there is something wrong with you
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