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  1. one of the biggest Streets fans you’re gonna get right here, can’t be disappointed if you don’t feed in to the overly-wishful thinking lmao. its a nice idea but I can’t see it. Would happily be wrong though.
  2. He's been taken off the poster and lineup page.
  3. Homerton B is an absolute tune so was excited to see the song I sing about 20 times a day in my head live but not gonna lose any sleep over it. Especially with the circumstances.
  4. Skegss are in Europe and free on the Friday and Sunday of R&L weekend. I'd bet they'll be added to FR or Lock Up.
  5. If we’re talking bands on the lineup who could do a bit of their back catalogue maybe Sundara Karma? They don’t play much from the first album anymore so could easily fill a half hour slot with that.
  6. Have heard from an insider that the secret set is actually going to be A.R.T. Isn’t that right @Alfie Clayton??
  7. Got chatting to some lad at the start who took a pic of my group. Saw him later in the crowd for Trippie Redd. The mosh pit opened up and he tried to do a front flip, landed directly on his face, blood everywhere, nose bent and him passed out limp as fuck. Made me feel a bit sick was horrible. had a great day overall tho haha.
  8. Was expecting the rest of the lineup in one go to tbf not sure why they’ve only announced a few now with till quite a few gaps.
  9. I'd love the Chems to be booked booked again but I can't see it. I reckon they'd go down quite well as a sub.
  10. Yeah anyone can get to the front. also, the schedule says the special guest only gets a half an hour slot, deffo gonna be Lil Nas.
  11. RESULTS The 1975 9 Foo Fighters 8 The 1975 win overall. Well this has been fun lmao
  12. If it’s Carti I will be incredibly happy after he pulled out of Reading last year
  13. Mate don’t gas me like this, where you seen this???
  14. RESULTS Foo Fighters 12 Royal Blood 9 The 1975 13 ADTR 8 THE FINAL Foo Fighters vs. The 1975 Voting closes 7:30 PM tomorrow.
  15. Is Octavian free? Would not complain about that.
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