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  1. Got me thinking what my top albums would be this year. Think my top 15 albums would be (in no particular order) Phoebe Bridgers, RTJ, Charli xcx, Dua Lipa, Sufjan Stevens, Deftones, The Front Bottoms, Fontaines D.C., Taylor Swift, Sports Team, The Strokes, The Weeknd, Bad Boy Chiller Crew, The Chats, Enter Shikari Honorable mentions to Caribou, Porridge Radio, Gorillaz, Matt Berninger & Everything Everything
  2. Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers is album of the year
  3. just listened to the Bad Boy Chiller Crew album. genuinely a top 3 act on the lineup they fucking SLAP. music that makes you wanna drop a pill and have a rave in your living room
  4. Looks to me that there genuinely are just those two main stages then and no others (or one other small one with no acts announced yet). Unreal. No point
  5. lool almost 3 hours later and I’ve realised the thread I posted this in. damn this new forum layout and style
  6. Managed to get a ticket for Everything Everything’s sit down socially distanced show in London next month. Well excited, will be my first gig in almost 8 months at that point. Anyone else going?
  7. Ah see it’s the opposite for me. Love every song on AFD but GTH while I love most there’s a couple that aren’t as good
  8. Get To Heaven is an excellent album and it’s somewhere in my top 200 of all time (yes I’m sad and have a list) but I reckon I prefer A Fever Dream
  9. It Was A Monstering specifically is very modern Radiohead, sounds like it’s straight off A Moon Shaped Pool it’s really good. Big Climb and Violent Sun are probably my favourites on the album besides that although they’re much more upbeat and on brand for EE
  10. Yeah very Radiohead-esque in parts. Very nice. Think they said they were booked for this year but hadn’t been announced yet so hopefully they’re back
  11. Would love a BBK set. The new tune is banging, they’ve got lots of classics between them all and both Skepta and JME’s last albums were mint. Would be in my element. Can’t see them appearing next year though
  12. Geography mate On the topic of BBK they could easily sub and probs wouldn’t take much lower
  13. I’m off to Bristol for uni soon. Weirdly I don’t move in till a lot later than most, 10th October, so here’s to hoping we’re not back in lockdown by then and I’m stuck at home for another year 🙃
  14. Haha yeah I get that I’d only listened to those 3 as there’s a few on each I’d heard before hearing the albums so decided to check them out in full, only heard one or two from other albums that I wasn’t as big on as the others and I’ve not heard anything at all from Villains. Yeah you’re right though, need to get them all listened to was just checking if they were worth it as I know there are some bands out there with a few stellar albums and the rest aren’t worth bothering with. Nice, I’ll bare that in mind cheers
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