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  1. 1. Verdansk 2. Clash 3. Three Rivers 4. Both Sides of A Smile 5. Twenty To One 6. Heart Attack 7. Psycho 8. Streatham 9. Black 10. Location 11. Disaster 12. Screw face Capital 13. Question Time 14. Titanium 15. Funky Friday 16. 100M’s 17. Thiago Silva 18. Wanna Know 19. Six Paths 20. 18Hunna (Headie One cover) 21. System That’s just me listing, not an actual setlist, but i guarantee a setlist that covers even 3 quarters of those songs would go down insanely well. I’d say that setlist overall contains more mainstream known songs than stormzy’s set did (though obviously the big stormzy hits are bigger) so there’s no question he could headline and has the catalog to do it imo. Originally had Money Talks by Fredo on there but realised System was a big single too so swapped that out
  2. Negative so far, got a bad cough but that’s just your typical festival flu i reckon. Hoping to stay negative, got slowthai tomorrow, idles on friday and potentially love saves the day fest at the weekend
  3. if you think this is early you should see when the 2021 thread was made 😉 In fairness i only made this thread out of boredom but i will be thoroughly surprised if i’m still going to R&L in 2023
  4. Do you remember roughly what time he started?
  5. Never too early ay? 😉 My extremely early prediction is The Killers/AJ Tracey Billie Eillish/Royal Blood Travis Scott/Wolf Alice
  6. God, seemed like the opposite at Reading this year, pits opening up only for no one to run in on any drop and it kind of awkwardly petering out for most acts. Only Slowthai, Broco, Frank Carter and Bob Vylan had really good ones. Not sure i’ve seen any of the dragging or hurting on purpose in pits at Reading at all either, everyone always helps up anyone that falls and don’t force anyone into pits from what i’ve seen. Not saying it doesn’t happen obviously but i wouldn’t say it’s especially different at R&L in comparison to most festivals i’ve been to
  7. Enjoy mate, I'm seeing him in a pub in Birmingham on Thursday and can't wait. The first time I saw him was back when he was still doing small venues in 2018 and he was ace and this tour is even more intimate
  8. Was unreal at Reading imo. I've seen him 5 times now with two of them being at festivals and that was easily the best time, even if the setlist was lacking some big bangers. Was right down in the front pits and was deffo one of my highlights of the weekend
  9. Reading: MSE: Dave, Aitch, The Kooks MSW: Foals, The Vaccines, Declan McKenna Dance: Wilkinson Lock Up: Creeper 1Xtra: Pa Salieu MSE: Gorillaz, Courteeners, Slaves MSW: Doja Cat, Slowthai, Little Simz Dance: Shy FX Pit: The Front Bottoms 1Xtra: Tion Wayne MSE: Rage Against The Machine, Anne-Marie, Kano MSW: Lewis Capaldi, Idles, Fontaines D.C. Dance: My Nu Leng FR: Wallows 1Xtra: Ski Mask The Slump God
  10. There were a fair few positive tests lying about, me and my group spotted one on the way in on the wednesday as well as a few in a group camping next to some lads i know testing positive on the friday. Everyone had a horrendous cough by the saturday but it wasn’t all covid. Was a very dusty year as people have said, especially being in brown. Someone in my group has seemingly caught bronchitis so while still not great, could be a lot of that
  11. Great weekend but i think it’ll be my last Reading, or at least my last paid Reading i could be open to volunteering. I’m only 19 myself and already feel too old for it and almost out of place wandering round with my over 18’s wristband haha most acts i was very impressed with, stormzy was one of the best headline sets i’ve ever seen, disclosure were amazing, sam fender, tdcc & aj tracey were all absolutely quality too not to mention wolf alice, bob vylan, blossoms, don broco, declan mckenna, catfish, shy fx and crucast. i was quite disappointed by the wombats and nothing but thieves but i’ll put both down to sound issues. bad boy chiller crew were unfortunately underwhelming too. was very excited for them but it was basically over before they really got going
  12. anyone know who the introducing secret set is for reading today yet?
  13. MSW sound horrendous unless you’re at the back, MSE sound is great though demob happy quality at Reading
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