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  1. jj200

    First poster game - pick 20

    I will take that
  2. jj200

    2019 Secret Sets

    Which means they could be at Glastonbury or big weekend
  3. jj200

    Lineup 2020

    Stromzy Tame impala Catfish Radio 1 stage George Ezra Thirty seconds to Mars James bay
  4. jj200

    RnL 3rd Announcement

    Trnsmt is smaller than reading which ape is a smaller size to trnsmt.
  5. jj200

    2019 Secret Sets

    I can't see Catfish doing it as their ablum comes out in April and have you listened to Bombay bicycle club
  6. jj200

    Lineup 2020

    They are headlineing trnsmt outright
  7. jj200

    RnL 3rd Announcement

    I'm saying they will headine trnsmt as a stepping stone to headline Major fest's .
  8. jj200

    Victorious 2019

    It's not Michael Jackson because he died.
  9. jj200

    2019 Secret Sets

    Catfish are doing trnsmt as their only UK fest.
  10. jj200

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    Where does it say Catfish are an excuise
  11. jj200

    Victorious 2019

    Its not Biffy because they are doing Isle of Wight.
  12. jj200

    2019 Secret Sets

    Tdcc are at victories at reading weekend so i don't think it's them so it's going to be Bombay and I'm pretty sure
  13. jj200

    2019 Secret Sets

    I'm not sure about Catfish since they will only have one big secret set
  14. jj200

    RnL 3rd Announcement

    And I can't see them headlineing reading in the near future because I don't think they are big enough.