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  1. You said the exact same about Aitch and Ardee. I'd love to know how acts with no history, release their first song that barely charts but they get 24/7 radio coverage, constant features on tv and radio shows, instant main stages at festivals like R&L booked before they'd even released label albums.
  2. Wet Leg are the same industry plants as Yungblud. He was playing 3rd down when he had 3 songs I think? Hope for the underrated youth, cotton candy, I think I'm okay... Its manufactured consent. They have family friendly genre plants and force them in to out vision, and give them artificially inflated places on line ups so that the paying public think they're bigger than they are, so next time they're put headlining we shrug our shoulders, hand over our cash and say "it was coming they played 3rd last time"
  3. So they aren't one of my favourite bands of my teen years? Oh okay then
  4. Never listened to them, never liked them. If I did, I'd have put them in my fantasy poster.
  5. I was having a think, if R&L said to me "make a 2023 festival with every nostalgia act that you would love to see and reminisce over" ... I'd say this is very close. These acts are the epitome of my growing up, the 90's to now.
  6. Its Festival Republic booking for Reading Leeds. This is what its going to be. I remember the year we got PATD!, Fall out Boy, and Kings of Leon as our 3. I wouldn't put it past them to take us for granted and go cheap as hell.
  7. I think were going to see at least 15 of these 18 names there
  8. After those Glastobury performances I'd say some are 100% nailed on for R&L next year. Friday | Foals & Sam Fender (Jamie T secret set) Saturday | Kendrick Lamar & Doja Cat Sunday | My Chemical Romance & Paramore
  9. I was doing my weekly 4 hour commute to work last Sunday with my wife and said randomly "Put Greenday radio on spotify". Banger after banger after banger, I knew all the lyrics to all the songs still, 15 years after last hearing them probably. It made me question if I had a chance to make the lineup for R&L 23 based in my childhood, who would I have?
  10. I'd say Kasabian fit the bill of MSW rock act: Queens of the Stone Age -> Biffy Clyro -> Bring me the Horizon -> Kasabian
  11. He's back headlining festivals across USA so assuming that his cancelled booking this year will be bumped back to next year. He wasn't charged for a crime, so it would be strange to ban him from performing when the law says he hasn't done anything wrong - just because a few idiots broke in and the fans stormed the stage.
  12. Its like I've been saying though, just because he sells tickets doesn't mean he will fit. He is a completely different vibe. You wouldn't have c.2001 Metallica, Stone Roses, and Robbie Williams headlining, and in 2010 you wouldn't have Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys and Ollie Murs headlining. The show would sell out at record speed but it wouldn't be Reading/Leeds if you had a line up like - MSE >> Harry Styles | Dua Lipa | Cardi B MSW >> Sam Fender | Olivia Rodrigo | George Ezra
  13. Those acts don't draw the kind of crowd that make festivals a good atmosphere though, that's the main issue. V 2016 - Rihanna and Justin Bieber. Those are the American versions of Dua and Styles. Following year was Pink and Jay Z, and the year after Ollie Murs and Dizzee Rascal. The people that go to the top 10 pop act shows don't do festivals, a festival is a coming of age thing for kids who want to rebel. This is why the best festivals are heavy on anti-system music. Wireless - Urban Download - Metal Glastonbury - Hippy love Coachella - Drug fuelled everything Creamfields - Rave (don't know the genre) R&L - Alt rock and hip hop
  14. I love that in this thread people are admonishing the festival for becoming a V clone, and in the 2023 thread are clamouring for Harry Styles and Dua Lipa to headline which is a like-for-like V festival pop booking.
  15. If Travis Scott is back doing festivals, he is in for sure. Based on current trajectory Doja Cat and Sam Fender will be in. Muse are due a return and 1975 said they will headline with more women on the bill. I think Paramore (comeback and representation)are most likely to round out the lineup. Sub-headliners, we will get Jamie T and Rex Orange County, Don Bronco, Charlie XCX. I believe Machine Gun Kelly is sub level still, not a headliner as we all thought. Somebody like TDCC or YMAS to finish off the subs. Therefore... MSE | The 1975 // Rex Orange County Travis Scott // Machine Gun Kelly Muse // You Me at Six MSW | Sam Fender // Jamie T Doja Cat // Charlie XCX Paramore // Don Bronco
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