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  1. Where would we see Jack Harlow then on the Main Stage? I'd have imagined him being in the same spot as The Kid Laroi last year, but we have Fontaines DC in that spot it seems. Possibly a special slot between Fontaines and Wolf Alice?
  2. Stage splits... MSE >> Dave // Arctic Monkeys // Rage Against the Machine MSW >> Megan the Stalion // Bring me the Horizon // Halsey Dance >> Kurupt FM? // Wilkinson // Hybrid Minds 1xtra >> Tion Wayne // Jack Harlow // Denzel Curry Pit/Lockup/FR >> Fever 333 // JXDN // Pale Waves
  3. IF Rage do pull out (unlikely) who would be a good replacement? I actually think Kanye would be a sensational swap, and make a lot of the Rage fans happy. Especially with his current set list.
  4. I think Rage represent the last of that style act, sort of like R&L are seeing off those kind of head banging rock acts with a bang, because the crowd just doesn't seem to be responsive to it anymore. Those who won't ordinarily buy a ticket but are cause its Rage are shrinking by the day. The people who would have went for Rage, and Eminem etc have children now that probably see themselves as too old for the festival (20s). We will see a further move to the tik tok Radio 1 zeitgeist in 2023. In 2020 Radio 1 did a full day special show hosted by Annie Mac to celebrate the fact Stormzy was the first black person to headline. They did a similar show this year to celebrate women headlining. The crowd are very responsive to this too I feel. It will be something almost unrecognisable to what R&L was... The Weeknd / Billie Eilish / 1975 21 Pilots / Paramore / Kasabian
  5. The US disclosures on UFOs echo exactly what Tom's been saying about ETs being related to consciousness, they are from higher planes but can come in and out of our reality but not being physical beings but being able to manifest a physical form for this dimension but only temporarily. Also that the CIA gave Google the tech for Google Earth, in return Google offer their AI computer systems to aide in the translation of ET messages. Absolutly insane disclosure from the CIA in the last 6 months gone so unnoticed because it isn't a Blurry tic tac filmed from a fighter jet.
  6. As much as I'd love it, somebody announced before the announcement that Polo G was subbing. With the MSW finishing their headline before the MSE headline, in an alternative universe we'd have an insane lineup of: Dave >> Megan Thee Stalion >> Polo G >> Glass Animals >> Little Simz Arctic Monkeys >> Bring me the Horizon >> Wolf Alice >> Enter Shikari >> Fontaines DC Rage Against the Machine >> Halsey >> Run the Jewels >> Bastille >> Maneskin
  7. The joys of a good marketing team eh. Considering the MSW headliners finish before the MSE headliners, you'd say that the MSW are subbing in to the MSE. The marketing team did their magic and now to the casuals they just see 6 big headliners, and a much worse undercard that is taken from the cheap old R1 and spread across 2 main stages.
  8. Like I said, Dave is the main one I'm looking forward to. I think he's fantastic but Stormzy (despite being the same level) has the level above (more than likely an industry plant). Every song Dave puts out goes on my playlist but he seems more Post Malone to Stormzys Eminem. Stormzy (and Eminem) will actually make per⁷ople book a ticket to see them. Dave (and Post Malone) are a draw to all the kids who would book a ticket anyway for the festival, and they will all be there. Practically nobody will see Dave headlining and go out their way to buy a ticket. Polo G is weak as hell, but I think its great marketing as he will one day be as big as Travis Scott etc. But had they announced J Hus subbing in 2018 based on (did you see), Playboi Carti in 2020 (Magnolia), Rae Sremmurd in 2014 (black beatles), French Montana in 2015 (unforgettable) as subbing we'd be absolutly outraged and feel ripped off. Instead we have Polo G with 1 song, rapstar, and because of the nature of Spotify where we let a song roll over 3 or 4 times, he's amassed more listens that wouldn't have happened in old money.
  9. Theyve cancelled their tour because of Omicron and the fact the government is refusing to implement vaccine mandates from attendees. On our side, they wouldn't have done that to R&L after 4 weeks of being announced, the i's will have been dotted and t's crossed before that announcement. The down side is that their last date they're cancelling is about 4 weeks before R&L.
  10. Yeah I mentioned that I mistyped, i meant to say sub headliner and that was in reference to my earlier comments that who they have subbing is poor and would by 3rd or 4th down any other year. Having 2 "main stages" means they have to pay an act even more money to headline as opposed to if they headlined the tents. Enter Shikari would be an expensive but insane opener of the mainstage or closing set. Polo G with his one song about rapstars or something is not big enough to sub, especially when you have a 1st timer and a relatively light one at that. Don't get me wrong, Dave is the main one I want to see but he's no stormzy or Eminem, or Post Malone in terms of clout. You'd think they'd prop him up with another huge huge act (but not headline worthy). Instead we have Megan Thee Stalion and Polo G beneath him. Megan is famous for being on Cardi Vs song about her vagina being drippy. Polo G is a 1 hit wonder at the moment.
  11. I meant sub that was my mistake, it was 1am here
  12. No matter what anyone says you just play the contrarian, if somebody said the sky is blue you would contradict them. You were outraged that Yungblud surely wasn't big enough to headline when we were pranked until others said that he wasn't big enough and you suddenly declared everybody else was wring and you had to look at his tours and Spotify listens etc. Like I said, the R1 tent was replaced by the MSW, they had main stage acts and R1 acts and then just split then across 2 "main stages". Look at how many from R1 ended up on the new main stages. AJ Tracey (subbed MSE), Sam Fender (subbed MSW), Dermot Kennedy, Sea Girls, Easy Life, Inhaler, The Hunna. 1/3 of the acts with a further 2 coming back this year were rebooked from R1 and placed on the Main Stage. I'm not talking about isolated acts subbing. Wolf Alice is big enough and I'd have thought they'd made the step to co-headline by now really. Enter Shikari is a co-headliner. Polo G has done the square root of fuck all, at the moment he's a 1 hit wonder, I couldn't imagine French Montana, or Soulja Boy announce as subbing when they had huge 1 hit wonders. Bastille have been dropping down the lineup in recent years until suddenly, without doing anything they were bumped up to sub. Run the Jewels were booked as 3rd down 2 years ago but without doing anything are now subbing. Little Simz has 10 singles in the last 5 years. Only 1 of them has charted and that didn't break the top 10. She isn't bigger than Giggs, Giggs played 4th down under Blossoms, Liam Gallagher subbing and Muse. J Hus is even bigger than Little Simz but you wouldn't think higher than 5th down for him, or 1xtra stage. Not3s has more success and has sold a lot more than her but he played 1xtra at the height of fame.
  13. The problem with renaming the R1 tent as Main Stage West is that they need to spend bigger on headliners in comparison but then they have to sacrifice lower down acts. Polo G, Bastille, Glass Animals, Wolf Alice, Run the Jewels, Enter Shikari subbing is absolute dogshit in all honesty. If they had 1 main stage they could afford far better pedigree of acts, whilst the R1 stage could be lesser acts that cost cheaper. A main stage of: Fri // Dave > Megan Thee Stalion > Polo G > Little Simz Sat // Arctic Monkeys > Wolf Alice > Enter Shikari > Fontaines DC Sun // Rage Against the Machine > Bring me the Horizon > Run the Jewels > Maneskin With Bastille, Halsey, and 1 other headlining R1 would be infinitely better, combine the R1 stage with the NME/Festival Republic stage. It seems they book the same main stage and then spread it over 2 and add filler and dross, we end up with acts bumped up that have no right to be there in any other reality. Keep the dance. Combine 1xtra with more r&b acts rather than heavy focus on UK drill sound. Keep the introducing stage, fuck off the alt sstage. Keep Pit/lockup as they are. In summary - Mainstage, Radio 1 (FR/NME/R1), Dance, Urban and R&B, Pit/Lockup, Introducing 6 stages with 170 acts over the weekend.
  14. The Weeknd has to play given his latest album and is the exact sort of act the festival and goers want now. He will probably have Post Malone as a special guest to. Lizzo or Doja Cat will take the Megan Thee Stalion role this time, expecting Lizzo given how Radio 1 constantly bumps her and has her on (and Doja Cat said she wants to quit music). Kasabian will be there, they seem to be an easy booking to make. Queens of the Stone Age, FR have been trying to get them to headline for 5 years now and the one time they got them they had to pull out. If they aren't available it will be Muse as they often come every few years. 21 Pilots are still trundling along, getting good crowds for relatively poor music (how well it's recieved in comparison to Blurry face). The 1975 have been one of the most well recieved headliners in recent years, I can see they'd be huge if booked. MSE >> The 1975 // The Weeknd // Muse MSW >> Kasabian // Lizzo // 21 Pilots *alternatively - Kasabian, Billie Eilish, Muse, Yungblud, Lizzo, 21 Pilots MSE Subs: Rex Orange County, Sam Fender, Bombay Bicycle Club
  15. They'd have to go for an act in the Rage demographic - QOTSA, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Green Day, I'd even put MCR in that category to be honest.
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