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  1. MSE >> Foals | Kendrick Lamar | Blink-182 MSW >> Sam Fender | Doja Cat | Paramore
  2. Reading Sunday is generally the "heavier" day that appeals to more classic rock fans... RATM, Liam Gallagher, Foo Fighters, KoL, Muse, Biffy Clyro, Libertines...
  3. Blink are still a MSE Sunday booking, just a little weaker without Tom.
  4. Tom Morello, the RATM guitarist got yeeted off the stage by security last week when playing in Toronto. Security thought he was a fan running on stage in Toronto during Killing in the Name Of. It'd be amazing to watch that happen during this headline set.
  5. Shes the star of High School Musical. She is very good but so are Little Mix and Ariana Grande, but they aren't playing either. If Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Effeon came on stage singing "were soaring, flying..." they'd get bottled off the stage.
  6. Disney pop princess Olivia Rodrigo .... no different to Disney pop princess Britney Spears, Vanessa Hudgens, Serena Gomez, Arianna Grande...
  7. If the money is on the table, any artist would play even play a private gig for the cash of benefits street.
  8. Sure Olivia Rodrigo is popular with a big album, but isn't she a Disney pop star? I couldn't for the life of me imagine Hannah Montana subbing the Main Stage, or the cast of High School Musical up there. Is it no different to having Ariane Grande headlining? Calling for Harry Styles to headline, and Olivia Rodrigo to sub is akin to having Robbie Williams headlining with a Britney Spears sub 20 years ago.
  9. Bruh, we have Polo G with his 1 song subbing MSE this year. We have D-Block Europe (WHO?!) subbing MSW! I think you are overestimating FR's booking capability. Aitch is the biggest crowd pleasing rapper in the UK that isn't headline level. Olivia Rodrigo in reality, is Sigrid size, heck Billie Eilish was 4th down main stage last time she turned up. Idles are smaller than A Day to Remember, they're '6th down'.
  10. My official prediction, based on who is making movements and doing very well in charts and recent performance - Friday// MSE >> Foals | Rex Orange County | You Me at Six MSW >> Sam Fender | Yungblud | Idles Saturday// MSE >> Kendrick Lamar | Aitch | Olivia Rodrigo MSW >> Doja Cat | Charlie XCX | Slowthai Sunday// MSE >> Muse | Jamie T | Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes MSW >> Paramore | Machine Gun Kelly | Wet Leg
  11. Same, I was posting my idea of hell. Throw in an Imagine Dragons secret set and I'm out for good.
  12. Better than my birthday weekend last year, taking the wife to London. My phone had automatically selected the return date as the same day as departure. Turning up at the station 4 days later confused why my ticket wasn't working. I had to buy 2 new tickets for the 2 of us, £110 each. It was only £46 for the original there and back.
  13. MSE >> Sam Fender | Cardi B | Harry Styles MSW >> Yungblud | Machine Gun Kelly | Lizzo Subs - Rex Orange County / Aitch / Charlie XCX / Slowthai / Jamie T / Jack Harlow
  14. Paramore have headlined the festival before and continously been active for the past 20 years. Fender has been active for 2 and a half years, subbing the lower main stage. There are also a lot more acts in the pool, but this is narrowed down based on how people in this thread see the winds blowing.
  15. I think we can narrow the pool down to: MSE// 1975 or Paramore Kendrick Lamar or Eminem Muse or My Chemical Romance MSW// Sam Fender Lizzo or Doja Cat Kasabian or Queens of the Stone Age and we'd all be happy with that.
  16. Only 2 I hope get pulled are Megan Thee Stallion, and D Block Europe. Considering their high up position you'd expect they'd have brought new stuff out that hit the charys but it's been radio silence. I guess MTS featured on a Dua Lipa song but it absolutly flopped.
  17. RATM aren't really metal/rock though, they're more alternative rock (Punk Rock, not indie). KoRN and Limp Bizkit would be decent in the lead up, Rammstein to me fit that bill and put on probably one of the best shows in music. SOAD, QOTSA, you can chuck in Sum 41 and Rise Against in the list too. Back in 08-10, the time of the 140Mb MP3 player with 40 songs max, the lads in to that genre filled those MP3s with RATM, QOTSA, RTJ, Sage Francis, Flobots, Rise Against, SOAD, Rammstein, Limp Bizkit, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Kid Cudi etc.
  18. Fenders legacy at the festival would be much greater if he does MSW next year and then steps up to MSE in 3 or 4 years. If he went straight in to the Friday slot on MSE, it would he deserved but a little underwhelming and he would always have that cloud hanging over his name, a bit like when Fallout Boy, 21 Pilots, Liam Gallagher etc were announced (granted LG was a household name but as part of Oasis).
  19. 100% something like below and we'd all be excited MSE// Rage Against the Machine > Rammstein > Run the Jewels > Maneskin MSW// Queens of the Stone Age > System of a Down > Enter Shikari > Denzel Curry (Halsey in Megan Thee Stallions place)
  20. I went with a lad that year who didn't take any item of clothing off from Thursday to Monday, shoes, socks, boxers, jeans, t shirt. Danced, moshed, jumped, walked, sweat, slept in the lot. I had to take my car to be cleaned after I dropped him home, it STANK.
  21. I thought they'd said unofficially only 6 acts on MSW, so the MSE is the "big one", the opener and the closer.
  22. 1975 | Kendrick Lamar | My Chemical Romance Sam Fender | Doja Cat | Kasabian subbing - Jamie T, Slowthai, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Nas X, Rex Orange County, Don Broco
  23. Look how long its taken BMTH. Christ, I remember everyone in secondary school belting out Club Foot back in '04. Its mental that was their first proper single, it distorts at that age when you see an act everywhere you think back that they were absolutely insanely huge at that point.
  24. I think bands making their first headlining slot when there are questions over whether they are really ready seem to put on the best shows, probably because they're really working for it to prove their place. Biffy 2013, 1975 2019, Foals 2016, QOTSA & Paramore 2014, Kasabian 2012, 21P 2019. The worst are those bands that are big and think just showing up is enough for the fans. RHCP 16, KOL 18, Libertines 15...
  25. That was this whole forum when Dan said he was headlining. That was this whole forum when MTS was announced.
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