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  1. That was certainly a trip down memory lane. So many names I remember. I always used to look out for Vampthing's posts.
  2. I think he's got a way to go before reaching that point.
  3. You've been busy. I've just come back from the allotment. Just did a bit of tidying up ready for the weekend. I think you will be surprised about how many of those old seeds germinate.
  4. In your early teens I think.
  5. I guess whoever gets there first will reap the benefits.
  6. They produce a new flu vaccine every year.
  7. Ok - no need for insults or shouting is there. Can we agree that when this is all over, there should be a fully independent review of how this was managed so that lessons can be learned for when it happens again (hopefully not in our lifetimes), although I guess that won't be enough for you.
  8. PSML - it would have Corbyn in charge - you know, the man who wanted to ballot the membership before going to war, the man who sat on the floor of a train carriage pretenting it was full. Would Corbyn have removed people's civil liberties (debatable). Would he have injected the amount of cash trying to ensure we all have employment when all this ends (definitely not in my opinion). The Government has made mistakes (the lack of protective equipment available is indefensible) but to suggest Labour would have made a better job of it is laughable.
  9. How would they handled the situation better? Would they have ignored the science and gone their own way. Just curious really. Corbyn doesn't really have a good track record in being decisive does he? And no, I didn't vote blue.
  10. Congratulations to you both.
  11. In which case a number of other countries are guilty - not just the UK. The Government haven't handled things perfectly by any means but I shudder to think where we'd be if Labour had won the General Election.
  12. ..... and hindsight?
  13. As a team leader, I've organised two Teams sessions per day. The first one is strictly business and limited to 20 minutes max, the second one in the afternoon doesn't have a time limit and is basically anything goes where we all catch up with each other, discuss how we're feeling and generally have a laugh (at the moment, we're comparing length of hair as nobody can get out to have it cut ). There's also a further meeting late on Friday afternoon where we all briefly meet up with a drink in our hands and have a bit of a social. I think that's helping everyone keep in touch and relieve some of the isolation.
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