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  1. You reckon? Well milkshakes are harmless enough I suppose but it's only a short step from milkshakes to egging (you were speaking out against Corbyn getting egged I seem to remember), lobbing stones and then who knows what else. I wouldn't wish that on anyone - Farage and Corbyn included. If you do, then that speaks volumes about you imo.
  2. On a more positive note, it looks like the Government is in meltdown. Could be a 'popcorn' few days
  3. That's for the authentic seaside aroma.
  4. Some people have been saying that since he was first elected as leader.
  5. Just seen this on the BBC website. Apologies if it's already been posted. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-48213844
  6. Thinking of you and your wife Yoghurt. Hope she's better soon.
  7. I guess the public interest angle is that a potential future Home Secretary has been caught breaking the law, however minor. Personally, I think it was entirely accidental, she's apologised and I guess it's now up to the transport police to decide whether or not to prosecute. I hope they treat her exactly as they would if it was you and me.
  8. Which would have indicated the shower was broken as well?
  9. Ommadawn


    Me too, but the Other Stage is definitely masculine.
  10. Did that really happen or was it MosqueGate?
  11. That's what used to happen when Shakespeare was alive though (or so I'm told :)). The audience used to heckle, throw stuff and leave if they wanted.
  12. More catch them when they're alive?
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