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  1. Can't think of anywhere obvious unless you can find a local willing for you to use their driveway or a pub to let you use their car park. There's a trading estate next to the Premier Inn where I guess you could find somewhere to leave your car for the weekend (there's been someone parked up in an old converted lorry for weeks close to where I work). There's plenty of car parks close to the festival site where you can leave for car for a very modest price.
  2. Didn't Big Ben chime on New Year's Eve or was that a recording?
  3. Well I think I might be more representative and you're correct. None of them with the possible exception of Starmer are Prime Minister material and he will be in his late sixties by the 2029 GE which realistically speaking is the nearest election Labour might stand a chance of winning. By then there will probably be several younger contenders.
  4. The Labour Party RLB is invested in is un-electable. Have you learned nothing from the GE.
  5. Wouldn't those figures be skewed as a result of the War. Do you have the corresponding figures for say 10 years earlier?
  6. Glad you got there in the end Feral. Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly.
  7. My drain is now blocked (we've had the Mother in Law staying over Christmas). I'm going to attempt to clear it tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  8. It might as well rain until September ......
  9. Just watched the David Bowie at Glastonbury DVD (great present from my Mother in Law). Have been transported back in time to 2000. Such a great performance.
  10. I think Labour need to forget about winning the next election which will be just about impossible. They need to select a leader (from what looks like to be a poor shortlist) who can stabilise the party in the short term, try to win back as many seats as possible in the next GE and then see if a true leader emerges from the pack ready for a real shot in the GE after that.
  11. Ommadawn

    efests Exit Poll

    She's strongly denying it.
  12. Had a quick scan through. Looks like they're saying you're thick and confused if you don't vote Labour. I'll have a longer read later.
  13. The photos I've seen of queues at the polling stations tend to back that up. Lots of young people.
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