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  1. May be worth messaging the organisers. Pretty they'll be available until day before. It is very unlikely to sell out due to the size of the site.
  2. A few of my favourite pieces of public/street art from around Sheffield 1) Angry Woman by George Fullard (c.1958, but feels very contemporary) 2) SHF by Rob Lee (one of many of Rob's brilliant geometrical works around the city) 3) Steelworker by Paul Wallington (I pass this on the bus on the way to work) 4) Cloud lamp by Subin Heo (I see this every time I go to the Showroom or Leadmill, and it always makes me smile)
  3. Incredibly sad news about one of the good guys. A loss to ticketing, Sheffield (they are based in the city), live events, NHS staff and the many thousands of others who've benefited from his business, and of course his family, friends, and colleagues at Tickets for Good. RIP Nev.
  4. 3 day ticket price currently c. €85!
  5. City event for this autumn, being plugged by the Weekender folks
  6. Who's it going to be...? Presumably on Weds performative crossing the floor again. From the thread, Alok Sharma and Ben Wallace seem feasible suggestions
  7. They ran the shuttle bus last year, so reckon it should be fine. It drops off by the entrance. Parking is also easy if you happen to have a non-drinker with you.
  8. New site layout looks good. It should be easy to nip between main, big top and temple (new name for 3rd stage)
  9. Practicalities, changed economic situation, and the fact that Starmer and Reeves have been heavily courting business. It's now more of a start than a fait accompli. Same with the Green New Deal plans. I would hope (although won't hold my breath) that some of the stuff might come through later.
  10. Really good thread on what Labour's employment law changes will look like... TLDR, big changes, but massively watered down from the previous version
  11. Several of these in the Live Nation £25 sale today
  12. Just been having a look... there's loads in Wales - sadly too far for me. Also a few at Scarborough, Piece Hall, Lytham, Derby summer sessions, Forest locations, South Facing... and Eagles for £40 at Coop Arena, if there's any chance it might go ahead!
  13. Just seen that. The list of artists looks heavy on outdoor summer gigs. On sale time is 12pm Thurs. https://www.livenation.co.uk/concertweek
  14. I don't think anyone's saying that, and definitely not TfG. They started out as a niche offer during covid, but have since expanded into much more of a generic seatfiller, albeit with membership criteria. It's now expanded to include some charities and people receiving a range of 'cost of living' benefits. And members can take no -members with them - I almost never go with other NHS people, but do take friends who are teachers, social workers, university staff, civil service, delivery drivers, admin, and more... TfG also encourage people to top-up their purchases with a small amount towards a ticket fund for others who may need support. Their continued and increasing success has a chance of expanding further, in time, into other sectors IMO. Also, some more context - they are now offering much of the same stuff as other seatfiller companies (a good proportion, poss 50%, also available elsewhere), and they are making strong connections with many more promoters and venues outside of London, across a wider range of events (much more sport and family stuff, for example). It is inevitable that some of this will eventually start showing up on other sites too, especially as they are probably the least secretive of the seatfillers, and openly promote what events their members have been to. This will eventually start to normalise this element of the ticket market.
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