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  1. Water Aid competition - “The winner will be notified by email and/or phone on July 18th and will be publicly announced thereafter.” Good luck to everyone who has entered x
  2. Debani

    day and stage

    Cut Capers main stage Avalon Saturday - their FB
  3. Frightened rabbit 15, 16, 17 March - manchester, london, Glasgow. on sale Friday.
  4. Hi lucyginger, if you are still looking I have a copy of Sunday's free press. Happy to post foc if needed.
  5. Debani

    Don't vote Tory

    Exactly. We don't know, just lots of conjecture and assumptions at the moment. and always need to remember that less than half of young people attend further education.
  6. Debani

    Don't vote Tory

    @efestivals, I think you may be missing my point. for huge numbers of youngsters who voted, student debt is not an issue, they don't have any nor any plans to attend uni.
  7. Debani

    Don't vote Tory

    I don't think this is why they turned out to vote. For my kids and most of their friends, uni doesn't feature. My eldest is 25, two others of voting age, one for the first time, they are not uni students nor prospective students, they work full time. Many at 21 have finished uni or are about to, and many more will never attend uni. There is something else at play.
  8. Thank you for the brothers heads up/link - kit on its way to me 100 ml hand sanitiser 61p in superdrug, stock up!
  9. Halfords also have camping chairs 2 for £12, navy and bright turquoise. 100kg.
  10. Mick joining his bro on avalon? Chris lives pretty nearby I think.
  11. Would love to see some kind of Cohen tribute. Amazing man, awesome Glastonbury legacy.
  12. Thanks for posting this. Great band, saw them on Hell stage Thursday last year and will be good to catch them at Avalon. +1 on the recommendation.
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