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  1. gfa

    All Points East Festival 2019

    Do we not think there will be a catfish type day / community day next year though as while its completely different to the rest of the festival it seemed to sell quite well.
  2. gfa

    TRNSMT Festival 2018

    after hours of searching, typing 'sorted hangover cure' in google i managed to find this https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=sorted+hangover+cure&oq=sorted+hangover+cure&aqs=chrome..69i57.3057j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  3. gfa

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    muse / franz
  4. gfa

    Lineup 2018

    Bit late on this but our favourite youtuber has now started reporting on none other than Love Island.
  5. gfa

    R+L Headliner Bracket Game

    QOTSA - AM - Paramore
  6. gfa

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    stereophonics are a lot bigger than just opening the other stage, maybe main stage at a push i'd say they are higher than that though by a fair way.
  7. gfa

    All Points East Festival 2018

    What associates them to Courteeners, label? or just they are both from the same area. I have seen they always have flares and a great atmosphere live which makes me excited for Reading really as otherwise they seem like a very mediocre band.
  8. gfa

    All Points East Festival 2018

    I went on Friday was pretty easy to get stuff in, although one of the attendants tried to take our unopened bottles of 'water' off us, but we got them back. Great time there, highlights were Catfish, Blossoms and Frank Carter. Was really surprised with how many flares there were in Blossoms, probably more than for Catfish the actual headliner. They came after some people with flares but after a bit they stopped because there were too many. During blossoms two security guards came to stop the moshing and everyone circled them which was hilarious. Frank Carter was really good live, hadn't really listened to the band before but they are awesome and the crowd was great on the second stage. Biggest disapointment was probably The Neighbourhood, maybe they are always like that but the atmosphere was just really dry compared to the other acts.
  9. gfa

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Ready for friday, did anybody see people under 18 alone being turned away? I was considering going Friday too but didn't want to stick it out alone as it may of been hard to get in (i'm 16) but we're planning on Friday to find some adults to go in with and split off of course (or stay if they are cool!) I think a lot of people in Friday will be without people over 18 so any tips would be excellent.
  10. gfa

    Lineup 2018

    do panic at the disco even count as a band anymore at this time I swear its just Brandon Urie solo now
  11. gfa

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    not going to lie but the fact that 2 AM songs are on this is even worse than those B-Sides, they haven't even got their biggest song on Spotify on here
  12. gfa

    All Points East Festival 2018

    There aren't as many main stages on the second weekend i'm pretty certain. I am going for the second Friday and before today we had about 5 acts so this is a major addition, shame nobody notable to me though but whatever.
  13. gfa

    Lineup 2020

    funny + actually feasible, I like this lineup quite a lot honestly. No must see acts for me but tons of variety and its realistic.
  14. gfa

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Your probably going to have to sell it below face value unless it sells out (which isn't looking likely at all) - just a word of advice but most tickets i have seen are like £45-£50