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  1. Pretty inevitable i'd say, he'd been talking about it for months
  2. gfa

    2022 Headliners

    courteeners level as far as north/south show difference goes although i think he can balance it eventually
  3. gfa

    2022 Headliners

    Gerry certainly has a decent way to go yet, won tickets for his ally pally show and it was fantastic
  4. Parklife is equally a sham, Headie One is on the third line and has the same slot as Lewis Capaldi. Shit from his management really i think more than anything
  5. They tend to take your ID off you at least the volunteering ones do
  6. Good chance Inhaler do Reading again but if not definitely
  7. I don't think theres a band to 'want' on the parklife poster haha
  8. Its not billed as an exclusive like 50 cent is though. Maybe tyler at glasto i guess
  9. gfa

    2022 Headliners

    Not really seen people saying this - what i'm more worried about is him not getting the crowd he deserves as it should be an absolute treat. if its billie / kendrick / macca, macca will have a huge crowd compared to the others
  10. gfa

    Footwear on site

    Let alone the fake ones being sold on that site
  11. gfa


    Shame its in the middle of nowhere, I live near St Albans and we have a 5k farm that does festivals all summer and would be a way better site probably (much nearer to a station/london). Great lineup though
  12. surely central cee is far too big to play in a tent? would be rammed
  13. Its still good value just weaker than last year and less to most of our tastes it seems
  14. Denzel Curry 2/5 Manchester Academy 4/5 O2 Brixton
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