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  1. I didn't quote you The post i quoted seemed to be completely against the possibility of SZA even headlining
  2. National are far closer demographically to a National fanbase - however the National are about a quarter of the size which completely throws the argument people are making off balance. The National on other would have an average sized crowd at best lol
  3. Ignoring historically very good sources is sense?
  4. gfa

    Brixton Crush

    https://www.seetickets.com/event/the-black-keys/o2-academy-brixton/2965584 no idea if this is new but theres a strict bag policy
  5. Peak efestivals this
  6. Given the quality of the sources stating stevie is out and SZA is in i'd consider her pretty nailed on really
  7. You forgot Mika mate Good analysis + insight
  8. that french festival thing was david guetta BTW
  9. gfa


    I know people love og genosys but i hope that they go for a modernised version, keep the mapping but maybe make it a bit bigger or wider perhaps
  10. This was announced last year boss
  11. dab up = playing glasto dumb down = no longer playing glasto its then used for other things that are similar e.g. if i returned my ticket i'd have is as dumb as me wish i had gone to PSB, bicep were an amazing end to the weekend but haven't ever seen PSB and probably never will!
  12. That Four Tet / Loyle Carner day will sell very well I think. If they did that in London would sell out instantly i reckon, great one-two punch for young people
  13. the wait is good fun plus once it does eventually come, its a shorter wait till areas which are arguably more fun than the main poster release anyway!
  14. Day tickets at IOW are a whole different thing - only really for people on the island tbh because of the cost of the ferry when the fest is on. easily approaching £100pp
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