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  1. That Sunday is banging but wouldn't happen 😕
  2. why are giggs, tdcc and vampire weekend on r1? giggs and tdcc are solid subs by now i'd of thought and vampire weekend too if it were more their crowd, but definitely r1 headline/third
  3. muse wouldn't have sold their stadiums if they did TRNSMT 1975, foos, florence doing other things in scotland owned by them, so they chose to do it how they did it/tour schedules strokes aren't big enough a draw to headline I think and wouldn't sub foals did this is tomorrow and courteeners kendal. courteeners is a worse choice as a headliner than any of this years for size and they played last year too. Not sure if Foals are big enough in Scotland (don't know though, but with this is tomorrow probably not anyway) two door are just headlining smaller festivals this year, guess they chose not to and bombay are probably trying to sell tickets to their tour first kind of surprised not biffy but they really don't suit this years target audience that well plus didn't tell great last time i think? only played 2 years ago the thing that killed titp was repeat headliners and that seems to be what everyone wants for trnsmt with shouts of LG etc mumford are boring nobody wants them anyway
  4. Not huge on dance myself but pretty sure Martin Garrix is viewed as a very big act, he probably would want to be headlining a day if he plays. Obviously wouldn't want two dance days so just replace him with fatboy/chems/someone else.
  5. We walked to the other station and then went to acton town as it was the next stop along and like the tube seats were obviously full but it wasn't that bad, plenty of room on the tube (until the BST people got on anyway)
  6. That Liam day will sell out easily but the other two i'm not sure. The dua day could do alright but a whole female day without any indie acts which are still without a doubt the bulk of the lineup is unlikely to say the least. MCR and Vampire Weekend are class don't get me wrong but they aren't typical dark fruits kind of bands and Bloc Party too is a lot more out there for the younger crowd. Not sure why they would book MCR when they could pick up Kasabian or another far safer pick. Would definitely be a strange crowd that day.
  7. I think its more that Bastille have the pop crowd as well and while not as many people will buy tickets for them, like their dedicated fans will not at all be interested in catfish - but everyone likes a bit of Pompeii and the other popular ones. We were talking to people on the train after Citadel who went to BST and they had all heard of bastille but none of Catfish. I think catfish have got the fanbase to be headlining but to be honest, if it was the other way round I reckon most of the catfish fans would stick around for Bastille as its like a one way crossover situation I guess. Catfish aren't a brand new headliner exactly and their past two London festivals I went to had everyone staying (community + ape) at a much higher capacity, without an act like Bastille which will attract pure pop types. Bastille's placings across the board have been bizarre though, reckon their Reading set will be very busy and honestly if they were on the main stage could probably amount to a similar size as Foos just because their music has a good bit of crossover while not isolating either genre's fans.
  8. There wasn't an encore? There was a short break due to someone having a fit near the front and having to be pulled over the barrier about halfway through but no encore. They really were going for it regarding the flares/smokes, especially during DMA's but I think they'd given up for catfish - had never seen anything like that before.
  9. The thing is if they didn't have 5 days last year then the first weekend would have sold out too probably. Liam and AM sold out well before this did and the sales from weekend two would have probably moved over to that Stereophonics day. Interesting to see what they do but booking bands like Killers/AM etc again should be on the cards if not cheaper, easy sell out headliners aren't about Closing set like how IOW did this year would be good. Chemical Brothers maybe for a tester dance headline, just put gerry under them and i'm sure it will be alright. I don't think Noel will be returning to scotland until 2021 after calling it a third world country to be honest. Maybe if its a late announcement but can't see it too soon myself.
  10. First time seeing DMA's properly, was great I thought crowd was really up for it. Bastille was miles better than at iow, not sure why so many people were on stage but whatever the crowd had good energy. Friendly Fires was alright didn't go in because of bar queues, the queues were fast moving as there weren't too many people but the service was so slow, taking like 2-3 minutes per order which was rubbish. Catfish were good, I was expecting a bit more with the smaller festival setting to when I saw them the last few times but they did alright - probably not my favourite time seeing them but as with the rest of the acts the crowd was good. Didn't notice the people leaving early but their loss in my opinion. There were quite a few people getting annoyed in Bastille at the moshpits and stuff, was pretty entertaining to watch and in Catfish too - bastille i can understand but like for catfish what are you expecting 😂
  11. Its not that - its just what acts are touring at this time of the year which they can pickup. Most of the bigger names aren't around till later in the summer doing reading/gss/others and the only one that was in the UK around trnsmt was killers who played last year. Florence maybe could have but I would argue for the crowd in Glasgow and the rest of the day's lineups, their current headliners were probably better. Its not gone more mainstream it has just gone for a younger demographic. Glasgow still has a superb gig scene I really don't see the problem to be honest.
  12. Would be quite funny actually - see the crowd go crazy for the old stuff and then for their proper set watch everyone sit around. Their set at IoW was appalling, 7 songs from the new album and only she said+ flame from the rest of their catalog. I get their touring the new album but it shouldn't be that heavily new album especially when it seems most prefer the old one and honestly their shows have gone downhill since album one. If the new album was something like incredible and the old stuff just seemed mediocre in comparison then fair enough but its just, not. If this did happen may encourage them to add more older songs back to their set - can only wish.
  13. He definitely could have headlined outright and I think he would have if he didn't have such a short set, I swear it was only about an hour maybe even less than that?
  14. Will capaldi even be relevant then though, a year is a long way away. Would be a shame to see them back two years running (three for gerry) although would probably sell alright.
  15. Definitely not BMTH, its not their scene at all and so soon after their awful APE sale at a ?larger? festival no chance. Johnny Marr would be great loved him at strokes day on APE.
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