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  1. everything everything on thursday/subbing maybe
  2. On the other hand, the walk to the town centre afterwards is only like 15 minutes
  3. I can't see Haim getting booked honestly, so out there for what would be the big headliner - i would expect someone a bit more to the demographic of the festival
  4. impossible to say really, big gap for this kind of festival in london especially if they announce before APE/other fests nearby like truck
  5. fingers crossed they get chems back!
  6. there will be due to unpaid payment plans. probably wont bother announcing their release though to not get people disappointed or they may just not go on sale to the public
  7. The Killers – 151 The Cure - 130 Radiohead - 170 Arcade Fire - 110 The Rolling Stones - 165 Beyoncé - 125 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 186 Blur - 211 R.E.M. - 190 David Bowie - 255 Pulp - 117
  8. with it already sold out from a business stand point whats the point imo not sure theres enough backstage room there honestly, maybe if the current mainstage goes closer to the Pit a bit perhaps
  9. best bet is calling them up - maybe check your ticketmaster account history and check your statement to check if you got charged. EDIT: also based on this year, payment plans end in June so it seems like maybe you just didn't finish paying off your ticket?
  10. Not sure on this but could they already have the extra stage from a weekend where theres a lot of festivals at a different time of the year maybe? Glastonbury/Finsbury/BST are all around the same time of the year so maybe its a stage repurposed from one of them - might be a completely stupid idea
  11. Honestly really reassured by this. Sounds like an awful system but its a system and thats the main thing (people could so easily catch it in between the doctor appointment and arriving - or just in the queue/inside). I reckon by reading most people will have had their second vaccine anyway as doses won't be being used for 1st doses anymore so roll out will speed up fingers crossed.
  12. The Killers – 146 The Cure – 154 Radiohead - 160 Arcade Fire - 110 The Rolling Stones - 175 Beyoncé - 140 (-10) Stevie Wonder - 176 Blur - 210 R.E.M. - 175 David Bowie - 265 Pulp - 107
  13. I don't think they particularly care on a normal year honestly and with it sold out they have even less of a reason to care. I am sure there will be some female acts but probably not any significant ones ---- I don't know how sound works but I am assuming that the stage can't go facing towards the town centre right (like where the Pit and FR tents are now). Would they be able to go where the dance tent is or would this blast noise across the river to the houses there?
  14. they have neighbourhood weekender too. i could see a london park show again like their cancelled one and i swear they had singleton park too. throw in eden project/thetford maybe and perhaps some other random shows and it would be looking more similar to 2020. parklife too maybe edit: boardmasters too perhaps or something. they are at the size where they have TONS of options really
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