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  1. oh boy here we go... ^ this guy has a point until you realise theres no other stages except 1 small one
  2. if thats the level of headliner for second stage i'd be very happy. also would be happy with pendulum, preferably against post. disclosure -> pendulum will be great
  3. No reason why it wouldn't happen - if it moves to August then its even more likely i would say as the normal APE weekends are in the middle of exams for a lot of people who would like that day
  4. Glass Animals in February at Village Underground - was meant to be seeing them 4 times this year, now its only 1 (two if their December show happens in Kingston)
  5. Only ‘Chemical’ i want to see on the lineup is the chemical brothers. mabel 3rd down is appalling - i think these days are balanced kind of weird too
  6. Came on here to say this - surely its not even going to be close to a sellout or maybe i’m underestimating NBT. Regardless i doubt they will play now given how big this tour is, they will want to sell the tickets for this and play 2022
  7. A spice girl, duran duran lead singer, lower than atlantis, KSI, rak-su (xfactor winners) and george fitzgerald. -- bit all over the place really for watford. I am actually closer to st albans though which has Friendly Fires and Enter Shikari so i'll claim that instead
  8. Feel like its a step further away from the Reading audience (and they weren't exactly too in with the audience originally) though vs the other albums. seeing them at ally pally anyway but would be nice for them to play R&L.
  9. Nor citadel, but they have done big london festivals 3 years in a row and were doing a 4th in 2020. They definitely sell a lot of tickets each year so I would say its not completely out of place. Way more than Wolf Alice/HAIM to the target audience anyway if not overall Most of my friends just remember him as headlining since it was dark at the end and they didn't go to fall out boy
  10. Haim are never headlining R&L, the crowd would be tiny. Catfish would bring a much bigger crowd in than Wolf Alice too, its sad but its definitely true
  11. Much more can be done but R&L has their work cut out vs Glastonbury which has a far more diverse, international, older and also larger audience with more main stages too. Its pretty hard to compare them i think in this aspect (none of glastonbury's recent female headliners since Florence in 2015 who got bumped up could do Reading and before that i got bored searching for a potential headliner). Only recently with Emily under control have glastonbury started pushing for 50-50 and i think it won't be too long before reading follow suit (although they get constant criticism every year and sti
  12. not for the target audience though, they could do way better obviously but i'm not sure on the main stage a 50-50 split is possible for the headliners as theres only about 5 female headliners that could really do Reading and go down well with the audience (florence is probably a push at this point honestly as is paramore due to the lack of new music thats reached the mainstream) so for a 50-50 split the same headliners would be back every other year. Further down the lineup though a lot more could be done and this year is looking promising in that respect (although it definitely just look
  13. I meant that my comment about people standing in the crowd waiting for a headliner wasn't really relevant. Bar Sales would definitely take a hit i agree although they seem pretty low at reading in the first place given a third to a half of the audience probably is under 18. Pushing through is a weird one, i will go through a lot but if people don't do that then people at the back will be stuck with people who want to mosh, set off flares etc etc. just let people through i say
  14. Not relevant to the discussion - I don't do it myself but if i pay £205+ for my ticket, i'm more than entitled than to wait for the headliner i want to see. How you can even suggest otherwise is ridiculous. Also with 2 main stages it won't be as bad because these people will be spread out more whether they are next to each other or at opposite ends of the site
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