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  1. gfa


    I noticed this too honestly, some people in the dance tents looked in an awful state, alive and fine, but clearly just needed to go back to their tent and their mates weren't doing anything - not even getting water etc.
  2. The Prodigy 110 LCD Soundsystem 100 (-10)
  3. Perhaps I missed them in the co-op although i know the ones you mean they were definitely being drank in the arena. good shape for smuggling haha (not that it was remotely hard at latitude mind you)
  4. I usually just head to the orange one - not gonna lie every night i've had to queue half an hour to get in. Luckily don't like Stormzy or Post Malone which should help alot with that
  5. Actually seems they do based on this clashfinder: https://clashfinder.com/s/read2019. Pretty sure its open as a third silent disco on thursday night too to try and reduce the stress on the other two.
  6. Latitude last week was selling only the beers that the festival sold pretty much. I think there was Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export and San Miguel. Somersby and something else for cider (no dark fruit or any spirits/wine). The meal deals are £4.50, 10 pack of carlsberg was £12 and 18 pack was £19 i think. @foolee latitude had bbqs, very basic bbq stuff though food wise literally one type of burger, one type of sausage and that was it. In my opinion the prices are not worth it for booze as its so easy at Reading just to go to aldi/tesco, but for food its convienient. at leeds very different story though, i'd bring in as much as you can then head to the co-op. Meal deals have every sandwich pretty much although the drinks are shit (no naked smoothies etc, literally just fizzy drinks not sure there was even Oasis)
  7. Its till 2am each night Thurs-Sun (maybe earlier Sunday?) - if you mean silent disco queues either leave headliner early or be incredibly quick and you shouldn’t wait too long. Reading only has the silent disco, Leeds may have alternative stuff + also piccadilly etc. Thursday if you mean silent arena i’d get there when it opens, if you mean the main festival not too sure. I guess later the better. GCSE and A Level result day are 12 and 10th august respectively for some reason also which is something to note
  8. fair enough --- anyone got 2 saturday tickets going as well? housemates r after some to join the rest of us for a day in the weekend.
  9. I went to Latitude and never got a text. there's so many people at a festival they can't really expect everyone to isolate - just be careful and test afterwards
  10. the app won't have the schedule till the week of the festival or maybe end of the week before, it will just have the f&qs copied over from the website and maybe the festival map a bit closer to the festival. its not nearly as exciting as they are trying to make it out to be
  11. I think a rock act being announced that is much older vs a replacement act for a rock act is quite different - nobody was expecting for biffy to be replaced with Dave or someone. RATM announcement was a potential headliner someone may like, whereas the qotsa replacement wasn't losing anything if you didn't originally like qotsa if you get what i mean.
  12. This is the nail on the head really. If i’m not a fan will just go to the dance tent anyway or head to the silent disco a bit early to avoid the queue. Will probably be seeing Catfish, Disclosure, Biffy and LG i reckon and then i guess MK and Solardo.
  13. The Prodigy 161 (+1) LCD Soundsystem 151 (-9)
  14. Honestly most excited for Disclosure by far now QOTSA have gone. Dance headliners are always really fun and they are the biggest dance name to be booked since, well, they were booked in 2016. Plenty of people like dance at the festival so I think it makes sense when theres 6 headliners to have one that is dance and i bet they are quite cheap too. Without the R1 tent there is no room for the higher level dance acts such as Pendulum, Bicep or Andy C anymore really who were common bookings. ---- Just seen over in the glasto forums this bombay show, secret set potential maybe? Playing APE on Monday too so would have to drive to Leeds and back but really near Reading. https://islingtonassemblyhall.co.uk/events/bombay-bicycle-club-26th-aug-islington-assembly-hall-london-tickets/
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