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  1. Drake's headline last year can't really be counted, that was special circumstances. His 25 minute set was probably bigger than any of the recent headliners though honestly. edit: if live nation can book him, they would probably try to get him for reading instead of wireless, tour dependent obviously
  2. Strokes and Glass Animals for me, two favourite acts really. Got absolutely murdered by Fantano
  3. too big imo, more likely for BST
  4. I think hes just too big for Wireless, would resell over £200 his day. BST is more suited to his size I think
  5. Not sure for gecs, a fair amount of people I know listen to them but they are incredibly 'marmite' so very hard to say. denzel was too big for 1xtra last year and has only got bigger. I think theres no reason to not put KSI on main, lots of people will be annoyed about the clash i'd have thought so may as well let them. He will definitely have guests that are probably bigger than him too
  6. if the O2 was all standing probably just as quick. doubt many DBE fans will want to sit 200ft away
  7. Denzel surely isn't staying on 1xtra, i'd probably put gecs as FR headline too honestly or would need to be earlier than that on the R1. KSI probs too big for the 1xtra too, i think even R1 would be around Brockhampton level busy depending on the clash
  8. I don't think many people thought they would be that close together though, I thought they would be at opposite ends of the arena (and i don't think i was alone)
  9. would love to see the porn crumpets at reading (not sure its their crowd though). I saw them with the strokes at APE last year in the jagerhaus stage, was absolutely packed we couldn't even see them. (tiny stage to be fair, about 500 people max). really want to see the chats too, i've loved smoko for 2 years or so now
  10. for friday and saturday, under the second main stage theres significantly more acts so maybe the 2nd/3rd for friday line of acts is for the 3rd stage
  11. bit late on this message but its the kind of thing that would be annnounced later on like lewis was for 2020 - a like march special guest announcement or something
  12. oh boy here we go... ^ this guy has a point until you realise theres no other stages except 1 small one
  13. if thats the level of headliner for second stage i'd be very happy. also would be happy with pendulum, preferably against post. disclosure -> pendulum will be great
  14. No reason why it wouldn't happen - if it moves to August then its even more likely i would say as the normal APE weekends are in the middle of exams for a lot of people who would like that day
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