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  1. Chems are touring next year though don't see why they would pull out? ------ Also seen jess glynne has got a lot of shit on IOW's socials so thought i'd post this: https://twitter.com/alimkheraj/status/1280236067371855873?s=20
  2. Really gutted about the kasabian news, missed them at R'17 and IOW'18 - was so gutted on missing out on summer solstice, then happy as it was cancelled (lowkey obviously sucks like glasto etc cancelled too) and now gutted again.
  3. It was just so short, only went to 2018 but not a chance i think can't be touring if he's gonna be president
  4. Main - Kendrick 2018 R1 - Brockhampton 2018 (fuck me that set was good) Dance - Riton and Kah Lo 2018 (only act i've seen i think) FR - Frank Carter secret set 2018 Introducing - Wombats 2018 secret set, was my first set of the festival literally started in front of us
  5. Justice would be awesome but doubt they would get booked either honestly. One of my friends really likes them as do i but nobody else is bothered really. more likely than underworld or faithless though. the thing is like they are probably expensive vs like a DNB headliner or like some medium sized dj and less well known.
  6. gfa

    October ticket sale

    If its not massively reduced then I don't see the point. Its all or nothing edit: and if it was massively reduced it wouldn't be financially viable
  7. wasn't mura musa empty when they did it (was against post though which i guess is why)
  8. I mean it depends who they are against really - against a rapper a lot of people would see them i reckon or a heavier rock act i guess. They don't do that many fests at all also and had the big break too. I think it would definitely be a weird slot, its more the audience than their size i think
  9. can they just get strokes back honestly, fix the sound and sell it out again. was such a class lineup that day
  10. They are announcing a tour for easter time relatively soon. Also dreamland is more of an intro than a proper song. They were subbing APE this year so not sure if they will be rebooked, it seems likely that Tame will be as they are around so would make sense. Quite different crowds so they definitely could do Reading too. I would love to see them there but i feel like they are rather unknown to reading's audience to do the R1 headline when you look at other recent headliners. I would be so down though, favourite band. the album also got delayed to august 7th edit 2: this has been really all over the place but they are doing well right now, your love is still climbing in the USA. @dentalplan i'd say they probably can move up to r1 headline given they are subbing APE? definitely a weird booking though for reading to have them that high i think
  11. I'm saying that them being on the other side of the world doesn't "pretty much confirms them". If they get the money they will do it for sure but nothing actually suggests Sziget currently other than they were booked for this year.
  12. it far from 'pretty much confirms them'. Possible yes but definitely not pretty much confirmed.
  13. can't see the wombats/kooks day not returning personally - they will probably both be around and it would sell pretty well (first festival back factor too)
  14. gfa

    BBC Glastonbury

    not watching bowie but instead chemical brothers 2000 set. very interesting setlist, opened with hey boy hey girl, then block rockin beats and then a ton of smaller songs.
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