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  1. I think the issue with the Tame day is all the acts are so un-mainstream. I think artists supporting them should appeal to the mainstream more as the undercard really won’t pull in many more mainstream Tame Impala fans. The same problem was at Citadel too - anyway I hope theres free tickets so i can see glass animals my favourite band for £2.50 ( and tame too!)
  2. Its a pretty strong ‘community day’ for £45 a month earlier than community. Coupled with the fact its been announced before Community and is likely one of the few Wombats shows this year too I think it can sell more than either of those did.
  3. Not really any different to the cheap catfish day in 2018 though. — Clearly they have struggled a bit for headliners this year but for £45 its a really good value day with some decent acts like Gang of Youths further down. Basically just community a month earlier - the catfish day 2 years ago was similar circumstances (headliner a year after doing community) and it sold well enough it seemed so I really don’t get the issue. If its £2.50 tickets well even better!
  4. Would be gutted if that libs day happened due to glasto
  5. I don’t see the problem with Kooks, while its not the most exciting booking its cheap and will sell better than BMTH and Christine. Also their Community day was the busiest one yet it seemed to me and they have a pretty wide audience.
  6. Got to be Wombats I reckon based on their touring schedule - no Truck, Reading or anything else near London
  7. Ahh - was gonna say don't try too hard or i won't get any haha
  8. oh right. nice profile picture - trying for tickets friday?
  9. I don't imagine so - also its not Goldenvoice. Based on how community sells I reckon it will sell pretty decent and Finsbury is only 40k or so whereas they wouldn't look out of place at BST.
  10. someone said 4 hungary time on reddit
  11. Leeds is leeds - what they are doing is in the right direction and like lets be honest if any lineup is going to sell leeds out this year its this - gerry, lg and courteeners + rage too to bring people back. Reading sold out for the first time in years early and that means Leeds most likely had better sales than usual too The money saved from like 4 small tent acts wouldn't add up to a whole lot I reckon, considering its the 4 earliest acts dumped and the whole lineup seemingly moved earlier in the day. Probably a couple thousand or am i being stupid? not a lot anyway
  12. I think they could have been - its just they needed Migos to convince stormzy fans to see him twice I reckon? Also looking forward to 2021 all the shite manchester bands are playing this year so next year should be good... arctics i reckon
  13. For what its worth this year is actually quite good for repeated bands - tdcc, LG, courteeners and thats it really near the top.
  14. Post Malone demanded no indie/rock acts clashed with him. I think the pit/fr probably close early just so the artists can see RATM (and like they would be pretty empty if they were open anyway)
  15. about 1% of people who buy two door tickets buy them because they have fifa songs. also they haven't released 'catch' singles since Tourist History - they were my favourite band for ages but like listen to everyone else as they are just like the wombats or kooks, just a bit more modern sounding. They will continue to grow and few people wouldn't see them which is why they always pack out main but they won't grow past sub unless tourist history 2 happens but that kind of thing never happens (AM after 5 years of not very commercial songs is an example but like arctics are clearly a different beast to tdcc) it literally sold out last year
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