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  1. Well they are on Foos day and subbed in 2017, so surely they must be?
  2. gfa

    TRNSMT Lineup 2019

    Queen sold really shit last year, i don’t think this means very much to be honest
  3. gfa

    2019 festival

    Yeah I reckon under the cohead as it will be hard to say how big they actually are until they play some shows, then put catfish under 1975. They like to mix up the days so this would make more sense as 1975 and tdcc/bbc aren't very varied for a head and sub. Rapper would have to be 3rd for 2/3 days like this as if this happened they would be seriously lacking.
  4. gfa

    Rize 2019

    The Strokes would be awesome, so near me as well. CATB and The Strokes would sell the weekend to all my friends, would be great! Are they currently selling tickets, looked like a ghost town last year honestly.
  5. I wouldn't be against them headlining, I think they just aren't there YET with Reading, depends if this album does well and they could next year if they aren't booked or 2021 - although i doubt they would play the same year as Arctics who will probably be back soon so I think sub this year and then come back eventually. Do you think they could be announced as a co with the 1975? I would say that catfish have stronger stock honestly they headline so many festivals each year and still sell out tours.
  6. I reckon Gerry will be a fair bit higher than that, maybe early R1. He's a slot below to what circa waves were at community last year this year, and thats in London. FR Tent would be absolutely swamped like arctics 2005 level packed up at Leeds and fairly busy down south too? And he's a slot above sundara karma this year who are 6th down on main, he should definitely be a fair bit higher! Otherwise - I like, hope we get to see FIDLAR would be awesome!
  7. Under the 1975 I think would be a good slot for them if tdcc don't play (probably too big of a slot for tdcc i think) probably a bit big to play under the cohead @Alex Winstone i'd love to see them in the tent, but its just not going to happen, no way. oh and Bastille is already Foos sub to your previous comment.
  8. no chance Catfish will play 3rd down, maybe in the tent against Post Malone but still very unlikely not to sub.
  9. gfa

    Sziget 2019

    ???? more???
  10. gfa

    YNOT 2019

  11. gfa

    Lineup 2020

    i can't lie but I doubt any of the target have any of the interests in your profile past the first one... Interests:Music/ Cello/ the Ancient World I'm 17 and this would be really disappointing, Lorde just isn't very Reading and i have no interest in Wolf Alice.
  12. gfa

    YNOT 2019

    Headliners coming very soon on instagram
  13. gfa

    TRUCK 2019

    Surely Biffy and Foals is a bit too strong, I would say one of them needs to be swapped for someone around two door’s size, maybe like Courteeners (not that i’d want that, just being realistic) or a new headliner bumped up
  14. gfa

    YNOT 2019

    ah thanks - would love to see tdcc there myself