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  1. It literally says UK Exclusive there is no way they are playing R&L and to be honest its probably for the best the APE audience suits them way more than Reading's
  2. gfa

    2020 headliners

    I doubt he'd take the pay cut honestly.
  3. Franz surely to sub the main stage - they would clash with a headliner and people who want to see the headliners will likely want to see Franz. RHCP are expensive but the subs should be a bit better than what they have imo. That Friday is appalling
  4. any money they sell more tickets for nbhd weekender than bmth did at all points east though
  5. Probably none - I reckon maybe another 1-2 more before new year.
  6. I paid £82 for the strokes. Surprised that a Tame Impala day is so much though they were like £40 at citadel in 2018... obviously they have grown since then but not that much. I would expect them more around £60 really.
  7. Definitely can see myself going to this if I can find anyone who wants to cough up - otherwise cheap tickets for certain
  8. and Glass Animals are pretty unlikely too now
  9. They did it during the year when it wasn't the same weekend as glastonbury but not this year. Really doubt that will happen honestly with it being the same weekend as Glastonbury unless its like an extension to Wireless. Would like to see it move to the saturday it wasn't even dark really when the kooks ended this year (9.30 if that)
  10. How far in were you? We were like maybe 20-30m back and I was surrounded by people 25+ really, a few people were younger but not loads. Definitely would smash the spot like at Glastonbury but just cannot see them being booked over more modern acts. Great show though I know you said its unrealistic but that Martin Garrix placing 😂 edit: and lana del ray
  11. Foals come under the genre of the festival more though is probably a key reason. Saw Vampire Weekend this week and reckon they will be doing like victorious/latitude or something if they do festivals. The crowd was so old I think they are past their prime for Reading really.
  12. gfa

    Lovebox 2020

    Because of the time of the year I doubt that many people will travel up from London - not heaps anyway like they would if it was in July/August.
  13. Surely Travis Scott/BMTH - Strokes - Stormzy would be more like for it than getting rid of strokes for stormzy. Can't see there being zero indie at all.
  14. It just depends when acts decide to hop back to America. I think Killers are pretty likely and they definitely don't share the target audience with Bon Iver if that was what Yelo meant? They will definitely tour all summer they tend to normally although i would expect more that they do the UK shows, maybe like RW and Rosklide then head to america.
  15. I saw Vampire Weekend last night - can't lie I don't see them getting booked for Reading. Just not their crowd anymore I think people would enjoy them but over acts like two door for a sub slot they don't make sense. Barely anyone under 25 at the show at Alexandra Palace but they killed it so would love to see them again anyway.
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