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  1. came back to say that the flare gun in Bicep was awesome, someone did it in time with these lasers and at the same angle. impressive they knew exactly when to do it! i'd never seen one before was in awe for like a minute!
  2. gfa

    cash or card

    We met a guy in a crowd somewhere with an old Β£20 and were all ooing and aweing in amazement! We didn't realise they were still valid tender - maybe it was you? πŸ™‚
  3. See how far under retail twickets tickets are would be your best bet. Some shows they just won't even consider it though, i'd wait until the day of and check twickets to be honest to scoop up a cheap ticket - and then keep tabs here. If i see anything i'll be sure to inbox you and post here πŸ™‚ . twitter can be good for last minute tickets too
  4. gfa


    god i cannot wait to get back to the SE corner. reading reviews especially acid loafers just makes me think how much i miss it already. Didn't even hit any of the closed off venues, so much more to see! I honestly hardly touched on all the areas, only did Giant Swan at SH and didn't touch the park ones or san remo. roll on '23!
  5. Pet Shop Boys is a great shout. PSB / older act with Chemical Brothers closing set / big rock act. would be well up for that πŸ™‚
  6. wtaf ?! got a video of this - how on earth were monster trucks in the crowd, sounds insane. first timers group of 8: everyone thought it was awesome I was under it, sound wasn't fantastic - group of us further back seemed okay with it. definitely not great well up for a few more years of it, would like to see chems on it after missing them this year open to something new too though, very glad to have got to experience as until 3 months or so ago i thought i never would! its pretty damn awesome πŸ™‚ Moving it to Silver Hayes would be cool if thats possible. Definitely would help split crowds, to be honest though I think the huge acts like Calvin need to be doing Other headline instead in the current setup, its obviously cool him on a fire breathing spider but it just doesn't work. I'd say IICON is a good size for it but that would absolutely overwhelm the SE corner for an entire night if calvin was there.
  7. Great showing from them, caught the last half after the avalanches. very fun!!
  8. too annoying for me to keep on, will get put in my scrapbook. I'm annoyed i didn't do that plastic bag thing to take it off as i could have worn it next June but oh well.
  9. basically what i was about to type. its one thing at your own campsite but when some drunk person is swaying about on someone's shoulders you can see where it becomes dangerous. smoke bombs thumbs up from me, flares generally thumbs up except when holder is an idiot. (they do look cool as fuck)
  10. Are they any worse than say last year? There's definitely a big local market - 10 million in London plus the surrounding suburbs/counties must make at least 15 mil. Then super fans coming down to see act X headline a day. Mega fans will cough up straight away. They should be doing team tickets though at this point.
  11. mourning over the chemical brothers at camp, after phoebe just finished! Getting ready for Foals before the E&D meetup at Overmono on IICON!
  12. Yeah maybe, i guess the Leeds-goers don't leave behind their culturally insensitive clothing either! That actually sounds right though to be fair.
  13. So why would they not allow the coolboxes then - just weird I'm obviously not saying it should be BYOB by the way. Just that not allowing coolboxes will make a negligible difference - they won't enforce it anyway no doubt!
  14. I think i saw either here or on tiktok that someone met louis theroux at a service station on the way home! πŸ™‚ sounds like a great time that
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