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  1. Woot woot Franky and the KLF are back ?
  2. Fair point ! Although I’m not sure they performed did they ? Thought it was more of a talk ? Could be wrong.
  3. Probably more chance of Daft Punk than the KLF old boy ?
  4. Of course ! Headline the other stage ? it’s a long running ruse by myself in these forums mate running back to probably 2005’ish That said, make it happen Glastonbury Gods, oh and make sure I get a ticket this year ?
  5. Yo everyone ! I'm back and willing the KLF to headline until I don't get a ticket and then you probably wont see me for another year lol Peace out, one love and good luck with getting a ticket ! Franky
  6. Firstly, hi all :) I haven't posted for a while as no Glastonbury this year but I am happy to be back and start the fun all over again leading up to next year. So, ,my question is this. How would a DJ go about getting a slot somewhere to play at Glastonbury ? Here's the real trick, he's 14. Now I know this will probably have a lot of you thinking why are you even asking but, I'm asking because he's f*cking good ! I was surprised by how mature his choice of music was, he plays house music and was mixing in some great tunes like a pro. Anyway I just thought I could ask on here incase anyone had any contacts for like a 30 min session on Wed or Thurs afternoon somewhere. Many thanks for any help anyone can be.
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