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  1. Whats the grub like there? I only really have Glasto to compare it to which is a foodies delight. TIA
  2. Pointless exercise
  3. Oh sh*t really, I hope they are okay. I assumed crushing by the tale I was told in themorning but then it didn't seem dangerous where we were. So that would make sense.
  4. So thanks to my very old nate from school and her 13 year old daughter I made it to Bicep 😃 Woohoo I was pretty much done at Skindred but I had begged them to ignore whatever I said and drag me to Bicep and they did!!! However, we put a 3 track rules down and then off, but after 3 tracks they dropped Opal and we stayed for that lol Now I had no idea about this until the next morning but apparently as we were leaving after Opal it got closed down? I was wayyyy to spangled to remeber this lol Soooooo, What happened? Cheers
  5. I’ve not been before, can you have camp fires? I’m assuming not 🤷‍♂️
  6. Hey bud, I will be there on a stag weekend 👍
  7. Franky


    Yep we arrived late and couldn’t get close to the field. Stood on the path. Amazing set. Helped by the worst lineup I have ever witnessed on the Pyramid. Emily has a lot to answer for in my mind. Some shocking decisions made on every day of the weekend.
  8. I’m assuming there was no KLF music to be heard.
  9. Too cold for me, but it didn’t rain so I will take it. Some camp site dude did try to shut my fire down too !! He lost.
  10. Hah it’s my 20th anniversary 🍺🍻
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