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  1. didn't plan going this year, but i certainly would by a ticket for him or a three day ticket.
  2. sorry, i'm not going this year and keeping only one eye on this thread. somehow i still thought that there were rumours about him
  3. i wished. but you see capaldi though?
  4. sziget homepage in the line up section, not sure if they removed shawn mendes again or if i mistook him for someone else
  5. capaldi and shawn mendes confirmed by day splits
  6. frequency announces bigger bands on 12th, only electronic acts on 3rd as the question appeared if eminem isn't too big for frequency, normally i would say yes. but for now the line up seems relatively cheap so far, though the 3 biggest acts by now could each headline a day. so it has to be bigger.
  7. officially going now and i know everything has been asked several times. BUT can you recommend camping? whats the best way to get there? i saw public transport is about an hour? are there any special shuttles during the festival? but what are prices on site about? will deftones be headlining? any chances for sumski?
  8. thanks for your advice to all. i'm glad its not that far at all. coming from austria i want to avoid flying, as it makes no sense, at least to come back to my place. i hope it all works out
  9. really considering going there this year (well i did too last year and the year before). if i want to stay longer in croatia? how long/far/expensive is it to get somewhere to the sea by train or bus?
  10. as a scientific fact i know that every child is born with knowledge of the lyrics of mr brightside.
  11. very bad but somehow very popular austrian band.
  12. a38 slot like wanda, bilderbuch or marteria in the last years i guess. are bmth big enough to headline a day? i mean, they did head some fests in britain and that was the focus in the last years
  13. i can recommend leoniden on europe stage, they are pretty fun live. also is anyone coming by caravan? seems the parking lot at h-bridge is limited to 15mins this year, impossible to get the wrostbamds in this time. or is everything caravan checkin related at the tent this year?
  14. there are still some slots open on smaller stages like volt or music box, jazz and opera stage still to be announced, also tribute stage, campfire, caravan (but there was something with caravan i can't remember right now), slager fm stage and the program for sziget beach. but nothing big or any big announcements i would say.
  15. friday and sunday are really bad music-wise. almost no clashes for me this year. most problematic is frank turner overlapping with kiwanuka (what a great addition!) and jain.
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