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  1. as a scientific fact i know that every child is born with knowledge of the lyrics of mr brightside.
  2. very bad but somehow very popular austrian band.
  3. a38 slot like wanda, bilderbuch or marteria in the last years i guess. are bmth big enough to headline a day? i mean, they did head some fests in britain and that was the focus in the last years
  4. i can recommend leoniden on europe stage, they are pretty fun live. also is anyone coming by caravan? seems the parking lot at h-bridge is limited to 15mins this year, impossible to get the wrostbamds in this time. or is everything caravan checkin related at the tent this year?
  5. there are still some slots open on smaller stages like volt or music box, jazz and opera stage still to be announced, also tribute stage, campfire, caravan (but there was something with caravan i can't remember right now), slager fm stage and the program for sziget beach. but nothing big or any big announcements i would say.
  6. friday and sunday are really bad music-wise. almost no clashes for me this year. most problematic is frank turner overlapping with kiwanuka (what a great addition!) and jain.
  7. second for me, saw them last year in austria and they were surprisingly bad. they fucked up the beginning of graceless thrice and just moved on. but honestly it was also bad weather all day and thus a shitty crowd. we got the duet with chvrches earlier on that day though. anyways i only hear good stuff about their live shows
  8. so obviously no europe stage on the first day.
  9. europe stage is really great. it always features artists that are popular elsewhere. really enjoyed kettcar last year there and again i hope for some good artists from germanspeaking countries.
  10. good tip: start listening to the music.
  11. good to here some positive things too. maybe we are able to catch a spot on the opposite side. also the flexotel was not on last years map, was there only on entrance fir vip and flexotel?
  12. caravan also seems a lot smaller than last year. and i do not like the place right next to slager stage. in general i liked a bit apart from the rest of the site. i think that building was at the spot in the middle of new caravan and new circus place, but i'm not sure. that sign was at least on last years map too
  13. what are the chances for calypso rose?
  14. sorry, but marina is your wishful thinking.
  15. unfortunately no limp bizkit
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