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  1. Made me laugh. Thought it was just me! If he says it once he says it 10 times
  2. ModernMan


    For those of us who decline to take a smartphone to Glastonbury, anyone got any camera recommendations? Thinking about taking a disposable but they’re obviously a risk.
  3. Agree. Dry but not cold is ideal really which it’s looking like we will mostly get ?
  4. ModernMan

    Yacht Rock

    A good beat is a good beat.
  5. ModernMan

    Yacht Rock

    Just watched a great doc from BBC Four about yacht rock. And now I’m craving some for Glastonbury. But where can I get sum?!
  6. In 2017 me and a couple of my group hadn’t nothing really on the Sunday night, so we finally went up the ribbon tower and then got a head start on the last night of partying. The site felt like nobody was there it was amazing!
  7. This post affected me deeply. In 2017 I was at my third Glastonbury with my partner of 11 years thinking everything was amazing. Three weeks later she told me she wanted to leave me for somebody else and just like that she was gone out of my life. Now, two years later, I’m off to Glastonbury with my new partner (her first time) and life is great again. It feels like the beginning of something new and I could never imagine that two years ago. So so I guess all I’m saying is that everything will get better, no matter how low you may feel now. And Glastonbury is a perfect place to reflect on it all. Enjoy yourself x
  8. A few years ago I bought some Solognac wellies from Decathlon. I was sceptical at first as they were fairly cheap but in 2016 I walked 6 miles to the site because of the traffic, and then had them on all weekend and they were brilliant. Will be persuading my gf to get a pair for this year.
  9. Sun out in Salford. Amazing what that will do for positivity!
  10. Although according to that the next week looks great and would dry it all out at least ?
  11. Haha, it’s mental this thread like
  12. Amazing really but those conditions to pitch a tent are pretty brutal. I would never leave glasto but that would be a very tough start
  13. BBC now showing pretty favourable conditions in the lead up ?
  14. Haha that was the only one I didn’t look at this morning. The rest of them all seem fine ? accuweather always seems pretty inaccurate to me anyway
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