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  1. Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has an unused or lightly used campervan or car park pass that I could have buy? I wanted to keep mine but the sun has melted it onto the windscreen. I would dearly love one, ideally a campervan one. hope everyone had a great festival 🙂 x
  2. As above really, would dearly love one and would pay for one! Thanks 🙂
  3. It was fucking amazing
  4. ModernMan

    Queue watch

    Gate A is absolutely ridiculous/borderline dangerous
  5. ModernMan

    Queue watch

    Anyone know what’s happening at gate A?
  6. Just from a memento perspective, I would miss the paper ticket greatly.
  7. Tbh 17 degrees with bits of sun would actually be quite nice. Being able to sit down is the most important thing and the ground looks like it’ll be dry/not2016. Can’t wait! if you’re worried about the weather, then you picked the wrong place to stay
  8. DONE! So buzzing now 😆
  9. ModernMan

    The Avalanches

    I’m gutted that I think I’ll miss this to have a good position for Macca, it’s a bit of a trek from park to pyramid and there’s only 30 mins between them 😣
  10. Would be incredible if he came out for a few songs. I feel sure we will see some surprises in Paul’s set
  11. ModernMan


    I cannot believe we are nearly there. When we all left that wonderful place three years ago, who knew what we would be walking in to? Personally, this has been an incredibly challenging time and lots of change, ups and downs. I know I will be very emotional at many points in the week. Anyway, this is just a thread to say, IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Didn’t know where to put this but I’m just on a incredible high right now listening to music and imagining walking through those gates 🙃🥹
  12. That’s actually not true. Special delivery is treated incredibly seriously, and you would get a strong disciplinary/sacked if you lost one.
  13. Miming. Really disappointing, might give it a miss at glasto now
  14. Thanks all. Bought one, will come in handy for camping wild in the camper at the very least! I never take my phone to Glastonbury but thinking about it this year for the first time, for secret sets and pics mostly.
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