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  1. ModernMan

    Big Red Machine

    They are sensational, as is pretty much everything Justin Vernon does.
  2. Every country in the world must have bad leadership and governments then 🥱
  3. Booked for three nights mid august, can’t wait! It will be fantastic to spend some time on the farm and have beers/great food with friends
  4. Wondering about taking your own booze, can’t find any info about it
  5. It is really really good. Underrated as not many people have Apple TV. The Morning Show was also very good
  6. Would be a nonsense if it was just for locals. A small portion yes, maybe 10%, and 10% for NHS or something. Apart from that it should be a free for all
  7. IN. Just purchased, see y’all there ✌🏻
  8. Thinking of doing the same actually but keep getting the fear it won’t happen 🙃
  9. Yeah...but look how cool the VW looks 😍 nothing can replace the joy of driving/owning one for me - despite the functionality and maintenance issues!
  10. Been thinking the same 😞 BUT possibly it was still the right decision and would still have happened anyway. I still tend to think a few of these festivals will fall away at some point tbh
  11. Gahhh! I’m in a catch 22 with Bluedot, want to go but want it to move as potentially can’t go on the weekend it’s currently on. Not sure whether to risk buying the tickets now, I did notice you can still do the payment plan tho and I guess there’d possibly not be a shortage of people to sell to! Kind of hoping for a green man ticket as well
  12. Interesting. I really want to go, but unless is shifts dates I probably can’t! Tempted to buy a ticket and see what happens. Can you remember what the alternative dates were?
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