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  1. I was lucky to be a volunteer at the Olympics and I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting him a couple of times. My opinion still hasn't changed of the man 🤡
  2. We had a few members of Wishbone Ash from Torbay but the biggest ones are Muse from Teignmouth.
  3. Reading festival music Exeter Chiefs v Bath 07/03/2020
  4. We usually have our FMS staff party on site near the end of September and last year it was lovely. Bit cold at night but just so grateful to be at our special place. Would I swap a June to September with it being on , you bet your ass I would.
  5. Yes mate. I'm not allowed to wear mine at the same time 😂
  6. We were there's last week. We are also staying under the Tor in our caravan the first week of October. Very lucky lad
  7. Hope so ,so they free up an evening for me at Glastonbury next year as they are one of my must sees.
  8. So was bored this morning and read the first 120 pages of this thread. Fantastic stuff. Will they play, no their cancelled, excellent stuff. Remember it and the announcement on the radio like it was yesterday.
  9. Good morning Stu, Im the small event ambulance coordinator for FMS. We would love to have you on board with us. Please email me on Peter.Jordan@festival-Medical.org for details. Look forward to seeing you in a field next year. Best wishes.
  10. Frank Lampard and the rattlesnakes
  11. Watched Freya Ridings set last night. Never heard of her till yesterday. Fantastic voice and is destined to play the Pyramid stage soon.
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