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  1. Oh thank you so much that’s Friday afternoon sorted before Crowded House
  2. Bottle of Tequila 😂
  3. westholtschic


    Going to be a beautiful sunset here tonight. Looking forward to walking around the town and the Tor tomorrow.
  4. Oh I like this will definitely try to see these
  5. westholtschic

    Diana Ross

    oh my what a banger, my tune for the summer
  6. Me to. Hope Deptford Northern Soul Club are at the farm again this year. We’re excellent in 2019 in Williams Green.
  7. Think it will be full of FMS off duty members as well 😁
  8. Thank you fingers crossed I get to play
  9. westholtschic


    We are there on Saturday 😁Good luck tonight.
  10. Thank you all so much. I play old soul, disco, Motown, funk and Northern Soul
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