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  1. Must confess I would be there all day for that . All acts I've wanted to see before, but never have.
  2. They where excellent at Womad as well
  3. westholtschic

    Bernard Edwards

    Totally agree with you
  4. westholtschic

    2020 headliners

    They where fantastic when they played there as well
  5. westholtschic

    2020 headliners

  6. I scattered some of my dads ashes watching the stones in 2013 there and have already written it in my will that some of mine are placed in the Pyramid field and on Glastonbury Tor.
  7. The Natterjack Inn near Evercreech is excellent
  8. Gutted to have Missed them In 2011 as my lift home had bowel problems from excessive drinking and we had to go home early on the Sunday after Pendulum.
  9. It's in West Holts. Always wanted one but never trusted have a fish curry till I went to WOMAD this year. Will be having a few at Glastonbury next year. Delicious.
  10. Can't wait to see them in Plymouth again and I would be anywhere on site to watch them again. Like others on here have said their 2011 set changed my life and their" secret set" was excellent at the park.
  11. westholtschic

    50 @ 50

    My Wife is 50 next year, unfortunately I was 50 in the fallow year of 2018 !
  12. Hope your right as they are my favourite band
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