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  1. There will definitely be an announcement on the 22nd as it's my birthday
  2. Stones 13 Coldplay 16 Stevie Wonder 10 Chic 13 Chems 11
  3. Must confess have not been to excited about this year until the resale when my two best friends got tickets for their first time to wonderland. Now I'm excited as mr excited the most excited man in the world. Bring it on.
  4. If I make not on shift for FMS I will be there.
  5. 22nd May my birthday 8,12,17th volunteer team leader at Taunton for Cricket World Cup 22,23 rd June 2 nights camping under the Tor 24th June arrive in Wonderland
  6. Should do I live 20 minutes away from the Abbey
  7. We always stay the weekend before at a campsite right under the tour. It’s a cracking way to start the festival. http://glastonburycottagesandcaravanning.co.uk/ As volunteers we then go on site Monday morning to help set up the staff bar.
  8. Just got 6 of these for £7 each in asda
  9. westholtschic


    Been up visiting from the Shire today. The site was lovely and the ground is rock hard. Going to be epic
  10. Favourite West Holts Worst Silver Hayes, apart from the Thursday night silent disco
  11. westholtschic


    Thank you so much x
  12. Think so. Say it is right next to the Crossiant Neuf tent and the big wooden table
  13. I'm a massive meat eater but tend to eat daily in a tent near the Crossiant Neuf tent. The food is excellent value and very tasty.
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