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  1. One of my locals. Also worth visiting Hunts cider in Stoke Gabriel as well. https://huntscider.co.uk/
  2. It’s traditional as is buying the cheese and pickles 😂
  3. Going there later funny enough to stock up before the rugby 😂
  4. It was amazing. Was so proud to volunteer at the park and fortunate enough to blag my way in to every stadium 😂 I was there that night as well, but Mo’s final night was the most amazing night ever. As a former hockey player I enjoyed the matches as well. It was the best 3 weeks ever.
  5. Still won’t beat our games in 2012
  6. The Prodigy 415 LCD Soundsystem 205-10
  7. Can’t wait to walk round on Sunday
  8. Yes it is with a pint of Old Rosie
  9. Was open this afternoon
  10. The campsite lights looked lovely tonight from the Tor. Great to see the farm being used again.
  11. The Prodigy 550 LCD Soundsystem 290 (-10)
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