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  1. It's fantastic. There are only 5 touring pitches and 10 camping ones. We have stayed there the weekend before the last 4 festivals before going on to our campsite on the Sunday afternoon.
  2. We have the weekend before booked at our favourite campsite under the Tor so hope to visit the farm and possibly stay for the week.
  3. I'm gutted as it's my Wife's 50th this year and she is due to run the London Marathon as well this year after deferring in 18,19 due to having major surgery. At least that is postponed at the moment. 2020 can do one.
  4. Me too and one of the all time greats in Diana Ross šŸ˜¢šŸ˜¢
  5. The Stones 2013. My dad died in the April and one of his last words and wishes was to take some of his ashes with me to see his favourite band. Amazing night with a large hip flask full of his favourite malt whisky.
  6. westholtschic


    Looking forward to seeing them at Love Saves the Day. Fantastic at WOMAD last year.
  7. Must confess Iā€™m worried about the London Marathon which my wife is running in šŸ˜„
  8. It was really good. I was 15 and was very drunk on 50p pints of Toby bitter šŸ˜‚
  9. Level 42 in 1983 at the Paignton Festival Theatre.
  10. She was very good at WOMAD last year.
  11. Really Looking forward to volunteering here again this year. Great festival.
  12. London Grammar missed them the last two times, anytime in the John Peel tent
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