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  1. Like others I have all my wristbands etc since 2009, my Coldplay bracelet, free presses from over the years and crew tee shirts. My best finds are from the Live at Worthy farm event. One is a laminated sign from a container that had all the electrical cables etc for the area that Haim were and one of only 3, I think, Glastonbury free presses that were onsite for the event. I got this from staff canteen as a birthday present on the Saturday after Coldplay’s gig on the Friday night.
  2. Excellent thank you . Friday evening is light for me until Jungle so will be my first act at Avalon
  3. Haircut 100 one of favourite groups from the 80’s. Hopefully get to see them
  4. Fantastic every time I see them. Their set in the Croissant neuf tent was excellent
  5. Go up the Ribbon Tower which I still haven’t managed to do in the 11 I have attended previously. My number 1 priority this year along with going on Glastonbury on Sea
  6. Was having a little bit of fun 😂😂
  7. On behalf of FMS we hope you enjoy the festival and be safe in the knowledge that we are there to help you if you are in trouble.
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